Wednesday, 30 March 2016

An Old newsletter

VIBRANT – be a strong presence

Hi Everyone,
Been going through the newsletter archives at Raymon's Grace website and I found one that got my attention. I like to share it with everyone, just click on the link below -

Lots of interesting information in one newsletter, and a tribute written for Bill Askin, some of you who have read 'The future is Yours' will have remembered who Bill was.
Thank you


Brainwash programs and Harmful Subliminal Messages

Defusing Word:
Hu (pronounced "hue" or "who") is for defusing and releasing anxiety, stress, insomnia, and apartness. Hu helps defuse and release inner tensions and solve problems, bringing one to a calm, strong, centered space, and connecting one with Source. Hu literally takes one to a place of knowing that all is well.
Hu is the power of the spoken word, the power of creation. Hu is said to be in the first and the last breaths, and is interwoven into all languages, all sounds. Hu connects us to Oneness with the Universe, opening us to love, freedom, wisdom, and truth. Hu is the part of Human that connects us to the divinity within us. Hu helps one to connect to spiritual upliftment. Hu brings a feeling of peace, warmth, and comfort, and gives greater spiritual insights into one's daily life, bringing a broader understanding of the life one leads.
Hu can help you see your life from a higher viewpoint. Hu helps you to feel the world with love, and fill the world with love.

SKY – open closed viewpoints; let go of limitations 

Brainwash programs and Harmful Subliminal Messages

In the last posting, we learn that dowsing can be use to check the energy level of a place before and after a disaster, we can also use dowsing to check if there is danger to place or person going for trips oversea, and places that you intent to visit. You simply ask what is the danger level for a place, and if it shows 0 on the dowsing chart, it is safe to go. Any other readings means that you need to explore further before making a decision to take the trip or not to.

The reason for checking danger level for popular holiday destinations is because they have become targets for terrorism. We should be vigilant about this and not take things lightly, one way to find out if there is any 'unhealthy' or illegal activities related to terrorism, is to look for brainwash programs and harmful subliminal messages. Simply just ask if there are such programs and messages being broadcast in your area and if there is, then ask to neutralize them.

If there is a high degree of fear present, people tend to develop bad archetypes of fear, so if you detect this in members of your family or with your colleagues, you should do a check by first taking an energy reading, then scramble and transform fear into love, and remove all bad archetypes present, do this for a few days and observe the reactions of the people around you and keep track of the energy level over these few days. If the energy level keeps going low after adjustments and the fear keep coming back then there must be something bad going on at your area. You need to probe further to find out why, and by asking more questions.

It is important this year to pay attention to the energy level regularly, as I can feel, the energy is moving in an uncomfortable manner, for me at least, don't just take my words, you can check it with your dowsing or learn to muscle test ( a simple skill that anyone can learn easily, google for instructions ) to find out for yourself. There is much more information on my blog related to energy works for anyone who wants to know more.

Thank you for reading.


Monday, 28 March 2016

An Urgent Sharing on Energy

BOO – feel ready; be alert and in advance/advantage; turn awkwardness into light fun; all is well

In case you have not notice, there are many bombings happening around the world recently, I am not an expert on terrorism so I am in no position to comment on these happenings. I just want to inform all dowsers that you have the ability to find out if there is danger lurking around the corner, by using your dowsing.

I receive information from Divine source that there will be many disasters this year, tsunamis, earthquakes and many other happenings. I am not in the position to tell you that this information is true or not, but as dowsers we can always check the energy of a place and our own energy everyday.

The energy level of a place and your own energy level are strong indicators to help you identify places of low energy or non beneficial energies that are affecting you ,your place, or places of visit.

In an interview, Raymon mentioned that the energy of a place dips very down low and along with this, the level of fear goes up to 100% whenever something bad is about to happen at that place. This 2 readings will give a strong indication that something is about to happen. I present the readings below to illustrate what I mean.

