Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Solar Eclipses in September 2016


01 Sep 2016:

The second of the three eclipses kits off the energies of September right at the beginning of the month. This eclipse is the most powerful of the three. It will require us to make major life decisions that are tied to our authentic selves. Will we be true to our joyful loving nature or will we decide to stay in the old heavy energies of societal "shoulds?" There may be such a schism between the old and the new worlds that we must make a choice between the two. We may feel that we have dimensional dementia as we go through this passageway into the 5th dimension. It may be confusing for us until we adjust to the new energies.

Fear issues are dissolved

16 Sep 2016:

The last of the three eclipses occurs on September 16. This eclipse shows us that the old ways are crumbling and the things we've come to lean on aren't there anymore. What is no longer in resonance with this new world must be left behind. We are packing our bags and there is only so much room for our stuff. This is a time of sorting and letting go. Much of the stuff we will be sorting through is our relationships. Ouch. But we can't drag what or who has been dragging us down into the lighter vibration. When we completely detach from the past, we make room to create our new lives. Step by step, we slowly and carefully work to create our new life in a new time and in a new way.

Rock Rose is a Bach Flower Remedy.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Anger of the enlightened is a Blessing

Once upon a time, there was a master who was traveling in a central Indian province. He had his disciple following him a few yards behind.
They came across some boys who were being rude and abusive. These boys began to throw stones and tease the disciple, calling him names. This went on for some time as the boys followed the master and the disciple. They came to a river. The master and the disciple got into a boat in order to cross over.
The boys got into another boat and continued to bully. As they reached the middle of the river the boat began to capsize. The master slapped the disciple across the face. The disciple was taken aback by this gesture of his Master.  He had not said a word to the boys in response to their taunts. He thought he had been a good disciple and yet the master had slapped him!
The master said, “It is your fault. You are responsible for their boat sinking. You did not respond to their abuse, which would have taken their karma away. Nature has now punished them in a worse way because you did not have enough compassion to quell their insults.”
With that slap the master took away the karma of this event so that it would not be carried into the boys’ future. It also served to take away any little bit of joy the disciple may have felt at seeing the boys’ boat sink. Thus, it also took away the karma of the event for the disciple. So the anger of the enlightened is a blessing.
Thank you

Emotional Coherence

If you are established in non-violence, in your very pressence, violence will be dropped by other creatures.
Someone comes to attack you and as soon as they come near you, because your vibration is totally non-violent, they drop down. They stop being violent.

I was watching a program on TV this week, and come across the term emotional coherence, I thought to myself, is there a level of emotional coherence, so I asked. The answer was a yes, so I asked what would be a average level, and I got 50% then I checked my own level, adjusted it to the appropriate level. I started to check the level for a few people and adjusted them too. There is also emotional intelligence too, so it can be change and adjusted to the appropriate level that is for the best good.

You can check your own levels and ask your dowsing system to adjust to the most appropriate level for your best good, then measure and find what this level is. (scale 1-100%) Next compare this reading to the general average level, to have a feel of where you are. There is also a mental coherence, physical coherence and spiritual coherence. You can check for yourself and adjust accordingly. Let me know what you feel and any other changes you notice after doing so, of course please ask before you dowse to change anything, see if it is to your best good to make these adjustments. Appreciate any feed back you might have. Thank you.

Darkness is not an entity
it is simply a lack of light.
Shadows appear very big, much bigger than you, but they have no existence.
The smaller the light, the bigger the shadows appears.
If it is total darkness, then also there is no shadows. 
So partial knowledge, partial light, partial vision, brings the shadow.
And it makes the shadow appear very huge, very big. But know it is just a shadow.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Story of Eklavya and Dronacharya

