Thursday, 28 January 2016

Spirit Science- Chakras

I like to share this video on chakras from Spirit Science, I think it is relevant at this point of time for most of us. Please enjoy the video.

Thank you
SIMPLE – gain perspective on a difficult task (O)(92%)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Do something about it

Listened to the above interview given by Raymon, very interesting, at the end he mentioned that there are people who ask questions and expect answers that conform to what they were educated to believe, these people never achieve anything they just ask questions.

Yesterday a colleague of mine ask me about exercise, he wanted to know what kind of cardio exercise I was doing, so I told him that I do yoga, he had trouble accepting that yoga is a cardio exercise. I suggested that he do a few poses with me and then decide if yoga qualified as a cardio exercise, I put him through 2 poses - mountain pose and warrior pose so as not to overtax him physically.

After 10 minutes of adhoc exercises, he was winded, but he was not convinced that yoga has any cardio benefits. I told him that it is how you do the exercise and the duration, level of intensity, that gives the benefits of any exercise performed. I also told him that he has an inflexible mindset and pointed him to a few articles that might help him change his mind.(not likely to happen)

He has a fixed mindset that cardio is good for the body and the exercise should be activities like running, jogging, swimming, so I pointed out to him that such exercises done improperly would probably kill him faster than not doing any exercise at all.

The whole episode reminded me of Raymon's interview and what he said about people who kept on asking questions but will never achieve anything in their life.

Do something and something might happen, do nothing and nothing will happen, stop asking so many questions, go out and put to good use what you have learned.

Thank you


Monday, 25 January 2016

Some interesting Downloads you should try

I have been trying out some Radionics machine on the internet, there was one that is quite interesting, you might want to download their program and try it out for yourself. Let me know how you feel about this, and if it works for you. Thank you.

There is an app at Play store named Mobile healer under Radionics which I think works, so please have a go, it is free anyway.

Thank you


Friday, 22 January 2016

Colors and Switchwords

Here is a list of Master Swicthwords : Purpose and Colors
ADD has Red Color Energy and use to increase what you have no matter what it is. Help to find percentage and create more power behind your SWP. Anything you want to magnified and plus use ADD. ADD helps to set in motion your work. ADD helps to support, push, uphold, promote, encourage, strengthen, reinforce, buttress, boost, increase, improve, enlarge, amplify and fortify whatever you want.
BRING has Green Color Energy and use as a manifestation SW. BRING helps you to unite and connect with your goal and finish what you started. BRING helps to shorten time period of any goal and manifest quickly. BRING helps to build, produce, create, form, generate, attract and pull towards you miraculously. BRING unites you with your goal and makes an easy pathway between you and your goal. BRING makes sure Universe deliver all their goodness with perfect time. BRING makes you a magnet to all goodness.
CHARM has Pink Color Energy and helps you to manifest your heart’s desire. Everyone has something in their deep heart to manifest. CHARM helps you to attract your deep desires which are sometimes unattended by your day to day work pressure. Use CHARM to fulfill your wishes.
DIVINE has Violet Color Energy and creates miracles of all types. Use DIVINE with any SWP and you will notice the difference. DIVINE also means to rise above ordinary and excelling in every aspect of life. DIVINE stands for “EXCELLENT”. To do any work excellently well and to achieve outstandingly, we can chant DIVINE. When you say DIVINE, even impossible things will become possible. DIVINE creates luck and miracle. DIVINE protects us from everything that is not universal love. DIVINE opens our heart and unites us with divine love. DIVINE helps against anger, hate, envy, jealousy, suspicion and revengefulness. DIVINE cut off from negativity. DIVINE is use to call forth extra personal ability. DIVINE is use for extraordinary accomplishment, multiply intensity, increase enlightenment and brightly focus positivity. DIVINE helps in cleaning and makes SWP more efficient. DIVINE clean up a mess and put in optimum order. I use DIVINE in the end of my every SW video.
DONE has Greenish Yellow Color Energy and helps to meet a deadline. DONE helps to keep a resolution and build will power. DONE creates completion. DONE gives instant solution to any work and issue. DONE creates guarantee. DONE helps when you are not in the mood to finish your workout, this one is great to makes you mood. DONE helps to increase endurance, make a long distance seem short, generate, radiate, and experience love and acceptance. DONE finish all works quickly.
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ELATE has Orange Color Energy to turn a setback into uplift. ELATE has power to revive and restore anything. ELATE helps to recreate lost relationship, name, fame, love, health, wealth and prosperity. ELATE helps to restore ill organs.
LOVE also has Pink Color Energy and helps you to manifest your heart’s desire like CHARM. LOVE helps you to finish any work more politely, graciously and with ease. LOVE eases the pressure. Use LOVE to melt down all hurdles and obstacles.
NOW has Blue Color Energy to act on good impulse. NOW helps to relieve procrastination. NOW helps to make sure your destiny gives you only good things at the right time. NOW create calmness and relaxation. NOW helps to eliminates past traumas, wounds, diseases and karmas. NOW speed up things which are stuck into and due to bad memories.
Color Energy to remember something forgotten, to find lost or misplaced article, to solve a problem and to invent. REACH helps to find anything and anywhere. REACH is more concerned with the effort. When some problem smash your head REACH always helps as the solution is within you. When your mind is completely confused whether to do this or do that, then REACH will work. When you fix a target and not able to reach the target even after attempting 4–5 times then you say REACH. REACH will bridge the gap between yourself and the target. For getting spiritual insights too, we can use REACH. REACH repair things, give an idea and find what you’re looking for. REACH increase your memory.

