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The subject of free will has widely been debated among spiritual people, and many views of this subject has been expressed and debated, what is free will, do we have free will, what is total free will, how is free will expressed, these are some of the questions frequently asked.
What is free will to you, if given total free will, how would you live your life, will you live differently?

Think about the above, what if I tell you that to have total free will is to do nothing, no planning for your life, no pain, no struggles, just visualize whatever you need and want, Be Happy!

'You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real Self.

Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them

You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past'


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Energy Works

In energy works, things aren't always what they seem, a person with 3 eye vision doesn't mean that they are enlighten, although they may have a high level of consciousness. What one person feels may not be absolute, there may be many reasons why this person perceive some energy form in a certain way, like the person's belief system, a buddhist is more likely to see Buddhas then Angels.

We need not know everything that others know, we need only know what is important to us, in a healing session, we only need to connect the source energy to the person we are working on, there is no need to read or see if there are spirits in the person or if which body part is not working properly. Just channel the energy, and let it do the work, same as doing attunement, we ask the energy to do the attunement that is all.

We are privileged to be healers, and should respect our clients, what we see or perceived while doing the healing is best kept to ourselves, only when we are sure that what we reveal will help with the healing process do we discuss these information with our clients.

We should also mind our own business, even when we see a stranger that needs help, we should always check if we should help with our guides before doing so. Sometimes there are karmic reasons behind the problem and we should not get involve.

The previous posting I wrote about different strength of entities, let me explain further, if a person is possessed by entities, they usually have a change of their behavior, they may pick up an addiction like alcoholism, in very strong entities possession, they may become killers or lose their mind. Some times possessions are due to curses or black magic, so it is important to check with your spirit guides and spirit doctors if they have the ability to remove such entities.

You must know your strength and abilities well, you might like to check for yourself, what percentage of the human population you are able to help, if you get less than 1%, it is advisable you only dowse for others when you have the permission to to do so. (this is again not an absolute figure, but just a rough guide)

With the recent terrorist attacks, please remember to transmute fear and mass consciousness of fear into love for yourself and your loved ones. Neutralize all negative probable futures for yourself, loved ones, your home, and your country. Transform these into the best possible futures with the most benevolent outcome. Send Love and Light to the world daily in your prayers too.

Thank you

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Some Dowsing Basic Protocol

Let us look at dowsing basic, the most basic thing we have to ask before doing any dowsing is 'May I', 'Can I?' and 'Should I' . Do not forget to ask these questions before proceeding to dowse, if you have did not do so, your dowsing results may vary or you might not get the desired result. 

There are different degrees to any issues, for example, if you detect negative entities in a person, it could be a possession or it could be just a minor disturbance, you have to also check for the number of entities present and the strength of the entities, entities have different strength ranging from -10 to -100, although you will seldom find such powerful entities at -100, you may also find large number of entities on a person(in the thousands), so it is important to check before proceeding to dowse. 

This is the same for Demonic forces, if a person is possessed by demonic forces, you have to check with your own spirit doctors if they are able to help to remove them. 

Removing demonic forces sometimes bring about a great reaction from the person you are working on, I remember in one case when I remove these from someone, he vomited for half an hour, but he felt good afterwards. 

There is also being under the influence of the Dark Side, the symptoms of a part of someone being influenced by the dark side may be the same as the symptoms of noxious energy rays, possession, psychic cords or other things. This could be in the form of sickness, poverty, bad luck and life generally going to hell.

If you find someone under the influence of the dark side, ask to remove all parts of the person from under the dark side, (CCW rotation of pendulum)  then next ask to transfer all parts of the person previously under the influence of the dark side to be under the influence of the Light or God or the Great Spirit. (CW rotation of pendulum). (Refer to Raymon's book 'Techniques that work for me')

Noxious energy is any form of energy that adversely affect us in any condition, zone or situation, we can neutralize the negative effects of noxious energy upon ourselves, this may include electromagnetic forces, magnetic forces, alpha, beta and gamma energies, the influence from faults, fractures and underground water, earth energies, cosmic energies, gases, mind, psychic and spiritual influences.

We can be affected by over a hundred different areas in our life, from body chemistry, body balance, meridians, color balance, blood pressure, polarity and many others, we are able to correct and balance all of these through dowsing. 