Belgium Airport - Energy level    48 hrs before bomb goes off - minus 100/ Fear level 70%
                                                       24 hrs before bomb goes off - minus 70/ Fear level 85%
                                                         1  hr   before bomb goes off - minus  40/ Fear Level 100%

I hope the readings will give you some ideas on how to check if there is something bad about to happen in any area around you or place you are going to visit. Notice that the energy level goes from bad towards good as the event draws closer. This means that there is always time to neutralize the energy, but you need to check the energy level every day to know that it is low or negative.

In his book 'The Future is Yours' he mentioned that when he felt that his friend was about to have an accident, he scrambled the energy of the accident and changed it to beneficial energy. So if you check yourself and find that you have negative probable future today, you can change it.

As dowsers, we are checking different kinds of energy, sometimes when energy is too high, it can be bad too, an example of this- high intensity energy, this is a form of high energy that have an adverse effect on your cells (a minus 30% effect on your cells including your brain cells, which may explain why there are many more cases of mental illness reported recently), so it needs to be neutralize whenever it happens. (frequency of high intensity energy varies- from a few times a month to everyday of the month)

The energy of the Earth is also changing rapidly and our bodies are unable to keep up with these changes, you can use your dowsing to bring yourself into balance with Earth energy. This now needs to be done daily, since the beginning of this year I have found that we are out of balance with Earth's and Universal energy on a daily basis. This gives an indication that the Earth's and Universal energy are changing at a more rapid rate than last year. This has a minus 50% effect on us, so it is vital to make adjustments regularly.

There are also many other areas of concern, but I will not be addressing them as I need to understand more before I am able to.

Thank you for reading


Happy Science -Prosperity Thinking by Master Ryuho Okawa

Money itself is neutral, so what matters is what objective you have in mind when using it. Obviously, we should avoid letting it fall into the hands of bad people and make sure it gets used by good people. I hope that companies trying to make the world a better place will prosper as much as possible. I do not teach, "If you make money, you will go to Hell." Be careful about this kind of ideology.
If you reject wealth in your subconscious, you are unlikey to become successful as an entrepreneur. You cannot get something if you reject it. If you reject wealth and think that accumulating it amounts to exploitation, that's where you have a problem.
What is even more important is how the top leaders of countries think. If they embrace the kind of ideology that sees wealth as something negative and deficits as something good, that is dangerous. If a country's top leader does away with the idea of prosperity thinking, all the people of that country will end up getting possessed by spirits of poverty.
You should love the god of prosperity, not the spirits of poverty. Please think in the following way. Prosperity is good for the world. The more prosperous you are the more people you can help and the more you can contribute to world's progress. It is no good for more and more people to fall in love with the idea of poverty. A society in which rich people are slammed by the jealousy of many others is no good.
If you keep nurturing the idea that the pie is never going to get bigger and that all you can do is to fight over the pieces, this will be a world governed by the law of the jungle. Instead, you have to think about creating wealth. You have to think of ways that would bring prosperity to the masses.
Master Ryuho Okawa
'Prosperity Thinking'

Shared from Happy Science

Sunday, 27 March 2016

10 tips for Couples from The Energies of Love by Donna Eden and David Feinstein

Donna Eden David FeinsteinBy Donna Eden and Dr. David Feinstein
Donna Eden and Dr. David Feinstein recently gave some valuable relationship advice around what they call The Energies of Love, also the title of their co-authored book.

