Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I like to share this article with everyone about Switchwords, you can write your name or someone you intent to help on a piece of paper, add the appropriate Switchwords and then draw a circle or a heart around both the name and switchwords. This will create a energy circle for you or person you are helping, pin it or stick it somewhere so that the written side is facing out. You can deactivate this energy circle by turning the written side over. 

Just tried this with a friend over lunch, he was having pain in his gums so I created a energy circle with switchwords for him, his pain disappeared within a few minutes. 

You can paired up 2 switchwords or have a combinations of switchwords to serve your purpose. (example- DIVINE-COUNT, DIVINE-PRAISE)
Thank you
Love and Gratitude

What are Switchwords??? SWITCHWORDS were created by James Mangan and REVAMPED and brought back to us by Shunyam Nirav. The concept is using certain words as a "SWITCH" as you will. Like turning on a light in you subconscious. These words are POWERFUL for getting you more of what you want. As you use these words you FOCUS your energy like a laser and results are incredible. So here is a list of words that were created befor us. Part of this groups CHARM is that we have created alot of new POWERFUL SWITCHWORDS and will continue to do so. So please feel free to join. You are the best judge of the words that work best for you. So welcome to your power and enjoy. If you are new to the concept here is a good starter thread. TOGETHER DIVINE REACH BLISS KIM
Requested SWITCHWORD list which are brought to us by James Mangan and .
Shunyam Nirav. Bless them for their wonderful inspiration they are with us always.

To create new ideas-ON.
To reduce smoking-COUNT.
To get in mood for writing-GIGGLE.
To stay young and to look young immediately-LEARN.
To be a good mechanic-CONSIDER.
To break a bad habit-OFF.
To fall asleep- OFF
To wake up- ON
To meet a deadline-DONE.
To sigh-HO.
To upset an opponent in such a game-FIGHT.
To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess-CUT.

To display pep and sudden energy-MOVE.
To turn a setback into an uplift-ELATE.
To remember, in the sense of memorization-CARE.
To remember something forgotten-REACH.
To find lost or misplaced article-REACH.
To solve a problem-REACH.
To prevent a person or action from annoying one-CANCEL.
To obliterate a negative thought-CANCEL.
To dispel a worry-CANCEL.
To sell-GIVE.
To aquire a skill-WATCH.
To love to read-JUDGE.
To maintain good health-BE.
To be kind-TINY.
To invent-REACH.
To relieve constipation-SWIVEL.
To heal a scab-ALONE.
To stop drinking-SAVE.
To keep a resolution-DONE.
To destroy remorse-TOMORROW.
To cease regretting-THANKS.
To secure transportation-ON.

To cure hypersensitivity-DUCK.
To prevent pouting streak-POSTPONE.
To handle anything unpleasant-ADJUST.
To dispel an attack of the blues-UP.
To act on good impulse-NOW.
To stop faultfinding-PRAISE.
To build will power-DONE.
To banish lonesomeness-BE.
To get rid of inertia-MOVE.
To avoid poverty or debt-CANCEL.
To nourish ambition-ON.
To eliminate procrastination-DO.
To promote-FOR.
To advertise-SCHEME.
To secure publicity-RIDICULOUS.
To retain good feeling or sense of well-being-STRETCH.
To assume or carry a burden-ADJUST.
To get something out of eye-CHANGE.
To dispel ache or pain in any part of body-CHANGE.
To turn on personality-CHUCKLE.
To turn on politeness or courtesy-TINY.
To convert another-TAP.
To dispel nervousness-BLUFF.

To dispel conscious fear-BLUFF.
To call forth extra personal ability-DIVINE.
To preserve personal safety-GUARD.
To make yourself beautiful or handsome-PRAISE.
To aquire good taste-COPY.
To keep a secret-FOREVER.
To subdue inner excitement-COVER.
To get to sleep-OFF.
To build-PUT.
To dress better-SPEND.
To find percentage-ADD.
To learn a secret-WAIT.
To improve your mental telepathy-BETWEEN.
To withstand impatience-SLOW.
To handle success-SUFFER.
To handle prosperity-SUFFER.
To avoid carelessness-ATTENTION.
To improve perspective-AROUND.
To build character-HOLD.
To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering-UNCLE.
To develop or increase endurance-CONTINUE.
To be wise-SLOW.
To achieve peace of conscience-BE.

To build, produce-ON.
To develop leadership-TAKE.
To build a fortune-FIND.
To make money-COUNT.
To develop courage-SWING.
To read the future-LISTEN.
To work miracles-DIVINE.
To do anything-TOGETHER.
To lose inferiority complex-UP.
To become an orator-ACT.
To publish a successful newspaper-PERSONAL.
To publish a successful magazine-SOPHISTICATE.
To make your children obedient-CROWD.
To be compatible with others-WITH.
To be soothing to others-SWEET.
To be pious-SHOW.
To complete a lot of detailed work-NEXT.
To create appeal-HOLE.
To design-SCHEME.
To appear rich-WASTE.
To create beauty-CURVE.
To appear cultured-CLASSIC.
To help others-GIVE.
To bury your grudges-REVERSE.