The Story of Eklavya and Dronacharya
Since ages, the story of Eklavya( a character from the Indian epic- Mahabharata) has come to define exemplary discipleship. But there is an unheard and unseen side to the famous story.
Eklavya was the son of a poor hunter. He wanted to learn archery to save the deer in the forest that were being hunted by the leopards.  So he went to Dronacharya (a master of advanced military arts) and requested him to teach him archery. Dronacharya was the teacher of the Royal family.
In those days, as a rule, a teacher to the members of Royal family was not allowed to teach the state art to anybody else. It was forbidden to make anyone as powerful as the princes for the safety of the region.
But Eklavya deeply desired to study under Dronacharya.  Dronacharya, bound by the state law, could not accept him as his student.
Eklavya in his heart had already accepted Dronacharya as his Guru. He went home and made a statue of his Guru. Over the following years, with sincerity and practice, he learnt archery and became better than the state princes at the art. He became so good at it that, he would hear the sound of the animal, shoot an arrow at it and claim the animal.
One day, Arjuna, the prince found out about this talented archer. Making matters worse, he saw that Eklavya was far better than him. He went to Eklavya and asked him, ‘Who taught you archery?’
‘Dronacharya,’ said Eklavya.
Hearing this, Arjuna was furious. He went up to Dronacharya and said angrily, ‘What is this? You have cheated us. What you have done is a crime. You were supposed to teach me exclusively, but you taught this man and made him more skillful than me.’
Dronacharya was baffled and confused at Arjuna’s allegations. He wondered who this student of his was, who had learned the art from him but whose name and identity he did not know! He thought hard but could not come up with an answer for Arjuna. He could not believe, this student was better than even Arjuna.
Both, Dronacharya and Arjuna decided to meet the boy.
Eklavya welcomed his master with great honor and love. He led both of them to the statue he had made of Dronacharya. Eklavya had practiced archery over all the years, considering and believing the statue to be his Guru.
In ancient times, a common practice in learning was- Guru Dakshina, where a student would give a token of gift or fee for the knowledge gained by the student.
Dronacharya said, ‘Eklavya, you must give me some Guru Dakshina. You must give me the thumb of your right hand.’ Eklavya knew that without the thumb, archery could not be practiced.
Eklavya without a second thought gave the thumb of his right hand to his Guru.
In this story Dronacharya is commonly viewed as being cruel and self-centered. The perceived understanding is, this boy who has learned the skill on his own and is good at it, is made to give it up for the vested interest of Dronacharya.  But when one looks at it from the point of view of the wise, one finds, if it were not for this incident, nobody would have ever known Eklavya.
Though on the outside, it seemed as if Dronacharya had done injustice to Eklavya, actually Dronacharya uplifted Eklavya from just being a student to becoming an epitome of discipleship. 
Dronacharya blessed Eklavya with immortality by asking him for his thumb. So when people think of devotion, they think of Eklavya, and not Arjuna.
“See the greatness of Dronacharya, he took the blame on him and uplifted his student. That is why, even if the Guru is wrong, if your devotion is there you can never go wrong. But the Guru is not wrong, it appears he was partial but he uplifted Eklavya and preserved his Dharma (duty) also. His duty was to maintain the law of the land: You cannot have anyone much better than the prince.”- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Thank you

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Dewdrop dewdrop dewdrop. I'm cleaning on everything in me that contributes to attracting negativity of any kind. I thank you God for transmuting these memories and filling me with pure white light. I love you. I thank you, I'm sorry, please forgive me.


Friday, 19 August 2016

Be A Child

When my Guru told us to be like a child, he was referring to being innocent, like a child 
without judgement, and happy with everything. On my journey of healing, I come across many people, some come to me for a simple healing, got what they wanted and return to their normal life. Some come and stay awhile, picking up a few techniques to use and they on their way. 
Be in the present moment, all you need to know, is to be in the present moment. Your complaint basically means that you are making a reference, and clearly indicating that you are not here in the present reality. 

