Thursday, 29 October 2015

What is Love?

There people who think they have freedom, they feel that they are not restricted by the rules of society, they say that they are not interested in commitments in relationships,then sleep with anyone they have a fancy for. This is not freedom, the need to have to be with someone is itself bondage, it is also not love, expression of love need not be restricted to a relationship. Freedom comes only when you truly understand yourself, getting into complicated affairs and then try to apply your understanding of freedom will get you nowhere because the action contradicts itself, you can't tie yourself up and declare that you are free. 
Below are some questions you might want to ponder with-
Are you in love? Are you still in love? Do you want to reconnect with the person you used to love? Do you think that he or she is happier than you are now? Do you have the time for each other or are you both to busy? Have you been able to preserve your freshness and beauty for yourself and for the other person? Are you capable to offer him or her freshness and beauty everyday? Do you know how to handle the suffering in yourself? Are you able to help handle the suffering in the other person? Do you understand your own suffering and the roots of that suffering? Are you able to understand the suffering in the other person? Do you have the capacity to help the other person suffer less? Have you learned the way to calm down the painful feelings and emotions? Do you have the time to listen to yourself, your suffering, your difficulties, and your deepest desire? Do you have the time to listen to him or her and help him or her to suffer less?  Are you capable of creating a feeling of joy and happiness for yourself? Are you capable of helping the other person to create a feeling of joy and happiness? Do you really think you have a clear spiritual path to go? Do you have the feeling of peace and contentment within yourself? Do you know to nourish your love everyday?
Think about the above, look at your own answers, you may find out something about yourself.

