Friday, 31 October 2014

The Future is Yours

Most people believe that after one healing session or even after reiki attunement, they have got ridden all of their problems, this is far from truth, the problems can never be remove if the mind refuse to let them go. We are actually energy created and energetic wise renew every second, by every thought, in other words a new you or a new thought of you is manifested moment to moment, you are not the same from the you in the last second. But the mind, untrained will hold and bring along all memories from the last manifesting of you. Learn to let go, and you find that all problems cannot hold on to you.

Try this, the next time someone talks to you, just refuse to accept any energy from this person by speech or by energy contact, just don't listen, you will notice that the person is talking to himself or herself. It will look like a silent movie, seeing only the movement on the lips but you do not hear anything. What ever happen yesterday is just  memories, but we hold on to them and carry on experiencing the events again. This is why we dowse to neutralize negative energetic patterns because the energy is still carried over in our energy field. the opposite is also true, if we focus our intent forward in time, we are connecting and influencing a future event, we can experience these events when our reality meets up with the energy of our intent. We are creating our own future, and experiences there is nothing that the trianed mind cannot do if it is focused and used in a beneficial way.

Become more energy sensitive, be aware of how the energy of your surrounding and people around you affects your energy. It take 2 hands to clap, so if like the experiment above, don't connect to the negative energy and it will not be able to affect us. The future is pure, raw energy, what you choose to do with it is up to you.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Star - cleaning tool

The cleaning tool is called the "Star". It came through Divine inspiration, from one of the women hosts, during the seminar. Here is how to use it....
You can use this tool for cleaning on anything and also for cleaning with your Xmas Holidays and all activities you are doing over Xmas time and you can even clean on your past or recent Xmas times.
To use this STAR cleaning tool simply say " I mentally place a STAR on this situation" or when you go somewhere say * I mentally put a STAR on this place or outing ....etc * Listen to your guidance on using this cleaning tool, imagine a brilliant star over your gathering or party, or on your problem and know and trust it is cleaning on this with you ...

Last night I watched a program on the telly regarding a woman who runs a dog shelter, she funds the shelter with her own money for the last 20 years exhausting all her savings and even sold her property to up keep the shelter for her dogs. During interviews with other volunteers who help her out, they reveal that she would spend money on her dogs who are sick, sending them to the vet but would not see a doctor herself when she was sick. The program highlighted how irresponsible pet owners would abandon their dogs when they are bored with them, or when they could not breed anymore. I was quite surprise that such things are happening to such lovely creatures and how the dogs suffer in the hands of their cruel owners.

I was deeply touched by this woman who is now in her sixties, and still going on giving her unconditional love to her dogs, she considers herself to be their mother and the dogs love her as such. I hope this TV program will bring more awareness to people and hopefully bring more people who are willing to help in one way or another. It is heart warming to know that there are people who care and silently doing what they believe in for so many years without expecting anything in return. 

Let us all do something to make the world a better place, in whatever way that we are most comfortable with, learn to share more of our love, give more of attention, and open our hearts more. 

Thank you.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Prosperity Level

I was dowsing for my prosperity level over the next few months, and I found that it was going up and down between 70 to 100 %, so I thought if I could ask my dowsing system to raise it to the highest most appropriate level and stabilize it for the next few months. I got a yes, and proceeded to do so, after which I checked the level and it went up to 220%, I checked again after a few hours and it has remain stable, but I will check for the next few days to see. If you are going to try this, please share your results with me over the next few months. Of course please share with me how you have benefited from doing so too. Thank you.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Your Angel Messages for October 27 through November 2 from Doreen Virtue's weekly angel card reading

Your Angel Messages for October 27 through November 2 from Doreen Virtue's weekly angel card reading

These messages resonates with me, I hope it does the same for you! 
Thank you
Love Alan

Friday, 24 October 2014

Love and Prayers

Your love, prayers, and positive actions are making a much-needed difference. Although there are still problems in our world, it's important for us to also focus upon all of the good in the world. Please keep the faith, and keep up the good work that you're doing! Here's a hug for you! {{{}}}

Today is the day after the solar eclipse, I read that some kid at a Washington state high school open fire on his classmates -

Two are dead and four are wounded after a student opens fire in a Washington state high school. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

I am not sure if there is a direct relationship between the 2 events, but if you look back at all previous astrological events such as eclipses, you will see a similar pattern. 

