Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sharing some Orb pictures

This morning something wonderful happened, I was at my school project site taking some progress pictures, when I took pictures of the 2nd floor sports hall, I found many energy orbs appeared in the pictures I have taken. Orbs are said to be spirit beings or angels, and if you managed to photographed them, you are at the same frequency as them.

I am grateful that they have decided to let me take their photos, I am so happy to share this photos with everyone.

Yesterday was quite rough energetic wise, in the morning, there was x-energy and later in the day there were strong Geo-pathic stress and also strong astrological influences, this probably knockout many people, and cause lots of people to be out of balance. 

'Everyday seems to bring a new conflict, disease, or disaster, and popular media appears to be generating a 24-hour cycle of fear. During these times of rapid socioeconomic, political, spiritual, and planetary changes, visionary experts like Gregg Braden take an in-depth look at what has been predicted for our time, what the future holds for us physically and spiritually, and what our role is in shaping this future.'

The above is to me an accurate observation of the time now, recently I have been picking up lots of mass consciousness of fear, jealousy and greed. These mass consciousness energy are much stronger than before, as I have been measuring energy for the past few years. 

There will be major energy shifts in the coming months that we have never experience before, two major ones will probably happen in April and September so please keep up your daily energy routine for yourself and family.

Thank you.

Love and Gratitude



Wednesday, 28 January 2015


You're hurt by only those whom you love. A small act from them annoys you, hurts you. Someone who is indifferent, doesn't smile at you, it doesn't bother you so much. But someone whom you love, they don't smile, or they didn't give enough attention to you, you get hurt. Then you go, "Wah, wah, wah , wah." Your mind goes like that. All complaints it takes and stores up and stores up and stores up and creates an illusion, "I am bad." Either you blame yourself or you blame the other person. So either you are in misery or you make that other person miserable and guilty and all this stuff. This is too common. But then there is another stage. When love matures, it becomes surrender. Surrender is the Divine love, mature love. "What is it that you want? Let me be useful to you. Let me be like a tree, and you come and have shade under me. I am here to give you joy and happiness. And in your joy, in your happiness, I find happiness." That is surrender. And surrender is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a human being. And the moment that surrender has happened in you, you have reached the other shore. And in that state, there is so much fulfillment. That is prosperity

Watch this video by Ormond Mcgill on visualization and how to manifest your wishes.

Thank you

Love and Gratitude


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Healing and you

Study more to understand that each at all times stands in the presence of that Power, that Force, that brings to each the power of knowing self in a material world. Each act, each thought of each body adds to the bringing about of His Kingdom in the earth, or adds to that which prevents it from becoming manifest in this material plane . . . ‪#‎EdgarCayce‬ reading 911-6

"Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life."
Eckhart Tolle

For as we forgive, we are forgiven; as we condemn others, we are ourselves condemned. Thus in patience condemn not, neither find fault; not condoning, not agreeing, but let thine own life so shine that others, seeing thy patience, knowing thy understanding, comprehending thy peace, may take hope.‪#‎EdgarCayce‬ reading 3459-1

Most people seek energy healing after they have exhausted all other avenues of conventional treatment, then they start their journey into energy, they begin to see that there is another world beyond the physical world they have come to know. Some of these people are able to keep up a lifelong practice of energy works but there are also many who will leave after they have healed.

Presently, many energy works have made their practices simple and effective, and many teachers have combined methods to form new modalities to bring about better healing results. With the ever rising cost of conventional medical care, it wise to pick up one of these energy healing modalities. This is like having a personal doctor by your side 24/7, without having to pay for one. You will never suffer from side effects of medications and treatments found in conventional medicine. 

Dowsing is to me one of the easiest method of healing, with great versatility to heal all aspect of one's life. It can be use to clean up energy in a person, place, and events past, present and future. A simple method and you can learn it for free, lots of information are available on the internet, with many course offered by experienced dowsers. 

The process of cleansing happens at many different level, we can generally categorize these under physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There is actually no difference between the four, because we can not separate them, we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in one. When we observed a cleansing process, sometimes it affects the physical body more than the other three, and for some, their negative emotions are released, and for others some stress is released. But all these happens on all four levels, the body is unwell because when any one of these levels have problems it will be reflected on the physical body first. 

One of the common thing I detect in a person who is unwell is trapped emotions. This can usually be found along the spinal column, and the most common complain is backaches along the spine. So if you have backaches try this 'Please transmute all trapped emotions in me into love and freedom. Thank you.'

Please visit  to download your free dowsing manual.

Thank you

Love and Gratitude

Always Better and Better


Friday, 23 January 2015

Embrace Change

I like to clarify some matters about my last 2 posting, I am not complaining about not being appreciated for all the healing work done, I am just highlighting that on this path, you will meet all kind of people, it is up to yourself to decide who you should keep as friends, and who are those that you should stay away from. Even with those that are not beneficial to me I have helped one way or another. I have only made it clear to them that they are not helping themselves, by leaning on someone else, everyone has the ability to help themselves and they should lean on their own spine once they have receive help to reset their energy.

We go through this journey called life by ourselves, all your loved one and friends are just with you, taking their own journey, all experience you gain is only felt by yourself, no one else can feel the same. You may have similar experiences but the feeling and knowing is all unique to you, because of who you are, Do not be afraid to move from one experience to another, it is the way to grow within, hanging on to what you have is not possible for all things changes in time to come. Instead of worrying about losing out when you move on, look forward to see what might be gain from doing so.