Sharing Some Knowledge
We had a group from Tamil Nadu singing poems today.
‪#‎SriSri‬: The poems they have recited, the group that has come from Tamil Naidu belongs to one of 63 saints of Tamil Nadu. There were 63 Shaiva saints (Saints who worship Shiva) in Tamil Nadu. The 3rd one of them is called ‘Manikya Vachaka’. It means that his words are like pearl of wisdom. They are like diamond and rubies. Whenever he would talk or speak something, it would be so clear that it would be like diamonds or rubies.
In this song he has done a beautiful analysis of life. He says how god is playing is like a girl playing skipping with the rope. So, every time they jump, they see that they miss the rope and they don’t step on it, otherwise they will fall. So, you jump with that skill that you do with the skipping and that’s how you have to face all different issues in life. Skip them all to reach to the divine.
It says that the Shiva opened his third eye and burned the three cities. What are these three cities? The ones in which the mind keeps on revolving. The first one is Karma or the past impression, Second is ego and the third is delusion. These are three cities in which a human being gets trapped and he goes round and round and to get out of it, to find freedom, to attain liberation, you need God’s grace. That’s why they say play on it like skipping rope. The problems are like ropes but you need to have skill to skip it. This is what the song means.
There is another meaning. The three cities are waking, dreaming and sleeping. When the grace dawns, when the divine comes in the life, then you reach the 4th state of consciousness which is Shiva itself. That is 'Turya' state or the meditative state. That is what you are doing when you are meditating; you are neither awake, nor sleeping nor dreaming
This is a beautiful song, which was about 2,000 years old. There is a small group that is preserving these ancient couplets from the saints. I asked them to come here. You can sit and talk about it hours and hours and forget about everything else. So In India, every corner, there are many devotees, so many saints have sung in who have sung beautiful poems. Every province of India had spiritual awakening and the saints wrote so beautiful verses. India is a land of philosophy, saints and knowledge.
Q: How did the ancient saints had so much scientific knowledge & understanding without any scientist instrument like microscope?
#SriSri: It is mind boggling. A scientist had written a book called physics in ‘’Vaishashik Darshan’. I don’t read too many books but I read a couple of sutras. The ancient Rishis and Saints have described the atom about 5000 years ago. It describes that how if one atom is destroyed; it destroys many other atoms, their connection and movements. Knowledge of one atom is liberating. It only indicates that there is another way to attain knowledge, which is not just through the senses. What is called the 6th Sense. Using the 6th sense you can know many things about the past and the future.
In art of living we have developed a program for the kids to develop their intuition or to open up their 6th sense. Children only take a few hours or weeks to develop this. They would be able to read with their eyes closed. You know some children even told what I'm going to say in evening Satsang 2 days back. So their intuitive ability or the ability to access 6th sense is coming very fast. I’m sure this is what the ancient Rishi’s had access to. If you go to Thanjavur , which was built one thousand years ago, you can see they have carved a picture of a British person with hat and a gun. A thousand years ago it was not there, but they had foreseen that the British would come and rule over this place So, there is 6th sense or the intuitive ability which all of us also have used at some point or the other, but it has to be methodically accessed. Through Meditation.
Q: What is the importance of rituals in Spirituality?
#SriSri: Rituals brings color to spirituality. It connects the outer with the inner. Rituals are the connection between the gross and the subtle. When you have the key for the door or the house, the portico of house has meaning. The rituals are like the portico. The entrance of the house (portico) you decorate it very nicely, it is very uplifting. Without the portico also you can get into the house, but portico makes it nicer. So little bit of rituals (not too much) adds color and flavor and deepens the spiritual experience.
Q: Politics seems to bring out worst in people, but this is not always the case. What can we do to change this?
#SriSri: Bring good people. People who have achieved success in their life, business, profession or other fields. They should come forward and take active role. There is a void in politics. If there is a void, it will get filled with bad people who are good for nothing and it will only lead to corruption
Q: People get hurt from me so often and I have realized that I have become so insensitive. What should I do?
#SriSri: Do some silence program. It is though the tongue that you hurt them. More than any weapon, more than guns and swords, it is tongue which can go deep into people's heart and hurt them. So,do some silence program and go deep within. There is a couplet written by one of the saints in Karnataka that says: It is through words that you have fun, people make jokes. So, if you use the words properly you can create humor. Humor, joy and happiness can come through words. It is though words you can garner enmity. It is through talking or words you can gain many types wealth. So in the world, words are precious; like diamonds. So, watch what you say. This will happen when you meditate. Do Sahaj twice a day and see how your control of speech improves.
Q: How to get over the feeling of loneliness?
#SriSri: Know that you are not alone
Q: I know that you are there always. I have not set a goal for myself; can you set a goal for me?
#SriSri: C'mon, you should set a goal for yourself. It’s like asking me to digest the food you eat! I can feed you but you need to digest the food.
Okay, to begin with maybe you can say let’s do some good service to the society. At least for now there is World Cultural festival which is 4 months away. Till then focus on that- to bring the world together. Bringing people from all over the world together and celebrating as one world, one family. This is what we are focusing on.
Q: What is the purpose of World cultural festival?
#SriSri: Bringing people from all over the world together and celebrating as one world, one family. People from all over world anyway come to ashram – A group from China comes or I go to Europe and people from all over Europe come to German ashram. Then I go to Canada , America or South America. So we have been doing our celebration in pockets, People come at different times from different places. So I said why don’t we come all together at one place at one time and celebrate together! We did this 5 years ago in Berlin and before that in 10 years ago Bangalore. Once in few years it’s nice to bring everyone together under one roof and celebrate! There is a saying in Sanskrit- there is no Joy in small things. Whatever is grand, it brings more joy. So we will do something very beautiful and grand!
Yesterday I was in Mysore, where we had a huge program, and then I’m travelling to Kolkata and different regions of the country. We have huge satsangs, but people from one province have not met another. But if all come together and meditate, it can create ripples of positivity.
The purpose of the world cultural festival is to give the world a message that we are one world, one family. Second, That we all co-exist with our differences. Third, It is an opportunity for religious leaders politicians and business leaders to come together and renew their vision to work towards the welfare of the society. Fourth is to care for the environment. To create a buzz in the world that we care for the birds, we care for the mountains, trees, plants, and environment. This is the message we need to pass on to the world. The fifth message would be to encourage the traditional musicians, people from every country, who have been preserving the folk dances, folk music and traditional music – to give them world platform. This would really bring the values that are going in the background to the forefront. The Sixth message - The good people are there in the world and they are alive and they active and they care for the planet and every individual.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Sharing An Article about Thought Form