Check out these 10 tips for couples from The Energies of Love:

1. Hug often. Hugs get your positive energies to intermingle and meld. Relaxing even into a six-second full-body embrace increases serotonin levels, leaving you feeling closer and, if you were having a disagreement, less irritable. Even couples in strong relationships tend to touch less over time. Initiate hugs even if your partner doesn’t, particularly at times of parting or reuniting.
2. Give your partner a “spinal flush.” Reflex points that impact every one of your body’s major energy pathways are situated along the spine. Have your partner lie face down and massage the points along both sides of the spine (but not directly on the spine), using your thumbs or middle fingers and using your body weight so strong pressure is being applied. While most people can tolerate and will enjoy considerable pressure on these points, check to be sure you are not using more than your partner wishes. Progressing from the bottom of the neck all the way down to the bottom of the sacrum, go down the notches along the vertebrae and deeply massage each point. Stay on each for at least 5 seconds, moving the skin too and fro or in a circular motion with strong pressure. You can stop when you reach the sacrum or repeat the downward flush once or twice more. When completed, sweep the energies down your partners body with either one long swipe or several brush strokes. Use the palms of your hands to sweep the energy from the shoulders all the way down the legs and off the feet. Repeat the sweep two or three times.
3. Support the production of oxytocin. Energy techniques can influence your hormone levels! We know that sex produces oxytocin, but so can this simple one-minute technique. It begins by breathing in slowly and deeply as you draw your hands up from your pubic bone until you get to the center of your chest. Before you exhale, move your hands up and out toward your sides as if you were tracing a heart above and around your breasts. Slowly exhale as you bring your hands back toward your pubic bone, completing the tracing of a large heart over your torso. Repeat a few times. Finish by drawing your hands up the center of your chest and holding them over your heart for two breaths. You are stimulating your “radiant circuits” and triggering the production of oxytocin.
4. Stretch! When you begin to feel stale or tense, stretch so the energies within you can move more freely. Stand and imagine an invisible rope hanging down from over your head. Reach up toward it and pull it down with one hand, then the other, alternating hands for at least a minute. Feel the stretch in your arms and all the way down the sides of your body.
5. Hook-up! If you are feeling disconnected from yourself or your partner, get the energies flowing between your own head and your body by doing the “hook-up.” Place the middle finger of one hand on your third eye (between your eyebrows above the bridge of your nose) and the middle finger of your other hand in your navel. Gently press both fingers inward, pull them upward, and hold there for at least three deep full breaths.
6. Scan for what you appreciate about your partner and state it. Often! Simply staying alert for what you like about your partner and gratefully acknowledging even the simplest qualities stimulates the biochemistry of love and raises the energies between you.
7. Use a gentle opening for tough topics. The way you bring up a delicate topic will have an immediate impact on your partner’s biochemistry and thus the energy that is activated in each of you and between you. Tracking the amount of accusation, blame, criticism, and negative voice tone and facial expressions in the early phase of a conversation has allowed psychologists to predict the outcome of a conversation with 96 percent accuracy! Be aware of your partner’s sensitivities and find a kind and gentle opening for introducing a tough issue.
8. Keep your energies moving in a criss-cross pattern. When you are under stress, your energies tend to lose the natural cross-over configuration that supports your best thinking. A simple way to get the energies to cross over from the right side of your body to the left and from the left to the right is called the Crossover Shoulder Pull. Place either hand on its opposite shoulder and press in hard behind the shoulder with your fingers. Drag your hand over your shoulder, maintaining the pressure. Continue, with less pressure now, to your opposite hip. Repeat two or three times. Shift to the other side.
9. Balance your energies rather than battling your partner. If tension begins to rise between you and either of you calls for a cease fire, you both should — by ironclad pre-agreement — STOP the argument, mid-sentence if necessary. Then, immediately, set about shifting the energies within yourself. A simple technique to begin to do this is to place both hands over the center of your chest, close our eyes, and take three deep breaths. When you are both a bit more centered, do a shared energy exercise, such as the spinal flush, before returning to the discussion. You will come back with energetic bridges repaired.
10. Get curious about your partner’s Stress Response Style. Rather than judging your partner or going into your own defense mode, give your partner the benefit of the doubt. That alone shifts the energies. Get curious about how the behaviors and feelings you are witnessing make sense. This opens a soft space within you so judgment is replaced with compassion and understanding.
Donna Eden is a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine who has served in both traditional and alternative health care settings. She is recognized for her innate ability to accurately determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of the body’s energies, and to devise highly effective treatments.
David Feinstein, Ph. D., is a clinical psychologist who has served on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Antioch College. Author of eight books and more than 80 professional articles, he has been a pioneer in the areas of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine.
Together, Feinstein and Eden have co-authored The Energies of Love, Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine for Women, and The Promise of Energy Psychology.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Master Protection for Trees and Plants by Lloyd Mear