When energy is concern, words are just there to bring across some kind of energy, and the results may vary from person to person. There are many energy epidermic affecting many people, that is one of the reason why Raymon has put up his dowsing video on YouTube for free, so that many people can help themselves when they watch the video. You must take that responsibility to accept that you have a problem, and you need to do something about it, so at least get online and watch the video. Dowsing videos are basically boring, yet I have watch all his DVDs over many times, I wanted to clean myself out, no more illusion, no more matrix, no more suffering, and most of all I want everyone to enjoy the same freedom. 

Wake up and see the truth of life. What are you hanging on to? What breaks your heart? Someone's behavior? Someone's words? Weakness of the heart should be shunned and truth needs to be known. What is truth?

Everything in the world is changing. Has changed, will change in the future.

And you are going to drop your own body which you love so much. You want to move your hand, you cannot move, you want to lift your eyes, you cannot, you want to say something, you cannot move your tongue. Your whole body will strike and then you will simply have to exit out of this body, You exit dejected and frustrated because your body is totally rebellious to your commands. And the body will not listen to what you say. And when you exit, you see it's like waste material. No one would like to get into it again. Such is the truth of life. Everything is going to disappear.

As long as you're alive, wake up and do something good. Forget about it. Be bold, courageous. Don't get stuck with the behavior of people. You needed it. It makes you strong. Be like a lion. Roar like a lion. Joy comes and goes, misery comes and goes. The pleasure you are hanging on to cannot stay forever, cannot sustain you all the time. So pleasure and pain comes and goes in life. What is the big deal in a broken heart.

Know that you love everyone and everyone loves you and never doubt in the love.
Its like something like space. It cannot diminish, it cannot go away. That's true love. Don't waste your precious life in all the unwanted thoughts of your mind. If your limb is broken you can put a plaster. Your heart gets broken, you wake up and it's never broken, its rubber. Make your heart like rubber, not glass. Glass can break in heat or cold. Make it elastic like rubber.

With knowledge and awareness, transform your mind and your actions. Feel grateful to be in this knowledge.

Contentment, perfection and siddhÄ« dawns in that person who is happy and contented with whatever has come; who does not hanker for something more.

Thank you


Thursday, 18 August 2016

How are You?

What are you thinking right this moment? Every day ask yourself this question, at least once a day, twice would be better. Watch your answers change each time you ask this question, observe the emotions you are experiencing as you ask the question. 

The world is exactly what you project, there are no limits to possibility or to reality. Energy flows where your attention goes. Now is the moment of power, as this moment is all we have ever had. To love is to be happy and joyful with something or someone. All power comes from within, effectiveness is the measurement of truth and nothing else. 

Brain Balancing number by Lloyd Mear


I Love You
Love has always been a great healing power. Sending all parts of your Consciousness a message of love will resonate through your entire being and generate an immediate feeling of well-being by combating stress.
Once again, being pure spirit, Divine Consciousness is complete and perfect on its own and does not require your love, but the very act of thinking loving thoughts will tune your entire mind to the proper frequency of repair and reordering with demonstrable results.

I Am Sorry
This statement opens the pathway to internal self-atonement. The moment you take responsibility for any negative manifestation you experience or witness you also create an opportunity for the needed internal healing. We have no need to understand how we did any wrong, or why. The apology is not directed to the Divine Consciousness or to anyone but ourselves. Divine Consciousness is purely Spirit and does not need or care about our apologies. Our apology is an inner acknowledgement that we are sorry for whatever it is that we have done to cause the negative and unwanted circumstances to take place, and we are making this statement to our own mind, not someone else. Just a simple ' I am sorry' will suffice. Just keep it simple.

Please Forgive Me
We are asking for forgiveness from our Higher Self for having forgotten the essential need for self-love. We are asking for forgiveness for having shut out so much of the love from our lives and thereby missing out on many wonderful experiences.

We ask for forgiveness with the absolute certainty that forgiveness is granted. At the very core of our being is pure Spirit and Unconditional Love, incapable of feelings of anger, resentment and the other behaviors rooted in neuroses that afflict humans. The Conscious Mind has no bearing here, as Conscious Mind does not participate in the projection of reality, since that reality is projected by our beliefs, impressions and a myriad of chaotic data that is anchored to our memories.