It is interesting that NOW has Blue Color Energy, the throat chakra has Blue Color Energy too, in the Reiki system I learned, we were told that using throat chakra energy we can command things to happen, when we want a parking lot for example we would connect with throat chakra energy using 151, 151, 151 our reiki code for throat chakra, then say 'Please get me a parking lot NOW!, Thank you.' this usually works for me, so if you try it for yourself, please give me your feedback. 

I am sure many readers have similar experiences with color and energy, usually without thinking much about this, but when your attention is drawn to it, you will see it often in your daily life.

Thank you
Lots of Love

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sharing a post from Facebook

Sharing a post from Facebook -
It's good to read all the ways that dowsing is being used and the success stories. I have been using it for years in much simpler ways but find it so exciting that I have a tool that I can use in so many more ways to help others. I find it especially wonderful that I can do it without having to be right there in their presence. As I live in the woods and a quiet social life, I have always felt a little limited in who I could help. I have learned to do remote healings and remote soul retrieval and so excited to be able to add dowsing that can also be done remotely. As so many people need the help.
In the past I used dowsing to predict if a baby would be a girl or boy with 99% accuracy. I would like to share a story about one.
The dowsing tool began to swing and then it suddenly just went all over the place. I wasn't sure what to tell the person as it wasn't giving a clear direction at all. months later when she gave birth, the baby didn't live. I guess I'm glad I didn't know what it meant at the time, as it would have been hard to tell her. I had another one that kept going back and forth from girl to boy. when she gave birth it was twins one boy and one girl.
This was my learning process with the dowsing tool. Since coming across Raymon and his wonderful work and information and now have his book, I came back to using it so much more now. I mostly have been focusing on clearing the energy in family members and their homes who are having difficulties with negative patterns or partners with negative patterns with much success. I have had two very negative cruel men, move into their hearts and begin to communicate from loving places instead of the usual anger and control. I Love this work and hope to learn and use so much more about it. I'm so glad for this group so I have a connection to others doing this work as I am alone most of the time. Thank you for all your sharing and being like minded friends.
Cheri Moritz

This post touch my heart because as a dowser, I share similar experience while dowsing for others, it shows that we can learn from each other and that we are all the same one way or the other. 
There is much going on around the world recently, please remember to do your daily energy works, my own dowsing shows that the energy is rather unstable and is constantly out of balance, so please balance energy for yourself, your family and your surrounding area. 
'Please scramble the frequency of fear, shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, greed, terrorism, and martial law, transform these into 5th dimensional energy, Love and Compassion. Thank you.'
'Please scramble the frequency of all oppressive governing bodies, groups, forces and individuals, transform these into 5th dimensional energy, Love and Gratitude. Thank you.'
There is also lots of electromagnetic pollution, so please clear this once daily, and balance the blood flow to your brain, balance the left/right hemispheres of your brain and your brain chemistry too.

Thank you

Thursday, 14 January 2016

E motion New Movie

Please enjoy this movie, I found it both interesting and educational, plus Raymon Grace also appear in this one.

Thank you

Monday, 11 January 2016

What are Switch words?

