Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Human Consciousness and Earth Resonance

Human Consciousness and Earth Resonance
Author:Heidi Arvin
Human Consciousness and Earth ResonancebyHeidi Arvin
When I was doing research for my book, The Linear Heritage of Women, I came across a website that I found so fascinating – not only from a scientific perspective, but from a spiritual aspect as well. The name of the site is Earth Breathing at Here, the author discusses how the earth vibrates at a certain frequency called the Schumann Resonance. This frequency is also the same one that all living things on earth resonate at as well.
If you are not familiar with the term resonance, it’s really quite simple. Think of it like a Tibetan singing bowl. When you strike it with a hammer, it vibrates and makes a sound. If you were to take that same vibration (or frequency) and duplicate it on another nearby device, like a tuning fork for example, the bowl would begin to vibrate all by itself without you having to strike it! In the same way, our brain vibrates with the earth. Our minds are literally tapping into our planet!
Since the discovery of Schumann Resonance, space flights have contained Schumann frequency generating devices inside the vessels. This is because studies have shown that in the absence of the earth’s frequency, humans and other living organisms will start to fail. Sleeplessness and severe immunity deficiency occur. So, humans are totally dependent on the earth’s resonance for survival.
Humans have tried to grasp the concept of consciousness for eons. Modern psychology tells us that we have different parts of our mind that become active when we are awake and dormant when we are asleep. However, scientists cannot explain what consciousness actually is. What I think is that all living creatures on the earth have a consciousness. It doesn’t matter if the life is intelligent like a human or lower like a grasshopper, a bacterium, or an amoeba. Everything has a consciousness and that consciousness is directly linked to an earth consciousness that I call Life Conscious.

I believe that Life Conscious is passed down from generation to generation at birth. It controls everything that allows us to function as an individual organism. In my husband’s book, Life Conscious: An Alternate Theory to Evolution and Creationism, he explains how we have two consciousnesses – Life Consciousness that we get from the earth, and our personal consciousness that is responsible for our reasoning and thinking abilities.
To sum up, humans and all living organisms are directly linked to the earth through a specific vibration or frequency. Scientific evidence shows that humans have a dependent relationship with their own bodily functions and the earth’s resonance. It is clear that our consciousness stems from the earth’s greater consciousness that unites all of us together. For more information, you can visit

About the author:
Heidi Arvin is a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She has a Bachelor's degree in Physics, but she is greatly interested in philosophy and religion. Among her greatest interests are herbalism, shamanism, and medium-ship. 
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

In Pictures -Everything is Energy

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Try this!

For those who are interested try these numbers and give me your feedback.

Put your thumb, index finger and middle finger together like you are holding a needle, place this on a part of your body preferably on an acupoint and use these numbers 140321, 140321, 140321 imagine an energy needle go into the part of your body, healing it. 

Let me know if you feel anything, there is no side effect as basically you are putting energy into yourself. The numbers help to concentrate the energy to be use like a needle. 

Please give me your feedback.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

How to use the Dowsing for Success

I like to share my view on how to use the colours, let us take a look at the colour reading of the person with bipolar, you can tell that this person is unstable not by one reading, I have taken several reading over a few days and found that there was very drastic difference from day to day. This indicate clearly that this person swings from one pole to the other daily, and combine with readings of the assemblage point indicates that the mood swings from hallucination one day to depression on another day.

Dowsing can be use to collect data of a person, place or situation, you need to first identify what data is needed and then collect this data over a number of days and you will be able to see a pattern formed. I realise that this may be over simplified but it does give an indication of the person or situation you are dealing with. 

With the bipolar person compared with a person who is normal the data will not show this much fluctuations. One of the important thing that Walt Woods taught was to first set up a parameter by asking what is the range of a reading for a normal person.

Let me give an example, if we wanted to know if the melatonin level in our body is normal we first ask the dowsing system to give us a figure that is normal, we may get a 5 from the dowsing chart. Next we ask if 4 is better, we get a 'no' response, we then ask if 6 is better and we get a 'yes' so now we have a range to work with. 

We know that the melatonin level should be 5 to be normal and any reading below 5 is in the low range. We can further ask to know if the reading falls below 3 or 2 or 1 that the level has become critical meaning that physical signs of this can be observed on the person with this reading.

In this manner when we collect data, the data can be interpreted to co-relate with the normal parameter to show us an indication of the condition of a person or situation. 