A thought form is a clump of psychic energy that is programmed by its creator to perform a specific act or carry specific information which can then act upon the psychic field of others. They go by various names, such as psi balls or constructs but they are all basically the same thing. 
OK, got that. It’s really very simple. You make the thing, give it some instructions and then place it by an act of will into a location where it will do what it is supposed to. 
The first thing you have to do in creating a thought form is to have an idea what you intend to do with it. This is very important because if you do not have that, there is no point in going through the exercise. 
The next step is to put the energy together. This is done by a number of methods, the two most common being visualizing the thought form in place or creating it between your hands and then sort of letting it go to the desired place. 
Visualizing it is pretty easy once you get the knack. You simply sit and close your eyes and see the thought form coming together in the chosen location. Then you see it filling with light to charge it. 
Creating one between your hands is also easy. Sit with your hands about six inches apart in front of you and visualize a ball between them. Pump energy into the ball until you feel it pulsing between your hands. You will really feel it. In fact when I do it, it pulls my hands in and out. 
In either case, as you charge the thought form, instruct it to perform the desired action. 
If you have put the thought from in place, merely let it sit there and occasionally recharge it by visualizing it and then visualizing a charge of light going into it, instructing it as you do that. 
In the case of one created between your hands, just let it go and forget it. 
The difference is the one you have visualized in place is designed to keep broadcasting over a period of time, and this is used for long-term projects, such as absorbing energy from the people in a room, or influencing people in the room. A hand-fired one is usually for a very specific, short-term goal, such as getting someone to send you money. 

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Negative Energetic Patterns

Lets take a look at some dowsing commands, we will look at how we can apply them in different situations using the same command and how to combine them with other commands to have a wonderful effect.

Neutralize all negative energetic patterns, this is a common command I use everyday, basically to clean any negative energetic patterns I might pick up throughout my day. I clean the energy of my house with this command everyday too. As energy can be pick up and pass along from person to person, I clean all my family members too.

Now lets say you are going to attend a meeting, the venue is a place you have never been to, so using this command you can clean the venue, the people who will be attending the meeting and transform the energy into beneficial energy like co-operation.

Another situation might be for cleaning a place up that you have bought from a previous owner, cleaning up negative energetic patterns will ensure that you do not repeat these patterns left over by the previous owner. If you have bought an old place, always check for negative entities, bad spirits guides, demonic forces, clean this up first then clear the place up using the dowsing list.

If your child is having a hard time in school, being bullied or let astray, you might want to clean up the school along with all the children, their parents, the teachers, all staffs, and their homes too. This usually have a significant effect that your child will be able to notice.

If an alcoholic were to ask to be heal, I would remove negative energetic patterns, along with bad spirit guides, negative entities, demonic forces, non beneficial psychic cords and emotions related to the addiction. Then a short period of observation, follow with another check and clearing. This is standard procedure for most cases, there might be other reasons such as past life residue, if the addiction happen in this life time only, then one to two sessions would be sufficient to remove it from them.

Most of the time, negative energetic patterns are about mixing up with the wrong people, going to the wrong places, or having unhappy events happen in life, cleaning up the energy would be enough to set things right.

Thank you


A teacher teaching math to seven-year-old Kazim asked him, "If I give you one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?" 

Within a few seconds Kazim replied confidently, "Four!"

The dismayed teacher was expecting an effortless correct answer (three). She was disappointed. "Maybe the child did not listen properly," she thought. 

She repeated, "Kazim, listen carefully. If I give you one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?"

Kazim had seen the disappointment on his teacher's face. He calculated again on his fingers. But within him he was also searching for the answer that will make the teacher happy. His search for the answer was not for the correct one, but the one that will make his teacher happy. This time hesitatingly he replied, "Four..."

The disappointment stayed on the teacher's face. She remembered that Kazim liked strawberries. She thought maybe he doesn't like apples and that is making him loose focus. This time with an exaggerated excitement and twinkling in her eyes she asked, "If I give you one strawberry and one strawberry and one strawberry, then how many you will have?"

Seeing the teacher happy, young Kazim calculated on his fingers again. There was no pressure on him, but a little on the teacher. She wanted her new approach to succeed. With a hesitating smile young Kazim enquired, "Three?"

The teacher now had a victorious smile. Her approach had succeeded. She wanted to congratulate herself. But one last thing remained. Once again she asked him, "Now if I give you one apple and one apple and one more apple how many will you have?"

Promptly Kazim answered, "Four!"

The teacher was aghast. "How Kazim, how?" she demanded in a little stern and irritated voice.

In a voice that was low and hesitating young Kazim replied, "Because I already have one apple in my bag."

