Sunday, 30 June 2013

Getting Caught Up

Yesterday I was at a store selling Chicken rice to buy lunch, in front of me was a man who order something that was not in the standard menu, what happen next was interesting, the person taking orders was at a lost as how to charge for the order. The next thing you know the whole team running the store was looking at the price list ignoring all other customers and dropping whatever they were doing to look at the price list on the wall. After a whole 10 minutes their brains seem to snap back into reality and decided to charge $18 dollars for the order, by this time a long queue has form behind me.

What was interesting to watch was how all four of them went in unison to just stare at the price list for a long time totally ignoring everything else and how they come back into reality at the same time, as if all of them were suck into some kind of vortex and return.

Look around you and observe this phenomena is now quite common, people are easily sucked into some form of energy and they don't even realize it.  Sometimes when we concentrate at something our peripheral vision close down and becomes a narrow vision, when this happen with a group of people you will observed a scene like the above. Beware this has a powerful effect and could easily suck in many people.

Mass consciousness is a powerful energy and this is an example of it, we are affected by various kinds of mass consciousness all the time and this has a detrimental effect on us even if we do not acknowledge it

Dear One,
Actually, more people are awakening now, if you look at what is happening around you compared to about 10 years ago. Each one of you have a purpose and perhaps more than one spiritual mission on this planet earth. To some it may be very clear while others are still figuring out. At the recent ATIH I attended in Sedona, Arizona, Drunvalo Melchizedek said that everyone in the workshop is a vanguard, which means that we have responsibilities to fulfil. Eventually when more people are awakened, the collective human consciousness of planet Earth will change for the better too. So we have to press on to do our part. Thank you & Namaste!     

What Triggers the Awakening Process?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

For many people, we have awakened at specific points in our lives in order to help facilitate the awakening process with others, but what events helped to trigger this awakening?

Your Path Has Always Led You Here

Every second, we are making choices that help to determine what future paths we’ll be taking.  Regardless of which choice we make, we will always find another fork in the road ahead of us with more decisions to make.  Each time you choose a new path, more options become available, but all options will inevitably lead you back to the original soul contract that you agreed to before you incarnated to this planet.
Through your higher self and spirit guides, you rely on your intuition and discernment to help you make these decisions.  While at times it seems like we made a few bad decisions in life, none of these choices were a mistake, including any bad relationships we had with others or any other negative event in our lives.  Each one of these events has led you to who you are today and will continue to guide you on your life path.  The key is to not only learn from these relationships and events, but to forgive yourself and others for any negative feelings that may still remain.  This is how your spirit grows.

Some People Just “Get It” Without Being Spiritual

We all know someone who may not be spiritual but just “gets it”.  These people tend to have a great compassion for all forms of life and are generally very optimistic people.  For example, they may be completely living “The Secret” without having any clue about what the Law of Attraction is. Or, they might not ever seem to take love for granted as they are the first to tell their friends and families, “I love you”.  While love is the greatest force on the planet, those who “get it” without knowing it are the unknown soldiers of the awakening process and are influencing more people than they could ever imagine, just by being themselves.

What Triggers the Awakening Process?

For many people, a specific event, video, book or movie led to their awakening process.  In many cases, the awakening process began with truth seeking. 
Initially as a truth seeker, you may feel upset with how those in power are seemingly working against the best interests of humanity all in the name of greed, power, control and money.  You have a strong desire for justice and fairness for everyone, yet you may have an inner desire to see harm come to those who have inflicted injury and death upon others. 
For example, while many people know and accept who the “real terrorists” are that caused 9/11, they should all be held accountable but not killed, even though they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people along with loss of civil liberties for hundreds of millions of people.  There is NEVER a good reason to kill anyone and that includes mass murderers, rapists and child abusers.  Ultimately, the lesson to be learned is compassion and love for everyone.  This doesn’t mean that those who are guilty of crimes against humanity should be let free.  They could be used as labor in the rehabilitation of Mother Earth in helping to restore the things that they have deliberately tried to destroy.  While the extermination of these people may seem gratifying to some, the act of killing someone would make us no better than them. How would be evolving spiritually if this were the case?
In time, you are still truth seeking but you are also starting to understand how tyranny and oppression are leading to a greater awakening of people.  You still may feel irritated by those in power who continue to work against the best interests of humanity but you are starting to gain a greater feeling of an overall awakening of society. 
As we move deeper into the awakening process, we gain a compassion for all lives, as shown with the example of those who are guilty of crimes against humanity.  At this point in our spiritual journeys, we are able to read virtually any news headline and are able to see the greater good in how anything negative will lead to the exposing of those who are guilty of crimes against humanity.  Please keep in mind that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, where those who are negative will inevitably be exposed for their crimes.  We are also in a astrological period where Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023.  The last time this astrological event occurred was during the 1776 American Revolution.  Pluto always brings about change and the change will be for the greater good!
This will also involve the exposing of those who are corrupt, including politicians, world leaders,  banksters, government agencies and religion.  When this occurs (and it’s already occurring), please remember to be compassionate.  We are currently in the midst of a peaceful global revolution and not one bullet needs to be fired.