This is a rather long post but it's worth the read because this is such a cool new number. Lloyd said Phyllis and he spent two days testing this number on various plants and trees in their yard. It's a number that builds the immune system in all plants. It's also a number designed to protect them.

Lloyd says that all plants have this number to some extent. A healthier plant will have a very high presence of this number while a plant or tree that is dying may have only one number.

To give this number to a plant or tree a person must become what we call a 108 frequency, or a conduit which lets you bring in the energy from a higher source, and then to transfer it to a person, animal, plant or water. That frequency is
71689657787. Say this number 7 times, once. In about 6 to 7 days say this number again. This frequency should now stay in your body forever. If unsure that the frequency is still with you, go ahead and read it again 7 times.

To send this new Master Protection number to plants and trees raise your right hand with your palm to the object and say "For this plant, (or for all plants and trees in this area) accept this energy of
8273748486838689 ." Repeat this 7 times, and continue to do so each day preferably for a week. You may also place your right hand on the tree or plant and say the energy phrase.

After about 5 five minutes of giving the number, dowse or muscle test the presence of this number in the plant or tree. You should get a higher reading.

Thank you and Be Well,

For those unfamiliar with what all the above is about you can watch the video below to have an understanding of  Lloyd Mear's method of healing numbers.


Lloyd Mear video on Healing numbers

Live Session with Lloyd Mear demonstrating his methods

Monday, 21 March 2016

Sharing a TV program I liked.

Long Island Medium

I am a fan of the above program, Theresa is such a character, and the show is so full of her energy that the show is her. She is a medium that talks to spirits, and through her, spirits are able to communicate with their loved ones, conveying messages that they want their loved ones to know.

There are some spirits who left the physical world in a dramatic and tragic way, through Theresa they let their loved ones know that they are alright now. Some even let their loved ones know that they did not suffer when they transit into the spiritual world.

Watching this program, lets you know that it is not such a bad thing to die, it just moving from the physical to the spiritual and it is part of the soul plan that everyone has chosen to go through with. There is no need to feel sad, or bad about loved one that have departed from us, be assured that they are fine and well taken care of on the other side.

Someone ask me what we, as dowsers can do for tragedy that has happened, we can always pray and send love and light. We are not responsible for the incident, and we should not get involved just because we saw it on the news or heard it from somewhere. Dowsing is a powerful tool, and we have to be responsible with what we intent to change with our dowsing. Always check with your dowsing system to get the green light before attempting to change an event by changing the energy. You may be way over your head if you dowse recklessly.

You can always install a program into your dowsing system that anything that you dowse for, that is non beneficial to you or/and others will cause the pendulum or dowsing instrument to go haywire or will not move in a manner that it normally would.

We are not warriors of the light, we are light workers, we are not out to do battle with everything that is not right now, we are just sending more love and light to the world. Let the energy do the work, just be Love, and that's it.

There are many things going on in our world that are unpleasant, many people are suffering because they allowed it to happen, there are just so many tools that one can use for free that can improve one's present condition but yet so many are not aware of them.

Would you educate your neighbors today if you saw them suffering? Have you done your service for the people in your neighborhood today? If you haven't then why are you bothered about a plane crash in some other country? Do what you can do on a practical level, help someone in the neighborhood today. Little things add up, and soon the world will change for the better because your every little acts of kindness matters.

Thank you

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sharing Some My Recent Experiences

I like to share a few things that happen for me recently, the first one was the renewal of my yearly certification, I submitted the applications, with my payment and sent it to the relevant authority. Not long after I receive a call from someone from the authority wanting me to submit further proofs of the courses I have attended, so I comply and sent them the required documents.

