Wednesday, 28 December 2016

It's Not About You. It's About Me!

It's Not About You. It's About Me!

By Kat Miller 

ADJUST is to create balance; assume or carry a burden; handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions (dispel discomfort).

Ever wonder why a total stranger pushes into you? Why the cashier at the store makes a snide remark to you? Why the bank teller isn’t listening to you? Are you too small? Are you insignificant? Why are you not heard? Why?

Why? Because it’s not about you. It’s about me. Remember that and your life will be much easier.
When you realize that every single interaction with another human being (or even plant or animal for that matter) is about the self, life becomes much easier. This means both positive and negative interactions. It is always about the self.

Look at a love relationship. Each partner appears to really care deeply about the other, often willing to do about anything for their mate. Surely, it is about selflessness. Nope. There is always a gain. There is always a reason why each is in the relationship. When there is no gain for one or both, the relationship ends. What then is this gain? Comfort. Bonuses are good feelings, happiness and sharing. The bonuses accentuate and solidify the relationship, but comfort is what keeps it together. Even a relationship where there seems no happiness and yet the couple stays together, there is a comfort there. Comfort in knowing where you are. Comfort in knowing what you are. Comfort in knowing what to expect. We’re all uncomfortable with the unknown, and so comfort is why some people stay in harsh relationships. They leave only when there is no comfort left.

A love relationship is a very selfish relationship. AND the BEST love relationship is the love relationship that has two of the MOST selfish (and enlightened) people in it. How can I say that? Because an enlightened selfish person is one who realizes the wisdom behind the statements “what goes around comes around” and “you reap what you sow.” Two enlightened selfish people will mesh very well together. Each will be looking out for the other, doing their best to help keep the other comfortable and happy because they know in doing so they are rewarded with the same.
Now selfishness in an unenlightened person is a different story. One who doesn’t realize that by sharing and giving they are multiplying what is shared and given to them will tend to turn in on themselves. They are jealous of others who have what they think they want. They may take things from others or do things to others in their quest for comfort, thereby making others uncomfortable. You know that really is all selfishness is – a quest for comfort.

All social relationships boil down to self. It is NEVER about you. It is ALWAYS about me.
Want more proof? Look at work for instance: Your boss loves you. You’re always getting great reviews, extra perks, etc. Why? Because you are doing a job that makes your boss look good. Your boss is enlightened. Your boss knows that if you make them look good and you are rewarded chances are you will continue to do what you’re doing and they will continue to look good. They reward you to make sure that they continue to get rewarded. It’s not about you. It’s about me (boss).

Even in the parent/child relationship it’s the same. The child is uncomfortable. So what does the child do? The child makes the parent uncomfortable by crying. Now what happens? The parent does everything they can to stop the crying and make the child comfortable. Once the child is quiet and comfortable, the parent again is comfortable. It’s not about you. It’s about me (parent).
In the child/parent relationship it’s still the same. The child does something that makes the parent uncomfortable. If it is something the parent does not wish to have repeated, the parent will do something to make the child uncomfortable in order to change the behavior. Now, even if the child liked doing whatever it was that made the parent uncomfortable, they won’t repeat the behavior because the behavior made the parent uncomfortable and in return the parent made the child uncomfortable. Once again, it’s not about you. It’s about me (child).

So, the next time someone ruffles your feathers, takes you out of your comfort zone and you find yourself starting to get irritated or angry, remember it’s not about you. It’s about me (the person who ruffled your feathers). Perhaps if you react unexpectedly, and put them into a more comfortable position you will find a new friend. Perhaps you can enlighten them, so that both of you can be comfortably selfish.

When you find yourself in a social situation where you feel uncomfortable use the Switchword ADJUST. Besides the help it may provide you, others around you who are uncomfortable may also relax and ADJUST.

The comfortably enlightened, selfish Kat.

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Thank you


Sunday, 18 December 2016

Merry Christmas

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Dear Friends,
Its has been quite some time since my last posting. I have been busy moving to my new work place, and getting used to the surroundings. It has been an interesting last three weeks for me, many things has happened on an energetic level, the average energy level is now 100% higher, this means that whatever we think, may and will happen faster than before.