For the colours when you have to meet up with a client for the first time you would want to know if this person has a flexible mind or is open to new ideas. The colour balance of this person will tell you what the mental condition of your client is, for example if blue is low or lacking in this person you can tell that this person has a rigid mindset and may not be open to the new ideas you are going to present, you can then balance the blue colour to help this person to be more open minded and of course more likely to accept your presentations. 

You need to check for other issues like compatibility and negative mentalities that your client might have and remove or neutralize these. The combinations are not restricted to what I have suggested, you can do your own investigations on your client, the organisation or company, their financial status, their integrity level, honesty level, almost anything can be dowse to give you information that you can put to good use to your advantage.

The more information you collect through dowsing the better it is for you to formulate your approach for the success of the objectives you want to achieve.

Happy Dowsing!

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Adjusting Energy

You are always living a reflection of whatever you are outputting. And so, if you get into a little pocket where a lot of people are being rude, it's probably because you are being rude—or because you have been aware of people being rude. Nothing ever happens to you that is not part of your vibration!


This was what I was experiencing when commuting to work this morning, I was thinking to myself have I been rude to people, well maybe, so what to do?

I simply transmuted the energy into beneficial energy for everyone, and soon I noticed the changes in the attitudes of the people around me. We sometimes get caught up in such situation not because we have been rude to people but by putting our attention on people being rude. 

This does not mean that the energy of rudeness starts affecting you straight away, over a day or two you will notice people are rude to you if you hang on to the energy for more than a few minutes when you first became aware of it.

This is good news don't you think so? It means that you get what you focus on, we only have to remember to focus on what we want, and drop what we don't want. Use the 'cancel' technique I have put up in previous post to remove what you do not want if necessary.

As the energy of the earth is rising higher, manifesting is now much faster, the  intentions in your vibrations gets manifested almost instantly and I believe this is happening for many now. It is important to have a positive intentions and be sure that the people, places and events in your daily life are positive too.

Today the energy is very high and the hertz frequency can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so please remember to neutralize any or all negative effects of high hertz frequency upon yourself and family.

With the last few posting I have given out information on how to monitor and help oneself through colours, acupoints, and exercise so please do make use of all these.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Stabilizing the Body

The post on kidney exercise is meant to help stabilize the body, with the all the energy rising especially this week, the body will experience many changes. The acupoints mentioned in the exercise has a stabilizing effect on your well being. 

Meridians are energy pathways that is moving in circuits all over your body and they can be block, over energize, under energize, the acupoints help to undo all problems of the meridians by releasing and energizing them. A simple massage on the acupoint will do wonders to your general well being.

To release block massage the point in a anti clockwise direction and to energize massage clockwise. There are many techniques you can use such as tapping, rubbing, massage, applying heat and of course running energy through them.

Yesterday I was having coffee with a few friends I just met, they were complaining how their health was giving them problems recently. I took up my pendulum and ask one of them to show me his palm and I tested each finger and interpreted his health condition for him.

He was totally surprised and confined that it was the exact conditions he is experiencing now. I taught him a few acupoints to massage and told him that I will help him clear his conditions for today but he has to take responsibility for his own health by massaging the points everyday. 

I then started to dowse to balance all the organs in his body to the most optimum level for his best good. The next thing I know was he start to exclaimed 'Oh,Oh,Oh' , after the pendulum stopped I asked him what happened.

He explained that while the pendulum was spinning he felt energy moving in his body, a kind of itching and moving feeling and he was surprised that he could feel this. The next person immediately wanted to experience this and ask me to dowse her. 

She too had a sensation go through her body and felt great afterwards. These people are taxi drivers and do nothing by way of exercise, the only exercise they have is when they park their cab and walk home or to the nearest coffee shop to have their meals. 

Dowsing can be use to improve our health but a regular exercise program combine with daily health dowsing is one of the best way to ensure good health. As I am older now I have chosen to do more qigong exercise instead of vigorous callisthenic. I am not saying that vigorous exercise is bad but as we get older we have to be more aware that our body do not recover at the same rate when we are younger.

I still maintain a healthy physique through a regular weight training program combine with isometrics, why am I talking about exercise you may think, well when the energy is rising exercise is very important to keep you fit and sane. Someone asked me yesterday if there was anything to do in these period of energy rising, and I hope this posting proved useful.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Energetic Blueprint of well Being 2

If any of the 12 colours get depleted, the other eleven colours vibrate at a diminished capacity as well. Below is a list that gives you a general idea of how each colour affects the physical and emotional body.