Message of the Story:

When someone gives us an answer that is different from what we expect don't think they are wrong. There maybe something that we have not considered at all. To listen well we must be willing to release our assumptions.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Knowledge Sharing

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang today
"When you do these Pujas and Yagnas, the unseen starts coming forth. The unseen is the energy in the subtle world and when it comes up then it is useful in our lives. Like when we water the plants, the water goes down below the earth, which then gets absorbed by the roots, bearing fruits, flowers and leaves above. You don’t give water to the plants directly, you give it to the roots. You pour water somewhere else and the fruits are borne somewhere else. In the same way, when we get success in life, the root cause is some good deed that we have done some time in the past. Whether it is in this lifetime or some past lifetime. So when we do any good deed, it gives us benefit some time in the future. This is the law of nature. And there are different types of happiness and the happiness that emerges from deep within that is achieved from this. And that is what is called Satsang. Just see how everyone is so joyful since the past 10 days. This is because of the emergence of the unseen. It erases all worries and brings success at every step. This is a special science since ancient times, in India. We have been following the tradition of 16 Samskaras (purifying ceremonies marking major events in life). With every Samskara you establish a relationship with the subtle, unseen world. Be it marriage or getting a new house, in all these you establish a relation with the subtle world."
Ques: After meditation I don’t remember anything. What do I do?
‪#‎Sri Sri‬ : But you feel good after that right? Then it’s ok. It’s good to forget things for a while. People try different things to forget everything! You know what they do? To everything people take the refuge of a bottle or take the refuge of God. Well, I don’t know about the other.. (laughter). But it’s good to forget everything for a little while.
Ques: How do you evaluate yourself on this path?
#Sri Sri: Are you confident? Are you happy more and more? Is your intuition working better than before? Do worries come and immediately vanish? Worries do come, but they come and they go very quickly, right? That’s good progress.
Ques: I am not able to be centered all the time. What do I do?
#Sri Sri: Forget about being centered all the time. So what if you get shaky, come back to your center again. Even Shri Rama, even after receiving the knowledge of the Yoga Vasishtha, lost His centeredness when Sita got kidnapped. He went around asking the trees if they had seen Sita! But then He regained His centeredness. Even Lord Krishna lost His cool, when Bhishma refused to listen to Him. He had sworn that He would not lift any weapons, but He did and broke His promise. It is ok to be like that for moment, but if you then come back to your center after that, then it is enough.
Ques: I feel like I have come very close to God and I have stopped. I don’t know what is happening to me.
#Sri Sri: That is alright. At least you didn’t stop when you were far away, you stopped when you were close to God! And you have to stop. If you are still running when you come close to God, then what is the point? This is a good sign.
Ques: Why do my parents have to suffer for my karmas?
#Sri Sri: Well, all who are connected to you will be affected. Imagine you are driving a car, and it overturns, then won’t every person who is in the car with you, get hurt? Every person’s karma is not limited to that person alone. If a mother who is cooking food at home, puts extra salt in the food, then will not everyone at home suffer the consequences? Her karma will affect all. Of course, if she cooks well, then everyone will enjoy the fruits of that too!
Ques: My mother is suffering from cancer, please make her better.
#Sri Sri: OK, don’t worry. You take her to the doctor at our Ayurveda hospital. Here we have some very good new packages. A lot of people have benefited a lot from it.. Since so many people benefited, we had to open a new department for Cancer in our hospital here. And we have packages here to control the disease. We have very good treatments for varicose vein and other diseases.
Ques: How do stop the slaughtering of cows without politicizing it too much?
#Sri Sri: The world is turning towards vegetarianism. And in this country unhealthy food habits are still at large. So we need to create more awareness on this, that’s all.
Ques: I get attracted to things very easily and get confused in the process. What do I do?
#Sri Sri: Listen to your elders then, your parents. Another name for teenage is confusion. It has to be there! And from that confusion comes chaos and from chaos comes bliss later on.
Ques: Many times people force their ways on others. How do you sensitize people not to do that?
#Sri Sri: Correct, that is civilized behavior. We need to teach civilized behavior to people in many ways. Forcing will not help. Nobody should force anything on anybody. Persuasion must be there. It should be persuasion not force. Forcing doesn’t work usually. But you know sometimes.. like in Singapore. Singapore has very strict laws against drugs. When they put such strict laws against drugs, you hardly find people using it there. In this country, in the name of not forcing it on young people, I’m giving drug as an example, what has happened in Punjab is that 70% of youth are suffering today. So if the ban, either for corruption or for drugs, had taken place in a very strict manner, like in Singapore, Punjab would never be in the state that it is in today. So, you cannot be too strict or too loose. You always need to go on the middle path. The middle path is the most difficult thing and that awareness one needs to create. What is good for people is the middle path. Not giving too much freedom, at the same time not suffocating or restricting you. That people don’t know. Either they go to two extremes, in this country or anywhere else in the world.. Either liberalism to it’s extreme is hopeless and in the same way freedom is curtailed.. like women not being allowed to drive, or exercise their way of living. This is wrong. In the world we find people in extremes very easily. It’s very easy to swing to extremes. So you can go to this extreme and try to ban everything or you go to the other extreme and say everybody can do everything. And then what happens is there is chaos and there is injustice. This country had 120 crores of cattle when it became free, and there were 30 crore human beings. Today the proportion is reversed. We are 120 crore human beings and we have only 20 crore animals. Only 20 crore animals! Somewhere if you don’t put a ban, milk will only be there in the newspapers and books! You know, when I went to Cuba what I discovered? In Cuba, if you slaughter a cow you are fined USD1000 which is too big an amount for them.. there is a ban because they know it is a small island, they need to protect that animal.. You would find all the endangered animals on the planet disappear if a certain ban is not brought. So it is very necessary at times, to identify the species which are endangered, and protect them, and a ban is needed there, legal ban is essential… One gentleman came to me in Paris. This man lives in a ship. He was a billionaire. What he did is, he put all his money to save the whales in the ocean. Whales was a very big business.. So he would park his ship in the ocean and fought with big governments of the world to save whales. His life was under threat, people were threatening his life.. and he has made it his life’s mission to save whales. He himself was a whaler, he used to catch them. And one day, he said, he looked into the eyes of a whale and he got a message from the whale saying, ‘ Why are you killing me to fill your little belly?’. He said that, that one incident before he shot the whale, he looked at the whale, he wrote a book too and making a documentary on this, how the Dolphins and the whales, the whales especially, they are like human beings. They are being killed! And he is struggling with the international community to bring a ban on it. So we need a ban on endangered species, it is necessary. Animal rights have to be protected. At the same time a I would say, if somebody killed an animal, people cannot go and lynch somebody or kill somebody. That is absolutely wrong. We should never allow such things to happen in this country or anywhere else in this world.
Thank you
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sharing some Thoughts