The energy is going crazy again, so please remember to neutralize all negative probable futures, neutralize negative karmic influences daily, balance blood flow to the brain, balance both hemisphere of the brain and brain chemistry. Do not get caught up with the drama of life, neutralize the negative effects of mass consciousness, remove veils of deception from any situation and transform into clear thinking.

Take good care of yourself and your family, transmute all stress in the body into love daily too.

Thank you

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Level of Consciousness

I have been unwell for this whole week, having gastric and asthma at the same time, it is in times like this that one learns to be strong, to trust that one's own healing modality works. I like to thank all my friends who shared their love with me, giving me oils and ointments to help relieve me of my pains and for their prayers and blessings too. It is wonderful to have friends that care for each other, I feel so blessed for having such great friends.  Thank you God for giving me these Angels!

The last posting had videos of 'Power vs Force', a discussion about the level of consciousness revealed that a high percentage of the population had a level of consciousness below 200. To those who aren't familiar with the chart please have a look at the article below.

Understanding the Levels of Consciousness
Dr. David R. Hawkins developed a map of levels of human consciousness (also called the Scale of Consciousness) that uses a muscle-testing technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK) to document the nonlinear, spiritual realm. (The body does not lie.) The research was scientifically-validated and published in Dr. Hawkins’ doctorate dissertation titled Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibrations of the Level of Human Consciousness.  His book, Power vs. Force: The Anatomy of Consciousness (Veritas Publishing, 1995) explained how world leaders throughout history have "Lead" based on what level they were at on the Map of Consciousness. Lower levels like fear, lead the world into chaos.

Briefly, each level of consciousness (LOC) coincides with determinable human behaviors and perceptions about life. Each level represents a corresponding attractor field of varying strength that exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. There’s a critical point within each LOC from which its field gravitates (or entrains). The numbers on the scale represent logarithmic calibrations (measurable vibratory frequencies on a scale which increases to the tenth power) of the levels of human consciousness and its corresponding level of reality. The numbers themselves are arbitrary; the significance lies in the relationship of one number (or level) to another (e.g., Dr. Hawkins’ scale is from 1 to 1000).
The Great Barrier
Dr. Hawkins points out that the two greatest spiritual growth barriers seem to be at level 200 and 500. Two hundred, the level of courage, represents a profound shift from destructive and harmful behavior to life-promoting and integrous lifestyles; everything below 200 makes one go weak using kinesiology. Currently, approximately 78% of the world’s population is below this significant level. The destructive capacity of this majority drags down all of mankind without the counterbalancing effect of the 22% above 200. Because the scale of consciousness is logarithmic, each incremental point represents a giant leap in power. As such, one person calibrated at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200.

The second great barrier is level 500—Love. Love in this context is a way of being in the world—not an emotionality as most of us perceive it. According to Dr. Hawkins, the reason the level of love is so difficult to achieve is because our ego is so rooted in the physical domain as opposed to the spiritual domain, which emerges at 500. The 400s represent the level of reason, guided by the linear, mechanistic world of form (our modern society that includes advancements in medicine, science, government, etc). Interestingly, the top echelon of intellectual genius, including Einstein, Freud, Newton, Aristotle, etc., all calibrated around 499. The 500s represent a very difficult hurdle as only four percent of the world’s population calibrates in the 500s. This level denotes a shift from the linear, provable domain (classic physics or Newtonian physics) to the nonlinear, formless, spiritual realm.

A person’s LOC remains rather steady through the lifetime. Emotions come and go like the passing wind, but a person’s calibratable LOC is governed by specific energy fields in the nonlinear domain which generally doesn’t waver. Over the course of a lifetime, the average person’s LOC will change approximately five points (this is not a statistical derivation, but an average discovered through Dr. Hawkins’ kinesiologic research). However, it is possible for an individual (such as a spiritual aspirant) to have their LOC jump (or drop) hundreds of points in a single lifetime. -ref: Power Vs. Force, by Dr. David Hawkins, scribed by Scott Jeffery

I was lucky to attend three of Dr. Hawkins lectures. During the one on his book, "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness" he explained that we are as happy as we allow ourselves to be. His Joy for life radiated into his audience. There is something about the beauty of 'truth' that is recognizable. My path is has been set in a large part by Hawkins books, and my own desire to fulfill my human potential. Hawkins stated that once given a glimpse of the state of Enlightenment, nothing on earth will ever quench your thirst again!

