Tuesday, 31 May 2016

An Important Video to Watch.

A friend sent this video to me, I think it is quite an important video to watch. I hope you feel the same after watching.
Thank you

Monday, 30 May 2016

Thoughts and You

''Give it a form, then you are able to destroy it.'' 

Sometimes when doing energy works, we face a problem that we are unable to change, this may be due to the reason that we are unable to have a grip on the problem at hand. (no pun intended) Let me explain, all our dowsing commands is true to the above sentence, example 'Please scramble the frequency of fear, and adjust to the frequency of Love.' We address the fear,'take the frequency and scramble' , the frequency becomes the form, and scrambling the frequency becomes the action of destroying.

Last week, I had the good fortune to chat with a friend about some problems I was facing, being a counselor she gave me her views and help me understand the problems better. When I went home, I gave a name to my problem and was immediately able to 'destroy' the problem. I was surprised that it was so simple to solve, thanks to the expertise of my good friend.

Problems associated with our loved ones are sometimes difficult because we are too involved with them emotionally. This is when a friend might be helpful to let you see another perspective of you and the problem you are facing. With a new perspective, it is easier see the solution that you been looking for.

Try a simple experiment. Think of a sad event from your life. Similar feelings will soon follow, and with them memories of other such unpleasant episodes strung together through association. Scenes, odors, words, perhaps half-forgotten, will suddenly come upon you with new freshness.

Your thoughts will activate the appropriate feelings. Beneath your awareness, however, they will also trigger the cells' ever-present memory imprints of stimuli received when those events occurred. There is, to some extend now, a cellular memory playback- and on the part of the entire body, the recognition of its state at that time.

If you pursue such sorrowful thoughts persistently you are reactivating that body condition. Think of one of the most pleasant events that ever happened to you and the reverse will be true, but the process is the same. This time the associated memories are pleasant, and the body changes accordingly.

Remember, these mental associations are living things. They are formations of energy assembled into invisible structures, through processes quite as valid and complicated as the organisation of any group of cells. Comparing them with cells, they are of briefer duration, generally speaking, though under certain conditions this does not apply. But your thoughts form structures as real as the cells. Their composition is different in that no solidity is involved.

As living cells have a structure, react to stimuli and organize according to their own classification, so do thoughts. Thoughts thrive on association. They magnetically attract others like themselves, and like some strange microscopic animals they repel their 'enemies' or other thoughts that are threatening to their own survival.

Using this analogy, your mental and emotional life forms a framework composed of such structures, and these act directly upon the cells of your physical body.

'Please neutralize all negative emotions from every cell of my body. Transform them into Enlightenment. Thank you.'

Thank you for reading


Thank You!!!

Over the past few days, I had the most wonderful time of my life, friends came by to celebrate my birthday with me over the last 3 days. Thank you to all of you, I am most grateful for all the trouble you took to surprised me and to celebrate this wonderful occasion with me. My sincere appreciation to and for all of you.

Meeting up to celebrate, we get the chance to exchange ideas and energy, I am glad to know that all of us have come a long way since we first met. Many of you became friends with me, simply by just calling my number, trusting that what I say is good, and most importantly offering your friendship and love to me.

In strange ways, we stayed as friends, facing many challenges and overcoming them together, and catching up whenever we have the opportunity to, it is really a ''WONDER''. I am so glad and blessed to have all of you.

Thank you

Friday, 27 May 2016

A Question.

What is the effect of your belief about yourself upon you? Who, what do you belief yourself to be, and is this belief beneficial to you, try to measuring this on the dowsing chart. It seems that you have a belief system that tells you who you are, but it may not be 100% beneficial to you. Actually I am not sure what I am writing about (embarrassed), the idea came when I was on the way to work. I was thinking what I think of myself, my values, my core may not be 100% beneficial to me. But of course then what am I measuring against, was the next question?

Anyone who understand what I am getting at, please write me, I really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. I am sure anything you might throw in will help, so please give me your feed-back.

Thank you


Thursday, 26 May 2016

You are ready?

The air-conditioning is still down, sweating, sweating, but still Happy, have been meeting with many people, and I can feel that everyone is experiencing changes. The majority of us has ascended to the 5th dimension, only a small number have chosen other paths, so there will be no apocalyptic drama to play out, people will learn to live the way of love, because they have come to realize their true nature.


