Thursday, 31 July 2014

Is there Scientific Proof we can heal ourselves? X Vippassana Meditation

I like to share the above 2 videos with everyone, the first video talks about healing ourselves, the presenter does a wonderful job with this topic. The second video talks about Vipassana meditation and the use of meditation to help prisoners to release stress. 

I share them in hope that everyone realize that the mind is a very powerful tool and we each have one, the sad part is that not everyone fully harness the power of their own mind.

Learning to use your mind in a proper manner, and you will open up unlimited possibilities for yourself, try using affirmations everyday, meditate a little everyday, do some qigong, learn self hypnosis, dowsing and prayers, all these will improve your life positively.

Thank you.
Love Alan

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sharing some Ideas

Yesterday I posted 2 videos by Christine Marie Sheldon, in the videos, she talked about energy, energy blockages, muscle testing, I hope all of you gain some insights to help improve your life. One of the stuff she mentioned was the level of consciousness, and she mentioned about living at a vibration level of 500 or the level of love. How many of us are living at this level of consciousness? You can use dowsing to measure yourself and see where your level of consciousness is at, if it is below 500, ask yourself why, are there blockage? 

You can watch more of her videos, to have some answers, and of course you can dowse to see where are these blockages in your life. Raymon Grace taught that we can invite in the Spirit of Love into our life to raise our love level, and we should do so daily. Check the amount of love you have in your body, if it is less than a 100% ask that it be raise to that level. After asking you still find that it did not reach a 100%, then you should ask questions, are there emotions of beliefs, thought and memories that adversely affect your love level?, are there non beneficial spirits of emotions affecting you, or negative thought forms, and so on. There may be more than one reason that affect you, so always ask your dowsing system if there are any other issues.

One thing I picked up from watching the video was an affirmations that I liked, 'I am paid for being me', how wonderful is it, to be paid for being yourself. The other thing was to bring into balance and harmony the energy of all the members of your family with each others. You can check if your energy is in balance with your spouse or your children, if it isn't then balance and harmonize the energy with each other.

Thank You.
Love Alan

on change.. change on

How to change your frequency to change your reality

Please enjoy these 2  video by Christine Marie Sheldon that explains energy, she is an exceptional energy healer with a good understanding of energy.
Thank you.
Love Alan

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Good Morning, I like to share the article below with everyone, life is your perception of reality, if you find lack in your life it is probably from fear, so ask to transmute all fear into prosperity for yourself everyday.
Thank you.
Love Alan.

This quote could be used to describe how, in the circus, perception and reality differ rather frequently. This concept is best illustrated in the novel when Marco first sees Celia's talent with her magic and perceives that she is a threat and therefore the enemy. Reality would go on to prove that the two of them were destined for one another and bound together by fate.
206 Relax and Succeed - Not everyone thinks

Change The Way You Look At Things
{Perception Is Everything}

Change Your Perception, Change the Reality

Listen to the "message" not the messenger.

P'taah: You deserve it all and whatever you create is wonderful. Your reality depends entirely on how you perceive it to be. Change your perception, you change the reality. Too simple? Change the perception--change the reality.
For as long as you perceive lack--whether it is lack of love, lack of money, lack of a good job, lack of a new car, a better house--for as long as you perceive lack, you will simply bring forth to you more lack. For as long as you perceive your life in segments--this is my spiritual life, this is my real life...

Yes, I know all of these spiritual truths, but I lack money, I lack an exciting mate, lack, lack lack. And the lack is all based on fear of not being enough. And for as long as there is the fear of not being enough, you will bring forth that which are more and more situations to show you that you are not enough, hmm? Does this makes sense? 

When you change the perception, you change the reality. The fear of not being enough, the fear of lack, has a vibrational frequency that draws to it more of the same. 

When you can see yourself in the abundance of all wondrous, when you feel the joy, the tranquility, the excitement, when you are in the place of laughter and play, the energy, the emotional energy of joy, of laughter, brings forth more of the same.

The next time you find yourself in a perceived lack,stop and ask yourself what really are you lacking and what does it FEEL like? It is your emotions attached to the idea that create the reality. Make sense? All right. 

Q: I just wanted to ask about changing the perception. It sounds easy in theory but hasn't been easy for me to do. 
P'taah: All right, the question was, how do you change the perception? It is easy in theory but not quite so simple in the practice. All right. We say to you as you go about your day-to-days, when you find yourself in a repetitive pattern, when you find yourself in negative judgement about somebody or something out there, ask yourself, "What do I believe about this situation?" 