Someone shared an article with me regarding life field transformer(LFT), I made a couple and found that the energy was super. If you are interested to make one the link is below

I use aluminium foil to wrapped a piece of paper instead of copper plates because it is easier to work with, and it produces the same effect. The energy generated is quite strong, so limit your usage time if you feel unwell. I realize that what I made is quite crude, ugly even, but I was just experimenting with the idea. Try making your own and let me have your feedback.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Birth secret and Death secret.

The energy is intense right now, and you may encounter irritable people. Use your spiritual knowledge to lift yourself away from and above harsh energy, and to bring healing in its place. Don't let yourself get dragged down by negativity! Pray, meditate, walk away, energetically shield yourself, do yoga, go outside in nature, and take other positive steps.

Recently I wrote a few post about having a strong belief in oneself, and that with dowsing you could change the energy and not worry about what you eat, or to belief in others who you think know better than yourself. I am sorry if I offended some people, but the point I am making is not to give away your power. 

You can get answers from dowsing, this is already a connection to your own higher self, so there is no need to go listen to someone else to tell you what your future holds for you. Dowsing is your very own crystal ball that can tell you the future, or past, you just need to sit down and ask the right questions. 

I like to share an article with everyone on what happens after death by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Thank you

Ever wondered what happens after death?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers this very question below and then some!
"What happens after death is the mind gets freed from the body, the spirit. The mind has memory and intelligence, so these two things become like a balloon. The karma, the deepest impressions form a balloon. It is like in sleep.
Death is nothing but a long sleep. Before going to sleep, see the last thought that you get, and as soon as you wake up, see what is the first thought that comes. Have you noticed? It will variably be the same though.
So the physical body decays and the pranic body with all the impressions forms a balloon and leaves the body and hangs around.
Don’t imagine a balloon hanging around! It is a light; an energy.
I will give you the best example. In a television station, they conduct a program and then they transmit it through the dish and the program remains in the atmosphere – it is the same way.
When you send an email from the computer, you type all the letters and then you press the send button. What happens? It goes into the space. Does your email remain in the space till it is downloaded? Even after several days you can download your email. Even one year later or ten years later you can download an email. There is no expiry date, isn't that so. It is not like those greeting cards which sometimes people send you that expire in 24 hours.
The messages or letters you send don’t hang as letters in the space, it remains in the space as energy.
Like that every soul is a particular frequency and every thumb is different because a thumb is like a particular cell phone chip.
So after death, every individual energy stays, and the impressions it has taken, accordingly to that it experiences those stages there. But then after sometime that soul comes back.
The soul enters the body at three times – this is all a secret. It is called the birth secret and death secret.
So the soul enters at the moment of conception, or it enters in the fifth month, or at the time of birth. So the three sections are there, but there is no way to determine when it enters.
So if at conception time it comes then what one should do to care for that?
Keep yourself happy. Usually pregnant women are kept very happy in India. Whatever she wants is provided to her.
I would say, don’t watch all these violent movies, and scary songs, and scary things. Generally light flute music would be good because it is soothing. It is good to listen to music, knowledge and wisdom. All these things would be preferable.
The soul also chooses where to be born, the place to come. According to its wish it will just come there."

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Field Trip

I took a 2 hour lunch break today, I took a bus trip to a eating place near where I worked at for my last project, ate lunch there and took a look at my completed project and came back to my present work place. I track my own energy level for the trip at half hour intervals to co-relate the feelings I felt for this trip and place of my visit.
Time                    Energy Level
12.00 pm -           100
12.30 pm -           100
1.00   pm -           70
1.30   pm -           40
2.00   pm -           85
2.30   pm -           100

At 1.00 pm I have arrive at my destination and my energy level has drop 30%, after lunch at 1.30 pm it has gone done another 30%, at 2.00 pm, I was returning to my present working place and arrived at 2.30 pm, the energy returned back to 100%.