Some People Are Born Awakened

Some people innately know why they are here and what their purpose is. Others were born awakened but needed to follow a specific path until the veil was completely lifted, which may have been many years down the road.  For these people, introspect can provide this assurance.
For example, I innately knew there was something “not right” about religion when I was attending Sunday school.  This isn’t a knock against anyone who is religious, but for my own spiritual path, I was being led to a greater truth. Many religious zealots aren’t ready for this truth and I respect that, but this was my initial awakening event, even though I had no clue as to why I felt this way at such a young age.
Around the age of 11, I ordered a book on black magic because I was interested in astral projection.  While I was still doing all of the pre-teen stuff boys do such as skateboarding, baseball, football, etc…, my higher self was already communicating with me and I was listening.  While I never learned how to astral project with that particular book, it opened my eyes to a metaphysical world that is much greater than what we can perceive with our 5 senses.  As an artist and musician, I was already using my right hemisphere of the brain which helped to reinforce this new perspective.

Paranormal Experiences

Those who had near death experiences (NDE’s) can attest to the afterlife and our all-loving creator.  Many come back with a similar message:  Love everyone and don’t take life so seriously.
Many of them were just “regular people” before their NDE’s but now have a new perspective on life.  When multiple NDE’s share very similar experiences, it gives credence to what we can expect in the afterlife andproves that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Other people may have seen UFO’s or ghosts which can also change their perspective on life and may lead to their awakening. 
One of the questions I like to ask people is this:  If a UFO landed in your backyard, do you think the extraterrestrial would have a bible and money? 

“How do I know if I’m awakened?”

I’ve often been asked, “How do I know if I’m awakened?” If you are already seeking the truth or have been led into the metaphysical field, then your awakening has begun.  In a poll that I ran on in5d Connection, the majority of people stated they awakened more than 10 years ago.  In 2nd place was the year 2009, which in numerology equals 11 by no coincidence.

Volunteer Souls

The majority of those who have awakened most likely fall into one of Dolores Cannon’s Waves of Volunteer Souls.  Cannon was told by the ET’s during her client’s past life regressions about the waves of volunteer souls who incarnated to this planet because they “heard the call that Earth was in trouble” and volunteered to come here to help raise the Earth’s vibrations.
Many of these volunteer souls lead quiet lives, don’t have any children and never got married because they did not want to accrue any possible karmic debt.
The First Wave of volunteer souls were born in the 1950s and 1960s.  These are the wayshowers who paved the way for the next two waves.  The Second Wave was born in the 1970s and 1980s and the Third Wave was born from the 1990s through the present and are commonly known as Indigo Children.
For some of these volunteer souls, all they really need to do is exist because their energy is enough to change the world, although they may still feel the need to do something more in this awakening process.  Some may not appear to be spiritually awakened but as mentioned above, all they need to do is just be themselves because their light and energy is contributing in a massive way in the awakening process.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Energy Medicine

Please enjoy these videos and you can practise the routine given in the second video.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Latest Newsletter from Raymon Grace

You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time. Most people mistake the emotion of worry for the emotion of love. They think that worrying about somebody means that you love them.


June 2013
Howdy Folks,

Just got back from speaking at the American Dowsing Convention in Vermont with about 500 people in attendance.

There were 2 people I have been sharing information with for 8 years and finally got to meet them.

Alessandra Previdi from Italy and Federico Marincola from France have been working with people in Europe and Central America. Alessandra is the President and Federico is the Vice President of società italiana di radionica (Italy)

With the written permission and patronage of the Raymon Grace Foundation, they have taken my work into Central America to help the people there and to study with the native healers. They are doing a lot of good work.

Faye Henry who takes care of my websites and sends out this newsletter opened the Convention with her gongs. She and they were a big hit with the audience.

It was a really good convention.

Last November Frazer Bailey, a film director from Australia, invited me to take part in a documentary. If all goes well you will be able to see this in theaters and TV.

Here's the Teaser if you would like to watch it:

The password = Elephant.

Thought I would give you something different to read this time. It does have a moral in the last line.

For those of you who don’t know, a grouse is a very wild bird about the size of a small chicken that lives in the deep woods.