Much of the time you hold old beliefs that really do no longer serve you but because you are not in the habitue of questioning those beliefs about reality, about society, about who you are, about simply what you do by rote day to day. Because you have always done it thusly and family have always done it thusly, you think that that is the way it is. 

And very often it is not the way it is. It is only the way you believe it is.The more you question what you do and why, the more that you come to know that which are the limitations of these old beliefs. Does this make sense? 

Your beliefs about who you are and about reality really are the base of your perceived world. We say to you that everything is a perception. You see? Everything is a perception about reality. 

Each of you, if you like, is the central sun of your own Universe. That is, your beliefs and thoughts and loves and desires and fears actually form what you perceive to be your world, your universe. But each of you perceive it in a different fashion. Of course you hold common beliefs--that is the beliefs that are part of the collective consciousness of your peoples, of your culture. But families also have collective beliefs. 
In other words, you form by your beliefs, by your patternings if you like, your own mythology. Until you can see how you believe stuff that creates your reality, it is difficult to change the perception. So we say that the first step is to look at what you believe. 

And then it is to look at the feelings attached to those beliefs. Where the feelings are that of love, of joy, where the feelings are playful--sometimes of course it is completely neutral. In other words a lot of those ideas and beliefs in truth do not hold any upsurge of emotion--love or fear. It simply is as you would say. As you go about your day -to-days in the old routine, much of it does not carry with it the significance of emotion as such.

So we say the more that you become aware of the emotions attached to your ideas and beliefs, then you can see what is fear-based. What are the fears underlying certain beliefs? And how those fears impel you into a pattern of behavior. 

When you are in the emotion of the fear, that is your power place of transformation. and we have given forth to you the Four Keys of Transformation. The first thing is that with fear--and we remind you that everything which is not love is fear. You have different names. You segment fear. You call it anger, jealousy, possessiveness, lusting after power, control, manipulation all of those things really are simply based on fear. Violent behavior, wishing ill of others, envy--all of this stuff, all of it is fear based, and all of it can be transformed.

Monday, 28 July 2014

A Happy Sharing

3 Simple Tips To Rock Your Life & Live Authentic | Marie Cornelio click to read the whole post. If you dig it pin it!
It was a long weekend for us here in Singapore, and I hope everyone enjoyed the short break from work, coincidentally it is also the beginning of the 'Ghost Festival' for us. Do you believe in ghost? well they exist whether you do or not, and they are present year round so it is not just the during the ghost festival that you will find them.

I would not go into this subject of ghost because there is so many views from everyone about how they look like and what can they do, are they harmful and so on. But I would like to to remind all dowsers that because of all the incenses and 'paper money' burning please remember to scramble all the harmful pollutants from the air and adjust them to the frequency of pure air.

The energy is rising again, please check regularly and ask to neutralize the negative effects on you and your family, much cleansing is going on and for people who do not do energy works or prayers, this can bring about lots of problems in their personal, family, and work life. If you have friends that are in such situation please direct them to dowsing, or any other form of energy works to help them. (subjected to the fact that they are willing to listen) The future is raw pure energy, and you can do whatever you want with it, manage your energy well every day and the future will be good for you. 

Another thing, please ground your energy daily, just by asking you can do this, another way is to massage the bubbling well accupoint at the base of your feet. Massage this points(both feet) once in the morning and before retiring to bed, it has many other health benefits too. 

I received some wonderful feed-backs recently and I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to write me. And of course I like to thank everyone who reads this blog regularly too. I Love You!

May the Light and Love be Upon You Always.
Always Better and Better.
Live Authentically

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Positive Mind

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about how much of his beliefs, thoughts and memories were inherited, self imposed or by association. He realize that much of his thoughts were not his but originated from association, self imposed, or inherited. This can be corrected with dowsing, just ask to remove the emotions from the beliefs, thoughts and memories that were inherited, self imposed and by association. (pendulum will swing anti-clockwise)When the pendulum stop, ask to take all these energy and transform them into beneficial energy for you. Using this dowse will clear your mind and you will be able to move on to a better way of thinking.
Thank you.
Love Alan

The Challenge Isn’t That The Work That We Do
In The Spiritual Community Isn’t Valuable,
It’s That We Don’t GROUND It!


Thinking Happy Thoughts Won’t Get You There – A.K.A.

“Hello, Cleopatra, Queen of Denial!”