Look at the readings, this is how much a place can affect you, at the place where I was having lunch, the energy level was -200, of course I did not do anything to change the energy at the place, I just wanted to feel the change of the energy.

This exercise shows us that we need to manage our energy and the energy of the place we frequent daily, it is a good practice to do so for your family members too.

The other thing that I always do is to install an energy cell at the places of work and of course my home too, this ensures that I always have a good energy source to recharge myself, it is like fueling your car when you are traveling over long distances, you stop by gas stations to refuel, in the same way you can install energy cells at certain locations to recharge.

Another thing that I do is to install energy transmitters on traffic lights that radiate the frequency of love, patience, kindness and good stuff, I put a thought form into these that it will affect everyone who look at these traffic lights, and that the energy that runs these transmitters come from negative energy that is transformed from the people at the surrounding areas.

Thank you.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Happy Diwali to All!

diwali greetings

I like to share this mp3 with everyone, 'The Hermetic Axioms', these axioms are somewhat similar with Dowsing. Have A Great Day! Wishing All A Happy Diwali!
Thank you.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Increase Your Ability for Self Healing

Increase Your Ability for Self Healing.

I like to share this video with everyone, Wishing all readers and friends- A Great Weekend!


Monday, 13 October 2014

Doreen Virtue - Divine Magic - Hermetic Philosophy

I like to share this video with everyone, please enjoy!


Have you had the feeling when you meet someone new, you somehow dislike this person, you just feel something is not feeling good inside of yourself. I am talking about this feeling that just comes out even though you do not know or spoken to this person before.

What is this feeling you are having, it is energy, your energy field or subconscious mind can sense something or some energy even before your conscious mind can. The subconscious mind attracts all energy to you, it is you conscious mind that discern what you like or dislike, But when the conscious mind is aware of what has been attracted, you are already experiencing it in reality. Dowsing helps to identify these energy before manifestation, when you dowse you are using 4 level of mind, so you actually feel with the energy, say if there are non beneficial energy affecting you, it may not hurt you right away but you do feel some kind of discomfort, (a cold coming on feeling) but most people are not to aware of this, with dowsing you can pick up these energy and neutralize them before it affects you physically. An example of what I am trying to say, every time I feel tired I usually check if there are non beneficial spirits of emotion(diseases) affecting me and I transmute them into health and vitality. But if I did not dowse, then maybe this energy will make me sick and I would have to go to see a doctor. So by dowsing I save myself from some discomfort and money too.

If you practice some healing modalities, it is important to heal yourself everyday, the body goes through much stress from the daily routine you put it through, including eating, even if you are on a healthy diet, using organic food and stuff, the digestion process takes a lot of energy, converting solid food into nutrients for your body to use, and removing by-products created from the conversion process.
You can help your body by dowsing to balance your glands, transforming toxins and waste materials from your cells into pure water. And if you neutralize the negative effects of food and water before consuming them this would greatly help the body. After all the aim of digestion is to convert solid food into energy for the body, so by doing so before eating, you are saving your body from the hard work it needs to do to provide for energy. With healing you could energize the food you eat and water you drink, you could put healing energy to the stomach to help digestion, to liver to help remove toxins.

If you have done Reiki, try healing your liver for a long duration, set a side some time(about 2 hours) and concentrate on healing your liver only, Usually the energy would indicate to you that enough healing is done for the liver after maybe a 30 minutes to 45 minutes session. But keep going till you feel something comes out(not physically), this usually happens around an hour and a half, you will find that after this you will seldom lose your temper again. I am just sharing my own experience, if you try this, please give me your feedback on how you felt afterwards. Thank you.

There is much anger, resentment, intolerance going on in the world now, and all these emotions relate to the liver, so dowse to check regularly that your liver is at 100% and neutralize all toxins in the liver and transform into love. Negative thought forms and Mass consciousness can affect us without our knowing, so regular and consistent practice can go a long way.

Thank you.

Friday, 10 October 2014

You Are Great!

Have a Great Weekend Ahead!
Remember to Love, Love, Love!