This week while using the tractor to move logs building an experimental garden, this grouse came by to inspect the work.

He followed the tractor staying about 2 feet behind it. When I was working near my wood pile, then flew up on it and I got his picture, holding the camera about a foot away from him. When he gets really close, I reach out and pet him. Sometimes he gets under foot so much I have to be careful not to step on him.

Was getting the logs about a quarter mile from where I was using them and he followed me, sometimes lighting in a tree until I passed and them flying over my head to light in another tree.

He has been there doing this for several days for 2 weeks. This morning I was at the woodpile and he flew in and landed on it and I reached out and petted him. He responded by flying and hitting me on the head 3 times. He even hopped up on a log I was picking up and then rode on the log while I was hauling it in the loader bucket of the tractor. It apparently didn’t move fast enough for him so he jumped off and ran alongside the tractor. Another time he had more patience and rode on the log until I set it on the ground.

This reminds me of a pet chicken of mine at 4 years of age. My room was on the second floor and the roof of the front porch was just below my window. The chicken would fly up on the porch roof and peck on the window. I would open the window, let it come in and put a pillow on the floor for it to sit on. It would lay an egg on the pillow and then go back out through the window.

Several years ago while driving to work one morning, a Canada goose flew alongside my truck and as I slowed down, so did the goose. I pulled to the side of the road and stopped and the goose landed beside the truck. I got out, picked it up and set it in the truck seat beside me. Took it to the construction job and put it in a box to keep it from getting hurt. Took it home with me that evening and turned it loose on the pond. It would spread its wings and pose for pictures. Next day it wasn’t there and while driving down the road, found it about a mile away. Put it in the truck and brought it back home again. It stayed around a few days and then a flock of ducks came over one evening making a lot of noise so the goose joined them and never saw it again.

As a kid, I thought it would be nice to communicate with the animals, the story is that my great-great Granddad, Buck Smyth, who rode with Jeb Stuart in the Civil War, could sit out in the orchard and birds would light on his hand.

In trying to get the grouse to look at the camera, pointed my finger in front of him and he pecked it. Maybe Buck knew something I haven’t learned yet.

Sharing these stories with friends has brought forth many comments. Some think the birds were a reincarnation of someone coming back to visit, others think the grouse had a message for me.

Being of reasonable logical thought, I dowsed the part about a reincarnated long ago relative and dismissed the idea.

As for the message, if the grouse is smart enough to have a significant message, why isn’t he or I smart enough to communicate it? Not only that, the grouse also follows Nancy on the lawn mower. I think he just likes things that move and make noise.

My guess is there is something in my energy field that attracts animals. The same goes for horses and dogs and some other animals.

There is an ancient law called ‘Occam’s Razor’ which states. “When looking for the solution to a problem, seek not the most complicated but the simplest.”


Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Dowsing Pointers

When we dowse we are in contact with 4 levels of mind, but sometimes our left brain is dominant and want to have some kind of logic to justify what is going on. This cause us to come up with wrong results at times, there are a few ways to overcome this, blind dowsing is one interesting way to overcome our left brain.

What is blind dowsing? The way to do blind dowsing is to write out answers on pieces of paper of possible results and then fold these pieces of paper into equal sizes and mix them up. You then put the pendulum over each piece of paper to check if it is the answer to your question. The pendulum will find the right piece of paper with the correct answer.

Another way is to dowse away your influence on the result by neutralizing, just ask the dowsing system to neutralize all the influence you might have on your dowsing. This usually will bring about the right answers for you, here is an example- when I ask if a payment might come in today I will usually get a 'yes' because I am expecting the payment. But let's say today is Sunday and my client's office is closed and I have already check the mailbox and did not find a check, yet I get a 'yes' answer. This is obviously result cause by my influencing when I neutralize this influence the next reading will usually give me a 'no' response. This is just an example of course there is always a possibility that my client may take the trouble to deliver the check to my home on Sunday evening. 

The future is raw pure energy and we can intent this energy to serve our needs, if you use dowsing sometimes logic need not come into play, many times I just ask that the most appropriate energy be installed to serve my needs. The need to know the hows and whys is a hindrance when it comes to energy works.

When I do a healing for someone I do not become specific and target the problem, usually I just let energy flow from the universal source through me into the healee. The energy has intelligence and will go about doing the healing by itself. Always remember when doing healing works that you are not the doer, the divine works through you.

When dowsing the same applies, let the energy bring about the results, stay out and just be an observer. The dowsing list and the list from to clear a school are similar this is because they contain most of the probable cause of negative energy that affects a place, a person and a situation or event. This means that you can use the same list to heal a person, after going through the list then ask that the most appropriate energy be installed to the person for their best good. 