Most of the spiritual community is living in magickal thinking land, acting like we live in a white light and bunnies world – denying that anything bad can happen and holding only to the light and goodness. But we live in a world of duality and dark exists (not evil – dark – as in shadow, evil exists too I’m just not talking about it here).  If we don’t acknowledge BOTH light and dark, then eventually, the one we ignore comes back to bite us in the butt. 

Light and Darkness In The Individual And The World

Think of the chakra system.  If we only engage the light, we are only working with the upper chakras and ignoring the lower ones.  The problem with this is that the lower chakras provide us with both our foundation of personal power and our way of connecting our spiritual work to the planet.  The physical body is the way that we interact with the world and if we spend all our time trying to leave it, then we abandon our doorway to actual physical change.  After all, isn’t it the darkness in the world that we are hoping to shift?  If we haven’t done the work on our own darkness, what qualifies us to make changes to darkness on a larger scale?  We have to stop denying this aspect of ourselves if we hope to make an impact.

Stepping Out Of Denial and Into Victim

Once we have learned to step out of denial, then comes the stage when we can no longer exist in that bliss of ignorance and we step into a feeling of victimhood, blaming the world for not listening to us or for beating us up and stealing a right livelihood or whatever. “Big corporations, bad” seems to be the motto of this phase.  In this phase, people will find the conspiracies and the ways in which the system is rigged against us.  And these things may in fact exist – in fact some definitively do.  But SO WHAT?!!?  If we are truly powerful beings, then what difference does it make if the system is stacked against us?  This stage has some seriously internally inconsistent beliefs in it and our determination to feel victimized keeps us from effectively debunking them.
 Accepting Responsibility And Therefore Power
What we need to do is to step out of the victim phase and into our own power, taking responsibility for our lives and our part in creating the larger picture.  This stage is challenging though and so most people don’t do it.  It requires us to look at our weaknesses, our failures, our ugly bits. It requires that we embrace the parts of ourselves that we don’t like.  In short, it’s hard work.  We have to deal with the issue of whether we can be trusted with our power, what we actually WANT to do with it and WHO we choose to be as people.  We have to be willing to be seen and willing to be vulnerable.  It’s big stuff.  And because it’s big and hard and most people don’t understand it, we shy away from it and fall back into the victim mode.  Because it’s easier to be a victim than it is to be powerful and responsible.  But it’s also why we don’t make change happen.

Transformation On A Personal And A Global Level

As a transformational shaman, this is the work I specialize in – change, from the inside out.  
So much of our lives in the Western world are consumed by things that don’t mean anything – television, video games, drinking our cares away, etc.  These are spaces where we go to kill time and avoid our problems.  They are also part of the way that the current power structure keeps us placated and passive.  If we can each face our individual problems, then we as a culture and as a planet can begin to face the larger problems.  And if you think that making change internally isn’t big enough, think again.  Because each person who does it, is someone to be reckoned with, someone who you can’t help but notice, someone who holds the room because they’re the only one in it who has mastered themselves.  And each of those people serves as a beacon for others to follow in their path.

So the Next Time  You’re Unhappy With The State of The World Ask Yourself:

  1. What in me is a reflection of the issue I see in the world?
  2. What can I do to become more conscious and more in my power?
  3. Who would like to take that journey with me?

Because The Faster We Can Each Claim Our Power,
The Faster Change Will Engulf The Planet

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Yesterday my worker reported to me that he has been very lucky because he has struck lottery constantly over the past months. This is the worker that I adjusted his timeline to the most appropriate timeline in which he has the highest probability to win the lottery. Although he did not win much money but for him it made a big difference to his financial situation. How many of the readers I wonder did this dowse for themselves since I posted it some time ago?

Dowsing works, some time you may not see immediate results, and some time the result is instant, but it definitely does work. The case above was an experiment I carried out when I came across the dowsing command, so I ask my worker if he was willing to try it, he agreed and the rest is history.

Thank you.

Another thing I like to share with everyone is to be generous, do give something to others regularly, it is by giving that you will receive more, give some of your time to listen to others, share your knowledge to like-minded people, give money to the needy, do some service for the people who are less fortunate. 

Recently I was quite sadden by the attitude of a friend whom I considered a spiritual brother, his ego got the better of him and he is off his track, but I learned that I am not supposed to give him a free ride as this will deny him of his precious lesson. Some times it hurts to really love someone. 