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tibetan Prayer

May all blessings flow to You
May all self knowledge flow to You
I reclaim the power you have taken from Me
It is mine to take back
It is my right
May love and good fortune come to me now
As I speak now you are no longer a problem to Me
Your difficult energy dissolve into wisdom
You regard me with respect

The above prayer can be use when you have to deal with a difficult people or difficult situation, dowse to find out how many times you need to say the prayer to have effective change. After saying the prayer for required number of times, you clap your hands 3 times to conclude this prayer.

Recently someone ask me why I dowse, the simple answer to that is I love it, as I was very keen when I first dowse I got better and better. I search out as many sources as I can to learn more about dowsing. I experimented with ideas and worked on many people to improve my skills. You may not use dowsing but you can improve your life with other modalities too. The above prayer is one such method to help yourself, if you don't dowse just say the prayer at least 7 times, then conclude with 3 claps of your hands.

If you are serious about having a better life than your present, do something about it, practice and persevere with some practice. You will get better and better every day, and if you just do something your rate of improving yourself will be at a higher percentage than doing nothing at all.

I have posted many methods, and information to help you improve yourself, just take one or mix a couple that you like and stick with it, I am sure that you will find some improvements in your life.

Some say that life is like a mirror, it reflects to you, lessons you most need to learn, if someone makes you angry or upset, stop blaming, stop complaining, learn to forgive, don't ask why this person is doing this to you, the answers are with you, you reacted instead of responding and got upset. Just forgive that person and forgive yourself, be grateful that this person took the time to hand your lesson to you.

When you were schooling, you may had the experience of being asked to leave a club that you belong to, because someone does not like you, or get ex-communicated from a group of friends, because they don't like what you say, what they are doing is to tell that you are no longer under their protection and care. You are a threat to what they stand for, you will no longer have knowledge of what the group or club do or privileges they enjoy. Let me ask you, is this not a form of terrorism, a form of revenge, to deprive someone of goodness because you feel threaten. If you believe in what you do, in yourself, in the knowledge that you have within, do you care?

In the morning, you go to loo to release yourself, it is nature to you, and if someone tells you otherwise does it bother you, but if you have some problems with your body and someone mentions about such diseases, you might be bother due to embarrassment and worries. The fact that people are incomplete is what cause people to take action to protect themselves and to remove anyone that they feel is a threat to them.

It is sad that this is happening today among many religious groups and spiritual groups who claim that they know the truth of reality. If you exclude someone, you have judged that person, Who will be judging you? If you are killing for a cause, does the cause justify the means, stop all these nonsense you are no better than the average man on the street if you behave in such a manner and call yourself a spiritually advance being.

Start to love more, to have compassion for others, dowse for others at least for things like Geo-pathic stress (animals are affected too and they don't dowse), any act of kindness will not go to waste, don't be like a friend of mine who knows dowsing, but told me 'you know my dog barked the whole night, I wonder why?' Goodness, dowse to find out! Have respect for others, even if they do not agree with what you do, Knowledge can cut both ways be aware of this.

Thank you.

4 Myths That Keep You From Living Fully and Fearlessly

Every point in the universe is connected to every other point in the universe by the fabric of space itself. 
In other words: there are no boxes... 