Met a few people who are star-seeds, the one thing that I noticed was, they were super-cool when told what they were, no surprise look or expressions from them. They just accept this information about themselves as if they have always know it is so. They would ask a few questions not because they needed new information but just to confirm things and abilities that they have already known all their lives. I wonder if there will be a galactic reunion, won't that be fun,

I noticed that more and more people are behaving abnormally, fighting over small issues, creating havoc in public over small arguments. I wonder if the chakra system have anything to this, because I always detect from people who behave aggressively that their human assemblage point is out and so are their chakra system. Usually you can also detect some form mental stress and trapped emotions in them. The cells of their body would be spinning in the wrong direction and become incompatible with each other. One thing connects with another, and you will find that this person basically has accumulated too much non beneficial energy. Entities can reside within the body, in chakras, and body parts, this can be manifested as pain, weird behaviors or unexplained illnesses.

We have to look into all possibilities when we find out about a problem, we can use our own experiences together with the experiences of others to come out with a solution or solutions to solve a problems. Even energy workers who have been around for the last twenty years have new things to learn and new ideas and paradigms to accept. Hanging on to old concepts will create problems for you now because the whole system have been upgraded.

Be open to all new possibilities, accept the new ideas, let go all resistance and change your beliefs about yourself, if you allow yourself to be more aware of your own beliefs, you can work with them. It is silly to try to fight what you think of as negative beliefs, or to be frightened of them. They are not mysterious. You may find that many served good purposes at one time, and that they have simply been overemphasized. They may need to be restructured rather than denied. The initiative must be yours.

Here is an exercise for you, take a photograph of yourself and place it before you. The picture can be from the past or the present, but try to see it as a snapshot of a self poised in perfect focus, emerging from an underneath dimension in which other probable pictures could been taken.

That self, you see, emerges triumphantly, unique and unassailable in its own experience; yet in the features you see before you- in this instance, posture, expression- there are also glimmerings, tinting, or shadings, that are echoes belonging to other probabilities. Try to sense those.

Thank you


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Be there for Love!

Yesterday, I received a call from one of my seniors(Feng Shui) asking me to go down to the shop for a discussion, so we agreed upon a time to meet up. When we met, I was inform that another of my senior had fallen victim to a stroke and is now lying in the hospital in a coma. The news did not surprise me as I had checked about his health a few weeks ago. When our finance Minister had a stroke in Parliament a few weeks earlier, I got this feel to do a check on this senior of mine. The result indicated that his time was drawing to a close, I did not disclose this to him, but advise him to do some exercise to improve his qi, mentioning that his qi level was very low. He gave me some excuse that he was busy and would do so when he had the time. I left it at there, as it is always his life blueprint that will be carried out in the end.

My office air-conditioning has been out for over a week now, and it feels like working in an oven. Some of you would know as we shifted our meeting to another location because of this. I would also like to thank everyone for their feed-backs, comments, and words of encouragement, it is great to know that someone cares for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In the previous post, I gave some readings for next year, note that the overall energy will be raise 100% and any fluctuations will be above this, it really means we are in for a very exciting ride. Those that did not choose to go for this ride will be diverted and this will take place over the next few months. Be nice to the people around you, treasure this time you have with each other, love all of them well.

There are many strange happenings going on now, but would not be suitable to be put up as a posting for discussions. I am thinking of having a group meet up so that we can discuss all the happenings that is going on and of course to get together after a long while. Anyone is welcome to join in, just write to me and I will let you know when and where to meet. As we are coming to the end of May, I guess our meet will be in June.

Thank you


Ice Blue for defusing pain. Whenever you are hurt - a cut, a burn, have any pain - think or say Ice Blue. You can also write it body parts to help defuse the pain.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Last night I met up with a client to do a reading for her, we went through the session for her and it came to Q and A time. She ask me about her sister after asking a few questions about her life, she wanted to know if her sister would find a good husband. I did an energy read and inform her that her sister is already married, she replied that her sister is going through divorce, I did another scan and saw that an affair was the cause of divorce, so I asked her if her sister's husband had an affair, I was told that it was her sister that had an affair and currently already she is seeing another 2 men, she wanted to know if either one of them will make a good husband for her sister? After another scan, I told her that neither will do, a third one will appear within 3 years would be the ideal choice. She was happy with the answer and I left it at that.