Remember, you never have to forgive anyone, since all wrongdoing is the result of one's own wrong action or memories - past or present, and totally born within and projected outward from within you. Whatever your concern, the moment you take responsibility for its occurrence and seek a remedy, you are assured to get a favorable response.

Thank You
Almost invariably, the response might not be what you expect - but is in fact precisely what you need to begin the process of healing and reconstruction. The gift given in return for these statements will always be perfectly suited for you. Your 'thank you' is the acknowledgement that your request for relief of a situation has been heard and acted upon. The point we always strive to achieve, the point of being totally clean, or as clean as possible, is called Zeropoint. 

Thank you

Light Switch is about defusing negatives and turning on the positive. Consider the Light Switch as an illuminator. Use Light Switch with the desired state you wish to attain.

Feeling anger and resentment, need for revenge? Defuse those feelings with forgiveness. To achieve forgiveness, and defuse the anger, resentment and/or need for revenge say: Light Switch Forgiveness

This puts illumination on forgiveness, which in turn helps defuse anger, resentment and the need for revenge. It is important when using Light Switch that you focus on what you want, not what you do not want. Never use Light Switch with what you do not want. Always find a positive focus that will help defuse what you do not want and use Light Switch with that.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Karma - Knowledge from Sri Sri

Over the past few days, I receive request for help from 2 people, they were complaining that they are feeling something is wrong with them. They were experiencing unknown fear that is making them feel pain and nausea. They wanted to know what is wrong with them, both were not native speakers of English, so it was really difficult to explain about the energy changes going on now. 

The shift is real, be prepared to experience many life changes, acceptance, forgiveness, freedom, harmony, peace, and love will be the important values that you must to see you through the ride. 