When white is diminished, there are very little or none of the outer colours. each layer reinforces your presence, in the physical form. If white is missing, the body is dead. A person who starts losing white will have symptoms such as : chronic fatigue syndrome, internal haemorrhaging, simple or severe immune deficiencies, anaemia, or other debilitating sorts of conditions. 

When violet is diminished, the person may feel lost without a sense of direction or purpose. They feel frozen in the moment, unable to take action, and lose the ability to choose. This may manifest as an almost hysterical fear due to lack of direction.

When indigo is low, one of the first symptoms is the inability to imagine energy within the physical body. This may cause a person to be oblivious to conditions within their body : weight changes, arthritic developments, or any other conditions.The body has a way of expressing itself when it gets out of alignment or develops an ailment and this communication is compromised when indigo is less than an optimum level. If indigo is very depleted, the actual physical sensations of touch, taste, or sight may be lost.

Lack of copper manifest as heart problems and nervous disorders including, but not limited to :
Low blood pressure
High blood pressure
Ticks and twitches
Heart palpitations
Trembling of the body

Scarcity of silver manifests bone and joint problems as well as muscle problems, including, but not limited to :
Fungus on nails
Brittle nails
Splitting or chipped teeth
Temporal Mandibular Joint(TMJ)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tennis elbow

Lack of gold presents itself as any kind of skin or organ dysfunction, including, but not limited to :
Hair loss
Oily scalp
increased or decreased weight
water retention

When yellow is compromised, a person has a reduced desire to live(i.e. a suicidal person is low on yellow.)

A person low on green generally will have a low self esteem. It will be difficult for this person to stand up for themselves or express themselves to others.

Blue Green or Cyan
Lack of cyan causes people to have difficultly expressing who they are. They have trouble remaining true to their internal identity. 

When blue is diminished, it causes rigidity in people's belief system as well as rigidity in how they interact with others. For example, they may have good ideas, but they tend to be inflexible about how the ideas are expressed or implemented.

When magenta is low, it is difficult for this person to act in a deeply loving way. The act of expressing deep emotions is compromised as is the acceptance and acknowledgement of deep love from others.

Mother of Pearls
A lack of mother of pearl allows every breeze in the emotional wind to push this person off balance. All incidents and reactions to them tend to be blown out of proportion. 

Below is a colour reading of a person with bipolar.

White 20       Copper 20     Violet 80      Silver   50

Indigo 30      Gold    20      Yellow 10      Green 30    Blue green  5

Blue     15     Magenta  30  Mother of pearl 5

From the numbers you can see that this person is low in life force, unable to express his identity, is suicidal, unable to express love or accept love, and has a rigid belief system and is easily thrown off balance emotionally.

The most important colour to take note is white, with a low life force energy your world will come down on you. 

You are able to have a deeper understanding of the people you are healing with the help of the 12 colours.

I hope the information presented in this 2 posting proves useful to all of you.

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Energetic Blueprint of Well Being

Deep within the human body is an ellipse of energy filled with or make up of white light. There are other layers of colour that surround the white ellipse similar to layers of an onion. These colours carry a special code or vibrational resonance that helps sustain a healthy and productive body. Each layer works in harmony with and is partially linked to the other colours.

A single cell is a microcosmic blueprint pattern of the body and contains the same 12 rings of colours the body requires. Just as every fragment of a hologram contains a picture of the whole, each cell contains the same vibrational pattern as the whole body.

The Six Inner Layers : Governors of the function and maintenance of the body

White : The Inner Centre
White represents the life force energy. If there is no white, there is no life. White restores the cells in conjunction with the other colours.

Violet carries the part of your being called spirit. Its colour is vibrationally tuned to help you recognize and develop intuition. Your intuition is the communicative link to the source of all life.

This colour(or resonance) facilitates communication between the spirit and the body via the senses : sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. Indigo teaches inner awareness of the physical body and it also allows a deeper communication with your intuitive self : inner hearing, inner sight, inner knowledge, etc. It is the link between physical and spiritual realms, and helps you use your inner wisdom to interpret information.

Metallic Copper
Copper governs the neurological and cardiovascular systems within the body.

Metallic Silver
Silver governs bones, teeth, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and nails.

Metallic Gold
Gold is the last of these special vibratory rays, and it governs the functions of all the organs, glands, soft tissues, skin, hair, eyes, etc.