The following information is designed as a quick reference tool for Dr. Hawkins’ students who are familiar with the Map of Consciousness. To fully understand this Map of the Scale of Consciousness within the proper context, it’s important to read Dr. Hawkins’ book, Power vs. Force.

Level Log

Enlightenment 700-1000

Peace 600

Joy 540

Love 500

Reason 400

Acceptance 350

Willingness 310

Neutrality 250

Courage 200

Below 200
(Below the critical level of integrity):

Pride 175

Anger 150

Desire 125

Fear 100

Grief 75

Apathy 50

Guilt 30

These levels determine the reason why people behave the way they do.
These levels can be divided into positive energy-giving levels and negative energy-taking levels. The negative levels from the lowest to the highest are: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride. The positive levels are: courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.
He claims that, although there may be times when we function at different levels of consciousness, we in general operate at one particular level. This can be considered our core level. It is here where I would like to explain these different levels and hopefully inspire you to move beyond your current state.

According to Hawkins, this is one step above death. At this level, the primary emotion one feels is humiliation. It’s not surprising that this level, being so close to death, is where most thoughts of suicide are found. Those who suffer from sexual abuse are often found here, and without therapy they tend to remain here.

Not too far from shame is the level of guilt. When one is stuck in this level, feelings of worthlessness and an inability to forgive oneself are common.

The level of hopelessness and despair; this is the common consciousness found among those who are homeless or living in poverty. At this level, one has abdicated themselves to their current situation and feels numb to life around them.

Many of us have felt this at times of tragedy in our lives. However, having this as your primary level of consciousness, you live a life of constant regret and remorse. This is the level where you feel all your opportunities have passed you by. You ultimately feel you are a failure.

People living under dictatorship rule or those involved in an abusive relationship find themselves at this level. There is a sense of paranoia here, where you think everyone is out to get you. Suspicion and defensiveness are common.

Desire is a major motivator for much of our society. Although desire can be an impetus for change, the downside is that it leads to enslavement to ones appetites. This is the level of addiction to such things as sex, money, prestige, or power.

As one moves out of Apathy to Grief and then out of Fear, they begin to want. Desire which is not fulfilled leads to frustration which brings us to Anger. This anger can cause us to move out of this level or keep us here.

According to Hawkins, since the majority of people are below this point, this is the level that most people aspire to. It makes up a good deal of Hollywood. In comparison to Shame and Guilt, one begins to feel positive here. However, it’s a false positive. It’s dependent upon external conditions such as wealth, position or power. It is also the source of racism, nationalism, and religious fanaticism.

This is the level of empowerment. It is the first level where you are not taking life energy from those around you. Courage is where you see that you don’t need to be tossed to and fro by your external conditions. This empowerment leads you to the realization that you are a steward unto yourself, and that you alone are in charge of your own growth and success. This is what makes you inherently human: the realization that there is a gap between stimulus and response and that you have the potential to choose how to respond.

Neutrality is the level of flexibility. To be neutral, you are, for the most part, unattached to outcomes. At this level, you are satisfied with your current life situation and tend not to have a lot of motivation towards self improvement or excellence in your career. You realize the possibilities but don’t make the sacrifices required to reach a higher level.

Those people around you that are perpetual optimists - this is their level of consciousness. Seeing life as one big possibility is the cornerstone of those operating here. No longer are you satisfied with complacency - you strive to do your best at whatever task you’ve undertaken. You begin to develop self-discipline and willpower and learn the importance of sticking to a task till the end.

If Courage is the realization that you are the source of your life’s experiences, then it is here where you become the creator of them. Combined with the skills learned in the Willingness phase, you begin to awaken your potential through action. Here’s where you begin to set and achieve goals and to actively push yourself beyond your previous limitations. Up to this point you’ve been generally reactive to what life throws at you. Here’s where you turn that around, take control, and become proactive.

The level of science, medicine, and a desire for knowledge. Your thirst for knowledge becomes insatiable. You don’t waste time in activities that do not provide educational value. You begin to categorize all of life and its experiences into proofs, postulates, and theories. The failure of this level is you cannot seem to separate the subjective from the objective, and because of that, you tend to miss the point. You fail to see the forest because you’re tunnel-visioned on the trees. Paradoxically, Reason can become a stumbling block for further progressions of consciousness.