The process usually works but sometimes you need to repeat the whole process a few time before you see some results. After you get results a period of maintenance is necessary for some cases, there are also cases that you get no positive results after repeated dowsing, this may be due to other reasons and you need to do some investigations. Raymon Grace once mentioned that if the spirit guides of the person you are healing does not like your spirit guides then usually the healing or clearing will not work. In such case you can check with your dowsing if it is possible to change the situation, sometimes it is possible but if you get a 'no' then you might want to refer your client to another healer who can do the job.

In the dowsing manual written by Watt Woods, the first thing you do is to ask 'May I?', 'Can I?' and 'Should I?' this is recommended to be install into yourself as a program. This one time program installed will let you know when you meet with a case that you are unable to help. For me I would know because my pendulum would not swing if the case is inappropriate. I would then ask the 3 questions and get 'no' response to all 3.

Happy Dowsing!

Thank You! I appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

A Story for You.

Yesterday someone visited me and we chatted, somewhere along the conversation the subject of psychic energy was being bought up. He asked me if I could read minds and if so what was he thinking at that moment. I told him that I don't usually read people's thoughts as this would be quite unpleasant for me, it would like having to receive many phone calls at the same time on the same phone. 

He asked me again to tell him something that would convinced him that psychic abilities do exist, so I just read off his energy field and told him that there was two persons he was closed to that is in his mind field.
I proceed to describe to him one at a time, the first one was a woman aged about 60 or above who had shoulder length hair and loves to wear floral pattern dress, the other was an old man who at first glance I thought was smoking a cigar but taking a closer look it was black energy coming out of his mouth. A look at the black energy change the energy into Estrada the former president of the Philippines. 

He was quite surprise and started to tell me who this two persons were, the lady was a sister of his grandmother whom he too address as grandmother and her favourite dressing was floral dresses. The old man was a friend of his whom tutored him when he was doing his studies, they were buddies despite the age gap. One of the favourite subject of this man was bad mouthing the then president Estrada. You see when you bad mouth someone it actually is negative energy coming out from your mouth, so keep to praising.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Have A Great Evening Ahead.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Books X Rituals X Singing Bowls

If you are interested to know how to use dowsing to perform rituals you can get hold of books written by Richard Webster from New Zealand. He has written a number of books on dowsing and other interesting subject like self hypnosis. I found his writings to be unique and gives a different dimension of dowsing, there are lots of ideas on ways to do dowsing for many topics we deal in life found in his books.

For those in my country, you can get a copy of his book from a second hand book store located on the second floor of Peace Centre at Selegie Road. The owner Mr. Kwok has a wide range of books on spirituality, and is very helpful to assist you with any queries you might have. He teaches Buddhism at degree level and is a accomplished tai chi exponent, he is also a good friend. (Sultana Book store)

Talking about rituals, if you find that after much dowsing you still have the same problem bothering you try this out. Write all your 'botherations' on a piece of paper and hold it in your hands then say a little prayer asking the divine to take them away after you done your prayer burn the paper and see you botherations disappear from you. (please burn the paper in a proper place making sure you do not cause a fire hazard)

A word of caution, just write what is bothering you do not put someone's name into your list, take care not to indirectly hurt someone in the process.

Singing bowls are wonderful tools to energize oneself in the morning, playing the bowls a few rounds will energize you and brighten your aura. It is also a good tool to clear negative energy for you and your home. If you want to get one, check using your dowsing to find one that is most suitable to you. There are many sizes and tones that are different, these tones energizes different chakras of your body. For a start get one that you most need first and later you might want to add to your collection. (dowse to find out which chakra you need to energize, then look for a suitable bowl with the right tone.)

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Inner Child and Spirit Guides 2

For those who did tried to connect to your inner child and spirit guides I hope you were successful but if you were not it is ok. There are many ways to connect to your guides and inner child and sometimes you may not be ready or you might have not have any guides with you yet.

What you can do is have a internal dialogue with your inner child through dowsing, ask your inner child by addressing him or her and ask if a dialogue is possible, if you get a 'yes' then proceed to ask questions about the relationship between you and your inner child. You can prepare a set of questions you want to ask before hand or you make them up along the way. You can do some research on inner child to get an idea of what the inner child is and the relationship it has with you to help come up with the questions to ask.

For spirit guides Raymon Grace has a meditation CD that helps you connect to your spirit guides you may want to check out his website to purchase one.

If you are good with meditation or you want to try here is a meditation that might help you connect to your guides.