After some time again I receive a call telling me that they did not receive the documents and I needed to do so again. I again said ok, (this was unusual for me, as I would have lost my temper by now) and was thinking to myself, there must be something wrong with the energy, so I dowse that all will be well and that I need not do anything else.

On the same day, someone else from the authority called me and ask me if I had sent them some documents and I said I did, so he asked me if I have received my yearly certification, I inform him that I have not. He told me that he will sent them to me and that I need not do anything else. As I have dowsed, it came true for me, yesterday my wife called me and told me that the certification have arrived in the mail.

The second matter was about my taxes, I receive a letter from IRA that I did not submit my taxes for the year 2014, and that I had to sent them my IR8A form by 17 Feb or I will be tax according to their estimation. I dowse and neutralize the negative effects of the IRA and the tax officers upon me, and ignore the letter. A month later I receive a letter from IRA that due to tax relief, I need not pay any tax.

Recently many such incidence have been happening for me, and I have always done the same thing, dowse to change the energy.

If you want ornamental fishes, you need to specify it to the divine, or you will have fishes that you eat for dinner presented to you.

Getting good results with dowsing is sometimes easier if you are more direct about it, Someone ask me how to have the car park lot in front of the house and to stop neighbors from parking there. Install energy that will repel the neighbors from that lot, install energy in the neighbors cars to attract nasty insects or critters whenever they park at your lot. I am sure the neighbors will understand that they have to park their cars somewhere else. There is no need to dowse the neighbors at all, as most people would think to do so.

I would like to share that the energy is a bit rough recently, many changes that affect all, so please remember to balance daily.

Thank you


Monday, 14 March 2016

Raising the Energy Level and Life Force for Healing

DUCK – dispel hypersensitivity 

One of the first thing I do everyday is to raise the energy for myself and my family and home to the highest most appropriate level for our best good. This is a good thing to do, as having a high energy level will generally dispel sickness, disease, bad luck, poverty and life generally going down the drain.

It is important to have your energy level slightly higher than your surrounding area, this will be helpful when you happen to walk in a low energy place, your energy level will maintain higher to protect you.

It is also suggested that you raise the energy and life force of yourself and your home each day, because it may take continual work before the energy reaches a high enough level to maintain itself without help.

You should measure your energy level at least 2-3 times a day, this will give you an indication about your own energy management, let me further explain about what am I talking about. Lets say, your first reading is 100 (assuming best value), then you leave for work, at 1 pm you take another reading, you got a 60, then at 6 pm you got home and your reading is 50, this will indicate to you that you were at a place of low energy and it drain you of your energy. As the place happen to be your workplace and you need to be there everyday, so it means that you have to dowse the place and the people there. Although travelling from home to your work may also cause you to lose some energy however it will not be a very significant drop in your energy level reading.

By taking energy readings before and after you visit a place you can pick up on which places you should be avoiding or be visiting less. So if every Saturday night, you and your friends go out drinking and you find that this regularly drains you of energy,then maybe it is time for you to change your life style. Many times, people are just unaware that what they do regularly for fun is actually bad for them. This is a kind of mass consciousness that adversely affect them, so please check and see if this is true for you. Long periods of energy drain, will cause your life force energy to drop, and this will adversely affect your life in so many ways,therefore it is very important to make a change for the better now.
Thank you

71427321893... Immediate flow of money! 
Write exactly how much money you want... If you need 100000
Write in purple colour on your hand
519 71 48 every thing is possible

Sunday, 13 March 2016

An Early Announcement

Last Saturday, I was with a few friends at the new shop, we were discussing about the renovations and of course talked about the energy of the shop. This will be our new center for Feng Shui and Energy Works, so we were discussing about different ideas and concepts. There will be a classroom available when it opens to teach dowsing and energy works, so it will be great. We will have a place to meet up for workshops, discussions and consultations.