Only if, in the level of Reason you start to see yourself as a potential for the greater good of mankind, will you have enough power to enter here. Here is where you start applying what was learned in your reasoning and you let the heart take over rather than the mind - you live by intuition. This is the level of charity - a selfless love that has no desire except for the welfare of those around them. Gandhi and Mother Theresa are examples of people who were living at this level. Only 0.4 percent of the world will ever reach it.

This is the level of saints and advanced spiritual people. As love becomes more unconditional, there follows a constant accompaniment of true happiness. No personal tragedy or world event could ever shake someone living at this level of consciousness. They seem to inspire and lift all those who come in contact with them. Your life is now in complete harmony with the will of Divinity and the fruits of that harmony are expressed in your joy.

Peace is achieved after a life of complete surrender to the Creator. It is where you have transcended all and have entered that place that Hawkins calls illumination. Here, a stillness and silence of mind is achieved, allowing for constant revelation. Only 1 in 10 million (that’s .00001 percent) people will arrive at this level.

This is the highest level of human consciousness where one has become like God. Many see this as Christ, Buddha, or Krishna. These are those who have influenced all of mankind.
Hawkins’ Power vs. Force and his associated map of consciousness has been a groundbreaking work for those interested in human-consciousness development. In this continuum we can clearly see where we as individuals function and where we can arrive. A view into what could be our potential is inspiring.
It’s interesting to note that according to Hawkins, everything that is around us can effect our level of consciousness: the music we listen to, the people with whom we associate, the books we read, the shows that we watch, etc. After reading this book, I began to see myself and those around me in a different light. I guess you could say I felt more compassion for others. We are all at different levels of consciousness and are functioning according to the light and knowledge that we’ve obtained. This has helped me to better understand what drives people and why they make specific choices.

How can you raise your own level of consciousness? I would suggest first to figure out where you presently are - awareness is always the first step. Learn from the Great Ones who are the source of the ‘wisdom literature’ of your tradition and try to live the principles taught in those books. As you raise your own level, you will discover a desire to help others and you’ll be a source of positive change for yourself and the world.

In the 1960s, Dr. John Goodheart developed Applied Kinesiology (AK) into a practical diagnostic technique used mainly by chiropractors and holistic health practitioners. Based on the principle that “your body doesn’t lie,” AK or muscle testing assists these practitioners in uncovering what is going on in the body as well as determining whether or not a specific remedy would be beneficial. By testing the instantaneous response of a particular muscle, AK practitioners are able to more clearly navigate the complexities of the human body: If a tested muscle stayed strong, a substance was good for the body, and if it went weak, it was not.

Psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond further expanded Dr. Goodheart’s work by discovering that different images, paintings, music, games and material affect the body. For example, he found that classical music makes people go strong, while rap music makes everyone go weak. Similarly, synthetic clothing makes you weak and natural fibers make you strong. The implications of Dr. Diamond’s work, called Behavioral Kinesiology (BK), were profound: Everything we interact with either strengthens or weakens our life energy.

Psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins realized the universality of muscle testing response—“what is good for you is good for me.” To test the hypothesis, Dr. Hawkins put a thousand people in a room, each with a sealed envelope. Half the room was given organic vitamin C and the other half a packet of NutraSweet. None of the participants were aware of the content of their envelope. Each person was tested using muscle testing (as described in the next section). The result was that half of the room went weak while the other half stayed strong. The 500 hundred people who went weak were holding the envelope with NutraSweet and the 500 hundred who stayed strong had the organic vitamin C—Dr. Hawkins had uncovered physiologic testings usefulness as the ultimate truth detector.
By following a simple procedure and making a clearly defined statement, one’s muscles either stay strong or go weak. Statements can be asked about anyone or anything from past to present. You can calibrate the level of truth of a politician, a Fortune 500 CEO or your next-door neighbor. Want to determine the validity of a new scientific theory? Test it. You don’t need to know anything about the topic in order to test a statement. The answer you receive from the kinesiologic response transcends your own knowledge and beliefs; you are accessing the infinite intelligence of the collective field (or Collective Unconscious) that binds us together. Interestingly, physiologic testing calibrates at 600—the level of non-duality which means the technique itself transcends a complete intellectual (i.e. linear) understanding of the phenomenon. When one muscle-testing in the above fashion, one is accessing the timeless, spaceless, database of consciousness itself. -Scott Jeffery
Kelly, Juls, and Stephanie outside of Chartres Cathedral, France
Thank you
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Friday, 6 November 2015