The way you behave when face with a situation, lets you know where you stand in your spirituality, this brother was upset over being charge a few dollars more for a holiday (21 dollars to be exact)that he bought over the internet. By some strange co-incidence the tour was cancelled and he was not charged, he called me happily boasting that the universe was so wonderful and could even cancel his electronic transaction for him. But what he failed to see was his greed, his poor manifestation, his fears and his high ego. He did not even check out the emotional outcome of his trip, danger level, all he wanted was to get the cheapest deal, it is sad that he ignore the fact that he could have dowse to have the best deal that serve his best good, affirm this before going out to look for a tour package. 

May the Love and Light Shine Upon You!

Dear One,

From my heart, I share this short, simple article with you.
Simple things can teach us much when we humble ourselves to learn.
Actually there are many simple spiritual teachings but also
very ironically, they are so simple, that people cannot practice and
apply them 100%. So when people cannot practice simple things,
how can they practice complex things that the intellectual egoistic mind
have been programmed to think that complexity, bigger, more are always better.
An example that immediately came to mind
is the Basic Buddhist Five Precepts of
NON Killing, Stealing, Lying, Sexual Misconduct
and abstaining from alcohol and drugs (non applies to all five).
Just ask yourself is it easy to follow all these simple five precepts 100%?
Even for one, it may seem difficult for some !!! 
Thank you & Namaste!!!

Knowledge and Wisdom make you Humble
Swami ji
Swami Balendu
In Sanskrit there is a Sutra which says ‘Vidya dadaati vinayam’. Vidya means knowledge or wisdom, dadaati means giving and vinayam meanshumbleness. I think it is clear what the Sutra means: True knowledge or wisdom makes a person humble. And actually arrogant people do not really have anything except for egoPeople think that ego comes when someone has much knowledge. But the truth is that if someone has real knowledge, he will not be egoistic. This person will be soft and humble.
There is an example with a tree. The tree which is full of fruits and has so much to give to others will bow his branches and leafs towards the ground. Only that tree which has no fruit at all is standing straight. I don’t know how really to translate this best into English, maybe I do not have the right words but the meaning of standing straight is like an arrogant attitude. And that is how I see many people who have nothing which is why they keep ego and become arrogant. Our life should be like that of a tree carrying many fruits.
Humble, soft and happy to give to others.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Simple Blessing

I like to talk about blessing today, recently I was presented with a case that my dowsing system would not be able to help, I could only make a few suggestions to point them to some possible solutions. This morning my wife was complaining to me about our youngest son, and again the system could not do anything for the situation. Then I was watching this video about little things we could do to help ourselves, like giving thanks for today, bless the person in the ambulance when you see one pass you by, saying I love you to your wife and children everyday and tell them that you are proud of them. By doing so you mirror these good intentions back to yourself. 

So when you have a situation that your dowsing system cannot get involved, bless the person asking for help, do the simple blessing process for them, this I believe will be the best thing to do, it is definitely better than recommending them to something that may or may not work for them.

Another Sharing

Did you know that you can neutralize Negative karmic influences, just use your dowsing chart and check if there is negative karmic influences affecting you, if yes check for the percentage. Ask the dowsing system to neutralize this for you and transform it into love or prosperity. Then check for the percentage again, this time it should be reading 0. 

You can also check how much prosperity you have in your body and home, if this is less than 100 ask if there is any reason affecting your prosperity, if you get no, then ask to raise prosperity in your body and home to 100%. You can do the same for love, gratitude, respect, forgiveness and acceptance too, make such that they are at 100% or higher, these energies play an important role to your well being.

You can check if your glands are functioning at 100%, if any glands are not at 100% ask to raise it so, there are many things you can do with dowsing to keep your body in the best of health.

May Love and Light Shine Upon You!
Always Better and Better.

The minute you argue to prove a point or to be right, you empower the old duality.
Let go of reaction; this is of the old duality.

Amazing Quotes – 32 Pics
Quotes About Change and Letting Go | ... let go. | Share Inspire Quotes - Inspiring Quotes | Love Quotes
ego vs soul
We are here to Become Aware...    I need to keep reminding myself of this....and stop worrying about the headline news......
Dear One,

Here's another good message from Soulstice Rising :)

Earth energies are getting to be more and more intense . . .
You will understand this better when you have taken an interest 
to see things and happenings from an energetic perspective.

Have been encouraging people to do this for sometime
but don't know how many really took heed . . . .

Simply, just by looking at things happening in the world today
is good enough to tell you this.