Energy works can sometimes be misdirected, when we sent energy to heal someone, we try not to put intention in the energy, this is why we would say 'sent the most appropriate energy'. Our intention may not always be for the best good for another,

My experience doing energy works taught me many lessons, I made a few mistakes with some cases, and learnt many valuable lessons, one thing I realize was the need to understand the human anatomy better, the numerous biological functions of the body and an understanding of the meridian system.
Learning the above was very helpful, and in some cases speed up the healing process, as energy is directed where it is most helpful.

I learned that I should not be affected by the degree of discomfort the healee is experiencing or where the pain is obvious, there is always a root cause behind this. If you are sensitive and able to see or feel energy, reading the aura usually gives a better idea of where the root cause of the problem is.

Emotional attachment to the healee is not advise, whenever you are healing a loved one, treat him or her as stranger, your attachment will cloud your mind and generally affect the results of the healing session adversely. If you are unable to be emotional detached, then ask a fellow healer to help you out. Do not have expectations about the result of your healing, just think that you are a conduit of the energy and is simply directing the energy to the healee. (You are not the doer)

I have found that shorter and more frequent sessions are usually better, this gives the healee a chance to assimilate the energy slowly and a chance for the healer to observe any adverse reaction from the healee. The length of time for the session can be increase after a few short session if no adverse effects are found. To heal someone takes a lot of patience, as different layers of consciousness are being cleared, in some cases, it may take up to a year or more to bring the healee back to good health.

The healee must learn to take up some responsibility for their own health, they should try to make positive changes to their eating habits, do some exercises to strengthen their body(if they have not been exercising) drink more water (energized) and learn about energy works and avoid going to places where they might come in contact with negativity.

There are some cases that I had, the healee got an extension of life span for about a year or more, I am writing this on hindsight, a canteen operator, near one of my work site was one such case. She was operating a canteen opposite my work place, I patronize her canteen because there wasn't any other place to go to. One morning, when I was there, she sat on a chair, breathing very hard(aura was very dark), I walked over and asked if she would allow me to do something for her, she agreed and I proceeded to direct energy to her. After half an hour, her aura changed, she was feeling much better and I left her. She did well for the rest of the time I was there, I completed my project and left for another. One year passed, and I heard from a colleague that she has pass on. My colleague told me that her husband told him that she was suffering from diabetes since she was a teenager, and it got worst because she miss her dialysis treatment often because she was uncomfortable with the after-effects. He was surprised that his wife did not complained of any pain for the year before her passing. I did not intentionally ask about her, my colleague just happen to tell me when we met up for coffee (we are both now working on different projects), in a way I felt it was her way of letting me know about her passing.