I have been thinking of having such a place for a long time now and it is going to happen soon, at this place we will be offering many activities and services  ranging from Feng Shui consultations, crystals, yoga and classes based on I-ching(such as choosing Auspicious Dates and times for events like weddings, birth of child, names of child and many other offerings.)

I will be announcing the shop location and opening dates later, I hope to have your support my dear readers and friends, and a Big Thank you to All for supporting my blog over the years.


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Something to try (Updates)

Here is something to try,Print out the above card then place on a table, cross your left hand over your right hand and place them on the above Vibrational Balancing Images  Replicate and Transmit card, where it is indicated right hand and left hand. You should feel your energy from your right hand going to your left hand in about 1-2 minutes time. 

The benefits of doing this are as follows- 
energy crossover pattern achieved (the body loves crossover of energy)
Balance the left/right hemispheres of the brain.(may actually improve children's learning abilities)
Align and balance any misalignment of energy in the body.

If you put water on the side marked as Target, and use your right hand on the side marked Source you will energize the water with your own energy, the water will become the most suitable water for your body. In the same way if you energize medication, the medication will become suitable for you without the side effects. (effectively neutralize the side effects for you) And you can also energize food and other things in the same way too.

Please try this out and let me have your feedback. Thank you.


Please note that the above card was created by others, I am just sharing more ways to use them. 

Update- Feedback - Someone used the above card to charge water, which resulted in the water tasting sweet and then taste bitter. I was curious to know why, so I did some checking and found that this person needed the bitter energy. It was confirmed that the water's bitter taste was similar to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)medication that this person was prescribed with. This shows that the cards is transferring the energy that is needed into the water, demonstrating that you are the source energy, for all your needs.
Try your own experiments and see how this card can work for you, and kindly share your feedback with all of us.
Thank you.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Sharing A Recent Experience

Energy is affecting us because we are made of energy, our body resonate with other vibrations, so if you hang around places with negative vibration, your own body would be attune to the same frequency. This is the reason why you should always be aware of your surrounding area, and when you raise energy do so for your surrounding area too.

We moved office recently, and the first day at the new place was most unpleasant, the air-conditioner was not working properly and the energy was just out. Even my colleague who is not trained in any energy modalities commented to me 'after being in this new office for the whole day, do you feel that the energy is terrible, it is so stuffy in here.' Of course I am aware of the energy, I had dowse to raise the energy, but the energy drop back down again, so I checked and raise it again, but the energy did not stabilize, finally I was told that I need to energize the place continuously over 5 days to have it stabilized.

Yesterday, on the second day in the new office, I had an idea, I printed out some Flower of Life symbols and pasted them on the walls of my office, and I raise the energy of the office withe the Flower of Life energy. (Just say - 'please energize and raise the energy of this place with the Flower of Life energy to the highest most appropriate level that is of the best good. Thank you) This morning I checked the energy of the office and it was holding, so it has stabilized.

The next time if you are working to raise energy remember to ask if you need to do so more than one time, if you have to, then ask if you could install the energy of the Flower of Life energy and stabilize the energy at the appropriate level just once.

Just sharing this experience with all of you.

Thank you


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mental Work

KEY – get authoritative access; gain acceptance 

Just to explain a bit about this- It is like a dowsing chart, but you only have 3 answers, the mental speaker can be use to pick up your thoughts, say I want ask about my relationship with John, I need not write John's name on the space for witness, I just need to think of John, or say his name, and start to ask the question, 'Is my association with John beneficial?'  I may get a Good, Bad, or Neutral, then I ask another question and the pendulum will give the answer straight away, because the mental speakers are picking up your thoughts. As long as you feel connected, the chart will keep giving you answers faster than you can ask them.

You can try out the idea of mental broadcast, mental microphone, anything you can imagine, do experiments with your friends or loved ones. Ask your friends to participate in mental broadcast, by telling them that you will broadcast a word to them at a certain time, ask them if they could pick up the word broadcast to them.