Do not get attached to anything, even in spiritual practice, you can become greedy and this will lead to take the long road to happiness.' Let go of the body, before the body let go of you.' this is one important thing to learn, all these feverishness about yourself will only bring pain and misery. As all things changes, you cannot hold on to anything, and this includes your worries and problems, the reason you are still having them is because you are holding on.

Today is a new page in your life, don't write the same story your wrote yesterday.

Declare 'Today is a Good Day! I appreciate it!

Thank you.

Love and Gratitude

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sharing some thoughts after my lunch

Just had my lunch, I enjoyed what I had, feeling grateful, on my way back to office, I thought of a group of people whom I have come to know when I was practicing some energy stuff. They were always saying how grateful they are for this and that, but when asked to do something that would affect their pockets and time they would come out with the most creative replies to excuse themselves.

They would always be asking me about how to use energy to do this and that or to help them and their friends and family as long as it is free of charge, I finally started to ask for payment and they disappear like flies.

These people had reiki attunement done, but would not use it fearing that they might get negative vibes or for whatever reasons they call me all the time and ask me if I can solve problems for them and even their friends.

This is a good example of people with energy but have nothing to do with enlightenment, they behave selfishly and make use of your kindness, they pretend to be spiritual seekers but are actually a sad excuse for a human being. Then there is another group that are self righteous and organization oriented, you must follow the rules, the rules will save you from hell, you must obey the leaders for they are guided by the higher source. All the bullshit will really bring them to their own hell.

There are all kinds of people who are practicing spirituality, and each will tell you that they are doing it right, and this is the sign that you should look out for- the right way. If anyone tells you that his way is the right way and the only way to God, Run!

There is only one right way and that's your way! There is no hurry, you got eternity to get it right besides there is nothing wrong in the first place. Just be Happy!

Thank you
Love and Gratitude

Enjoy- Heaven Rushing In
from Donna Eden -Energy Medicine

Sharing about enlightenment

(This posting is just my personal musing about enlightenment, it does not represent the truth, just my own understanding of this matter presently)

What is enlightenment to you? For some they believe that enlightenment comes only when you are release from samsara, can one be enlighten while still in samsara?
Enlightenment is not an attainment, it is about how much you can let go of the body and the illusion that is our world. There are many schools of thoughts that have different views of enlightenment and with many methods on how to attain this. To attain enlightenment is a desire by itself and many fall off the path because of this, letting go all attachments, and desires will get you closer to it, but it is never an easy path to take.

Ask yourself this question often 'Are you Happy?' if you can always answer positively, then you can stop reading this blog now, I am glad for you, you have it.

Energy is one key component of the path to enlightenment, this is why many practice breathing methods, energy works, reiki and qigong, but all these actually helps promote life, extent life and is opposite of what one wants - to understand death and release oneself from the cycle of rebirth. It is all the worries and fear that we faced as humans that is keeping us down, so why do we want to prolong our life? I don't have an answer, the only thing I can say is if you have no physical body now you will not experience enlightenment. It is the contrast that makes us feel the different emotions and sensations, so the contrast is an important thing to feel, if not you would not know good from bad, light from darkness.

Now here are some numbers to illustrate and to make reference as to understand what I am talking about. Most people have an energy levels that can be measured, people average energy level are in the thousand range (1000), some who done lots of practice would have and energy level that is at the million range (1000000) and others can have energy levels of billion, trillion and quadrillion range.
Most average people would normally have an energy range of below a million, very few would have energy range above a billion. Enlightened masters usually have an energy range above quadrillion but you would not be able to detect this easily, because the energy does not radiate from their aura the same way the average people's aura radiate. (there is no unit behind the numbers as it use as a reference only, so don't ask what million or quadrillion range means)
You can measure your own energy level to see in which range it is at, just ask is my energy at this range (thousand, million,) and you will know where you are at, so how does one raise oneself to a higher energy range?

It is difficult to explain what process must be taken to raise oneself to a higher energy range, but safe to say it is a process of letting go, and not one of adding on. In many yoga tradition, it is said that as you practice, you will attain certain siddhis or powers, this powers appear to show you that you have made progress in your practice, but you are also told to let them go and not get attached to these powers. There are many levers of attainment, and with each level you reached you let go of these powers and move on to let go more till you come to a place of peace. There are many people who have such powers and they use their powers to do healing and to make money for themselves. There is nothing wrong, it is their choice to make, and as long as they are clear of what they are doing it is fine, but some do get caught up with delusion and think that this is enlightenment for them.

You are your own best teacher, an enlightenment master cannot give you enlightenment, you must experience it yourself. When a master give you energy, it is to assist you with raising your energy level or tuning you to the correct frequency for your body, but if you are still caught up with the belief system of our world, you will not be able to move any closer to enlightenment of your mind.
As your energy is raised, your frequency changes and things, people and beliefs that do not match the higher frequency drops off. This is one reason why you need to raise your energy level, and as you drop more garbage from your system, your energy is raised too, because energy is not wasted maintaining the garbage. (you carry in your mind) This is why it is good to have reiki attunement, it is one method that is useful to start the process of cleansing your body and mind.

So far I have just touch the tip of the iceberg, there still many things to explain and I am unable to express all these in one posting, but if you do have any questions to ask me or share your own viewpoint, please feel free to write me or leave a comment.