Planet Earth being a free-will zone, and
people have the choice to decide to awaken or remain asleep,
to chose between the material or the spiritual.  
In choosing the latter, this message from
Soulstice Rising will have many good lessons for you to learn.

I have helped to enlarge, bold and highlight them for you
and pray it is beneficial for you.  
It's time to gradually get out of the 3D Matrix of duality and polarity.

This also means shifting from your head into your heart,
from the ego intellectual mind into the
Heart Chakra of love, compassion and humility.
Thank you & Namaste!!!

and we're rollin, rollin... - 7/15/2014

     Since this past Full Moon, we are in a space of rest and Being. It is not, however, a time when nothing is happening. There is so much occurring below the surface. The non-act of Being is so we can connect, integrate and be in touch with our Souls; that pure essence of Truth that we are. It is also a time to assess what we are doing in life. Are you fulfilled and passionate and joyful with what you are doing in life? If not, you just may be one of the many whose path expression is shifting to be in better alignment with your New Being.

Life purpose in the old was all about career and “making a living.”
In the New, it is not so much about form or “what” you do, but rather Who you are.
Your life purpose is more about expressing your essence no matter where you are or what you do. Your essence does not stop when you leave work. Career is rife with separation, as when one leaves for the day, one leaves the career behind. Life Path is Who you are and how you express that. There are many who are questioning their path, especially healers. If you happen to be questioning what you do in the world, take some time to vision and feel where you’d like to be. Is a different residence calling to you, even if you don’t know where that would be? Do you want more Joy and Passion in your life? Are your friendships and relationships fulfilling and joyful? As you answer these questions, you very well may come to the conclusion that much has shifted and you no longer resonate with where you are now. And you may have no idea about what you want to shift. Let it be O.K. to not know. Just feel and choose how you want to feel in the Now and in the future. If there is an idea that is calling to you, spend time visioning it and place yourself in the vision as if it is here now. This is a first step. Take one step at a time, releasing any fear that comes up in the Sacred Rose, or however you release debilitating emotions. Where does the fear come from? Perhaps it is an old belief that says you can’t have what you want or that you’re not worthy or that you won’t be supported. Let that belief go, whatever it is, and focus instead on being the essence you want to feel (happy, fulfilled, peaceful, loved respected, etc.). Remember that what you feel; how you vibrate; you create.
Protection: In the old, it was important to protect ourselves from negativity.
In the New, there is an automatic protection and that is Love. If you vibrate Love; that which you are; you attract that. If you are feeling fearful, you attract that. If you are judgmental, you attract more things to judge.
It feels so simple to just Be Love. And yet, so many make Ascension convoluted and difficult; keep it simple. Do remember that each one is right is right where they need to be for whatever purpose that is always for their highest unfolding. So look at your life and it will show you where you are along the continuum between Love and fear. We are all on a journey; there are no supposed-to’s or shoulds or judgments as to what you’re experiencing. Just take one step at a time. If you are not feeling Love in any moment, what are you feeling? Then let it go and expand your Love to fill up where you let the old go.

Love is much more powerful now than any thought you have. You might be worried about something. This is a thought that comes from separate ego. If you go beneath the surface of the thought, you will see that Love is there and the minute you discover it, the worry (or other thoughts) dissolves. This is the New space we’re in…Love is becoming more and more powerful. Soul is stronger and leads the way. If you are dealing with a perceived challenge, go beneath the surface and find the gift that wants you to shift out of the challenge and move into Love. (Challenge is a perception by the way; there is a deeper belief; what is it?) This is how Love works…it brings to your attention what is not Love and asks you to let it go.

Realize too that it will still be some years of transformation till we are nothing but Love. There has been much shifting and dissolving of the old and we will continue to do so. That which is not Love will continue to be dismantled. What you give your attention to empowers it. One way to dis-empower the old is through compassionate observation. You simply remove your energy from it; you don’t dance the old dance or play the old tunes or repeat the old stories. This is true personally and globally. The minute you argue to prove a point or to be right, you empower the old duality.When you judge something in your world as wrong, you empower the very thing you judge. Rather, be neutral. You have nothing to prove; Be Love. And there is Power in your Silence. When you accept that all is in Divine Order, you empower the New. When you see that your career, relationships or global constructs are disintegrating, let it be. All is in Divine Order.