We are going to use more of our mental powers this year, so have fun with your imagination and be like a child, TRUST-PLAY.

Image result for energy broadcast symbol

Image result for energy broadcast symbol

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sharing a Useful Energy Circle for March 2016

Toxic Emotions RELEASE
The EC Given below is to be used as a water charging , under pillow EC. No need to write name or place picture on it.
It has some excellent Defusing Words that help you overcome harshness from verbal attacks, distasteful speech and false allegations.
You may ask, we are allowed only 3 per EC....this one is used for all the goodness of the DW and not exactly to broadcast.
Use it by all means and avoid any confusion. It is SIMPLE. You may also print laminate and leave it some place visible.
Ladies KEEP it handy!
Holy Basil is for defusing stress and fatigue. Holy Basil helps restore and balance the immune system. Holy Basil helps improve stamina, giving you a “second wind.” Holy Basil helps flush away toxic energies. Holy Basil can be useful in removing toxic energies from relationships.
Hubristic is for defusing and releasing repeated negative patterns. Hubristic helps stop the loop of relearning the same lesson, the ego not willing to change, accept, say sorry or get rewired.
Use Flypaper for defusing relationship issues. When negative energy enters love, family or any other personal relationship, call Flypaper to defuse it and allow it to dissipate. Call Flypaper to release it from the relationship. Flypaper holds onto things, and does not release them. Flypaper helps to take the negatives away from you.
Pillar of the Peace of I is about getting away from and defusing negative energy and finding balance and peace; reconnecting with Divinity. Whenever you feel out of sorts, unbalanced, irritated, call the Pillar of the Peace of I to bring Divine Light to you.
Use Dewdrop for defusing negative emotions. Use Dewdrop to quell fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc. This can be used anywhere, anytime. Just focus on what you want to defuse and say Dewdrop.
Healing Fern is for defusing and releasing festering worries, frustrations, anger and anxiety, causing ulcers and irritations in our bodies and our lives.
Light Switch is about defusing negatives and turning on the positive. Consider the Light Switch as an illuminator. Use Light Switch with the desired state you wish to attain.
Feeling anger and resentment, need for revenge? Defuse those feelings with forgiveness. To achieve forgiveness, and defuse the anger, resentment and/or need for revenge say: Light Switch Forgiveness
This puts illumination on forgiveness, which in turn helps defuse anger, resentment and the need for revenge. It is important when using Light Switch that you focus on what you want, not what you do not want. Never use Light Switch with what you do not want. Always find a positive focus that will help defuse what you do not want and use Light Switch with that.
Raspberry is for defusing unforgiveness, taking things personally and overreacting. Raspberry is for defusing insensitivity, lashing out, lack of understanding and bitterness. Raspberry opens one up to forgiveness, benevolence, and generosity. Raspberry helps one to let go of old wounds and take responsibility for one's actions.
Strawberry is about dissolving and defusing love pain. A Strawberry is shaped very similar to a heart. Strawberry is a healer of the heart, helping to make it whole again.
Blue Bonnet is about defusing illness and healing with grace and ease. Blue Bonnet is about removing difficulties and awkwardness felt during times of struggle, returning one effortlessly to wellness.
Green Maple Leaf is for defusing deep depression, feeling unloved, unappreciated, uncared for, and feelings of wanting to give up on life. Green Maple Leaf helps give a sense of fulfillment, love and appreciation.
Curry is about defusing pain and inflammation. Curry is about reconnecting with joyful memories to help defuse and remove painful, invading thoughts and feelings. Curry is about letting go of inflammatory thoughts about ourselves and others. Curry is about allowing joyful movement through the life experience.
Ginger is for defusing chronic inflammatory thoughts and irritations. Ginger helps defuse and release resentment and old pains associated with the death of old dreams. Ginger helps one to move into a space of calming acceptance.
Harmony is for defusing discord, cacophony, and conflict. In Harmony there is comfort and calming. Harmony helps us to accept contrasting elements, and recognize the beauty in contrast. Harmony helps us let go of discord and conflict, and allow people and life to simply flow.

