Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dowsing for Prosperity - easy steps to attract prosperity

Dowsing for Prosperity
Prosperity is one of the concerns in life; mostly the lack of prosperity is what bothers us. Can we change this to improve our life? We don’t know if we can’t but we can surely try, and by trying we better ourselves.
Prosperity is different for everyone, to some it is having money, lots of it, and to others it is having a peaceful life, a loving relationship, a happy family and a good job. Whatever it is to you, the lack of what you want is the issue you want to deal with.
All things are composed of energy and all energy has a frequency, so prosperity has a frequency and as all frequency can be adjusted like the frequency of the radio, you can adjust the frequency of prosperity to better receive it.
Here are a few ways to adjust the frequency of prosperity to improve your life, the frequency of prosperity is 8, and a simple trick that everyone can try is to take a piece of paper and write the number 8 on it and place it in your wallet or purse. Another way is to do affirmations like this one: - I attract people, events and energies that enhance my prosperity and fun, I deserve prosperity and fun.
The emotions that you have associated with money will affect your prosperity of money. If you had unfortunate events related to money, you may still hold emotions related to such events. It is important to remove them before money can flow to you. You can say the following affirmation or dowse this command. Please remove the emotions from the belief, thoughts and memories that adversely affect my prosperity.
 You can ask to raise your prosperity level to the highest level to attract money or anything you want.
Let me share an experience with everyone on how this works in a real experience that happen recently. I was at a restaurant waiting for a friend to have dinner; he was late for the appointment so I had some free time. I was the only customer in the place, so I thought to conduct an experiment to see if I could get more customers for the place. I took out my pendulum and cleared the place of negative forces, remove the emotions of the beliefs, thoughts and memories that adversely affect the place from attracting customers and transform these energies to the most appropriate energies to attract customers.  When my friend arrives, the tables at the place were fully occupied; I was amazed at how fast the energies could change to improve a situation.
You have a choice to have a comfortable life or one that you have to struggle to make ends meet. Make your choice. The future is yours do something about it.
Thank you!
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