There were many issues about energizing water, I been reading about this in various postings, this shows that the energy shift is very strong and we should be aware of this, for people who have been using the CD from Raymon to energize water, put an intention that it will energize the water in your body, after all you are 80% water. It is also a good thing to check the energy level of the water in your home every week, to monitor that there are no changes taking place, because any energy changes in your surrounding area can be pick up first by the water in your home, by checking the water you can become aware of any non beneficial changes taking place in your surrounding area.

You have to take responsibility for yourself, the energy shift will flush out all negativity in you, as the energy goes up, more rubbish will be flush out of your system. It is not a time of judgement, just pure cleansing, be aware of this, or you might be caught up in some uncomfortable situation. Use your dowsing to check energy levels daily, set up markers to monitor changes, make good use of your dowsing abilities, now is the time to do so.

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I wish everyone-  A Very Merry Merry Christmas and A Wonderful New Year, may all of us be Blessed with LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, GOOD HEALTH, PROSPERITY AND FREEDOM.

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20 61 416 for good in all endeavors, 11 67 692 for help in manifesting, 22 18 609 for the future to arrive with blessings for your life experience something you wish to arrive good luck to all.

Thank you


Friday, 11 November 2016


I will be moving on to a new workplace soon, in which case I might be busy with my new work schedule. I will take a break from posting on the blog for the time being, so please keep reading the existing articles in the archives, if you need to reach me you can do so by leaving me a comment or email me at my email address. 

'Everything is either love or it is not love. Energetically love supports and enhances our is balanced and in harmony with all things of love. That which is not love does not support us, mentally, spiritually or physically. It tears down and created chaos and turmoil. So if you simply transform everything that is not love into is amazing what happens. 

Raymon checks this by asking what is the love is just the level of love in a place. If you do this...and transform everything that is not love, into pure divine love....then you really do not need to do anything else.'

Thank you



Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Does the Planet Saturn affects People's lives?

Yes, Saturn affects people’s lives.

If you are undergoing a particular Saturn period, the period is going to affect you and your mind. However, does Saturn always affect us in a bad way? No! Don’t think that the Saturn period is always bad.
If you are on the spiritual path, he (Saturn) can be good for you, he will elevate your life. If you have dispassion, he will help you more. If you are not on the spiritual path, he will create a problem so that you get on the spiritual path.

If you are caught up in the worldly life, he will trouble you so you get out of there and find the bigger wealth inside you.

If you are too attached to something, Saturn will try to remove that attachment and push you. This is what happens to most people: they lose their job, relationship, reputation, they lose everything. Then they start searching, trying to figure out where to go? And then they come to the spiritual path!
So, Saturn will either give you inner wealth or outer wealth. If you are stuck to the outer wealth, he will push towards inner wealth. If you have inner wealth, he will give you outer wealth. He will give you more things outside.

Saturn takes 30 years to take one circle around the Sun, so it stays for around 2.5 years in each constellation or zodiac sign. The period can extend up to 5 years or 7.5 years. This is why people feel so desperate; they have a problem with their relationship, money, job, all sorts of problems for 2.5 years to 7.5 years.
A Saturn period comes only twice in a lifetime, not more; maximum twice. It comes once in 30 years, so two times for 7 years. When it comes the second time, it is not that severe. One finds it very severe the first time, you feel so bad and the mind goes down, nothing feels right. This is when Jyotishi (astrology) comes to help. If you know that you are going through a particular period, then you wait for time to pass. You turn spiritual, you do more meditation, and all the practices that uplift you, elevate you, pull you through that tough period. 

Again, it need not be bad for everybody. If you are already well established in the path, then it can give you lot of success also. It is fascinating to know about all the different planets, their nature, their effect, and their impact.

The planetary positions give indications; again, you cannot say that it will happen 100%. They only give an indication because there is always a grace element that can change anything, anywhere, anytime. This is the reason for spirituality or sadhana being a step higher than this knowledge.
Astrology is knowledge, it is a necessary knowing. However, there is something more remedial. Sadhna(spiritual practices), Satsang, Devotion, are all remedial measures that help.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Thank you

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Your Name - Animation Movie

Watch this movie, full of interesting concepts, and  a beautiful story line, together with the best animation. Enjoy the full movie at the cinema, it is worth the ticket price.

Thank you


Monday, 31 October 2016

Guard our Mind.

Many changes are happening now in our country in the political arena. Some of what we are being able to be told about is absolutely "SHOCKING"...and there are tons and tons of stuff that we have not been told about. All that is hidden is starting to now be revealed. 