Thank you

Love and Gratitude

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mass Consciousness

I am not sure, but it seems to me that people are behaving strangely, there have been many reports of violence and sporadic killings and shooting happening all over the world. Although I regularly managed my energy, I can still feel aggressiveness bubbling up in me often, the only difference is that I am aware it is not mine, and I usually have it neutralize in good time. Notice I said usually, there are times when I do lose it too and have a short flare of temper.

How many of you feel this way, that people are putting unnecessary stress on themselves and others, because they are affected by their own fears and insecurity. It is a good idea to clear mass consciousness of fear upon yourself and family everyday, you can do it with dowsing or as an affirmation -' Please transmute fear and mass consciousness of fear into pure love for me, my family, our home, all people we associate with and for all our places of visit for the day. Thank you.'

Energy level fluctuate through out the day and from place to place, always remember to raise your energy before moving to a new destination and also raise the energy level of the place of your next destination before going. You raise your own energy simply by asking 'Please raise my energy to the highest appropriate level for my best good. Thank you.'  For your destination, ask to transmute all non beneficial energy into beneficial energy or love and raise the energy level to the highest level for the best good for all people there. Usually a place of high energy is good, if you dowse you can check the energy level before and after changing the energy of your destination, and if you find that the energy level is still below 50% then you might have to check for and clear other issues there. If possible avoid going to the place until there is an energy level of 80% and above.

There are many changes at many different levels taking place with our earth and the solar system, all these changes can and do affect us, I wish I could tell everyone that all is well and there is nothing to worry about, but it is not so, do not be complacent, keep up with your energy work, whatever you are doing is going to be helpful to you and your well being. Take timeout regularly from your daily work routine to release stress, do some stretching and take a few deep breath, this will go a long way to keep you from being stress out.

Thank you.
Love and Gratitude
Better and Better!
Please enjoy this video, pay attention to the checklist he is going through to find in balances in the body. You can use the same checklist items and clear yourself with dowsing too.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Sharing- A Question about Loneliness

Q: I feel very lonely. I need someone to support me whom I can rely on, but no one is ready for full commitment. What do I do?
Sri Sri: Any companionship when it goes from a place of wanting and lack to contributing, is long lasting. You came into this world all alone. And when you go from here you are going to go alone. Don’t try to run away from loneliness. It is a blessing in disguise. This is a time to be centered. Push away everything around you. You will find that you’re the scintillating energy of the Universe. You are the center of the consciousness. You’re the ultimate Truth. This loneliness is only one step close to that.
Loneliness is because you want to grab something from outside. Trying to fill your loneliness, looking for a companion, anything outside is not going to work. Know that you are on this planet to give something and then pack up and leave. That’s it! You have come here to give something, take nothing from here. When you get into this knowledge, when you get into the core of existence you will never feel lonely at all. You will feel the consciousness around you is all life. Then everyone is your friend here. However they behave, it is immaterial. From your side, they are your friends. You become like a mother. The mother never minds whether the kid is crying or throwing pranks, or throwing tantrums... She doesn't mind if the baby is smiling or throwing tantrums, still she feels the baby is mine. You will feel so big, you feel that this whole Universe is mine, everybody is mine. And this is the way to get rid of loneliness. Not searching for someone who will match your mindset. It will match only for a while, because nature has made you so unique. If you see your thumbprints, each one of you have got a different thumb print. That itself shows that you are unique. You will find a partner who is very good and after, seven or thirty or forty years, you will feel like you were never together! You wonder how we could live together for forty years and then one day say we are so different, we don’t match each other!
Come on, wake up! Wake up and see. Don’t look for someone and something to fill your vacuum. There is a song from Kabir which says, ‘my beloved comes to me in my dream’. When you think this whole world is a dream, you shake hands with your beloved. Once you embrace your beloved, that is it. There is no more loneliness. No more loneliness anywhere, ever. This is the spiritual path. I am not against you having a relationship, a family, getting married. No, you can have your spouse, you can have your companion, but not from the space of wanting something from them. Imagine a partnership where you are content and you are only contributing to the other person. Such a relationship will last longer. So this way, sit and meditate, listen to bhajans, listen to songs. Your beloved is with you. You just have to look inward, that’s it. Once you find your beloved within you, inside, you find him or her everywhere in this creation.

Love and Gratitude
Better and Better

Friday, 16 January 2015

A Sharing about Timeline

"What-is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what-is. By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping-off place for so much more. But if you speak predominantly of what-is, then you will still jump off - but you jump off into more of the same."

It is the weekend again, time seems to pass quickly now, I hope everyone is putting your time to good use. We all have a timeline, past, present and future, since time is a thought or concept it is also energy. There is actually no time but the present, the very moment now is where you are and is life itself, but most of us spend our time thinking about our past and worrying about our future.
If time is an energy, we can change energy, I shared a video from Burt Goldman on eye movement therapy, this is one way to adjust your timeline, since we picture our pass, present and future in our mind from left,center and right, by moving our eyes rapidly from left to right and right to left we are in a way removing what we don't want from our timeline in our mind.
Moving objects to different position in your mind's eye will have different effects on your reality, so try it, do some experiments and see if it works for you.
Thank you
Have a Great Weekend Ahead and A wonderful Next Week too!
Always Better and Better!
Love and Gratitude

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Simple Techniques you can use

I like to share these 2 interesting videos from Burt Goldman with everyone, he shares with us some interesting techniques that are useful. His presentation is quite light hearted but the techniques are actually powerful tools to use.