The metallic colours form the body's basic building blocks. These building blocks communicate with the physical parts of the body as well as the DNA. The integrity of the communication between the functional cell and that which builds it (the DNA) must be maintained for good health. Copper, silver and gold are the healing, cleansing tools of the body's colour palette which, when activated, help the body maintain its inherent balance.

The Six Outer Layers : Governors of personal empowerment

Mustard Yellow is the seventh layer of colour and it is also the first layer of energy that surrounds the body. Yellow holds the vibration of internal alignment with that which brings you the deepest sense of well being, i.e.
the state in which your actions align with your highest ideals. Some call it spiritual integrity, which includes your free will and the openness to allow. Yellow helps maintain the desire to live.

Emerald Green
Emerald green supports the emotional body in matters of : self love, self worth, and self esteem. It also helps to heal emotional wounds.

Blue Green or Cyan
Cyan helps you speak your deepest truth. It aligns your thoughts with your heart or your emotional self, and supports integrity.

This particular blue is a deep, rich, sky blue or sapphire blue. It vibrates harmonically with creative thinking ; your ideas, your 'aha-s' your spontaneity. It is the link between the brain and the mind.

Magenta contains the wisdom and compassion that encompasses love. It is not limited to romantic love or familial love, but it is love as a universal expression. This type of love exist simply because it is our essential nature. It exist because you exist, whether you experience it directly or not.

Mother-of -Pearl 
This iridescent colour (similar to an abalone shell) is equivalent to the protective blanket that you would wrap a newborn in. This colour is the outermost field of the body and it is in direct communication with the core of your being (the white life force energy). This field is a protective field for your body. When it resonates fully, it protects the body from harmful energies. For example, mother of pearl protects and assist your body's return to harmony after a sunburn rather than leaving it vulnerable to additional damage, or if you come into contact with a vibrationally challenging environment  you are not pushed out of balance.

You can create a chart to check if the colours are balanced in your body, you can also assign values to each colour to determine the level of balance of each colour in your body. (use  0-100 from the dowsing chart, 0-40 low, 50-80 medium, 100 optimum)

I hope the above will prove useful when you are doing healing for a loved one or friend, the values of each colour will give you a hint of what is wrong with the body and you can adjust and balance the colours to the optimum level for them.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Collective Evolution

Please enjoy this video.
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Kidney Exercise and The Prestigious Man

Invigorating the Kidney and Adjusting the Qi

Take a sitting posture. Close the eyes slightly. Rid the mind of all distractions. Relax the whole body. Breath naturally. Keep this position for 15 minutes.
Then open the eyes. Put the right foot on the left knee (a reverse for females). Tap the arch of right foot with the palm of the left hand, with the Laogong acupoint tapping the Yongquan acupoint. While tapping concentrate your mind and have the idea “tap hard”, but tap with an even and proper force, not with a stiff hand. After that do the same thing to the other foot.
Tapping: 100 for each foot on the first day; 200 the next day; 300 from the the third day on. Adjust the times according to your need, but never above 900 times.
Points of attention. Do not beat hard. To keep the idea “Beat it hard”, but to do it with an even force is the principle.
To end the exercise, calm down for 15 minutes. The ending form is the same as the starting form.
Having done the exercise, the practitioner, if he suffers from low blood-pressure and insufficient blood sugar, he or she must put his left or her left hand palm on the head with the Laogong acupoint facing Baihui acupoint.
For health protection, once a day before going to bed in the evening; for clinical treatment, three to five times a day.
Note : Laogong acupoint is on the middle of your palms Yongquan acupoint is on the middle of your foot and Baihui acupoint is on the top of your head.

The Prestigious Man

There was a prestigious man in a community who seemingly had all material desires satisfied. He had a loving family, a large house and many servants. Not content with his good fortune, he chose to seek enlightenment.
He first refused responsibility for his estate, believing it would interfere with his spiritual pursuits. He then relinquished all material wealth and gave away even his dearest possessions. Finally, he decided that he must abandon his home. Leaving everything behind except for a small bag in which he carried a few necessities, he travelled through the country seeking teachers and wisdom.
For twenty years he carried his little bag as he walked through the countryside, studying and searching for enlightenment without success. One day he sat near a clear pond and thought how nice it would be to refresh himself in the water. He took off his clothes and laid his bag by the tree. As he laid his bag down he felt a sense of relief and immediately understood why he had searched for enlightenment for twenty years without success. He thought, “I gave up my estate, my personal wealth, my home, my family, yet, for twenty years I could not give up this bag.” At that moment he attained the enlightenment for which he searched.
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Energy Updates