Get into a relax sitting position, close your eyes and start to observe your breathing, as you breathe you become more and more relax. Count down from 30 to 1 slowly with each descending number your body relax more and more. Repeat counting for a few times of 30 to 1 to get very relax. Now imagine that you are on a secluded beach, there is no one but yourself and endless white sand along an endless shoreline. You feel the warmth from the sun and this makes you feel safe and secure. You walk near the water and have your feet feel the water, the water feel warm and relaxing, you start walking along the edge of the water and soon you see a being of light walking towards you. As this being walks closer to you, you could see his or her face smiling at you, when you are near ask this being if he or she is your guide, if yes ask if he/she would give you their name, ask any questions you may have and when you are finished thanked him/her politely and ask if you could always come here to meet up again.

When you done, the being will leave  and you can slowly walk back the way you came, feel free to stay on the beach for a while and when you are ready to leave slowly become aware of your body and surrounding and gently open your eyes.

You can also imagine you are in  a forest, a garden or any where you that will relax you, this is your own personal sanctuary, a place where you feel totally relax, a place that will make you whole again physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Before you try this meditation ask your dowsing system to put an energy around you to protect you from any negative forces or any energy that might disturb you or you can visualize your aura and body covered with a ball of white light that will protect you.

(read through the whole meditation first to get an idea of what to do and then proceed to start, you may need to memorise the whole instruction as you cannot read with your eyes close. )

Happy Dowsing!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Trapped Emotions

If you have pain in your body or some illness, you can check if you are having trapped emotions in your body, if you do just ask to transmute it into beneficial energy for yourself.

There might also be trapped emotions in your home please clear them too.

You can check for the strength of the trapped emotion if you have them, any reading above 60 means that you already have an illness that is troubling you. You can also check for the detrimental level which will give you a reading on the negative side. 

If you have trapped emotions in your body or home even it has a strength level of less than 60 it will still cause problems like disharmony, bad relationship and compatibility problems.

Do the clearing and you should be able to feel the relief physically. Try out and give me feedback on this one. Thank You!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Just For You!

For my Malaysian friends please try this to help with the haze -'Please raise the energy of the Water, Earth and Air to the highest  most appropriate level for our best good for all countries affected. Thank you.'
'Please scramble the frequency of all chemical, biological and radiological pollutants from the Water, Earth and Air and adjust them to the frequency of pure Water, Earth and Air. Thank you.'

I hope that the above prove useful and wishing all of you the best!

Recently I put some subjects that might be uncomfortable for some of you, if you do feel that these subjects are uncomfortable please write me to let me know. Thank you.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better. 

Life after Life

Good Morning, yesterday a friend drop by and share an interesting story, his grandmother recently crossover  and her body was cremated in a local crematory, when collecting the remains the people in charge chatted with him about how his granny's remains were special and has a pink glow. They later showed him CCTV footage of the holding area before the coffin is sent into the furnace. He told me that he could see a black shadow hovering over the coffin as if it was trying to get in, after a while it disappeared. Just before the coffin was going in the shadow appeared again and later disappeared when the coffin went into the furnace. (In my country there is a queue for every thing even in death one must queue up) Below is a video on Spiritual Reality I hope you will enjoy watching.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Inner Child and Spirit Guides

I am not an expert on these subject, I am writing based on my own experience, for those who are not aware, you have an inner child, a persona that reside within you.

Use your dowsing to check for yourself, if you have an inner child, ask if your inner child is happy and if your inner child is at what age. Your inner child affects how you are now and the way you behave in your world.

The same goes for spirit guides, ask if there are spirit guides in your life and how many do you have, usually there is more than one spirit guides that are helping you. 

If you have 'yes' in all the questions asked then ask if they are willing to communicate with you in a more intimate way, if you get a 'yes' then dowse that this will be given to you in the most comfortable and appropriate way.

If you meditate then maybe you can ask them to communicate with you when you are doing your meditations. If you do not meditate then ask that it be in the most appropriate way and that you will be aware of this communication when it happens.

Please try it out, being in contact with your inner child and spirit guides is a very helpful guidance to have, you will be come aware of many things you have never been aware of.

Please also check if you are ready for this before you proceed further into this matter, your mind must be ready to accept what your inner child tells you which may not always be pleasant.

Please share your feedback or any questions you might have with me, I really would love to hear from those who have tried this out.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Thank You!

In yesterday's post I requested help to check if there are Aliens living among us and if I was one, a friend wrote back to confirmed that there a few and that  I am an alien star seed.

What does this all mean? What impact does this information have on the human race? My sincere answers is I don't know. I only know of the existence of alien star seeds on a few years back when my dowsing teacher wrote me one day and ask me to dowse if I am an alien star seed, I did as he has requested and got the shock of my life. I got a 'yes' from my dowsing and also confirmed that I belong to the Acturian race.