Simple techniques are sometimes more powerful than elaborated rituals, clearing negative energy can be as simple as just taking in a deep breath and blowing the breath out through the mouth. If you do this with the strong intention that all negative energies are cleanse from your body together with the out breath, it will work for you.

Please watch these videos, and try out the techniques from him.

Thank you
Love and Gratitude

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A story 2

Yesterday, I talk about my journey into healing, I like to share a bit more about the reiki training I received from my reiki master. When you joined the center, you are expected to help out with healing clients that come in for healing, Every Thursday and Saturday the center is open house and you are expected to give testimony of your experiences in reiki, the master would usually invite a guest to come forward and he would ask one of his students to scan this person and tell the audience if there was any problems with the person's health, or other problems that was pick up. This of course was done with the consent of the volunteer audience.

Once he asked me to scan a professor of TCM from China who was in the audience, I look at him and saw that there was a dark green color on his liver, so I pointed out that he might have a liver problem. He jumped out of his seat and confirmed that it was so, he was surprised that I could pick up something that he has just been diagnosed with, and he told us that he had to undergo many scans before his problem was confirm by the hospital.

In another occasion, master ask for a business card from the audience and told me to scan the card, he then ask me about how the prosperity of the business represented on the card. I felt that the business was not doing well and that it probably would go under in a year's time, I told the owner of the card what I felt, and to my surprise he was not angry, he admitted that it was so, and it was the reason he came to the open house at the center to see if he could find a solution for his business.

This is the training that we were put through, master's reiki method of training also included psychic training, feng shui, reiki qigong, TCM and occasionally removing bad spirits. There were a few instances where we had to remove spirits from possessed people who came to the center, they were screaming and in delusion, crying and rolling on the floor. It was quite a scene to watch, not to mention that we had to help out by directing reiki to these people.

This is not the standard reiki training offered, it was boot camp, we really had to use what we have learned and apply in many situations. Healing patients with illness to us would be the easiest task assigned, the two years spent there was most rewarding and I learned so much about energy works.

Alright, I hope that by sharing a little of the training I have gone through would help to inspire some to move forward in their own journey into healing and energy works.

Thank you


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Story

Today I would like to share something about healing, my own experience with healing works over the years have allow me to meet many people and have many wonderful moments with them. I learned to become a better healer because of them, and feel very grateful for the opportunities they offer for me to better my own understanding of myself.

What do I gain from helping others, actually nothing in monetary terms, and sometimes it can be stressful and physically draining. But spiritually I cannot repay what I have gain from them, so I will share some of my insights and hope that in sharing them, it would be helpful for some who are on the same journey.

My journey into healing started when I took a course with the Art of Living, basic course was  spread over 5 nights, and I experienced many wonderful moments during this course. I was so inspired by the course, I help organised the next course with the teacher, and bought my wife, brother and his wife and a few friends to join in. A few months later I took the advance course for the first time, it was held in a mountain resort in Chengmai Thailand. When I arrived at the venue, I was surprised that it is the exact same place I saw when I was meditating during the basic course. After completing the course, I returned home, and things started to happen, I could now see spirits clearly, and it was not really something that I have expected or is ready for, I had to learn very quickly how to deal with this new faculty that I have gain.

I will not go into details of how I adapted to my new abilities, and move forward to the next phase of my story. A few years later my wife and me decided to have our nadi leaf readings, there was this master from India who was visiting so we took the opportunity to have our nadi read. As there was a queue, (as always) we waited for our turn to meet with the master, a couple was queuing in front of us, the women struck up a conversation, in the course of their conversation this lady offered to open the 3rd eye for my son who was with us. She told us that this would greatly help him in his studies, so without thinking much about it we agreed. My son gain the ability to see energy and colors and it did help him make improvements in his grades.

About one year after, I thought about this incident, and realize that I should meet with her master that she mentioned about, so I called up the center and went to check out her reiki master.(high ego) It turn out that anyone could just sit in at the center and listen to the talks the master gave everyday, you need not be a member first, so I went to the center everyday for a few months before I decided to let my wife have the reiki attunement. My wife had some problems with fibrosis and was schedule for some treatments, so she had the attunement done the day before her doctor's appointment and the next day we were surprised that the doctor told us that he could not find any problem with her and sent us home with a very strange look on his face. I spent the next 2 years at the center everyday helping out and doing healing for fellow members and clients.

It was also at this same period of time, I came across dowsing, when a friend lead me a book by Raymon Grace 'The Future is yours, do something about it' . I read the whole book at one sitting and was very fascinated with what was written. I took up dowsing, and later had this wonderful opportunity to meet someone here who had taken a dowsing course with Raymon in the States.
I learned as much as I could about dowsing and started to dowse for myself, my family and friends, I worked on anyone who came by and gain experience in dowsing rapidly. Soon I realize that I could combine dowsing with reiki healing and this open many more options and tools for me to help people.

My reiki master said 2 things that made a deep impression on me, he told me that he is thinking of energy 24 hours a day everyday, and if one day when I have truly understand energy I will go back and scold him. I now understand what he meant, and I am ever grateful for all that he has done for me.

All the people you ever met, was never by coincidence, they are there because you attracted them to you, all the masters you have met or is wanting to meet are all because of you. Through the years of doing healing works, I have probably met over 600 to 1000 people, some of them became close friends and some for a very brief moment. 4 years ago I decided to write a blog to reach out and share information that I believe are helpful to improve peoples' lives and through my writings I met more friends.