These are some interesting energy updates that I want to share with you. You have the choice to read or hear by clicking on the below link.
There are some important dates of intense energies and portal opening that are good times for doing Earth Ceremony.    
Reading this will also give you better understanding on the changes and happenings on planet Earth, and perhaps knowing your purpose here as well. 
The Thirteenth Stargate and a Unique Solar Opening To The Soul of Mother Earth - Heart and All of Humanity is being activated July 29th By Divine Decree.
Chaos is a sign of great energy release and change.  Allow the process to unfold while staying in the highest light and truth you know and sending Light to the world. This is all about moving beyond duality and into the realization that all is One and it begins within the heart–unfolding within individuals who have been on a spiritual path for many years as well as within those who have never before given any  thought to  living  differently....
Earth is a difficult place to evolve because  it continues to resonate with an energy of duality and separation which is what you are now changing. You are the brave souls who have chosen to evolve on and assist earth in this powerfully energetic time.Signs of change can be seen in  the changes  so many of you are experiencing in your bodies, your... feelings, your work, your relationships, .....– all signs that the old energy is dissolving and no longer resonates with you. There are many from other star systems and higher dimensions observing as you bring in more and more light in spite of  appearances.  You are  examples of living in Light while still in physical bodies and are doing a fine job of it.
Love Is Indeed On this Planet to Stay!!!  The Light Is Ready To Step Forward On Planet Earth=Heart and Into Physical Manifestation and Indeed this Process is Well Under way. The New Earth is Manifesting! The Energetic Space is being cleared at this time and will Open Up for An Unprecedented Amount of Light to Arrive for this Planet.
"Decreed by Heaven~ Love is Here to Stay, All energies are Preparing for an Unprecedented Event.- The Family of Heaven and The Family of Earth Are Preparing to Combine, Creating an Intense Amount of Light On Planet Earth=Heart and Activating All Vortex's! This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

The Galactic Free Press Update:

Divine Intervention has Been Activated

Greetings Love Beings,When We Began July We shared the Energies would Be Intense and We have not been let down. We just went through a huge amount of energy which will stir things up so to speak even more then they are already, with more intense energies INCOMING. These Next 2 Weeks are Going to Be exciting Movement for the Light and a Huge Victory for Love On Planet Earth=Heart. More Exciting Energy is indeed On the way as We enter The Third Super-Moon in Aquarius, The day Out of Time, the Lions Gate Opens and We begin The New Planetary Cycle, major shifting is under-way, truth is Being Revealed and nothing can stop this momentum! As We have Shared In Previous Updates, The Signs Are Everywhere and a Intense Vibrational Upgrade is Occurring!

Quoted from Jim "Aquarius Full Moon July 22nd 2013 unmask the lies. The chance to find the truth is everywhere. Most of what has been created in the world is not what it seems."
 What is Happening on this Planet is truly Unprecedented. Light Groups Who are carrying The Activation Codes for the Vortex's are Getting into Position, LITERALY, TO LIGHTEN It All UP! Meaning Lights On! Divine Intervention has Been Activated.The Thirteenth Stargate and a Unique Solar Opening To The Soul of Mother Earth=Heart and All of Humanity is being activated July 29th By Divine Decree. Along with all Vortex Points across the Planet. What this Means is All is a Go, many Will Be Welcomed Home into 5D!