I wrote back with my answers and ask for more information on what is all this about, after reading all the information he sent me I left it as it is without thinking any more. Then a series of movie started to show up about hostile aliens invading Earth and got me thinking if such an event were to happen what should we do.

Raymon Grace once gave a keynote address to the Canadian Society of Dowsers and he said ' I have some good news and some bad news. there is a very powerful group of people on the Earth. The good news is, they are you, the dowsers. The bad news is, you don't know it.'

I got to think and ask my dowsing if dowsing could influence aliens and I got a 'yes' and if needed could we change the energy that might be hostile to us and I got a 'yes'. This made me feel better and I did not think of this subject since.

Recently I noticed my eyes were changing, I could see that they were not like the eyes I had, something looks different about them, I call up another friend who I have identify as too a star seed and ask him to check his eyes and he confirmed this.

I really do not know what is going on but things are changing and it is not a very fun thing to feel that there is some kind of alien seed in me that might change me into something I am not looking forward to.

What I know is that since this knowledge of being a star seed dawn on me I started to have better control of my psychic abilities, I have psychic abilities since I was young but did not know how to use them, now as the days pass by more abilities became available to me.

It is strange to write about all this, but recently many events on the energetic level have been appearing and some things are going change globally, do not get me wrong I am not predicting doomsday it has never been my intention to spread fear, in fact the very reason for writing this blog is to help equip everyone with the knowledge and tools that might be helpful in the coming times.

I hope I have not bored any one with all this and is very grateful to everyone for your support and love for what I am writing. Thank You!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

I Need Your Help!

Today I like to share about something that maybe some of you might not believe and that is Aliens. Before I go into this subject for those who dowse please use your dowsing to check if any of your friends, relatives or acquaintances are 'Alien Star seed'. Also check if there are Aliens living among us? Check me out too, I would like to know too!

Please share your feedback for the above questions and I will write about the subject based on your feedbacks. Thank you.   

The reason for the above subject is although I personally do not believe in this, the subject has constantly come to my attention and I hope that from your feedbacks we can discuss the matter further.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wow it Works!

Yesterday someone came to visit me in my office and we started a conversation about how the techniques of meditation that I taught him was causing him to be very energized and he felt super throughout the day although he had very little sleep.

We talk for a while and I decided to show him a water experiment, I told him to fill 2 glasses of water and place them on my table. I took a piece of paper and told him to write the words 'Love', 'Gratitude', and 'Thank you.' I also ask him to write a taste that he wanted to taste from the water and he wrote 'bitter'.

I got him to put one glass of water on the paper and say the words that he has written, he did as he was told and I ask him to taste both glasses of water, one at a time. He told me that they taste the same, I next ask him to say the words again this time addressing the water, 'Water I love you'. 'Water Thank you.' and so on including the word 'bitter'.

I then ask him to drink from the glass of water that he has addressed and immediately he announced out loud that the water taste bitter. He then taste the other glass of water and found that it taste the same. As we carried on talking actually most of the time I talked and he listened, he would occasionally taste the water as if to confirmed that it was really bitter.

At the end he told me that it was unbelievable and that he was totally convinced of the power of words over water. I then asked if he had any other wish, he looked confused so I explained that since he could request the water to be bitter, he could also request the water to have the energy of happiness, health, prosperity and so on. He smiled a big smile, then I asked if you could do this for a glass of water couldn't he stick a piece of paper to the pipe that is supplying water into his house to also have these energies. He smiled even more.

Yes we need not purchased expensive water filters for the home, just write on a piece of paper what qualities you want in your water and stick this to the water supply pipe and address the water and give thanks to the water and you have yourself an instant mental water filter. Please try it out, start by doing the experiment with glasses of water and then install your very own mental water filter. Please share your results with me. 

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Some Thoughts

After lunch, I was thinking about what I wrote this morning and a question came up, if we cleared astrological influences from our home then why is the position of the bed affecting us? Why does the room we sleep in affect us? Can we just clean up these energies for the whole house at one go? 

Please let me know what the answers to these questions, share with me what you think are the reasons for this.

Recently my country is experiencing a haze cause by burning of forest in our neighbouring country, the air quality is in the unhealthy range and we are also experiencing a rise in case of dengue fever cause by mosquitoes.

Let us first do something for the air pollutions and we will discuss something about the above experience.

'Please scramble the frequency of all chemical, biological and radiological pollutants from the water, earth and air and adjust them to the frequency of pure water, earth and air. Thank you.'