I was wondering If I was old fashioned, or something, this generation takes marriage so lightly, if we could not get along let's move on, is it this fragile? I am aware that hanging on to a lost love is a pain, but to treat so frivolously, seems ...... well maybe I would like to die a solemn death.

Been busy recently with many people, interaction with them seems easier now, and doing energy works seem more powerful. I got a feeling that all our abilities have been upgraded to another level, I wonder how many people feel the same way I do? With energy increasing monthly we can expect many changes to happen, here is a monthly readout for the next few months in 2016
May +25 %
Jun   + 55 %
Jul    + 55 %
Aug  +60 %
Sept  + 80 %
Oct    +55 %
Nov   + 35 %
Dec   + 50 %
Jan    + 80 %
Feb    + 110 %
Mar    + 130 %

If the readings are correct, next year we will see monthly energy increase between 100 % to 165 % , the energy is not coming down like this year, so it is going to be tough on the human body and will change many things in our current reality.

I hope I am inaccurate about all the above, but in case it comes please remember what Raymon reminded us - Dowsers are a very powerful group on the Earth, the future is Yours; Do Something About IT!

Thank you


PLAY – improvise; expand consciousness and discovery; build connections

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Love Heals

What did I learned this weekend? I learned that not everyone appreciates me and what I do or say, not even my family, it is sad but true. I was told that I was imposing on them, that I did not care for them more, that I did not hear what they were saying. Wow! it's news to me, was I surprised or what? I thought I was always there for them, maybe I should really reflect on what was said and change my ways from now on.

I guess it is always hard to be a parent, even harder if your spouse is not standing on your side. The children have their own ideas, plans for their future and it may not include their parents in them. Expectations reduces Joy, this is what my Guru taught, and accepting people as they are, suddenly rings truth for me.

Although I am not going to let what they say affect me, but I am not going to let the lesson pass by me, without learning something. I will take this precious lesson and make it my strength. If anyone whom I have given the same feelings to, please forgive me, it was never my intention I am sorry. Thank you. I Love You.

I guess that with all the energy, we all must go through a healing crisis of sort, in some way this could be my healing crisis, but I am sure everything is going to be alright. If anyone is also going through some physical, mental, emotional pain, please be strong, have faith in the divine that all this will come to pass.

Thank you

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dowsing and Inner Guidance

When we are dowsing, we are actually communicating with our own inner guidance. We ask questions and get answers from our dowsing tools and charts. As you progress, your dowsing abilities
will improve and you will become more intuitive, you may even become psychic and be able to know the answer without your dowsing tools.

There is many ways to improve your dowsing skills, you can use Lloyd Mear's numbers, you can use visualization techniques, meditation, self-hypnosis with affirmations and many other techniques.

Here is another dowsing command that will be helpful to make things clearer for you, 'Please remove all veils and all deceptions for me. Thank you.'

There are many level of consciousness to clear, each level cleared will bring you nearer to the self, there is no true self, only the self. It is the eternal, it is unchanged and ever changing, and it is your very own nature.

We are always judging ourselves and others, making decisions based on our own limited knowledge, punishing ourselves and others because we are unable to come into our own God nature, we create Gods and Demons to punish, judge, execute, ourselves because we are unable to face the truth.

Zeal is for defusing apathy, indifference and lethargy. Zeal brings passion and enthusiasm into the current focus. Zeal creates a keen interest. Zeal gives diligence wherever it is applied, and increases focus and dedication.

Stop Now! Sit down, and be silent, you will be surprise that you can actually listen to your own heart beat, listen to what your heart is telling you. There is no right or wrong, no gurus, no enlighten masters, no heaven or hell, besides you, there is nothing.

Be Peace!

Thank you

PARADISE – anything is possible; end hopeless; bring new hope, expectation, reparation and restoration 

Dowsing- Negative Energetic Frequencies

Geo-pathic Stress Neutralize

All things are composed of energy, our thoughts, actions, events in our life are all energy. Energy can be impress on matter, if you read a book the ideas of the author is impress upon you, ideas are a form of energy and this is impress upon you as you read the book. If you borrowed the book from the a library, the energy of the previous reader will be impress upon you and your energy is also impress upon the book. This energies can stay on the book and accumulate to form what we call negative energetic frequencies.
In our daily lives, many such energetic frequencies gets impress upon our energy field, this can cause disruption in our own frequencies resulting in lost of temper, being lethargic, fearful, lost of concentration and even become bankrupt.