Sharing Knowledge from Sri Sri -

Gurudev, many times my intention is not wrong but my action is wrong. Will I accumulate any bad karma for that?
If intention is right then don’t worry about it. Though action does have its repercussions, but it is not much when the intention is right.
Is one lifetime enough to clean all our Karma?
Yes! If a room is locked for 20 years, it does not take 20 years clean the room and bring light there.
What is Karma and how can one enhance the ability to understand Karma?
Everything that you have done till now is Karma. All that you are doing at present is also Karma. And everything that you are going to do in the future; or the inspiration for every action that you are going to do in the future – that is also Karma. Everything that is happening in the World is Karma.
When we read about the bad deeds of people in the newspaper, can it also affect our karma?
No, you should read it lightly. If you take it into yourself, yes it affects your mind. Otherwise, it won’t affect anything else. Read lightly and forget about it. It is all part of the universe.
Gurudev, when time is good, everyone is good to you. So are people actually good or is the goodness of time that makes people good around you? I am confused.
I think you already know the answer.
There are people you have helped day and night and yet they have become your enemies. Haven’t they? How many of you have had this experience? You have not done anything wrong to somebody and yet they have become your enemy. Similarly, you have not done any favor to somebody, yet they have helped you a lot and become best friends with you. Hasn’t this happened?
Getting a friend or enemy happens through some karma. So if your time is good, even an enemy acts like a friend, and if your time is not good, even a friend acts like an enemy.
Gurudev, where does one seek the do’s and don’ts on karma?
You should listen to your own conscience, your inner gut feeling.Don’t do anything which you don’t want others to do to you. That is the criteria. We should do that which brings long term benefit, even if it is at the cost of some short term unpleasant situations. We should not do that which gives short term pleasure but problems in the long run. This is the criteria for karma.
How to get rid of negative karma? How does it come into existence?
I want to ask you a question. When the lights were not on in this room, there was darkness here, right? When the lights came on, where did the darkness go? Did it go to that room? Did the darkness escape through the window? Got it? In the same way, if negative karma is there, there is little darkness, there is no light there. Put the light on, it vanishes. How to get rid of negative karma? By meditation, service and knowledge. Serve the needy. Know that it (the negative karma) does not touch you; a shadow does not touch me.
Gurudev, can fate be changed, if so, how? I want to wash off my bad karma.
You are in the right place, doing the right thing. Meditate, chant, take part in lot of service activities and the past karma will get washed away.
Gurudev, are bodily diseases or disorders linked to our karmas?
Yes, some of them are linked, but not all. Some are linked to your actions of the past, and some are a result of your own wrong deeds that you have done now. That is why it is called Prajnapradha (a wrong deed committed despite having the knowledge or discretion of right and wrong).  So when you are not fully attentive or in awareness, and commit some wrong deed, then your health also suffers due to that.
Gurudev, in the Bhagawat Gita the Lord says that you have to performKarma(action) as long as you are alive. But one Karma leads to Karma. That is why this cycle never gets over. My question is, which is that Karma by which we can be liberated from the cycle of Karma?
Liberation is acquired by Nishkama-Karma (Action which is done without any feverishness or attachment to the fruits of the action).
Gurudev, do thoughts and feelings affect our Karma (actions)?
Yes, it is indeed correct. One’s thoughts and feelings both determine one’s karma. The way one perceives people and things around himself, they will appear in that very same way to him. People will appear to you the way you perceive them to be. If you see a person as a friend, he will come across as a friend to you. If you consider someone as your enemy he will behave like an enemy to you. Then they will appear as your enemy to you even if they do not do anything. It is said – ‘Yatha drishti tatha srishti’ (Meaning: As is one’s vision, so does the world appear to him).
How does the Karma of our parents and ancestors affect us? Are we also punished because of their bad karmas?
Listen, if your ancestor has left you a house, is it not a boon for you now? Why are you asking such obvious questions?! They have earned a lot of money, toiled and built a home and they left it to you. You are enjoying their karma, is it not?! And if they are gone with a big debt in the bank, and if you have to pay that back then that is your karma too. So naturally it affects you. Not just parents but your company also affects you. 
If you keep sitting with very depressed people, you also feel down and depressed as well. If you are in the company of joyful and spiritual people your karma improves.
Gurudev, can the Guru change the karma of a person, and when does that happen?
If a Guru alone could change the karma of a person then he would have changed the karma of everybody in one stroke.  No, you have to do some effort as well. Guru can definitely relieve you of your sins. When you commit a sin and you realize that you made a mistake, you cannot relieve yourself of sin, but the Guru can definitely do it for you. So in that sense, yes! 
At the same time, you have to do Purusharth (self-effort). You need to do some good work.
And the sense of love and devotion is equally proportionate to the amount of karma that gets released.
Guruji, how do we avoid ‘Karma Bandhan’ (bondage due to actions) in our daily life?
Karma Bandhan is when there is some craving or there is some aversion. Both craving and aversion we call as ‘Karma Bandhan’. So when you do an action without aversion or craving, with a smile, with a free mind and a clean heart, then there is no bondage. Such kind of action brings that inner freedom too.
Thank you

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Watch for it!

The changing energy is becoming more intense now, many people are going through a rough patch, I detected a definite shift has taken placed and some people have been 'push' forward to the 6th dimension (which isn't a good thing, in my view) and some have been pulled back into the 2nd dimension. 

I am not sure what all this means, my guess is that a shift has moved in place now, so expect the unexpected, be diligent, Raymon is telling people to neutralize negative energy within a 7 miles radius of themselves. This morning I was having lots of sadness, despite watching program celebrating the victory of Joseph Schooling who won  the first Gold medal for Singapore.

I have also notice that many people are affected by the energies, reports from facebook groups, from people I work with, and other interest group. A number of people reported seeing 'things' like small shadows from the corner of their eyes, light in one corner of their home, and all sorts of happenings. The interesting thing is that they are not afraid, just curious about what it is. One colleague of mine even went to have his eyes checked by the doctor. He suspected that he was suffering from a detached retina, of course the doctor found nothing wrong with his eyes. People are also reporting that they heard sounds and noises that felt different to them, I am not sure how different but it must be something or they would not be talking about it.