Quoted from Aluna JoyAfter observing and living many months into 2012, I have come to the realization that this time we are in is so much bigger than we can realize in this moment. In the future, this time will be a historical marker that we will always refer to. We will think in terms of . . . “Before 2012” and “After 2012”; much like we think of life on Earth as BC and AD; before Christ and after Christ. Only now, this reference will be evolved to include humanity and not just a singular entity. We will think in terms of . . . before the Unified ONE (a.k.a. duality) and after the Unified ONE (Christ Collective Consciousness). The Star Elders wanted you to know the magnitude of this fact, a new world is being made ready for us. The part of us that feels just plain fuzzed out and GONE is in fact already in the next world helping with the construction . . . along with a huge army of heavenly, light family. Our wildest dreams, visions and beyond, are currently being manifested there. The Star Elders wanted you to know the magnitude of this fact as well. ...In fact, just as the Maya have predicted, 2013, by its very powerful effect it has had on humanity," end of quote
Quoted from Dana Mrkich "......Hallelujah for July! Yes we’ve still got a long way to go, but something major has shifted this month. We’ve all been waiting this year for something to look and feel drastically different, for some sort of big sign that yes, we are in a completely new evolutionary cycle. We’ve seen the global protests in multiple countries and thought hmmm..yes, yes, this is a good sign! We’re witnessing a stream of whistleblowers, truth-revealers and all kinds of ‘positive change for humanity’ movements gaining momentum, rapidly increasing millions of peoples’ awareness. Fab. Yet even though we are seeing all of this, really we’ve all been waiting for something to feel drastically different. It doesn’t matter what you read, hear or even see. For anything to really ‘click’ within, we have to feel it as our own truth.
It’s as if we’ve all been pre-programmed with a ‘it’s happened’ or ‘it’s happening’ switch, (whatever ‘it’ is, and I think ‘it’ is so much bigger and greater than we can possibly consciously perceive right now). Instinctively we’d all just know when this switch clicked to green ‘it’s a go’ aka Houston Mission Control style. Last month we spoke about the carwash analogy – being in that little vehicle cubicle, going through the wash, rinse, dry cycle over and over again. Finally, finally, at the beginning of July the light went to green, and oh my godfather, it actually stayed green!!!  The switch clicked, and so many of us could feel it! We may not have known exactly what happened, but from all the comments that poured in from my post that weekend everyone felt a lightness and happiness for no particular reason......
We started piling out of those cubicles and I’m getting this vision now of us all thinking “Quick, let’s get as many of us out as possible until they shut the doors again!” But here we are, mid-July and….the doors are still open!!!! This is unprecedented for anyone who has been following the energy waves of not only this year but the years and years leading up to this time.  We’ve had openings before sure. Yet to have an opening that is this clear, this large, carrying this number of people through to another, higher dimension and to be staying open for this long….unprecedented.  
Just a note you are going up to a higher dimension – we are still here, in our physical bodies, on this Planet Earth. We are not being beamed up anywhere aka the Rapture! The Planet is moving into a higher dimension and we’re going with her. This is a vibrational upgrade just like your television went from analogue to digital. If anything, not less. Just less[ or not at all] connected to old drama’s and old ways of being here. We are feeling more love and more compassion for her and for all on her. .....
The Grand Trine is affecting us the whole of this month, and I keep receiving the message that this isn’t a contained astrological event that is only effective for this period. They are showing it to me more as a portal, an opening, allowing us to gain access to things we might put in the ‘magic and miracles’ category not just this month but from now on in, into the coming months and years.  Be open to the fact that magic and miracles can and do occur. Ask for guidance. Tell the universe you are ready. Tell yourself you are ready for your next level.
.....A new template, a new potential, a new paradigm has opened, which will increasingly see us experiencing and creating things we’d formerly think of as ‘fairytales’ or ‘impossible’ as the new normal....
On July 22 we have a Full Moon at 0 Degrees Aquarius, and this feels very significant. 0 Degrees of any sign is considered a powerful point. The first 2000 years of this new 26, 000  year cycle is renowned for being the Age of Aquarius, a sign that is commonly thought of as being the ‘water-bearer’ but an informative comment on my Facebook page  from Ron Laswell of let us know that Aquarius in fact represents a“downpouring of cosmic energy” which makes so much sense in light of the foundation of this ‘new age’. (It makes sense too with the visions associated with these times of ‘great waves all over the Earth’ – they are waves of high frequency energy).