Please printout the above EC for your own use, it is especially useful this month, if you feel that you resonate with this information please use it. Thank you.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Break the Chain

Hubristic is for defusing and releasing repeated negative patterns. Hubristic helps stop the loop of relearning the same lesson, the ego not willing to change, accept, say sorry or get rewired.

Defined by Dr Bina Bakshi.

Using your dowsing, you can also check for programs to re-experience issues within yourself that is affecting you, if there are such mental programs, just ask to remove them. This will be effective but you may have to check for this issue again after some time, as they do return. 

Look at your life now, are you happy? Do you see problems or do you see solutions? Watch the words that you speak, see if your words are nurturing or hurting? A Great change is coming I can feel it strongly, it is important that we have to be centered in ourselves.

We are going to experience lots of changes, and this changes will affect how we will be living in the near future. I wonder how many people experience difficulty with their mental and emotional functions recently. There are times when the energy really affected our brains, and thinking became difficult for me, I felt it was like pieces of thoughts missing from my thought patterns. Emotions are also another issue, I believe that many people may have felt this as sudden outburst of emotions. 

If anyone experience what I have describe above, please write me your feedback or experiences you had over the last few weeks. Thank you.


(Develop deeper comprehension, grasp on multiple levels, rise to the challenge, bring immediate shift, refresh, revitalize, generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, and excel in creative expression.)

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A Letter to a Friend

ARROW – stay on target; take a straight path

A Letter to My Friend

We are all the same, you are as connected to the DIVINE as I am, there is no need for a WISH machine, just your prayers will do. The people who put such information on the internet, do so for commercial gains,for some they directly sell you their wares and for others they camouflage their products behind some superstitions or spiritual covers to snarl their victims. All products promise you some kind of miraculous gains or salvation, for a price you can have whatever you want or wish for.

Why are we attracted to such products offer, do we need more money, a bigger car, more successes in business?  How about the air you breathe, do you pay for it? Who made it? Do we feel GRATEFUL for it? I share the information that I share not because I want to make some money, I do so because I hope that the information will benefit others and in turn will make the world a better place to live in.

We engage because that is what living is all about, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, it is all just action and interaction of energy, CHANGE what you don't want for what you want, be the ALCHEMIST of your own life.

All the tools that I shared here can and will work for you, all is needed is a little MAGIC from you.


Are you ready to see TomorrowLand ?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Wishing Machine

Numerical order 1489999,
REPRESENTING eternal youth and eternal life.

If you are constantly focused on the numeric string 1489999 , will always remain healthy.
All systems in your body will be brought to the Norms. The functions of all glands of internal secretion and all organs of the endocrine system and all the hormones will begin to work harmoniously, which will contribute to the physical body will be rid of aging.

Let me tell you the most efficient, and us here a very easy and simple technology to start each day.

Every morning visualize and activate yourself 1489999.
By concentrating on this and
place it in your pituitary gland in the head. It will do the re-establishment of health and rejuvenation in every cell of your body.

Every control should be carried out through love, because then your functioning participate
Creator TOGETHER with you. BE BLESSED 

The Wishing Machine

Watch the above video to learn about the Wishing Machine, you do not need the wish box, you can use the dowsing chart to dial in the rate then put it in an Energy Circle to radiate the frequency to get your wish to come true. I made a EC(fictitious)  as an example for everyone interested to try this.
The machine has 9 knobs, which would give 9 numbers, similarly ask the dowsing chart to give you the rate you need for your wish, then proceed to ask for one number at a time until you have 9 numbers,this will be the rate you need, the energy circle will work as your wish plate. Let me know if it works for you, I definitely appreciate any feedback. Thank you