Sharing some knowledge from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The seed becomes tree and then tree becomes a seed. So the fulfillment of seed is to become the seed again. Unless the seed becomes a tree and then tree bears the fruit and the Seed it is not complete, the cycle is not complete. Right? From the seed to seed is the whole journey. It starts with one and becomes many seeds. In the same way, the human life finds its fulfillment when it realizes the vast nature of its being. The infinite nature of the being.That i am not just the body, I am more than the body. That I am not just an individual, lot more than that. This alone can bring fulfillment.Till this awareness comes, there is restless inside.
The way to get this fulfillment is through three things: 'Bodh'(awareness), 'Yog'(Unity) and 'Prem'(love). These are the three ways of seed reaching the seed back, for the seed to realize its total potential.'Bodh'(Awareness) means being aware that everything is a dream. Wake up and see the dream nature of everything. 'I am nothing','I don't need anything', 'I belong to everyone', 'I am everybody' - that is 'Bodh'. It means - 'I am that' and 'I am This'. 'Yoga'(Union) is that which cannot be expressed in words. It is only realized in the experience.Realizing that I am the part of the big mind. Everything is one and I am that. Then,'Prem' (Love) cannot be tied to words. It is called devotion or Love.It is our true form. It is not a feeling. We often think of feeling as Love, which is wrong. This is why people always get entangled in it.
Just in your own life, look back -do you have an experience of your own birth? do you remember? No! You suddenly found yourself at one age, 2-3 or maybe 1 year old, suddenly you start realizing somethings in this world, I wont say everything. Then by the age of 3 years, you start realizing your identity. But if you are asked, - 'Were you really born'? You don't know! some would have experience of being in the womb also. So we were there, that we all know. Its a really abstract thing but it's really very concrete. Let me give you an example. A ball of mud, you make into a pot. When you make the pot, the space inside the pot is born. But can you say that the space was born? Can you say that space inside the pot was created? What was created?The boundary of the pot was created, but was the space created? Now what has value? The mud is having the value or the space inside the mud has the value?If the space alone has the value, nobody buys the space. or does anyone buys the mud ball?nobody buys the mud ball and nobody buys the space.What you buy is the space within the mud. If mud ball allows some space within it, then it ha some value.
Now the same is with human life. It has ability to expresses the infinity.The infinity is anyway there, but it has no value. Life is also there on earth but it has not same as human life. It is the human life with expresses infinity brings the total satisfaction. How to do you express the infinity, which is anyways there, through Awareness, Unconditional Love and Union. When the small mind realizes I am united with infinity, that is called Yoga. Not just doing exercises. When the small mind of you realizes that i am no longer the small mind, I am part of the big mind I am part of it. You know in uniting also it appears that there are two things that you are trying to unite, this is recognition of 'I am part of something big' or 'I am big'. This is a step towards - 'Aham bhrahmasmi'. One step before that is - 'I am part of it'
What is 'Pitra dosh' and how can we correct it?

SriSri : 'Pitradosha' comes out of torturing the parents or the ancestors. If children torture them, do not understand them, then there is a pain within them . They brought children up with so much love , taking pain they have made you, they have given you a good life they been by your side to help you grow up and then you don't give them love and inflict pain on them, that is called pitra dosh. It can be the parents of the ancestors. It can happen from several generations but I tell you, your meditation, your being on the spiritual path, keeping a clean heart and doing a selfless service to some degree in life will just eliminate the Dosha from your life. See, sometimes people of miserable not because you did something to them but they are miserable because of their own ignorance. They expect things from you which you may not be able to deliver. Then you don't get 'Pitra Dosha'. It happens when they are really pained by something you could do, but you did not do. You are you intentionally in inflicting pain on the parents due to your selfish reasons then is 'Pitra Dosha'. Then what happens ? The progeny will have problems ,your children will give you problems. The impact of it is children are born with some special needs, you know some deformities, some special needs. This is all the sign of 'Pitra Dosha'. Somewhere in the ancestral line parents were very unhappy with their kids, now you have to become unhappy with your own kids. This is the law of Karma.