Then on July 29 we have an Earth Grand Trine featuring the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn (9 degrees for each, if you know your chart). This is exciting to astrologers because it merges with the Water Grand Trine to form a ‘Star of David’. If you are unfamiliar with the Merkaba you can picture a pyramid facing up, with an upside down pyramid coming down through it. This represents the merging of Heaven and Earth – to bring the energies of ‘Heaven’ or the higher dimensions 
So for the whole of July we have a series of astrological happenings supporting our shift into a very new level of divine manifestation, helping us to bring in and create our highest potential right here on Earth.
We can expect to see a continuation of ‘people power’ groups, no longer willing to accept unethical actions and decisions of governments, corporations and systems. It may seem that chaos is reigning but this is partly due to the fact that we are becoming more aware now of so much that has been going on for a long time, and partly due to the fact that awareness of something triggers a ‘fight or flight’ mentality in anything that has depended on lack of awareness for its survival. That which isn’t a match for the new, higher vibration has to collapse or transform – but some things/people/systems will go to one of these two destinations kicking and screaming first. We've all had kicking and screaming moments, and many of us will continue to have these sometimes – even when life is trying to expand us into a greater version of ourselves, or you could say especially when!
It can be frustrating (and scary) to see governments tightening the reins of control the more they see people awakening, but it helps to remember:’ oh okay, this is what happens to me too when a part of me awakens and another part of me feels threatened by that, not wanting to leave its comfort zone’. By all means do what you feel to do: protest, write letters, meditate, pray, vision how you want things to be, create your own movement, change your shopping habits etc.  So awareness is not a suggestion to become passive as things unfold, rather it is a place from which you can respond consciously in whatever way feels best and right for you.
There is a tremendous amount of ‘fear of loss of power’ occurring everywhere now, and we can feel that with the tightening energy. When ones source of power comes from power over others that is not authentic power at all, and so what is being ‘lost’ was not ours to have in the first place when we are in that category. Of course this old power game we’ve been playing on the Earth plane is a two-way street, and power had to be handed over by someone in order for it to be used by others. Some people are claiming their power back with both arms, others are flailing around in panic, throwing it back like it’s a hot potato. Lack of power can be a comfort zone as it also comes with no need for self-responsibility.  
So we are seeing this balancing thing happening with personal power, whether we’re within ourselves, in our relationships, or between governments or corporations and ‘the people’. We’re also seeing the conflict and chaos that is ensuing where power isn’t ready to be handed over or ready to be owned and received. To the best of our ability we need to be conscious now of what role we are playing with our Power – are we owning our Power consciously? Are we avoiding it and in a habit of blaming others for our situation or being dependent on others to rescue or validate us? Or do we use our energy to overpower or manipulate others? None of us are perfect and we may be surprised at how often we do any of the two extremes just in our day to day life let alone on the big world stage. What you will notice is, anytime you step out of your power these days – whether it’s going against your own true feelings and essentially letting someone else drive your soul car, or pushing against someone else’s true feelings and essentially bumping them out of their soul driver’s seat – you will feel it and more than feel it, you will usually see the consequences. 
Wishing you all a powerful July, it’s certain to be one of those months that you look back on and think wow, that was a real turning point for me this year." End of Quote

Sunspot AR1793 has a beta-gamma-delta magnetic field that harbors energy for M-classsolar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI
CORONAL HOLE: Opening up like a zipper almost a million kilometers long, a vast coronal hole has appeared in the sun's northern hemisphere. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory took this picture of the UV-dark chasm on July 18th:

Coronal holes are places in the sun's upper atmosphere where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. A broad stream of solar wind flowing from this particular coronal hole should reach Earth on July 19-20. In addition, NOAA forecasters say a CME could hit Earth's magnetic field late on July 18th.The combined impact of the CME and the incoming solar wind stream could cause some stormy space weather around Earth in the days ahead.

Quoted from Waive Rider.....The basic problem[ right now On the Planet] is this:  The vast majority of the human population still seems unable to just BE in the moment called ‘now’, live from there......My fondest hope is that you reading this[ listening to this], and ideally the rest of humanity, quickly join us here on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge to dwell in the Sacred Land that was promised to us long, long ago.  Right here and now in this momentous calendar year of 2013, it appears (and feels) like we are being gently and lovingly summoned back Home.   Weary travelers trudging through alien wilderness, tired and confused by our protracted journey that has lasted so long now that we've completely forgotten why we departed in the first place, we finally spot the beckoning light of a night time camp-fire in a nearby forest clearing.  The 
flames leap and dance to greet us as we approach, inviting us joyfully to return to its ancient circle of warmth, comfort and camaraderie, offering the rest and succor we long for so desperately after our horribly exhausting journey into the previously uncharted wilds of God’s Material Creation.
So who’s got the marshmallows???. . . . 