Depending on the kind of frequencies that was impress upon you, your life will be influence by these frequencies.
We take baths to clean ourselves daily, to rid all the dirt from our body in the same manner these negative energetic frequencies have to be remove from our energy fields daily as to prevent them from creating havoc in our lives.

Dowsing is a good way to remove such frequencies, as the pendulum or dowsing instrument is able to detect such frequencies, we ask the pendulum if such frequencies are present in us(our energy field), if they are present then we ask that these be remove from us. The pendulum will swing up-down to indicate YES and swing anti-clockwise to remove these frequencies. The same procedure can be applied to a house, property or place, if you were to visit a place that you think might have negative frequencies you can ask the dowsing system to remove these before you set forth to visit the place.These can also be apply to the schools your children attend their classmates, teachers and staff or to your workplace and colleages.

For those interested in dowsing you can visit the following link

WOMB – feel cuddled; be cuddly; be secure; reconnect with Source (U)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Love Thyself

Why do love ones turn against us? Why do husbands and wives changed their attitude and become cold to one another after many years of being together? Where did the love go? Does the experiences of growing up and the education you receive from school, home, and friends you grow up with, have a negative effect on you, later in life?

Here is where dowsing becomes a very handy tool that will save you many trips to the counselor's office. You can check with dowsing, the effects of your parents upon you, your friends upon you(even your best friend), your school, your neighborhood, your relationships, all of these have a significant effect on you, and shape the way you behave now.

You can neutralize all effects of whatever that is affecting you, and transform the energy into freedom or other energies you want. Recently I was having some skin problems on my left toe, as usual I dowse for a solution, but all efforts failed. Then it came to me to check for how much unconditional love do I have for myself, I was surprised that I had a very low amount of unconditional love for myself. I corrected this and skin problem on my left toe healed.


Cancer is a dis-ease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body. Something happens in Childhood that destroys the sense of trust. This experience is never forgotten, and the individual lives with a sense of self-pity, finding it hard to develop and maintain long-term, meaningful relationships. Because of that belief system, life seems to be a series of disappointments. A feeling of hopelessness and helplessness and loss permeates the thinking, and it becomes easy to blame others for all our problems. People with cancer are also self-critical. Learning to love and accept the self is the key to healing cancers.

Overweight represents a need for protection. We seek protection from hurts, slights, criticism, abuse, sexuality, and sexual advances; from a fear of life in general and also specifically. We sometime put on a few pounds when we are stress or feeling insecure. Fighting fat is a waste of time and energy. Diets don't work. The minute you stop, the weight goes back up. Loving and approving of yourself, trusting in the process of life and feeling safe because you know the power of your own mind make up the best diet ever. Go on a diet from negative thoughts, and your weight will take care of itself.

Too many parents stuff food in a baby's mouth no matter what the problem is. These babies grow up to stand in front of an open refrigerator saying, ' I don't know what I want,' whenever there is a problem. Pain of any sort is an indication of guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment, and punishment creates pain. Chronic pain comes from chronic guilt, often so deeply buried that we are not even aware of it anymore.

Guilt is a totally useless emotion. It never makes anyone feel better, nor does it change a situation. Your 'sentence' is now over, so let yourself out of prison. Forgiving is only giving up, letting go.

Strokes are blood clots; congestion in the bloodstream in the area of the brain cutting off the blood supply to the brain. The brain is the computer of the body. Blood is Joy. The veins and arteries are channels of Joy. Everything works under the law and the action of Love. There is Love in every bit of intelligence in the Universe. It is impossible to work and function well without Love and Joy being experienced. Negative thinking clogs up the brain, and there is no room for Love and Joy to flow in its free and open way.

Laughter cannot flow if it is not allowed to be free and foolish. It is the same with Love and Joy. Life is not  grim unless we make it so, unless we choose to look at it in that way. We can find total disaster in the smallest upset, and we can find some Joy in the greatest tragedy. It is up to us.