But there is a remedy for it and the remedy is meditation. 'Om Namah Shivaya chanting'. This is why its called Maha Mantra. It can rectify any of these doshas or shortcomings. 'Om Namah Shivaya' does not belong to only one religion. It is universal and it is for everybody. 'Om Namah Shivaya' the 5 letter indicates the five elements in the creation - earth, air,water,fire and ether. Ether is there for everybody it is not for one community. Fire is not for one community, nobody can say Earth is for one religion. Om Namah Shivaya is the seed mantra for five elements and the consciousness. Shiva tattva is all permeading, but when you think of Shiva automatically and image comes to your mind - 'getting dressed in different ways '. This is all symbolic - like snake is a symbol of alertness, the blue is the symbol of vastness of consciousness. In Tamil, whenever they do any pooja they say - 'Shiva the inner consciousness. The inner space. The most benevolent in a space of consciousness is Shiva'

It is said in 'Yoga Vashista' that one of the 4 gatekeepers to 'moksha' is satsang. Gurudev we are very keen to hear what is satsang?

#SriSri: Yes, the four gatekeepers to enlightenment is satsang. It is the right company, it is a good company which uplifts you. How do you realise what is a good company? you just sit with them and talk to them for over 15 or 30 minutes and when you get up observe your state of mind. Are you happy? Do you feel depressed ?Angry? Agitated or sad ? That says it all. A good company is one with whom you sit and discuss your problems, then your problem appears to be insignificant. But when you sit with someone and you discuss your problems you come out feeling - 'oh! I thought it's a small issue. It feels to be much bigger! When the problems appears to be much bigger than the earlier, It is the bad company. it's not Satsang . Satsang is one in which even the big problems appear to be much smaller. Your enthusiasm is high, you feel confident, you feel happy and you want to serve people, you don't become greedy - that is satsang. It creates positive energy in you, it uplift your spirit, it gives you insight, it gives you courage. Sometimes you live inside a bubble, Satsang will bring you to ground. Suppose if you are imagining something or hallucinating; Satsang will bring you to ground and make you realise the ground reality. It will bring you to a point where you realize your imagination or whatever you were doing is not correct

Thank you


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Layers on an Onion are not equal

Healing sometimes is compared to peeling an onion, layer by layer needs to be peeled to reach the core. Someone asked me, how come the peeling seem to be going on forever, referring to the daily dowsing that one has to do. Energy is always changing, as long as you have to interact with the world, you will pick up different energy. Your emotions are changing depending who you meet in your day, and emotions are energy. I need not go on, you can't expect energy to stay still, it is the nature of energy to keep changing.

Getting back to the onion, each layer you peel off, you will experience the world differently, you will become lighter, less dense, and your perception will become clearer. Some layers are thin and some are thicker, so for some layers you might need to spend more time peeling.

Past Hurt, Low Self-Esteem, Grudge, Resentment are some of the thicker layers, after peeling off, there maybe deeper layers of the same. Sometimes when you meet a client that is very defensive, chances are they have some of the above. You can ask to transmute all these emotions into love and freedom.

Yesterday, I wrote about duality and ask readers for feed back if they did the dowsing for people whose readings were 100%, one reader responded with some of his dowsing results, he asked me for more dowsing commands to bring the reading even lower then what he had. I wrote him, asking him to be patient and observe his subjects for changes in behavior, and to do the dowsing for them again.

Like the onion, we may need to peel at the same layer for a few times before the whole layer comes off. He can also check if his subjects has the above emotions and check for the overall effects of each of the above emotions have upon his subjects individually. Then transmute them, and take readings again. (for duality too.)