There are nature spirits of the land and country and if these spirits leave for what ever reasons you can expect to see a calamity happen there. The spirits always leave first before the calamity happens. This acts like a signal to us that we are not treating them with love or taking them for granted.

You can check with dowsing if the nature spirits are on the land you are staying or for a country, if they are not present ask if they are will to come back. Anyway if they are unwilling to return, you might consider to leave too. 

You can check for the countries that are at war now if the nature spirits of the land are present. Do this as an exercise in dowsing, if the spirits are not present check for the energy level of the country and also the Hertz level of that country. Share your readings with me please.

Back to the forest burning, it is obvious that greed is behind their actions and a heartless attitude with no consideration of the negative effects of their actions upon others and the planet.

Is there some good that might come from this happenings? Are we able to change their attitude? How to bring about more awareness to more people?

Maybe we might not be able to completely solve the problems but by not trying the problem is definitely not going away. 

'Please transmute the spirit of greed into Love and Compassion for all. Thank you.'

'Please remove all veils of deceptions for everyone and raise the level of consciousness for everyone to the highest most appropriate level that will support Love and Kindness. Thank you.'

'Please neutralize the negative effect of the surrounding energy and transform them into the most appropriate energy for all. Thank you.'

You can add your own dowsing solutions to the above and let us all make a better place for ourselves today.

Thank You! I appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

More Tips to Improve your Home.

Yesterday I wrote about how to detect and change energy in your home, here are few more pointers on what to check. The area where you do your cooking should be in a place of negative energy (if possible) as the fire from your burner will be able to constantly burn away the negative energy, in other words if you move into a new place and detected a negative spot in the kitchen then design the burner to be on that spot.

The living room should be a good energy area as it is where the family will be together most of the time, sometimes this maybe a negative energy area, you can neutralize the negative energy and check if changing the colours of the furniture will help raise the energy of this place, potted plants can also be helpful to raise energy in this place. It is good to have plants around the house as they are sensitive to energy and how healthy they grow indicates the level of energy in your home. Lastly you can use dowsing to install an energy cell in this place that will radiate positive energy 24/7 to stabilize the energy field.

Toilets should be clean and having plants here will help to freshen up this area, please check with your dowsing what plants are suitable for your best good. (or plants are suitable at all)

Plants also activate energy that enhances your attractiveness to the opposite sex if place at the right spot so if you are not looking to get into an affair please check this.

Air flow is another important aspect, make sure that you open all windows (if weather or climate permits) daily to let in air to circulate the house, this will bring in fresh new energies into the house and remove stale energy.

Let in as much sunlight into the house, open the curtains to let in the energy of sunlight in your house daily to energize the house.

If you have crystals in your house make sure you cleanse your crystal regularly by washing them in salt water and putting them in the sunlight for a few hours. Crystal absorbed negative energies so if you do not clean them you are actually having a negative energy source in your house.

It is important to know that what is good for you must be maintain through constant caring and love so that they will work for you for a long time. If you constantly slam the door it will soon be damaged and you will have to replace it, the door have a soul too if you are kind to the door it will serve you for a long, long time.

Make a practise of thanking all the things you use in your daily life and soon you will find that they will happily serve you, that is how a friend of mine have used the same lights in his house for more than 15 years and counting.

Thank You! I appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

How to use dowsing to do Feng Shui .

The ancient art of feng shui have been around for thousands of years, it is well documented and has lots of information to help form accurate readings of the energy of a house.

When I use dowsing to check a place or house, I based my readings on feng shui charts to determine what is the energy of the place and its effects on the people staying there.

I would need to calculate the life reading (bazi) of all the occupants to determine if the house is suitable for them based on their birth date. This is a tedious process but with the help of computer programs these days it makes it easier.

You can of course simplify things by using your pendulum going from room to room and ask if this room is suitable for its occupant, is the colours of the wall suitable and if there are astrological ill effects on the occupant. Ask questions related to the energy and the occupant to determine if it is suitable, ask if the occupant is sleeping in the right direction most suitable for them( the head should be facing the good direction). 

I have helped some people heal major illness simply by asking them to change the sleep position, in feng shui there are energies that activate bad karma (actions) like having affairs, losing money in investments, poor health all activated by sleeping in the wrong direction or room.

Generally after determining all the bad spots in the house, if you can physically change it, do it, like changing your bed position, re-painting the room to the right colour, remove unnecessary crystals placed in the wrong position or room. After this there is also the energy that changes yearly due to astrological changes these you can simply neutralize them, actually these changes occur every few days so if you can neutralize them regularly it would be good.