Taken from FB posting by -
Waqas Rathore
What are Switchwords?
Switchwords are powerful poignant words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction for drawing the essence of the Switchword to you. The more a Switchword is repeated, the more it affects your energy. The more it affects your energy, the more you draw the experience, condition or response the Switchword represents to you.
A great way to work with Switchwords is to first get to a positive emotional state. Next set your intention for what it is you want, and say, sing, chant, think or even intend a Switchword. Then spend the next 20 to 30 minutes doing something that keeps you in a positive emotional state.
How do Switchwords work?
The subconscious mind records and files away everything going on around you on every level, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for future reference. As it observes similar experiences, conditions or responses associated with a word or action over and over again, the subconscious mind begins to anticipate and even look for (attract) these experiences, conditions or responses. These actions or words become Switchwords – switches for bringing about the specific experiences, conditions or responses associated with the words or actions. Switchwords bypass the conscious mind and activate switches in the subconscious mind.
For example, your subconscious mind recognizes that almost every encounter with money involves counting. Thus COUNT is the Switchword for attracting money. The subconscious mind hears COUNT and it looks for ways to find money to COUNT.
In The Secret of Perfect Living, James T. Mangan introduced us to Switchwords. As part of his research he studied, learned, compiled and documented many Switchwords.
Switchwords do not work with the conscious mind.
Switchwords work with the subconscious mind and its interpretations.
There are Switchwords that are Switchwords for individual people.
There are Switchwords that are Switchwords for most people (more than 50%).
There are Switchwords that are Switchwords for virtually all people.
WINDOW may be a Personal Switchword for some.
GUIDE is an Open Switchword for most people
HOLE is a Universal Switchword for all.
Do not try to put your conscious analytical mind into the reasoning for the Switchwords. Leave it to the subconscious mind. Switchwords are very specific and flip specific switches. Substituting what you see as a good alternative may sabotage your intent.
Switchwords can be used to put you into action to create what you desire (TINY will throw a switch which if you just relax and let it will prompt you to do a very polite and kind act for someone), begin attracting to you the things you want (such as love, money), help you to stop or change things that are causing you distress (such as aggression – CONFESS; anger – CLEAR; arguments – CONCEDE), and a multitude of other applications.
HOLE is to be attractive, appealing. To the conscious mind that is not what HOLE is about but when you analyze it, as the subconscious mind does, you do see that aHOLE always attracts the eye. A HOLE is the first thing you see when you look at anything with a HOLE in it. A black HOLE is the ultimate in attraction. For the attraction of a black HOLE is so strong of an attractor that even light cannot escape it. This is why HOLE is the Switchword for attraction.
GIVE may be a bit more obvious as a Switchword to sell. Whenever a sale is made, you always see each side of the transaction is giving something to the other side. Even in the conscious mind it makes quick and easy sense.
What does your conscious mind see with CRISP? Perhaps potato chips, perhaps fresh carrots. Perhaps it looks at the early morning and the CRISPness in the air. But then, what does the subconscious mind see?
What happens when one is fatigued? One is “softer,” feels kind of “spongy,” definitely not CRISP. Can you be soft and spongy if you are CRISP? A rubbery soft carrot is definitely not CRISP. Now look at a potato chip. Definitely very CRISP. What happened to make that potato chip so CRISP? Now a potato alone might be somewhatCRISP, but it does not even compare to a potato chip. So what happened? It was madeCRISP by “enhancing” it, changing it.
The Switchword CRISP is to dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance; rejuvenate; brighten. Each CRISP Switchword definition comes from a subconscious experience with the word CRISP, which is why it throws those switches to do those things.
Each Switchword has a different thing represents and a different way that it works.
Using reflex muscle testing to find Switchphrases:
1. Test for access (yes/no)
2. Test which letter for start of first Switchword
3. Test Switchwords starting with that letter
4. Once you find the first Switchword, verify it is correct
5. Ask if more Switchwords for Switchphrase
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until Switchphrase is complete
7. Confirm that Switchphrase is correct and complete for the current situation
In muscle testing for Switchphrases I generally set my intent for weakness to mean the Switchword is needed.
I believe muscle testing is a wonderful way to increase the efficacy of any and all healing and emotional balancing techniques.

Dowsing is also an effective method to find the suitable switch words or phrases to use.

Thank you

A Beautiful Morning in Singapore

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sharing an Article -Polar Meridians

I like to share this interesting article from energy medicine website with you.