Thank you


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Dimensions Described!

(Bring about good fortune, abundance and prosperity, rise above the pressure, move freely and unencumbered, lunge ahead, let go of limitations, clear inertia, master your ability to create a colorful conscious life, give and receive clarity (on this).)

The recent energy changes are giving rise to many disasters both by nature and man-made. The world is becoming a very hot, very wet, very cold and dangerous place. People are behaving like wild animals, raping, killing, robbing in many countries. Is there a relationship between these actions and the global changes taking place. Is the sun's magnetic fields affecting the insects, plants, trees, crops and people? is it the cause for all the new diseases and virus, that is affecting the world population now, are we heading for an apocalypse soon?

What would it take for humans to make an effort to change what is happening now, an earthquake that will rock the whole world, triggering mass tsunamis and drowning a large percentage of people. Will this stop the Greed, the commercialism, over indulgences, will this stop the governments from spreading their propaganda, spreading their lies to the people to keep them in line. 

There is no real freedom, all the material you read on the 'free' internet are design to take advantage of you, one way or another. I saw on facebook that some site is offering free subliminal messages to help you make positive changes, do you really want to download their free software? How can you be sure that there isn't already a program in the software that is malicious to you.

Even people who set out to do good with a facebook group, end up playing protectionism to avoid their facebook group from being corrupt by people who will not hesitate to steal from the own loved ones, these people just take advantage of everyone irregardless of who their victims are. Slimy characters who ask and ask for more when they are can. Then there are other groups that become corporate war zones, member fighting to gain popularity, all in the name of doing good deeds. Sometimes I wonder how the human race could last as long as it did.

Lloyd Mear gave description of what the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th and 12 dimensions are, here is what he said -
Well, the dimensions vary depending on what part of the world you are in. Generally now, in this part of the world, we are in the 5th dimension. There are some people who are energy workers and what not that are in the 8th dimension. These are just numbers that represent that dimension. If you are in the 6th dimension, you're basically in chaos. A lot of these kids that have these labels ADD, ADHD, and so on- a lot of them are in the 6th dimension, and we have a number there that we can bring them out of the 6th and bring them back to the 5th. They are far more stable in the 5th dimension. This is a very evolving field - the 8th dimension is starting to show up, primarily energy workers. And the next dimension after the 8th is the 12th. And we only have one person in the 12th dimension. (when he made this audio -- he discusses that more in his later teachings.) Dimension to begin with was probably the first dimension and that was a cave man. 80% animal- 20 % human--he survived strictly as an animal would . And as we moved into the 2nd dimension, it was probably more 80% Human and 20% animal. Now a lot of the world, in some parts , are pretty much still in the second dimension. They are very controlled by very strict religious beliefs, and very tightly controlled as a society. And they've never been able to move out of that dimension. They're still in the second -maybe 2.3, 2.4, but still in the second dimension. The third dimension is primarily where we were just seven years ago.
That has changed in just the last seven years and we have moved into the 5th dimension. The third was probably about 20% light and 80% human. The 5th dimension is probably more like 40% and 60 % human.
The 8th dimension is probably more like 50-60 -70 % light and the balance human. And the 12th dimension is about 80% light and 20% human. It's just getting more enlightened, I guess would be the word. There are several opinions on this stuff, and part of what I am saying is coming from some of these other opinions, and it's amazing how we graduate, and who in the hell is doing the graduating, I couldn't tell you, but it really is quite amazing to see people move in their dimensions.
If I can interject - the 2nd number down from the top is called 'the 6th dimension elimination' if you know someone who has a grandson or a granddaughter, or know someone who has ADHD or ADD or any of those, have them read that number for a week ,and you'll be amazed at what it will do. IT IS SUPER!
We have several teachers using it in their classrooms - not knowingly -( page 116, 2014 manual) to the students and to the school, but they just can't believe the difference it's made it in their classroom . It brings the energy from way up high and it lops it right down. It grounds the kids where they should be. It takes them down to the 5th,and then they will gradually move into the 8th. The 6th dimension may well be a very stable dimension by 2012 (which didn't seem to occur) but right now it's very unstable.

You can dowse to see which dimension you are in, you can also check the percentage of light and the percentage of human nature you have. This in my opinion, is a good indicator for us to find out if a person is having trouble because of being in a different dimension.