Most of the people I have helped are women, I do not know why, because of this I realize that most of the problems women have are related to emotions, Healing happens at many levels, some of the problems are related to past lives, some are hidden deep within oneself, and some are conditioned. It is never as simple as giving them one reiki session and they are healed, what was removed are the symptoms that has come to the surface but the root problems takes a lot more to eradicate, As I gained more experience with this work, I have started to learn more about how we behave and the fears that resulted from the actions that we take. So exceptional healers like my reiki master sometimes do weird things, that cause our hidden fears to surface, he is never worried about what is said about his actions because it really does not matter. He created a number reiki system that is both practical and easy to use, and combine this with Traditional Chinese Medicine resulting in a unique energy acupuncture system.

Alright it is been probably too long a story to tell, any way I would appreciate any feedback you have of what I have written, you can leave a comment or email me. I would gladly answer any queries you might have.

Thank you


Monday, 12 January 2015

Are you Happy?

When you sit and think, “When will I get happiness,” you won’t get it. When you see your happiness in the happiness of others, that’s when you will be truly happy.

I was discussing with someone about having friends that talk in a negative way, she was telling me that the group of friends she associate with, do so. The above video is one method you can use to remove negative talk as it happens. 

Another suggestion you might want to adopt is to use this affirmation ' I repel all people and energy that are harmful to me.' If you use this one, some of your friends may drop out of sight, good riddance to bad rubbish, those who are still with you are probably good friends to keep. 

Some of the people I know love to measure themselves, they would find one spiritual law and measure it against another, then they get all confused because they find that one law contradicts another and they ask why is this so. I always had problems with keeping rule and regulations, usually by 10 am I would be in some arcade playing video games back when I was schooling. I never bothered with the rules and the rules never bothered me, of course until I was caught by my teacher. 

Do not measure yourself with a yardstick created by someone else, if you want to do so, then use your own, actually measuring only makes you aware of your own boundary, your safe or comfort zone, To be really happy and free, you should widen your comfort zone to be as wide as possible, do not hide behind the line, push the limits once in a while, if not once a year as a new year resolution. Choose to do something that you have not done before, challenge yourself. 

Meet new friends, widen your society circle, go bungee jump or maybe pick a quarrel with a oppressive boss, try it, you may find that it is not the end of the world because your boss fired you for purposely insulting him, you will surely be able to find something else to do. (please do not take this literally, I am just making a point) 

If you find that at this point of your life, you are unable to be happy, contented or at peace with yourself, then do something about it. Another friend of mine recently left his cozy job to venture into his own business, he is in his fifties and is still willing to take the plunge to do what he feels will make him happy. 

I am not saying that your present position in life should be changed because you want to become happier, I am just suggesting that you can, but if you are happy where you are, it is fine, 


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Better and Better

Exciting 2 days of energy fluctuation, I hope everyone is doing their regular cleaning. Astrological changes are happening throughout the day, and people will get knockout of balance so remember to balance your energy with Earth energy, Universal energy, Cosmic energy and Galactic energy, balance your polarity to 100% balance, balance the blood flow to the brain, left and right hemispheres of the brain and your brain chemistry.

Negative Astrological influences usually affects our mental stability, people will behave strangely, usually exhibiting aggressiveness to each other. Fear energy is generally magnified and old issues will resurface for some people causing more worries and fear.

Stay calm, if you do not dowse, take a few moments in your day to observe your breathing, and when you are in a relax state of mind, use this affirmation - 'Everyday, in Every Way, I am getting Better and Better.' Say it at least 3 times, the more the merrier, as affirmation works by repetitions.

I like to share a interesting video with everyone by The American Monk Burt Goldman, please enjoy watching.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sharing results of Dowsing

Hi Folks,
I am sure many have made some New Year resolutions; they are easier to make than to keep at times.
One resolution is to lose weight. After the holiday season some have perhaps eaten a bit too much
and put on a few pounds. Can Dowsing and Raymon’s techniques help?
Let me share a story with you.
Last year I received results from some routine blood work that I had been requested to have.
Everything came back pretty good, but the doctor said some levels were getting a bit high and
he may have to put me on cholesterol medicine to reduce cholesterol in my system and the D word
DIET. I said no thanks, I’ll take care of it and see what the end of the year looks like.
Here is what I did:
I asked my dowsing system to automatically raise the benefits and nutrition of any food or anything
I drink to the most appropriate level for my body and it’s well being.
Whenever we ate out I dowsed for the nutrition and benefits of the food to be raised to the highest
appropriate level.
I also used energized water and did what Raymon’s friend Jeff does. I asked that all the nutrients and
vitamins that my body needs be put into the water, I asked that the water tension be adjusted to
the appropriate level for my body. That my cells would absorb this and flush all the toxins out of
my body along with any negative memories.
I asked that all my body systems be compatible and work in harmony.
I used Raymon’s Affirmation every day:
My body absorbs all the appropriate nutrients from all food and drink that I consume,
I maintain my ideal size and body weight.
End of the year results of this blood test were very good, the doctor couldn’t believe it and
I had also dropped 10 pounds. Did I change my diet, NO, I did exactly what I described above.
I did not go through all the steps every time I ate. I called what I did my Body Energy System
and asked that it be done automatically every time I ate.
No Stress worrying about losing weight or staying on a diet, but changing my life style instead.
No resolutions here except to have the best positive year that I can attract.
Wishing everyone success in your dowsing projects, positive Qi your way.