To reduce your bragging-DOWN.
To lose pettiness-MAGNANIMITY.


Making Switchwords Work

Switchword is the essence of an experience, condition, or desired result, expressed as a single word. Switchword is "one-word creative declaration," a "one-word affirmation."

Declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even just mentally "intend" the Switchword, and like turning on an electric lamp with a switch, the desired result reliably appears.

Some Switchwords may manifest very quickly for one person and take more time for another, and the reason for such may not be clear.

One of the keys to seeing the Switchwords work is to, once you say a Switchword, relax and follow your Inner Being's guidance. In other words, take inspired action as it comes.

The Switchword GUARD is for protection. If you say GUARD and you feel an urge to do something different from your normal routine, then “do it.” The feeling you have is your Inner Being suggesting a change to help to protect you.

The Switchword ON is to get transportation. If you say ON and you feel an impulse to step outside your usual pattern, then “do it.”

Why follow your impulse? 
You follow your impulse because you want to stay connected with All-That-Is.

What does this mean? 
We all have negative experiences in our lives. 
The list may be long and many.

We all have positive experiences in our lives. 
The list may be short and sweet.

The reason we have experiences (+/-) is for one reason. 
This reason is to acquire feelings.
We acquire feelings to give ourselves a frame of reference, and this frame of reference gives our lives meaning.

We invent contrast.
We invite contrast.
We want to feel alive.
We are tasters of sensation.
We connect with All-That-Is.

For example, if you now feel an impulse to exit the building through a different door than you usually do then “do it.”

Why exit through a different door?
Because you might bump into an acquaintance. You exchange salutations and now this conversation appears to be drying up. However, they turn to you and start some light social chit-chat. During this chit-chat you discover they are going your way and your interest is sparked, but you don’t want to interrupt them. So you let them carry on with the light social chit-chat. To your surprise, without your prompting, they turn to you and offer you a ride. Just what you needed! Such a timely manner!

Look at the result achieved! 
You followed an impulse. 
You got a desired result. 

Now embrace where this takes you. 
Embrace the feeling that you get knowing that All-That-Is throughout the Universe is desperately working overtime just for you!

Now, how does it feel to be connected like this?
Switchwords are words that suggest to the subconscious mind/Inner Being an experience you wish to have. Immediately upon saying a Switchword with intent, your Inner Being begins to try to find ways to create (attract) that experience. If you ignore the prompting from your Inner Being, you are saying "nevermind."

In my opinion, the reason Switchwords work faster for some than for others is because some are listening to their Inner Being and some are not. The more experienced with Switchwords you become, the more you learn to listen to and follow the guidance of your Inner Being and the more magical you will find Switchwords to be.

Also, an awareness of the Law of Attraction may help when utilizing Switchwords. When you use a Switchword and then focus on a lack of (rather than desire for), you may be immediately canceling the request you just made.

To reiterate what life is:
Acquiring experiences.
Acquiring feelings.
Solving problems.
Tasting sensations.

If you do not know sadness, 
how can you experience joy and know it, feel it?

If you do not know frustration of failure,
how can you experience satisfaction of success
and know it, feel it?

If you do not know the rage of the storm,
how can you experience the relaxation of the calm
and know it, feel it?

You have to know both the negative and
the positive to recognize 
the absolute Joy in Joy, 
the absolute Satisfaction in Satisfaction, 
the absolute Relaxation in Relaxation.

Realize that your Inner Being is always using your Emotional Guidance System to guide you toward your goals. If you feel good, you're on the path you want to be on. If you feel bad, you are not in alignment with where you really want to be. And, if you feel that Switchwords are not working for you, perhaps your focus is not in the right place. Switchwords always work with your Inner Being. They work for your higher good and cannot be used in a manner that is inconsistent with that path. In other words, Switchwords cannot attract negative to you. If used with intent for cause that is harmful to you or another, you will not get guidance or prompting from your Inner Being, and you may feel that Switchwords are not working for you.

If Switchwords do not seem to be working for you, perhaps the reason is that you are:
1. Not in alignment with your Inner Being.
2. Not listening to your Emotional Guidance System.
3. Inadvertently canceling your request right after you place it by either misaligned thought and/or not taking inspired action.


Fellow Switchworder, Vikram Mavinkurve give us another suggestion as a way to work with Switchwords:

I chant each SW Phrase/Combo exactly thrice. Usually by the 3rd repetition I feel a surge of energy literally shake me up from the base of my spine all the way up and out of the head/crown chakra and the soles of both my feet get excessively hot! This (for me) usually indicates my alignment with the SW being chanted.

Considering the entire body is supported by the spinal column and the entire network of nerves run through it, it is also an information super-expressway of neural pathways to the body.

So not only do I chant the SW, I also mentally intend that the SW get resident into the entire length of my spine. 

Intending SW to reside there ensures complete alignment with the SW being used and continued effect of the SW w/out having to chant incessantly. The neural pathway ensures it reaches every cell of the body and hence the SW now become part of my "being-ness"

Try it! It's amazingly effective and you will actually feel physical results to each SW being used!

We look forward to feedback on your personal experience using this method.