4 Myths That Keep You From Living Fully and Fearlessly

Myth #1: It's selfish to love yourself: To dispel this myth, just look at its opposite: what does it look like if we don't love or value ourselves? We feel unworthy, undeserving, and unlovable, and the person we become is one who is needy with a void that we believe needs to be filled by others because we believe that it's selfish to fill it ourselves.
This is the person I used to be. I was needy -- and a people pleaser -- because I needed the validation of others in order to feel worthy. Now, I've noticed that when we love ourselves, we don't need the approval of others in order to be who we are. Instead, we are able to bring our fully-realized, joyful self out into the world -- someone who others want to be around -- instead of a self that is needy, with a hole that needs to be filled from the outside.
Myth #2: Loving myself means needing constant self-care, which could make me high maintenance: Many have expressed to me that they believe loving and honoring ourselves simply means making the time in our busy schedules to take care of ourselves -- for example, taking the time to meditate, smell the flowers, get a manicure, get our hair done, or get a massage -- basically, spend money on ourselves and give ourselves a treat. People tell me "I must already really love myself, because I do that type of stuff for myself all the time. But my life still doesn't work!"
Although I do think it's important to take the time to do those things for ourselves if it brings us pleasure, here's what self-love means to me: It means loving myself even when I fail. Even when I'm feeling down, and feel as though I have nothing left. Even when I feel that everyone on the planet is against me and doesn't understand me. I need to be able to look myself in the eyes, and say, "No matter what anyone else thinks, I will not let myself down, or forsake myself. I will stay by my own side!"
Myth #3: Loving ourselves means being in denial of our weaknesses Many believe that loving ourselves means being in denial about our seeming failures, and just talking ourselves with affirmations. However, this isn't the case. It's not just about constantly praising ourselves, talking ourselves up and telling ourselves how awesome we are. It's about loving the REAL us! It's about loving the human "us." The "us" who has feet of clay, the "us" who comes undone under criticism, the "us" who sometimes fails and disappoints those around us. It's about making a commitment to ourselves that we will stick by "us," even if no one else does! That's what loving ourselves means!
Myth #4: It's important to always stay positive, regardless of external circumstances: Although it's not a bad thing to have a positive attitude in life, I have found that as someone who reads books that advocate positive thinking, and how our thoughts create our reality, I started to become fearful of having "negative" thoughts. Whenever I had a fearful or insecure or negative thought, I would deny it, suppress it, and push it away, believing that it would contribute towards manifesting into a negative physical reality. It was only after almost dying of cancer, did I realize that I had been suppressing many of my thoughts and emotions, for fear of being negative, and putting "negative thoughts" out there. And this suppression only contributed to my illness. I then realized that it's not my thoughts that create my reality; it's my emotions towards myself. That is, the more I love myself, the better my external world. The more I love and value myself, the more I allow positive things to come into my life. The less I love myself, the less I feel worthy of allowing positive things to come into my life.
If I constantly suppress certain emotions and feelings within myself, judging them as being "negative" and forcing myself to have more positive thoughts, the message I am sending to my own self is that "my thoughts are wrong. I should not be having these thoughts!" Basically, I am denying who I am, and what I am feeling. This is not a loving thing to do to myself, and neither is it healthy to have all these feelings and emotions bottled up inside. I have since realized that it's more important to be myself than it is to be positive. And as a result, when I am positive, it is genuine and authentic.
Anita Moorjani 
Author of 'Dying to be Me'

Monday, 6 October 2014

Looking at the Whole Picture

A friend asked me, saying that after dowsing for his son, he did not see any positive results, so I asked if he has taken readings before and after dowsing, he did not. If no readings were taken you would not be able to tell if the dowsing done had been effective, when you have done the dowsing and found that the readings you took earlier did not show any difference then you will know something is not right. Maybe you dowse the wrong issues, this does not necessary mean that your dowsing was ineffective, it could be you are using the inappropriate dowse or command for the issue at hand. This is why we have to take some baseline readings like present energy level, life force, overall effects of the issue, any negative probable future. This will give us an idea of what we are dealing with, and how to go about changing the energy.

Some issues involves a whole group of people, if you are clearing your child's school to improve his environment, you have to clear all his friends, teachers, all staff, their families and the school building itself. And this may take some time to do so before you could detect a stable energy for the school and people. The same goes for the company and office you work at, you need to clear in the same manner before conditions improve.

After all these, then you can work on individuals and their issues that affect you directly, say for example if you only clean your child, he or she is clean but the next day when they go back to school they get affected again then your cleaning become ineffective because it did not address the whole picture. At the same time your child may pick up negative emotions from school and pressure from negative teachers and develop bad archetypes of their own and this vicious cycle goes on in their life. It is after you have cleared the whole place including the people there, then you can start looking to see if there are issues with your child, like negative mentality, missing good spirits(Spirit of Success), missing frequencies and so on.

It takes some time and effort to dowse and clear yourself and your family, but it is a great opportunity to improve your dowsing skills, this are basic skills and ability that you should have to be an effective dowser. I know that sometimes you read about other dowsers who only clear a single issue and solve them, but they maybe veteran dowsers and have many years of experience behind them. Each of us is different and each of us face different challenges in our life, we must learn how this energies affect us and how best to neutralize and transform them to our best good.