Sharing the above posting from friend and fellow dowser, this is what the power of intent can achieve through dowsing. You have the ability to do the same, try it.
Thank you


Yesterday had a fun time sharing with a friend about dowsing and energy works, we covered many areas including prosperity, financial baseline, boosting brain power and aura sensing all of these at a coffee place. I like to thank him here for lending me his ears and making this possible for me.

Learning to use energy is the basic skill that one should have, the good news is that everyone actually has this skill but have never explore this beyond their norm. This is such a pity, so much more can be achieve by just becoming aware of what is beyond the 5 senses.

Try this out, close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and let it out, repeat again for another 8 times. Now observe yourself, are you feeling more relaxed? Is there a warm feeling or sensation around your body? Do you feel some kind of sensation maybe an inch from your skin around the whole body?

If you do feel the above sensations I described, you have just experience your aura, the energy that is around your body. The aura is an electromagnetic field that protects your body, as you practice this breathing more, the sensations get stronger, you will find that this energy field expands further from your body, it could expand to any distance you want it to. The sensations will get stronger until people around you can actually feel it.

There are many methods of breathing, each created to bring awareness for different parts of your consciousness. Using breathing you can calm your mind, have peace and improve your well being, it is also a method of increasing life force energy. I hope to cover some breathing methods when we meet up for our breath, water, sound class, we will also do some toning exercise that is a combination of breath and sound.

As you have become aware after trying out the above breathing, that becoming more sensitive to energy is quite simple, and after becoming energy sensitive your can learn to read energy, smell energy, and heal yourself with your own energy field.

All things are composed of energy, and the more you learn how to use energy, the more you can achieve with it.

Thank you
Please enjoy watching this short video - Power of the Heart

Monday, 5 January 2015

Connected or not connected?

Staying connected, or not connected, sometimes when I am ask to do healing for someone, they would experience a change for the better(from their feedback), then the next thing, they stop all feedback. I am left with just monitoring them for a few days more and I stop doing any more energy works for them.

Some of these people would then come back again, reverting back to their old self, needing more healing works to be done.

I am mystified by their actions, because I could see that their conditions have improved from the healing done but they did not want any more of it.

An example was a lady who had cancer, after one session of healing and dowsing for her, her cancer markers came down 50%. After which she did not want any more healing done for her, and she passed on a few months later.

I know everyone has free will to choose their own destiny, what I am trying to point out is that healing works has a lot to do with being connected, the healer is the connection, so if you requested a healer to help you, please stay in contact with him or her constantly until you are healed. (if that is what you wanted)

I am not talking here about regular visits for healing, just sending an email, or whatsapp message will be sufficient as feedback. I have never charged money to do the energy work, mostly people just give what they think is appropriate some more generous than others and some who are smarter buy me lunch and get to have my company. :)

Please don't get me wrong, I am not asking that I be paid for my services or feel indebted to me, but at least have the courtesy to keep me inform of your condition, and after being healed it would be nice to stay in contact as a friend.

Your co-operation with the healing energy is the more important part of the healing process, I am but the conduit in which the energy flows to you. Another matter I like to mentioned is when you ask for healing, don't keep secrets from the healer, revealing only some of your problems and keeping some, healers usually can detect whatever that is in your energy field, but since you decide to keep part of your problem, the healer will let you keep them.

Some of the people who come to see me, knowingly or unknowingly try to test me, they would see if I could detect what was their problems, please do not do this, once in contact with your energy field I can detect everything you ever did in your whole life, but there is no point for me to do so, my part of the healing is to just let the energy flow to you and make  energy adjustments and remove blockages, the stories that come with your energy serves to let me understand how to make the energy adjustments and see what is blocking the energy. I do not enjoy this because it is not a movie, but it comes with the work.

Just sharing all these with all fellow healers and dowsers, I am sure some of you would have had similar experience.

An update to the proposed Breath, Water Sound class, it would probably happen after Chinese New Year, I am preparing the materials for the class and hopefully we sit down to do some meditations, group dowsing and of course sharing. I will try to keep the class structured as not to go all over the place, knowing myself this is hard.

Thank you


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Share your Love!

Howdy Folks,
I trust everyone had a joyous holiday season, a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Now it’s time to get back to work. Raymon’s
Energy readings show that the energy level is higher than it has ever been and continues to rise.
This year is going to be an Energetic Year, what does this mean?
It means that some things that couldn't be accomplished before, may be possible now.
Raymon’s principles consist of three basic things:
All things are composed of energy and the intelligent human mind has the ability to direct energy
Energy is impressed upon matter
Energy follows thought
I believe we have accomplished a great deal in the past year, some results are more subtle than others.
Remember to refer back to the basics:
Get in the proper state of mind and make sure you are grounded.
Use positive intent or focus, don’t let doubt cloud your goal.
Use Raymon’s DVDs to help enhance your work or to work on multiple projects.
Don’t forget the Medicine Place, sometimes it is best to go there.
Don’t forget the use of your energized water.
Keep an open mind, don’t decide you can’t, “TRY”.
Keep up to date by reading Raymon’s Newsletters, also check the archive section for old Newsletters.
Let's get to work and change this world to be a better place and be happy.
Wishing everyone success in your projects and positive Qi.
Let’s use the Motto “I Can and I will”.