The Original Core team of Beings Are Coming Together to Ignite the First Light City On Planet Earth Equal Heart. They are not only Physically accomplishing this, but also in their respectful Places Across The Planet Earth=Heart as they anchor in Love Returning and the Family of Heaven and and The Family of Earth Become ONE, A Family of One, after a Journey Spanning 19 Billions Years. Its All Happening as Decreed!The Magnitude of what is Actually Unfolding On the Planet is going to become Clear for those With eyes to See, and Hearts to Feel! Truly what many thought to be impossible just a few years ago are changing their tune to see that In fact all things are Possible and A Complete Planetary Awakening is Underway on the Planet and is Truly becoming apparent.
Quoted from KP's Blog...."Star beings are presenting themselves quite publicly at the moment. Those with the “Higher Eyes” will recognize them, instantly.Energies upon Planet Earth are sufficiently raised to ‘allow’ and encourage such Beings to appear in public, even though their “Star-Being-ness” is not stated in words.
Current planetary consciousness energies are aligned with “full disclosure of all that is hidden”, and “full disclosure of all that is here.” Once the energies are “aligned”, they form a grid which brings the Higher Structures into 3D manifestation.
It “feels” as if “all is ready”. End of quote

 We anticipate Huge Movement in these next 2 weeks which will also Intensify the Energies On the Higher Grid. This Exciting energy will extend through August and into September! Its Only Going to Get Better and Grander from Here for those who are flowing In the oneness energies.
Quoted from Waive Rider".....Soon, very soon now, the masses of previously uninformed humanity shall be presented with lots of truly fantastic joyful revelations that will come flooding in from all directions! "
 Currently the 5d Frequencies are putting intense pressure on the denser energies, we share this each time in our messages so that you can clearly see the illusion simply cannot withstand the amount of truth and Love On this Planet and will Only Increase intensley. This is breaking through the old matrix as Divine Intelligience Energy overrides and thus dissolves all energies which are not in alignment with the Pure Consciousness Energy of Unified energy of Love. Much Is Now Happening as a result . This will appear as choas for Some, however this is assisting us in clearing the space for some Very Intense Energies to arrive.
 Quoted from Marilyn Raffaele...."All is proceeding according to plan so try not to accept appearances that say  nothing is happening.  Any concepts still held as what the change must look like will simply result in doubt and confusion. Some changes will appear as expected, but at others will not. Much is taking place on levels you cannot see with your human eyes especially if you are expecting to  see it through popular media.  Chaos is a sign of great energy release and change.  Allow the process to unfold while staying in the highest light and truth you know and sending Light to the world. This is all about moving beyond duality and into the realization that all is One and it begins within the heart–unfolding within individuals who have been on a spiritual path for many years as well as within those who have never before given any  thought to  living  differently....
Earth is a difficult place to evolve because  it continues to resonate with an energy of duality and separation which is what you are now changing. You are the brave souls who have chosen to evolve on and assist earth in this powerfully energetic time. Signs of change can be seen in  the changes  so many of you are experiencing in your bodies, your... feelings, your work, your relationships, .....– all signs that the old energy is dissolving and no longer resonates with you. There are many from other star systems and higher dimensions  observing as you bring in more and more light in spite of  appearances.  You are  examples of living in Light while still in physical bodies and are doing a fine job of it.
As We shared, July was going to be an intense acceleration and The Light and Truth,  got the Go Ahead to Go Viral. With these Energies Supporting the Truth will begin spreading Like Wildfire. Love Is Indeed On this Planet to Stay!!! The Light Is Ready To Step Forward On Planet Earth=Heart and Into Physical Manifestation and Indeed this Process is Well Under way. The New Earth is Manifesting! The Energetic Space is being cleared at this time and will Open Up for An Unprecedented Amount of Light to Arrive for this Planet.
Quoted from Waive Rider ......"The New Earth awaits us! She’s emerging right now! Just got to ignore those pesky distractionsFrom both within and without. We have lots of help in this venture As True Masters abound For those just waking up to the trickery of ages Lots of assistance can be easily found If we hold fast to the Truth, Our New Reality, Divinity Rising. The distractors can’t sway us, From manifesting NOW the Golden Age of Gaia So buckle up, people, The Great Transition has begun. As we leave the distractions behind
. . . . And dive into the FUN!" End of quote

The Light Is Going Viral! The Grid is Ready and Prepared for Everyone to Walk through. The Next Evolutionary Cycle is Moving Up! 
"Decreed by Heaven~ Love is Here to Stay, All energies are Preparing for an Unprecedented Event.- The Family of Heaven and The Family of Earth Are Preparing to Combine, Creating an Intense Amount of Light On Planet Earth=Heart and Activating All Vortex's ! This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.
Remember Loves we are not in a time linear schedule, We are In A Divine one!
 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~
   Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronous Events!
   ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~
 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love,

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.