It is not easy to be a healer, but it is something that I have been doing for a while, in the process I am learning more about myself, about the energy, about love, about people. I can only say this, I do love people, because without them, I would not have learnt to love myself.

Thank you


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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sharing a Story

Last Saturday, I received news that my sister-in-law has been warded in the hospital, my wife and me went to visit her in the evening after I got off work. She was warded because her nose was bleeding profusely and she could not stop it. We bought some fruits and went up her ward to see her, so after some exchanges, she told my wife that her shoulder and arm were sore from lying in her bed for the last few days. I offered to do some healing for her, after a few minutes she asked to stop as she was feeling very hot, so I stopped the healing.

After a few moments, she asked for plastic bags, she started to cough out blood that has trickle down her throat, it was quite a scene, me, my wife and my nephew and niece were running all over getting more plastic bags, ice packs, water for her. During this time the lady 2 beds away, who was sleeping woke up and started to throw up.

After an hour of this, my sister-in-law settled down, I noticed the other lady also stopped throwing up too, and her aura has brighten up. We said our goodbyes and left her to rest, when we reached home, I asked my wife if she offered any energy during the whole time, she told me that she did, chanting a mantra one time.

The next day, my sister-in-law sent me a message telling me that her bleeding has stopped and she may not need to go through a laser procedure to stop the bleeding after all. Great news, we are so happy for her, this kind of reaction from direct healing has happened many times, from experience I could tell that she was experiencing direct healing crisis, and my wife and me should leave as soon as possible because our energy is directly affecting her, but we could not do so as she needed physical help and support, so her agony was prolonged for the whole 2 hours we were there. The other lady patient was also affected by the energy too, but in the end I believe the results should be positive.

One of the thing I have noticed, was whenever both myself and my wife are together, we create a huge energy, this has happen many times when we went shopping or have meals outside our home, people usually behave in a strange manner around us or if we walked into a shop with no customers, a crowd would appear out of the blues in that shop. I wonder if we could offer this as a service to attract customers for shop owners. (Ha Ha Ha) Of course we are not the only couple who had had this experience, a few of my friends have reported similar experiences too.

I like to share a video about Paper Radionics Machine, you can visit the site to find out more after viewing this video.

Thank you

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Yesterday, I wrote about feeling uncomfortable before an explosion happened in a factory, this morning my colleague inform me that the deceased  as a result of the explosion was a friend of his wife, so in a strange way the energy connected and I felt it.

As you can see that all of us are connected, and it just how the links connect, of course I don't spend my time trying to feel out everything, sometimes it is just so strong that I can't ignore it. Many energy connect to me everyday, so many scenes play out in my mind throughout the day, this is why some people find me disinterested in the middle of a conversation, I am still listening, only that there is more than conversation going on in my head. It is not a pleasant feeling to have because I am also aware of the person's feelings who is in front of me.

I apologize if I appear rude in anyway, but it isn't easy to be processing so many things at the same time. Sometimes I feel that I am paranoid even mad, but I have learned to accept that I am more sensitive, although feeling disparity between my feeling and the way I live. I am sure there are many who are feeling the same, this is all part of the opening up of our heart chakra, we have to learn to accept this and make the best of all the new abilities that is now opening up in us.
Thank you

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Freedom to Be

A few days ago, I was discussing with a friend about another mutual friend, this mutual friend was a very 'hardworking' spiritual seeker but eventually he lost his mind. He had learned many methods from many schools but he was unable dive deeply into any, it was like a person visiting many famous temples but never step into one. He was always telling everyone what he knows and would proudly display his credentials for everyone to see.

Having lost his mind, he was unable to control himself and was warded into a mental hospital, he now drives a taxi for a living, keep himself clear from all previous contacts, basically drop out from the face of the earth. He recently resurfaced, to meet up with another energy master, he was asked if he had the faith to stop medication and find a cure through alternate medicine, I was told he admitted that he was incapable of doing so.

Although the divine do not really put us to the test, sometimes a few hard knocks will uplift us to a higher level of freedom, ultimately you test your own limits of your own faith and learn to see clearly where you stand. Take up a practice, something that resonate with you, do this for a few years and if you find nothing comes out of the practice stay longer, you will definitely discover something about yourself.