The above is from a friend and fellow dowser, as I have posted previously that energy is rising every day, month and year by increments of 25% or more. This means that our body need to catch up with the intensity of these increments. As mentioned above it is now easier to accomplish what was not possible before, however for those who are not aware it is also easier for the masses of people to manifest undesirable things and situations. 
This is why it is so important to do your daily clearing, neutralize any or all ill effects of mass consciousness upon you and your family daily. Neutralize any or all negative probable futures for you and your family and transform these into love and light for your highest good. Balance your polarity daily, balance your chakras, your emotions, your hormones, your blood chemistry, PH, Brain chemistry, blood flow and so.
We will be experiencing many global changes this year, and many will not be able to cope if they are not clearing and balancing energy. Below is something called the fifth dimensional project, if you do not dowse just say these sentences as a prayer for the good of the world, as I have mentioned before if the world ends it ends for all, we have no other place to go.
The Fifth Dimensional Project
Scramble the frequency of all oppressive governing bodies, groups and forces and adjust their frequency to 5th dimensional energy.
Scramble the frequency of all harmful subliminal messages transmitted by electronic devices such as TV, video games, computer games, and radionic devices and adjust this frequency to 5th dimensional energy.
Scramble the frequency of all biological, chemical and radiological pollutants of the water, earth and air and adjust these to the frequency of pure water, earth and air.
Scramble the frequency of war, fear, hate, greed, terrorism and martial law and adjust to the frequency of 5th dimensional energy.
I hope that you will be willing to give a few minutes of your time to dowse the above or pray for the world to help make our world a better place to live in. (you need not use the exact same words as the above in prayer as long as you are praying for the good of the world it goes a long way towards the well being of all humanity.)
And lastly a good affirmation you might want to use is' I am always at the right time and place for my best good,' Be Safe and Well!

The Daisy Pond, try it!

Friday, 2 January 2015

The 3 Doshas

Learn about the different body types and how your diet can help improve your well being.
Thank you
The Three Doshas: The Keys to Your Individual Nature
Have you ever wondered what actually accounts for differences in people? Why are some people hyperactive and fast moving, while others exude grace and stillness? Why can some people eat a five-course meal with ease, while others can barely finish a salad? Why are some people inherently joyous, while others carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Modern genetics offers some insight, but what about the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that make every person unique? Ayurveda answers all of these questions with the Three Doshas:VataPitta, and Kapha.
The doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment.
The doshas derive from the Five Elements and their related properties. Vata is composed of Space and Air, Pitta of Fire and Water, and Kapha of Earth and Water. 
Vata, Pitta, Kapha
A person with a predominantly Vata constitution will have physical and mental qualities that reflect the elemental qualities of Space and Air. That is why Vata types are commonly quick thinking, thin, and fast moving. A Pitta type, on the other hand, will have qualities reflective of Fire and Water, such as a fiery personality and oily skin. A Kapha type will typically have a solid bodily frame and calm temperament, reflecting the underlying elements of Earth and Water. While one dosha predominates in most individuals, a second dosha typically has a strong influence. This is referred to as a dual-doshic constitution. To begin figuring out your own unique constitution, click here for a dosha self-test.The doshas are dynamic energies that constantly change in response to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the foods we eat, the seasons, and any other sensory inputs that feed our mind and body. When we live into the fulfillment of our individual natures, we naturally make lifestyle and dietary decisions that foster balance within our doshas. When we live against our intrinsic natures, we support unhealthy patterns that lead to physical and mental imbalances.
If the proportion of doshas in your current state is close to your birth constitution, then your health will be vibrant. A divergence between these states, however, indicates a state of imbalance. Vikruti is the term used to describe this imbalanced deviation away from prakruti.
In total, there are three primary doshic states:
Balanced: All three doshas are present in their natural proportions; also referred to as “equilibrium.”
Increased: A particular dosha is present in a greater-than-normal proportion; also referred to as an “aggravated” or “excess state.”
Decreased: A particular dosha is present in a less-than-normal proportion; also referred to as a “reduced” or “depleted state.”
Of the three states, the increased or aggravated state leads to the greatest number of imbalances. Such imbalances can arise from any number of influences, including following a dosha-aggravating diet or, more generally, carrying too much stress in life. You can initiate a restoration of balance, however, when you begin to understand both your unique constitutional make-up and how to harmonize your internal environment and its needs with the external world.
We are most susceptible to imbalances related to our predominant dosha. If you’re a Pitta type, for example, you may experience heartburn (a common Pitta disorder) after eating spicy foods. The key to remember is that like increases like, while opposites create balance. By simply choosing cooling or more alkalizing foods, you can avoid heartburn, while also supporting your underlying make-up.
Ayurveda offers specifically tailored recommendations for every individual, ranging from general lifestyle changes to the treatment of dis-ease (literally, an imbalance within our natural state of “ease”). For this reason, Ayurveda can truly be called a system of individualized health care, something remarkably different from the Western model’s “one-pill for all” approach. Since the doshas are used to detect imbalances before the manifestation of dis-ease, Ayurveda is also a complete system of preventative medicine.
VATA snapshot
Vata derives from the elements of Space and Air and translates as “wind” or “that which moves things.” It is the energy of movement and the force governing all biological activity. Vata is often called the “King of the Doshas,” since it governs the body’s greater life force and gives motion to Pitta and Kapha.Just as the wind in balance provides movement and expression to the natural world, the balanced Vata individual is active, creative, and gifted with a natural ability to express and communicate. When the wind in a Vata type rages like a hurricane, negative qualities quickly overshadow these positive attributes. Common signs of Vata imbalance include anxiety and bodily disorders related to dryness, such as dry skin and constipation.
The qualities of Vata are dry, rough, light, cold, subtle, and mobile. A Vata individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and an imbalanced state.
The main locations of Vata in the body are the colon, thighs, bones, joints, ears, skin, brain, and nerve tissues. Physiologically, Vata governs anything related to movement, such as breathing, talking, nerve impulses, movements in the muscles and tissues, circulation, assimilation of food, elimination, urination, and menstruation. Psychologically, Vata governs communication, creativity, flexibility, and quickness of thought.
Key Words to remember: Grounding, Warming, Routine
(Note: Many of the following suggestions will be explained in greater detail throughout the book.)
-Eat a Vata-balancing diet.
-Eat in a peaceful environment.
-Engage in wholesome and contemplative activities (like spending time in nature).
-Follow a regular daily routine.
-Go to bed early.
-Meditate daily.
-Do gentle physical exercise like yoga, swimming, tai chi, or walking.