I could go on but I will not, go to the library and borrow some books on feng shui to help you determine what you need to look out for and then use dowsing to check and clear these energies. You can use dowsing to determine what types of crystal will be most helpful to enhance the energy of your house and where to place them. Please do not try your luck on this, check first, I know of people who have caused serious harm to themselves because they just placed crystal in their house without first checking.

Happy Dowsing!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Monday, 17 June 2013


What if you have a problem with a love one who is doing things that is hurting you? Do you use dowsing to bend their will to suit yourself make them more to your liking. 

Dear Ones what do you think? Let me know what you think, write me to share your view, give your comments on how you would approach this problem using dowsing.

We can use dowsing to check for answers, but there are some who prefer to guess their answers even when they know how to use dowsing to get the correct answers. They may have their own reasons not to check because they do not want to know the truth as they are afraid that the answer is not the answer they want.

In previous posting I wrote about being honest with oneself and that it is not the easiest thing to do, if you cannot face the reality of a situation then don't, accept the situation as it is. Do nothing for a while, see if situation changes by itself. Accepting that present moment is inevitable, since you have already manifested it and any resistance to it will only energize it more. 

Leave what you are unhappy about and start thinking of what you want, what will make you happy, what ingredients to add to the pot to cook up your next happy manifestation.

Accept people as they are, you can't change another person so accepting them is the only option, what make you unhappy about them is not coming from them but yourself. No one can make you unhappy if you do not let them press your buttons, and to be truly happy remove all the buttons that makes you unhappy.

Please leave only one button for everyone to press and that is your happy button.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

What to do?

When you are facing challenges in your life, you are tired of all the routines, all the daily problems of life, how are you going to be happy. Some of us are able to dowse and change energy but for some they are so caught up with their problems it seems to them that no amount of dowsing seems to work.

What should we do when we come to such a condition? Ask for help, get a friend to pray for you, get a hug, get a fellow dowser to raise your confidence and energy. We are never alone, there is always someone nearby who can offer a helping hand. The worst thing to do is to be shy and keep the problems to oneself, go out and talk to a friend, your friend may not have a solution for you but by just talking you can relieve some stress and maybe even come up with some solutions to your problems.

The above situation described that you have caught yourself up in a negative mentality, if you find that you have reach this point you need to neutralize all negative mentalities, negative thought forms, the energy level may not be ideal for yourself and your home. The strange thing is that people in this condition can go on living their life without asking themselves why their life is not where it should be. 

Most people will not seek help in any form because they did not realize that they do, they just bear with what life dish out to them accepting that it is normal for them. If you are unhappy about anything it means you are out of alignment with source energy it is that simple your emotions are the indicator of this alignment. Do not be a victim of circumstances, change the energy, rearrange it, the future is yours, no one can live your life for you. 

I share a lot of information on my blog to help everyone live a better and happier life, all anyone have to do is use it.

I like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write me it gives me encouragement and I appreciate it. 

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Some Viewpoints from the Videos.

The video highlights the importance our thoughts on water and the connection between ourselves and the world. The eight characters highlighted is roughly translated to 'All is created by the Heart and changes with the Heart'. The video mentioned that this knowledge have been given to us by ancient sages from China 3000 years ago. Dr Emoto recently discovered and demonstrated these truths again through his experiments with water.

The way one thinks and behave is a reflection of the world one lives in, have a 'good heart and speak good words' was the phase used to describe this. Change your mind and your life will change, you have the power to make this choice.

'Please remove all veils of deceptions for me and my family. Thank you.'

We are all connected even if we do not acknowledge this fact it is still a fact so what you do have an impact on the world, we need to learn to love ourselves and be responsible for ourselves and the world we live in will be a better place.

With the power of Cosmic Light & Love, I clean Planet Earth from all religious extremists, cults, bigotry and superstitions. Earth humans shall find a true connection to their existence, the cosmic centre of consciousness, the source of everything. Please fill all voids created by these cleaning with 5th Dimensional Energy & Higher Frequency of Golden Light. Thank you very much with Love & Gratitude. 

With the power of Cosmic Light & Love, I clean Planet Earth of all evil energies. All hate, all aggressiveness, all suppression, all violence, all wars, all military and all weapons. All aggressive people shall feel the love in their hearts, and walk the way of light. Please fill all voids created by these cleaning with 5th Dimensional Energy & Higher Frequency of Golden Light. Thank you very much with Love & Gratitude. 

With the power of Cosmic Light & Love, I clean Planet Earth from consumption insanity, competition thinking, and wastefulness of resources and energy. Please fill all voids created by these cleaning with 5th Dimensional Energy & Higher Frequency of Golden Light. Thank you very much with Love & Gratitude. 

Let us all make our world a better place for ourselves and all our descendants.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.