It is sad that there are still people in the 2nd dimension, in the present time, this could be the reason why there are still many violent crimes happening in our world.

For those who are interested about unconditional love here is a command that you can use-
'Please remove the emotions from the beliefs, thoughts and memories from me that prevents me to loving all unconditionally. Take this energy and transform into the most appropriate energy to love all unconditionally. Thank you.'

Thank you


Unconditional Love

Recently I have been dowsing someone, because I could not get the Spirit of Love into him, for the matter, I could not get any good spirits into him that will stay. I decided to ask if this person had Non Beneficial Spirits of Emotion, to my surprise he had none. then I decided to check if his soul is in this dimension. I found that his soul was not in this dimension, which means that he is not grounded to the present time and reality. My observations of this person was that he was not centered, he was focus but I just felt that there was something missing in him. You can also check on him and share you findings with us, for the purpose to connect him, let this person be R. Please share your conclusions with us, to help us all learn about how to resolve such issues. Thank you.

Here are a few questions that came to me this morning, ' to what degree or percentage do you love yourself unconditionally? ' 'to what degree or percentage do you love all unconditionally?' ' to what degree or percentage do you love your spouse unconditionally? You may be surprise that you score very poorly, is unconditional love different from what we normally think or call love? Is your love conditional?

I am not sure but I feel that the energy is building up again, and it is not letting up, so please be regular with your daily dowsing. Mental stability may be a major issue, so it has a lot to do with the brain, daily balancing the blood flow to the brain is a very good idea. I have notice an increase in numbers of people behaving in a mentally unstable manner on the streets. Last week, my brother inform me that a colleague of his mentally broke down while on duty, had to be restraint and sent to the hospital. Yesterday on the way home, I sat next to a huge lady who was talking to someone over the hand-phone, she spoke in a manner like she was a member of a project management team. As she was speaking quite loudly, I was drawn to the conversation, then I realize that her hand phone was not turned on.

These are the energies that I find affecting us a few times a day, please check for and neutralize them
Geo-pathic Stress
Astrological influences
Negative Solar Influences
Mental instability
Negative effects of the weather
and EMF

Please remember to also bless the plants, grass vegetation and trees for without them we will be in big trouble.

Thank you


Sunday, 15 May 2016


When you drink a lot and frequently, how badly does your body suffer? Can it ever fully bounce back after it’s been damaged past a certain point? 
Dr. George Koob, the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, says that just about any medical malady is made worse by excessive alcohol use.
“Alcohol kills cells just about everywhere in your body. It leads to a fatty liver, which leads to a loss of cells in the liver and ultimately what’s called cirrhosis liver, which can be fatal. It can cause pancreatitis and it can cause problems with the heart. It can facilitate cancer and even diabetes in high doses.” 
While it can affect any part of the body, Dr. Koob says it’s most damaging to the brain and liver. Our liver doesn’t recover very readily past a certain point and that’s why people with severe alcohol problems need liver transplants.
“Alcohol is metabolized in the liver and so it really engages the enzymes that are used for other things. There’s a whole sequence of inflammatory events that also occur in the liver.”
When it comes to the brain, the problem becomes even more complicated. 
Dr. Koob says when you look at a person’s brain with no history of alcoholism they use a very circumscribed circuit that goes from the front end of your brain to the back end - kind of like a fast moving highway. When you look at the brain of a recovered alcoholic they have a much more confused network to get to the same place. 
“It’s kind of like when you have to do physical therapy for a muscle. You’re using and strengthening another system to compensate. You don’t grow back the neurons that die, you strengthen other systems.”
According to Dr. Koob, there is a point of severity that you can’t recover from. 
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is a disorder that occurs when someone drinks for long periods of time and doesn’t eat properly. The neurological condition involves a nutritional deficit, especially in thiamine.
“You’ve lost those cells in your hippocampus, which is part of the brain that lays down new memories or helps consolidate memories and those don’t grow back.” 
Dr. Koob suggests alcohol is incredibly damaging because it’s a small molecule and miscible in water. It can easily get into your blood and acts on a variety of different parts of cellular mechanisms.  
He also says a big part of the problem is that a lot of people with alcohol use disorder don’t get the proper treatment. If a person with a chronic moderate to high alcohol use disorder gets into a recovery program and doesn’t drink for a year or two there is a recovery of function.
“Everyone’s recovery is different and it’s safe to say the longer you’ve been abstinent generally the safer you are. But it’s always a work in progress.”
According to the World Health Organization alcohol is one of the leading causes of health problems in the world. A significant issue is that people don’t know what they’re drinking and how it’s affecting their body. 
“The earlier interventions occur, the better people do later in life. The bottom line is everything in moderation.”
Try using the EC below to help someone you know to stop Alcoholism.
Thank you