Thank you.

Friday, 3 October 2014

We create life by our thoughts and words

I like to share a posting from a facebook group with everyone, the short post demonstrate what I have always been writing about. A short 5 minutes in the morning makes a big difference to how you will experience your day. 

Whatever follows "I AM" is going to come looking for you. For years I have said negative things about myself. Things were either not working out or very slow in coming. I was dowsing one day and asked why am I not happy as I would like to be? It popped in my mind what Raymon has been talking about for a long time. I didn't do it because it sounded too simple and I thought it didn't or wouldn't make a difference. It think sounded too easy.
Raymon teaches inviting in the spirit of what you want and thanking it for being in your life. I recently took my 3rd class with Raymon and this time I got it. Life doesn't create us. We create life by our thoughts and our words.
Well, if Spirit is showing me this then I will try to do it. Now I take 5 minutes every morning when I open my eyes to say thank you to life, my body, my family, my spirit guides. I invite the spirit of joy. I invite the spirit of love. I invite the spirit of peace. I invite the spirit of physical strength and health.
I invite the spirit of wonderful relationships. The list goes on... I not only feel so much better but my life is going really well. Does taking 5 minutes in the morning to invite what I want into my life have anything to do with life feeling and being better? I don't know for sure but it is the only thing I have changed. What if it really is that easy. To quote Raymon (what he teaches works if you DO IT) if you do nothing, nothing is going to happen. If you do something, something might just happen. Why not test it for yourself.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Connected or Disconnected the choice is yours

I posted about Geo-pathic stress recently, here are a few more interesting things I found out. Geo-pathic stress can accumulate in your body and home, just like any other energies, if you do not neutralize them regularly you may have accumulated some in your body, and if the next one hit you, you may be in for some major problems. A friend ask if using visualization of energy egg or ball around the body will be helpful to resolving this, my opinion is that the Geo-pathic stress come at different hours of the day, sometimes in the middle of the night, it can affect you through the bottom of your feet and also through your body frequency. By the time you detect it you are already affected, this is why we neutralize the negative effects upon us.

There is another view that by not focusing on the negative we will not be affected by the negative, this is not true, In tai chi we neutralize a force by diversion, by absorbing and rebound or by being empty.(just using this to elaborate my point, I am not a tai chi master) If no force is felt there is nothing to do, just be still. So even if you do not focus on the negative the negative still affects you, you need to meet it and then be empty to neutralize it. Yin and Yang comes from the void, if there is no Yin and Yang then there is no world as you know because it returns to the void. So if you are not focus on your physical body then you are not in the body, if you can understand this maybe you can void the negatives. This are not concepts but can be proven in reality, if you focus intensely on some work you are doing you often forget the time, until maybe a colleague comes and ask you to go have lunch. But it goes deeper than this and I am unable to explain all of these in one posting. You are in the world and there are forces of nature, forces of mass consciousness, forces of physics, forces of gravity, do you believe that by not focusing on these forces they do not affect you?

Yesterday, I was using intuitive drawings to draw chakras of some of my friends, I was surprised that their chakras have become just a single ball as if the seven chakras have been compressed into one. I dropped my pencil and started to dowse to see what is going on, and I found that emf was so high that it is affecting our chakras. Along with emf there was also negative effects of A/C currents. I neutralize these and did another check on my friends' chakras and they were back to normal. I wonder how many readers felt the same yesterday around late afternoon.

Some people think that I am paranoid and I am preambling the negatives, but all I am doing is neutralizing and transforming what has already affected me, before the effects becomes worse in the near future. It is not like I sit down and dowse to remove negatives that are not there, if you think that the negative energies do not affect you, think again. Did you just had an argument with your spouse this morning? Did the price of coffee and basic food stuff went up recently? Did you notice that there is a protest in some part of the world that is escalating to become a nasty riot? How much do you want to be affected before you will notice it?

Met a neighbor this morning on the bus, who works at our local mental institute, he told me that they are building a new wing so as to accommodate 2000 new beds. Think about this, more people are becoming mentally ill, why? Please keep working on yourself and your family daily, you will be glad you did.

Thank you.