With the current bombardment of information from social medias, and internet, you mind has to process so much information throughout the day, yet the hunger for more information grows. Try to take some time away from all of these, go take a trip into nature without your hand phone or tablets. Be silent and be with yourself even if it is only for 10 minutes, you will gain so much from being in silence.

Yesterday morning, I had this feeling that there was something not right about the energy, I even told a colleague about it, saying that something is going to happen, and true enough, at about ten in the morning an explosion ripped through a factory here, killing one and injured seven others.

In the afternoon, my seniors from Feng Shui class came to have lunch with me, we were discussing about our plans to set up a shop to offer our services and also provide energy healing. In the mist of our conversation, I mentioned that I have attune a young engineer from China who had recently join our project. He could now see energy clearly and is able to do healing too, one of my senior ask me if he too could receive attunement so that he could see energy too. I told him that I have previously attune him, but he would not be able to see energy because his mind was not free. He ask me how to free his own mind, so I told him to go up to a lady randomly and hold a 5 minutes conversation, he couldn't do so, I think most of you would be able to stand up to this challenge but he was too shy to do so.

It is all in the mind, being a psychic or a great salesperson, or doing healing, all these are possible if you allow yourself to be free and do it.
Thank you

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Don't Miss the Boat


Gichin Funakoshi was a man of Tao. He placed no emphasis on competition, record breaking or championships. He placed emphasis on individual self-perfection. He believed in common decency and respect that one human being owed to another. He was a master of masters."

Founder of Shotokan Karate

For those of you who dowse, you can dowse to bring your affairs to Universal Abundance, if you are not a dowser, just say a prayer 'Please bring my affairs to Universal Abundance, Thank you.' (Refer to yesterday's posting)

We are at a very exciting time now, the energy can manifest anything you want, so watch what you wish for, it will happen for you. Think you can have anything you want, you need not want what belongs to others, ask for your own, even better than what others have. Although you need not justify yourself or be deem worthy to have the universe give you all that you desire, there is still cause and effect, so if you are not fully in Love, and giving Love, you may attract whatever you are giving out. 

It is a time to understand Love at the Universal Level, all love is still love, but it comes with selfish intention, yet it is the Divine's way of showing you the way to true Love. It is the Divine's Love that lets you understand through the pain, the fear, the agony, to come to terms with your true nature, Love.

Don't make excuses, I am not ready, I want to enjoy myself more, I have got work to do, you can always share your time with those who are lonely, you can always give a little to those who are needy, you can always give up your car to be kinder to Mother Earth. Most people never walk the talk, yes they do the talk a lot, but when it is time to back it up, you will hear the above excuses. 

No one is there to judge you, you are not measured by how much you do, it is the willingness to change, to drop your baggage that you are carrying and to realize the things that you think, that makes you happy, are the very things that brings you pain. 

There isn't much time now, if you have not move up to the 5th dimensional energy now, you will not get the chance to do so until the next 26,000 years have pass, others have already moved on to the 8th dimension and some even to the 12th, there are better things to think about than to ponder what to eat for lunch at some exotic restaurant. 

Thank you


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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sharing -Beyond Belief Webinar

SANDPAPER – smooth things over; remove imperfections

Every one has their own ideas of what spirituality is to them, some think that dropping duality and becoming one is to forget their basic human values such as integrity, honesty, self esteem, self respect and good moral values. This is not what it is about, if these values are lost, then you lose a part of yourself that is human. How honest are you to yourself, do you value your own integrity, do you have high self esteem and respect for yourself?  Taking what is not yours just because you can, because you are selfish, is disrespectful to others. If the tables are turn around how would you feel?
If you are not clear about all these, you are nowhere near spirituality, do not fool yourself because you can't, your body will not lie, the pains and diseases manifest because something is not right with you. 

Someone asked his Spiritual master this question, naming another famous guru who eats meat, he ask his master if it is alright for him to eat meat too? His master replied,' when you have attain the level of that guru, you can do so.' You know what is best for yourself, but you should also consider what is best for others if you get them involve directly and indirectly, do not make decisions on behalf of others without their consent. You do not have this right, you have the right to screw up your own life but not for others. Remember that your actions will always be reflected back to you, so only give the best to others, because you are only giving it to yourself. 

You see that the World develops in the image and status of your actions in interaction with the God’s will. 
You see that the World is that creation, which has been acknowledged by everyone, and when you want to change the World in accordance with your affairs; BRING YOUR AFFAIRS TO UNIVERSAL ABUNDANCE and your affairs will strengthen and the universal abundance will come. The Universal abundance IS THE DEED of the World BRINGING us to the Kingdom of the God and BRINGING US TO RECEIVING of universal life and life individual FOREVER AND IN PERPETUITY.