Sharing some interesting videos

I like to share 2 interesting video with everyone, Power vs Force, and Paxton Robey -Dowsers Conference. The first video is an interview with David R Hawkins the man who formulated the level of consciousness chart. I hope you enjoy them.
Thank you

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sharing Grigori Grabovoi Knowledge

Mount Fuji, Japan

Sharing Grigori Grabovoi knowledge

God controls reality through thought.
God’s thought is already an accomplished act.
In order for man to move forward, to evolve man must follow in God’s steps and attain such a level of control of reality, when thoughts become, develop into events very quickly, that is, when all problems are solved within the shortest time possible.
The Creator operates through love.
An act of the Creator is an impetus of love, it is creative Light, which enables all that lives to be re-created anew every next instant.
The Creator loves everybody equally, because He sees each and all the way He has designed them to be – perfect.
To have learned to love everybody as God does means to accept people the way they are without disapproving of them, desire to help them by seeing divine Light within each person, by understanding that every person has a potential for change, for growth.
Man’s primary task is during his lifetime to develop and evince the potential the Creator has endowed him with.
God created man for Eternal happy, joyful, healthy life.
The idea that life, as seen by many people, is suffering is people’s misconception due to their lack of accurate knowledge.
Grigori Grabovoi says that people’s belief that
their presence in the physical body is temporal, and their true life after they leave the physical plane takes its course on some spiritual plane–is incorrect, is not consistent with reality.
It is a fallacy due to which many people fail to realize that a true life is a life in an eternal healthy physical body.
The Earth, plants, animals have been created by God and given to man under his responsibility to care for them and evolve them towards eternity.

Question: What determines the speed of obtaining the result when using technologies of Grigori Grabovoi to control events.
Answer: «One has to realize that when we concentrate we affect the informational level and in information certain changes take effect right away.
Physical reality is denser matter and in order for the health norm of a specific region of the body to be manifested a strong and high concentration of normalized information is necessary.
- Each event is formed, is assembled anew. And the assemblage rate is 10-17 ten raised to the minus seventeenth power of a second.
Physical matter does not flow from one moment into another, but is assembled anew.
Therefore, when a person is ready to accept this law, when he has fully acknowledged its validity, there is a chance of an instantaneous recovery. People will perceive it as materialization.
One of the obstacles is fear, thus it is necessary using numerical series, to work on transforming the fear.
We may work for others to help them eliminate their fear. 489 712 819 48
We might as well say that fear somewhat hampers light concentration to reach necessary intensity.
That is, if we do not purposely work on eliminating fears it may take a little longer to attain the result.
The numerical series are the norm of information for every specific case.
When we concentrate on health norm by means of a specific numerical series densification of information of norm in consciousness takes place.
As soon as the light intensity of the norm becomes sufficient to attain the result the matter of the physical body will become disease-free.»

Everything happens for a reason, if you meet up with problems, remember there is always a solution, it is just looking you in the face, open your mind to all possibilities, there is no need for you to ask someone how to solve your problems, you are the best person to do so. You may ask others for suggestions, but not to solve the problem for you. The problems are there for you to learn something about yourself. 
Most solution to problems lie in the problems, one way to tackle your problem is first to remove fear from yourself, then raise your confidence level. I remember I wrote one posting about this, here is a classic example of fear and low confidence. At one point in my life, I could not secure a contract, whatever dowsing I did to improve the situation could not bring me any positive results. I was desperate, so I wrote to my friend and mentor to ask him to dowse for me with regards to my problem. His results showed that I had fear and my confidence level was on the negative side. He corrected both issues, and I secured a contract within a week.
After this incident, whenever I dowse, I ask that my confidence level be raise to the highest level for my best good. Dowsing is a very interesting, as you dowse and change energy regularly, it seems that some issues drop off and seldom comes back to bother you again. As all things including thoughts are made of energy, issues you had are energies too, and energy have an intelligence, when these energies know that they can't affect you anymore they don't come back to bother you again. Of course this is only my own personal observation, it can be other reasons too.
I remember Raymon's once said, 'I need very little work on myself.' I am guessing this is what he was talking about.
Happy Dowsing
“The path to transcendence is unrecognized by many because it appears ordinary.” —Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life
On the surface someone who has transcended the drama of life, appears to be living day to day as anyone does. What few see, yet many feel in their presence, is the incredible balance and simple “rightness” that is there for the sharing. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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