Emotions can be very sticky, so it takes time to remove, but the effects on the person is most beneficial, although sometimes a fair bit of crying is unavoidable. Once these emotions are cleared the person will feel like new born, fresh and ready to face the world again with regained strength and vitality.

Thank you


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The effects of Duality

Yesterday I posted about fragmented souls because I come across a case, it is not too common to find such cases. I had to go back to my notes to get the dowsing command to bring back the lost soul parts. This is one that Raymon mentioned that it might work or may not work but he said give it a try, if it doesn't work, the person with the fragmented soul might have to do it themselves. It worked for the case I was working on, and I would like to thank the Spirit World for this help. Thank You. I Love You. And to Raymon for sharing this information with us, Thank you!


As I was dowsing last night, I just ask to what degree is my wife affected by duality, and I got 20%, this got me interested so I pick a colleague and ask to what degree is he affected by duality and I got 100%. I went through a few people I know that is doing some spiritual practice and also a few I know who aren't, those who had gone to spirituality had percentage less then 100% mostly below 50%, and those who are not doing any practice at all are at 100% (going to church to socialize does not count as a spiritual practice)

The less you are affected by duality, the less you will suffer from it, duality is what your ego strive on, it is seeing the difference between yourself and others, not that it is bad, but if this cause you to base your actions on this difference then it is bad. The habit of taking sides, forming groups based on beliefs, are all examples of duality. Wars are fought based on duality, hatred bred on it, but without duality there is a sense of loss, you may experience a diminished sense of self and lose interest in life altogether. These are some of the negative effects of duality, so use your dowsing and neutralize the negative effects of duality upon yourself. Combine with removing all veils and deceptions, it can have a very powerful cleansing effect on a person. I have not tried it on someone who's readings show 100% yet, so if anyone who has done so, please write me to share your findings. We have come to a critical time in our spiritual evolution, and I believe that every little bit we try will help someone towards this evolution in a very beneficial way.

Thank you

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Please watch and sing along in your heart! Clean! Clean! Clean!

Body Dowsing

One of the most fun thing is to teach others to use their bodies as pendulums. Once they learned the technique, they will become aware that there were many things about the world that they have taken for granted. One of the first thing I ask them to test is the food they eat, most are surprised that most of the time they are consuming food that are bad for them. This will bring them to ask the question, how to change this or what to do about it? The 2 videos below will explain to you about what I am writing about.

The effects of dowsing is very powerful, sometimes by just getting answers about past events can help change a person's perspective. Some people close down a chapter of their life from their memory because it was too painful for them, sometimes part of their souls will leave because it does not want to experience the pain. Raymon calls this condition as fragmented souls, and if I remembered correctly, he said to measure what percentage of the person's soul is with them. Then also to measure what percentage of the person's soul is with them at the time of birth, this reading should be 100% for both questions. If it was not 100% at the time of birth, this person might have a past life event that fragmented the soul. If in this life time, the person's soul is not 100% now but 100% at the time of birth, it could be that an event in this person's present life that has cause the soul to be fragmented. Raymon has a DVD that teaches viewers how to get the fragmented soul part back. (Healthy Body, Healthy Mind) 

With some part of the soul missing, the person will be unable to fully participate in life, there will be always be something missing or they will attract negative events or people into their lives. If you can see their energy field, you will notice some missing or unstable layers in their auras. Everyone reads energy differently, so always trust your own intuition, some feel the energy field and sees a story or vision, others feel it in their own body as sensations. Whatever way, when you see someone with a fragmented soul their energy field feels different. I have found that Raymon's method to be very effective, there are also other methods but maybe too complicated to be used effectively unless you have trained under the guidance of a master. 

You can use your own body as a pendulum and test anyone around you to see if they have 100% of their souls with them, and if you find someone who does not, it may be the colleague that is always getting into trouble with everyone in the office.

Thank you


How to use the body as a pendulum

A Simple Blessing Process part 1

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