As seen from the webinar by Mell and Annie.Beyond belief.
An easy and effective control for any problem.
Close your eyes or leave them open.
Sense your inner stillness.Take a deep breath and relax.
Chase away any discomfort,any thought .
Take two more deep breaths.
Imagine a bright,shining silver light radiating from a sphere on your left hand.
Sense it and feel its radiations .This is the light from the Creator where all is perfect and according to the NORM.
On your right hand imagine another sphere.It has the color you chose.We put inside it what we want to achieve,what we want to bring to the creator's NORM and we add the appropriate sequence number.
for example if you want to achieve "protection of the whole body...the sequence number is "9187756981818"
Put the goal and the number in the second sphere.
Bring the two spheres together ,as they touch,they form the figure of eight,the infinity symbol lying down,and watch what is happening as the light from the left sphere touches the right sphere.
Observe any changes occurring in the second sphere and in your body.
Be aware of the changes taking place.
When the second sphere merges with the illuminated sphere and becomes one shining sphere,close your hands together say 741, 741, 741 to set your control and the control comes to completion.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Assimilation - Sharing an Article

Sunday, 4 October 2015


I would like to share some memories of my earlier life, I hope that what I shared may help others with similar backgrounds to have an understanding of the energetic perspective that has happen to me.
I was four when my dad died of liver cancer, leaving behind my mum and two younger brothers, along with my maternal grandparents, my mum had a hard time bring us up. My childhood was quite happy despite of this, I remembered that I had a Indian family for a neighbor, and I would spend my time playing with their son who was about my age. He taught me about herbs that his mum has planted in their backyard and he would pluck them for me to try. The other neighbors were also very helpful, one of them would take us to our kindergarten in his car every day and I remember riding to kindergarten in a car  that resembles the 'Bat mobile'.

After a few years my mum exhausted the savings left by my dad, and we had to sell the house and moved to a rented house away from the richer district we formerly lived. At this new place, we were living among less to do people, and soon I picked up my very own poverty mentalities, people were always talking about being short of this and that, and they were living day to day, many times we had our electric supply cut-off because we could not pay our bills.

We stayed at this place for six over years, during which I remembered one of the neighbor's dad died because he overwork himself despite having TB. There was little food on the table because my mum could not make ends meet. While living at this place, I remembered an interesting thing, my younger brother would wake up in the night, and bring out his toys to play with an imagery friend, later we found out that he was playing with a young soul who had pass away in our house before we moved in.

Things improved as I got older and started working, and by chance my mum 'inherited' a business from her boss because he had no one to handover to before he died on the operation table undergoing a heart surgery. We have also moved to a new flat in a new town developed by the government with uncompleted amenities and many time we had to walk home because buses were too crowded to get on.

With a higher source of income, both my younger brothers managed to earn their degree, I have since left school and was unable to do so. At this time, I had entered the army on national service, and had no interest to further my education. After two years I left the army, and started working on various odd jobs but ended working in the construction industry for the last thirty two years.

Looking back at my past, I had always wondered why my dad had left me early, and if I knew what I know now about energy would things had been different for me and my family. In meditation I did managed to talk to my dad and asked him why he left, and he told me it was part of my own life plan, so that I could be what I am today. I am most grateful to him for allowing me to achieve my own spiritual potential and for gift of my life.

In 2005, I learned of dowsing when a friend of mine loan me Raymon's book ' The future is Yours' and I pick it up, later I met a teacher and friend who helped me have a deeper understanding of dowsing, he, himself was a student of Raymon's whom he met a few years ago in the States. Once I learnt how to dowse I saw the potential to use this to heal many issues related to my life. I learnt from Raymon's techniques that you could go back in time into the past to heal any outstanding issues and correct the frequencies and energy at that time, scramble and adjust these to the most appropriate energy to have a healing and bring these to the present and into the future. After doing so a corresponding effect would usually happen in the present time. I was like a child with a new toy, cleaning out the past and putting things back into proper order for me and my family.

A few years back, I decided that I could help more people if I shared this knowledge, and so started to write this blog, it is my intention that everyone will be equipped with this knowledge and able to help themselves, their family, friends and others. I am still learning, still in the process of changing for the better and I hope that everyone too can have a Happier journey through life by using the simple techniques I humbly offer on my blog.

Thank you


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