Ways Vata Becomes Imbalanced
-Eating Vata-aggravating foods
-Eating while anxious or depressed
-Eating on the run
-Drinking alcohol, coffee, or black tea
-Smoking cigarettes
-Following an irregular daily routine
-Going to bed late at night
(Note: For more extensive information on all three doshas, please see Eat-Taste-Heal)
Pitta snapshot
Pitta derives from the elements of Fire and Water and translates as “that which cooks.”
It is the energy of digestion and metabolism in the body that functions through carrier substances such as organic acids, hormones, enzymes, and bile. While Pitta is most closely related to the element of Fire, it is the liquid nature of these substances that accounts for the element of Water in Pitta’s make-up.
The qualities of Pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light, moving, liquid, and acidic. A Pitta individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and imbalanced state.
The main locations of Pitta in the body are the small intestine, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, blood, eyes, and sweat. Physiologically, Pitta provides the body with heat and energy through the breakdown of complex food molecules. It governs all processes related to conversion and transformation throughout the mind and body. Psychologically, Pitta governs joy, courage, willpower, anger, jealousy, and mental perception. It also provides the radiant light of the intellect.
When a person has a tendency to “overheat,” excess Pitta is usually the culprit. Just as a campfire may turn into a forest fire without proper care, the internal fire of the mind and body must be kept in check.
The balanced Pitta individual is blessed with a joyful disposition, a sharp intellect, and tremendous courage and drive. As the fire of the mind and body becomes unruly, however, the laughing Pitta quickly becomes the yelling Pitta. Anger, rage, and ego replace Pitta’s positive attributes, leaving an individual who is bitter with life and overbearing towards others. There is a saying that imbalanced Pitta individuals don’t go to hell; they simply create it wherever they go! Pitta imbalances commonly manifest in the body as infection, inflammation, rashes, ulcers, heartburn, and fever.
Ways to Balance Pitta
Key Words to Remember: Cooling, Calming, Moderation
-Eat a Pitta-balancing diet.
-Eat in a peaceful environment.
-Avoid artificial stimulants.
-Engage in calming activities, like spending time in nature.
-Meditate daily.
-Do calming physical exercise, such as yoga, swimming, tai chi, or walking.
Ways Pitta Becomes Imbalanced
-Eating Pitta-aggravating food
-Eating while angry
-Drinking coffee, black tea, or alcohol
-Smoking cigarettes
-Being overly competitive
Kapha snapshot
Kapha derives from the elements of Earth and Water and translates as “that which sticks.” It is the energy of building and lubrication that provides the body with physical form, structure, and the smooth functioning of all its parts. Kapha can be thought of as the essential cement, glue, and lubrication of the body in one.
The qualities of Kapha are moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky, and static. A Kapha individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and imbalanced state.
The main locations of Kapha in the body are the chest, throat, lungs, head, lymph, fatty tissue, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. Physiologically, Kapha moistens food, gives bulk to our tissues, lubricates joints, stores energy, and relates to cool bodily fluids such as water, mucous, and lymph. Psychologically, Kapha governs love, patience, forgiveness, greed, attachment, and mental inertia. With its earthly makeup, Kapha grounds Vata and Pitta and helps offset imbalances related to these doshas.
Just as a nourishing rainstorm may turn into a rampant flood, the fluids of the body may flood the bodily tissues, contributing to a heavy dampness that weighs down the body and clouds the mind. This dense, cold, and swampy environment becomes the breeding ground for a number of bodily disorders such as obesity, sinus congestion, and anything related to mucous. Mentally, the loving and calm disposition of the Kapha individual may transform into lethargy, attachment, and depression.
Ways to Balance Kapha
Key words to remember: Drying, Stimulating, and Expression
-Eat a Kapha-balancing diet.
-Eat in a loving environment.
-Avoid a luxurious, leisurely lifestyle
-Focus on non-attachment in daily life.
-Do emotional housekeeping regularly.
-Make time for introspective activities, like meditation and writing.
-Make a distinction between being nice and being taken advantage of.
-Go to bed early and rise early, with no daytime naps.
Ways Kapha Becomes Imbalanced
-Eating Kapha-aggravating food
-Eating to offset emotions (like indulging in sweets when depressed)
-Spending too much time in cool, damp climates
-Not engaging in physical activity
-Spending most of one’s time indoors (especially on the couch watching TV!)
-Avoiding intellectual challenges