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Letting Go

Right and Wrong, this is something that I struggle with in the past, should I do this or not? Will doing this make me unworthy, is it really important? I had this need to justify my actions and judge my worth based on this.

From the viewpoint that everything is composed of energy, and the intelligent mind can change energy. Intelligent people do not get too caught up with emotions, emotions cloud the mind and cause one to react to a situation instead being composed and coming up with a good solution. Without the ability to remain calm, fear, anger, guilt, and negative emotions sets in, it is a vicious cycle. This is a form of 'programs to re-experienced issues', situations repeats itself and you experience the same drama again and again. 

When you realize the nature of all these, you can change the energy, people are conditioned from young to behave the way they behave, the belief system they have now, is a product of their environment, their social circle, their parents, the education they receive or did not receive, heritage and culture too. What would it take for one to wake up and see the suffering cause to oneself and others because of these beliefs? 

Let me share here that I have used dowsing to clear all of these for my loved ones, over the years, I have observed positive changes, but it is not 'complete' and I believe it may not be 'complete' unless they are willing to let it go themselves. I can only hope that somewhere along the way, a glimpse of light will attract them to seek for more.  

I like to share another post from facebook with everyone :- I had written about my son who had joined a frat in university and I am not sure if I mentioned that he had been missing for and we could not find him. Last week we found out that he had passed away two years ago and his remains were in the morgue.  For the past two years prayer circles, pujas, healings and clearings were done for him and he had died.

It is so sad that despite the parents doing all the energy works for their son, yet he was found lying in the morgue. There is life blueprint that one follows and despite anything others do to help to change it, the person will follow it to the very end. The only person who can change this blueprint is him or herself, yes it is possible to change it, but you must be aware that there is such a thing.

You can use your dowsing to check if a problem that is bothering you is part of your original blueprint, if yes could it be change for the better, and if you have already mastered the problem that is within. Try it , you may be surprise that you can change your life.

'I am Sorry' is to forgive yourself and forgive others, because you let go of your ego and is willing to say you are sorry. Stop the suffering now, 'I am Sorry, Please forgive Me, Thank you, I Love You.'

Thank you


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sharing A Story

Yesterday I posted about asking the right questions to have the proper results or answers that you are looking for, and last night someone posted this article below on Facebook about the same subject but with a good story behind it. Please enjoy reading. Thank you.

Thirteen years ago I remarried and my husband and I decided we needed to start our lives in a fresh home without old memories. So I had just started learning to dowse and thought I would "try" map dowsing to find the best home for us. My question was "where do I belong?" I got a specific area in Elon, Va. So we rode around the area and it did not appeal to us. We got a realtor to show us homes and nothing appealed. So two more times I dowsed, with the same question of where I belonged and got the same answer each time. I just decided I was new to dowsing and doing it all wrong. So we found a beautiful home 30 minutes away from Elon with the house number 1133 (I did not know about numerology at that time). It has been the perfect home for us. Fast forward 5 years later when my mother dies. Cleaning out her home I discovered that my abusive father was not my biological father. Imagine that shocker. To make a long story short--I looked up my real father and guess where he lives? Elon, VA!!!! My question when dowsing was not where should I live for my highest good but "Where do I belong?" I belonged with my real father who had been following me all my life from afar. I have been blessed with a real father and his family who have embraced me, including my stepmother! I have a brother and two sisters! We have shared 10 years of joy. Raymond tells us to pay attention to the question we ask. He is sure right about that!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Be the Best You Can Be

If there is something that you have to do, resist the temptation to do it under duress. Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that would happen if I didn't do this?" And if you can get away with not doing it at all, don't do it. And then imagine what would it feel like to have this done. Spend a day or two, if you can, just 15 minutes here, 5 minutes here, 2 minutes here, here and here, imagining it completed in a way that pleases you! And then, the next time you decide that you're going to take action about it, the action is going to be a whole lot easier.