Let go of reaction; this is of the old duality.
Be still and know the Truth. See Love in all things, people and events. When you do this, Love fills the spaces where you let go and let be. And truly know that the New; the Golden Age; has begun and it is up to us to empower it. As we simply do not engage in the drama; be it personal or global; we empower the New. As we envision our greatest Joy and Passion, we empower the New. When we remove our energy from the old duality dance, we empower the New.

About a month ago I mentioned that several portals on Earth were opened and activated with New Light. And then during the Solstice they all connected in one gigantic Earth Gateway. This continues and as many of us know, this Gateway took us to our new spaces, wherever and however it was meant for each individual. The portals around the world are even more activated, receiving more Light and this is affecting the areas around them. We can certainly see this occurring in the Mideast and in the shifting weather patterns, as well as in the activation of Earth movement, be it in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes, fires and other phenomena. Just know that this empowerment and transformation continues and as we rise in and as Love there is more transformation. All is in Divine Order. There is nothing to fear or judge. Just observe with Love. You may even be drawn to a place. For instance, I have been drawn to Glastonbury for several years now and finally am going in September. It is the Heart Chakra of the world and I’m flying on the Equinox! This wasn’t planned (Really! Who can plan anymore?); it simply happened that way. So follow your guidance if you are drawn to travel anywhere and know there is a much higher purpose for where you are guided to be…even in your visions.

We are traveling in our higher minds. In fact, we are in such a powerful place now that astral travel (if you want to call it that) is a part of our daily lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. People may “dream” about us or we may “dream” of being in a particular place; we truly are doing this. Our higher minds are so very powerful now that what we used to call day dreams are in actuality travel and we are also empowering our visions. Our visioning is real; there is no difference between visions and so-called 3D reality. So dream big! See, feel and know that we are creating the New as we envision the New Earth and our New lives.

Realize too that many who are Light-players still have more awakening to do and more will be awakening and leaving what they have known. “You can’t have it both ways” is what I just heard. One cannot maintain old life and be in the New. So many Light-players will make some pretty dramatic changes; more will awaken and many will go through some powerful shifts in their physical bodies and many will leave the Earth plane to guide from other spaces. Many Light-players will awaken fully to their gifts, as many have not and are “playing small.” No matter; as everyone is exactly where they belong in the moment and that moment shifts moment to moment. There are plenty of surprises ahead of us.

Many of you are receiving new guides; if you are not fully Soul-merged. Even if you are Soul-merged, meaning that your only Guidance comes from the Higher You, you may also have guides, who are more like partners. Be sure to ask if they are of the Light. If not, it is Universal Law that they leave you. All guides must resonate with your own vibration.
Now and for the next while, let go of anything that comes up in your Awareness that is of the old; that is, anything that holds you back in old thinking and doing. Now is the time to amp up your Trust as this new space is so very unfamiliar and it may feel as though you’re floating all alone and have no idea of who you are or where you are going. If you feel disconnected from Source, know that you are not…ever. For Source is your very essence. Discern with your feelings all you read and hear. It will become more obvious when a person isn’t truth-telling.Make sure you pay attention to how you resonate with all things; from what you readwhat you eat and drink to who you are with and where you are and then make changes so that you feel expanded once again. This is a time to stay balanced and grounded.
Yes, energies will continue to move faster and be more intense as we move more into our Authentic Selves. Follow your own rhythm; go slow and enjoy this time. Truly know that you are loved and supported, so there is no trying, no striving, no figuring out; there is only Love and Being Love. 
Keep it slow and simple. See all through eyes of Love. See all as Source sees…with no attachment or expectation; just simply Love.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Amazing Kid


The children of today are rumored to be far more consciously adept than our previous generations.  
If thats true this might be a piece of supporting evidence of that.
In this video, 8 year old Adam introduces his latest crystal grid,
which he calls a “web” grid. It pulls in dark energy and transmutes it to the light.
It took Adam about 10 minutes to build this grid which is full of various crystals –
Amethyst, Apophyllite, Celestial Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz points, Vogels, and several Lemurian Seed Crystals.
Adam didn’t pull the pattern of the grid out of a book or research it on the internet.
Instead he chose to listen to the guidance of the stones themselves.
What do you think these kids will be doing in even 5 years from now?
Every human has this capability to connect to the fabrication of the Universe
at a deep and intimate level.
What’s exciting, though, is that the upcoming generation’s mindset
 is more open to receiving such insight,
therefore will be the ones to light the way
into realizing and accepting such fascinating discovery.

Always Better and Better.