Many of us from this group have been working on this from a personal standpoint and it is showing us that we are being heard. Our group is called " create a new earth". It is not possible for us to want to create a new earth, without a major shake up, and major change to follow. It is the Only way that anything New is created.....the OLD must die away first. I personally do not know if we are now in the Beginning of this creation...or if we have passed the beginning and are now in the middle. Our minds are going to become targets next. Trying to separate us is "their" ultimate goal....the only possibility of survival they have.

I personally believe that it is all too late for "their" agenda to flourish any longer. We are reaching a boiling point so to speak and things are going to boil over. "THEY" will not go down without a fight.....and they do not care who they take with them. We need to watch our thoughts and feelings toward others that have a different opinion of someone than we do. What you may feel is right today...may quickly be shown that it is wrong and vise versa. 

We are not here in this group to show our support for any candidate. What we are here in this group to to create a new earth by our dowsing skills and our many spiritual gifts. Yes, we all have candidates that we feel is better than the other....but what we are seeking here is TRUTH and CHANGE for a better earth and a better life for all of us on this planet. 

The Winds of change are blowing....and they will not be stopped. What is happening is exactly what we have sought to happen. Its just like a burning log in the fireplace...its going to continue to burn and burn and burn until there is nothing left but the ashes of what used to remain. Then its time for a new log.

We cannot turn our face away from what is happening on the political stage. It is all part of the process. What is happening is relevant to our "creating". Creation is happening right before your eyes...and sometimes is uncomfortable and painful to watch. 

We must stop dividing ourselves onto "sides" and "teams".....because in any kind of one wants to be on a losing side. You are here to be a "UNIT".....a UNIT of power that has an Effect. When you allow yourself to be cannot see anything rationally, and everything you look at is from the perceptive of your "division". This is going to be a challenge for some of us. Regardless...what is written in the stars is going to transpire no matter our personal feelings.

In closing....I'm telling all of us, to NOT shun away from what is happening on our political stage. Pretending to ignore the darkness is not what you are here to do. You are here to LIGHT the darkness with your Light. 

You cannot perform this duty if you have allowed yourself to be full of HOOKS and CORDS because of the emotion of the candidates that you have accepted into yourself. This is not your path...but is a distraction. I'm not telling you that you cannot choose to support a certain candidate...what I'm saying is not to "become" part of THEIR system. This is a TRAP to slowly fill you with secret hate and malice toward others. 

This will keep you from being a LIGHT.....and "THEY" know this. Think about what I have said, and make sure that you try and remain in the place of seeking what is TRUTH. Be part of this wonderful change that is taking place....after came here for this very reason.

From Ron Gill

Dowsing to create A New World

Thank you

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Give Or Receive.

How much are you willing to give? My thoughts " How much are you willing to receive?"  People are sometimes afraid to give, but in actual they are afraid to receive, this applies to Love too. They are afraid to let love into their lives, they give all sorts of excuses about losing their freedom, freedom of choice, preferences and appearances. No one is perfect, if someone comes and is willing to share their life with you, the very least you could do is to say yes or no. Give them peace of mind, do not offer something that they are not interested in. Do not think too highly about yourself, what others think of you may not be what you think you are to them.
Be yourself, and not what you think you should be, yesterday I shared about words, and about what is behind -

The answer is that there is another conversation going on at the same time that the words are spoken, and that language is unconditional love. I often call it galactic language as I'm always having another conversation with someone's higher self at the same time I am having to speak to their brain with the language.
Something to think about. There is no right or wrong and everyone is exactly at the right place and the right time and everyone's belief system is exactly right for their frequency in this time and space.
If lovers tell each other that it is alright to be together now, and there is no promise that each may find another lover in the future, and no commitment is necessary, then there isn't much to hang on to is there. We all have choices, and  it is the interactions that gives these choices meaning, and gives us hope.

Let's say over the next few days I post blank posting on my blog, and boast that the articles are great, you will soon stop coming to my blog. Simply because there is nothing to read, so if you do the same with your relationships soon your lover will do the same. Life is to engaged, when we do energy works we engage, with the divine energy, with the people we are helping, we have to, so that there is a connection.

It is frustrating if someone you ask about something gives you all sorts of excuses but just would not commit to an answer. There is no right or wrong, so give something to give people peace of mind, and if things change in the future so be it.

Thank you