The basis of dowsing is to ask the right questions, when my shoulder was hurting the other day I resisted the temptation of just asking the dowsing system to scramble the frequency of pain and adjust it to my ideal body frequency. This works, for a short while and the pain comes back the next day, this time I ask the system if the problem was physical, and got a 'yes', next I ask if it is due to an injury and I got 'yes' again. I ask if the system could neutralize the injury, I got a 'no', so I ask if there were energies to help heal the injury and I got a 'yes', then I ask again if the system could install these energies for me, 'yes' , will the system install these energies for me and 'yes', do I need to know what energies that are installed and I got 'no', will it work, 'yes', so I ask that these energies be installed into me to heal my shoulder injury. The pain did not go away immediately, after 15 minutes, my shoulder felt better, in an hour the pain has subsided and I am still feeling fine, or I should say my shoulder is fine.

I have found that there are several types of dowsers, some specialize in searching for water, others work with numbers, and some are good with working the spiritual side of problems. Not all are able to see energy, but all dowsers believe in what they do and do it well. Self confidence and being centered and focused in one's own dowsing abilities are the fundamentals of a good dowser.

Many dowsers learned and gain experiences through doing more 'cases', learn from the results of these 'cases' be it positive results or negative results, through these method, they become great dowsers. If you have picked up a pendulum or dowsing tool and started to dowse, start dowsing for others to see results and learn, move from basic level to intermediate levels and up to advance dowsing, dowse for the plants and watch them grow healthier and greener, dowse the air and breathe better. Dowse that your dowsing skills improve, this is one of the most important thing you can do to upgrade your skills.

Learn from more experienced dowsers or form a group to share experienced, it is not necessary to solve a problem in the same manner, sometimes just by listening to other's methods, you can formulate your own solutions. Read up on dowsing, there are many books and blogs which are very useful with lots of information on them.

By sharing information, you can find many 'short cuts' to solve problems or see 'blind spots' in your own dowsing and this will enable you to solve problems more efficiently. Be inspired by great dowsers like Raymon Grace, Lloyd Mear, Richard Webster, Bill Northern and many others, these people have contributed their own brand of dowsing to the world.

Thank You



Sunday, 8 May 2016

Strange Attractions

TOMORROW – eliminate remorse; dispel sorrow 

There are some who embrace the belief that we are all energy and what is done to someone is actually done to oneself. This is great, nothing wrong here, someone believe that if one rapes another, he is doing it to himself. Right...?  Let's take a look at this, energy follows thoughts, here is my question, why have the victim attracted the rape, the rapist attracted what he wanted, so did the victim?

This is an example of negative attraction and manifestation, there is no need to attract such situation to yourself to prove that all is energy, you are able to change negative energy to positive energy simply by thinking or wishing for a change. This bring us to why do people still attract negative things or situations into their life? There is a thing called self sabotaging mentality, if you have this, you will find some way to mess up your life. (there are a few names for such mentalities - self hurt, self destruct, self hate and brain-washed mentalities) check with your dowsing, if you have them, asked to neutralize and remove them from you and your loved ones.

If there are past events in your life that adversely affect you, you may also develop what is called programs to re-experience issues, some event in your past caused unhappiness or despair for you by a loved one, like your parents, siblings or even close friends and you felt that you were unfairly treated. This may cause you to blame others in the present, every time the similar situation happens again.

And you seem to enjoy the pain or despair because now you could blame the people who love you for this similar events. Husband and wives usually play out such mind game to each other, and also do so to their children. They make their children develop a sense of guilt because of their own past event, and create many situations to instill guilt and blame to each other and their children.

'Use dowsing to go back in time to remove the emotions from the belief, thoughts and memories of all past events in your life that adverse affect you. scramble these frequencies and adjust them to the most appropriate frequencies for you at that time, bring these back to the present and forward to the future. Thank you.'

'Please remove all programs to re-experience issues for me. Thank you.'

Modify the words where it is appropriate to suit your needs and conditions.

Thank you


SHINE – clear negativity and raise energy; excel

So Cute!