Polar Meridians
Polar Meridians
"Polar meridians" are 12 hours apart on the 24-hour cycle. Both meridians of a "polar pair" share certain characteristics with one another and in other ways are polar opposites. Spleen and Triple Warmer are polar meridians. They are opposite one another on the 24-hour cycle. Both govern the immune system and both are radiant circuits, yet they oppose one another in many of their actions. If Triple Warmer Meridian is overcharged, Spleen Meridian is undercharged, and vice versa. Spleen Meridian is at its maximum flow from 9 to 11 a.m.; for Triple Warmer, it is from 9 to 11 p.m. They are like the shores on opposite sides of the ocean.When one is at high tide, the other is at low tide.
To understand a meridian that is involved in an energy medicine treatment, you always want to be aware of its polar meridian (as well as the meridians involved in its control cycle – the inner arrows on the 5-element diagram above – and its flow cycle – the clockwise circle on the 5-element diagram).
An interesting way to view all of these relationships is to simultaneously consider the 24 hour Meridian Wheel and the 5-Element Wheel. Notice the following:
  • a yin meridian is always 12 hours apart from a yang meridian
  • metal and water meridians are polar meridians
  • wood and fire meridians from the “left side” of fire (as drawn above) are polar meridians
  • earth and fire meridians from the “right side” of fire (as drawn above) are polar meridians
You may find that it is easy to remember the polar meridians by visualizing their relationship on the 5-element wheel.

Jeff Harris MD, ©2005


Monday, 4 January 2016

Past Life Issues

Below are the numbers to heal the issues stated, you can chant them for 7 times and check if you still have the issue by dowsing or by muscle-testing method. If you still test positive, then chant the numbers again for 28 times, check again.

Past life issues can cause problems for you in this life time, so it is very important to do a clearing, once this is done, a corresponding change will happen in your present lifetime. 

You can also refer to my daily dowsing list to clear past life issues with dowsing, one that comes to mind now is the following command:-

'Please remove the emotions from the belief, thoughts and memories of me and my ancestors to the dawn of time that adversely affect my financial baseline, emotional baseline, health baseline. (counter-clockwise spin) Please take all these energies and transform them into the most appropriate energies that will raise my financial baseline, emotional baseline and health baseline, Thank you.'

Sometimes we make vows like 'I will love you forever', please know that it does go on forever unless you clear it, others make vows of Chasity, vows of poverty in previous lifetimes that are still in place, so in this lifetime, they have problems finding a spouse or have problems with finances, so be careful and watch what you say, as your mouth is talking, your mind is listening.

You can also check if you have any old vows that are still in place within your energy field, if there are any that are non beneficial to you ask that they be remove.

'Please remove all non beneficial vows from any lifetime past and present from me, Thank you.'

All the issues below can be remove through dowsing too, one more issue that is important is past life trauma, check if you have any, and ask that it be remove from you, past life trauma affect you at soul level, so it is necessary to remove them if they are present in you.

'Please remove all past life trauma energy from me, my energy field,and from my body, mind and spirit. Thank you' 

Thank you

Past Lives
Reaching past life trauma age
555 577 788 774
Repeated issue to heal
111 444 587 777
Repeated issue with an individual
666 989 898 555
Karmic debt still to repay
666 589 478 222
Old contracts still in place
556 478 952 456
Old issues repeating
111 210 123 245
Emotions to heal
211 665 566 965
Physical scars/injuries remain
447 411 222 512
Energetic scars remain
441 214 556 565
Cords to other souls remain
852 365 652 214
Foreign energies carried forward
441 444 145 411
Old vows still in place
554 555 666 566
Phobias carried forward
441 444 554 558
Prejudices carried forward
577 544 744 788
Fears carried forward
555 128 656 477

Sharing something interesting.


Regardless any Hindu temple, a horizontal stone will be placed at the entrance of temple. This stone has a lot of meanings and reasons behind that many people today are not aware or even understand about the value.We are told by the elders not to step on the stone. But have you wonder the reason behind this practice?

The first thing we should do before entering a temple is wash our feet. After we wash our leg, hand and sprinkle a little water onto our head to cleanse off to open our magnetic entrance points of our body, we should stand in front of the Main Entrance, look at the Gopuram and Kalasam to pray and ask for permission from the "Thuarabala or Thuaramala" which you can see at the left and right of the temple at entrance.

As we enter into the temple, we must cross over the horizontal stone and shall not step on the stone. As we cross over the stone, we should think in our mind that
"I'm leaving all my negatives, worries & bad thoughts behind this point to get the Lord's blessings and obtain the positive energy"
and then step into the temple.

By doing so, it's believed that we will leave all our negatives & bad things outside the temple & go into the temple empty to get the positive vibrations & increase our positive energy.
If we step on the stone and go into the temple, it's believed that we carry everything together with us & we may not get the full benefits of worshiping in a temple.

A temple is a place full of positive energy and vibrations. Thousands of holy scripts and mantra being recited at the temple daily by the priest. We can increase our positive energy and vibration by worshiping in temple for a greater living on this earth. Do visit temple more often to enjoy the positive vibe.

You need not be a Hindu to enjoy the benefits, follow the above method before entering the temple and you will also enjoy the positive energy.

Thank you