Sunday, 26 April 2015

Together Divine Order Love Be

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal yesterday, death toll is rising above 2500 and massive number of injured are being rescued or need rescuing, please send love and light to them, and if help is needed in other forms please do your part.
Thank you

By Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.
A house divided against itself cannot stand. This is true for nations, communities, organizations and families, as well as for individuals. In the House of Humanity, the individual is the common denominator. When the individual is divided, the house is divided.
In the game of tennis, the scoring system is Love, 15, 30, 40, game. The game begins with Love. In the etymology of the word, Love is no score, no stakes, nothing, to take the individual back to Love to nothing, to wholeness.
The process achieves this by voiding anger, fear, blame, resentment and thinking from poisonous thoughts, toxic energies that divide the mind, the house of the individual, causing it to fall to dis-Harmony and dis-ease.
The purpose of life is to be restored back to Love , moment to moment. To fulfill this purpose, the individual must acknowledge that he is 100% responsible for creating his life the way it is. He must come to see that it is his thoughts of that create his life the way it is moment to moment. The problems are not people, places and situations but rather the thoughts of them. He must come to appreciate that there is no such thing as "out there". People, places and situations exist only as his thoughts of.
A problem is a replayed toxic memory, what Shakespeare writes as a "fore-moaned moan". A replayed toxic memory again divides the mind against its self, against Love. The Updated Hooponopono, a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutations, is a petition to Love to void and replace toxic energies with its self. Love accomplishes this by flowing through the Mind, beginning with the Spiritual Mind, the Super Conscious. It then continues its flow through the intellectual Mind, the Conscious Mind, freeing it of thinking energies. Finally, it moves into the Emotional Mind, the Subconscious, voiding thoughts of toxic emotions and filling them with its self.
Here is a thought cleansing tool that anyone can apply to void toxic energies from his or her thoughts.
Mentally think: "I turn the Light Switch on my thoughts of me and my family, relatives and ancestors." There is no limit to the number of times that this tool can be used. The tool is a petition to Love to clear toxic thoughts of yourself and of your family, relatives and ancestors that divide your Mind, your house.
The purpose of life does not change with the coming of a new millennium! It will always remain the same: to be restored back to Love moment to moment. The fulfilling of this purpose requires absolute individual responsibility. It requires an appreciation of the real problems that divide the individual first, then everything else second. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


In my opinion, we are moving rapidly towards a new world, resistance is futile, if you choose otherwise, you got to go back to the beginning and start again. Sounds bad? Let me explain why I am saying this, I have been observing the energy for a few years now, the effects of the energy on the people and on the earth. I am unable to tell you how I observe the energy, but simply I am feeling it and the feel that runs through me whenever the energy affects me.

Look around you, if you are into facebook groups that is of a spiritual nature, what do you find, someone puts up a teaching or a method of healing, and this is good, it works, and this person who put this up is of good spirit, genuinely wants to help the world. Then look what happens, everyone is asking for help, despite all the information given out on how to help yourself, they simply just ask for help, oblivious to the information available. And it is endless, everyday people just write in to ask how to increase their wealth, make more money, deal with a disease, how to pass examinations and interviews, how to get a life partner and so on.

People are not taking up responsibility for themselves, in the new world, you will be creator of reality, and if you are not going to take responsibility do you think you will be in this new world. I am not complaining about anyone, because no one is above another, if you are not take good care of yourself, you will suffer for it, one way or another. If you do not take care of your health, you will be sick, it is a matter of time, no one needs to do anything, nature will take its course and soon you will have to see a doctor.

Always remember you are spirit or energy being first, there are people who think that we are spirit in a physical body, I tell you that it is the opposite, you are spirit wrap around a physical body. If you can see this, than you can see reality. You are powerful being of the universe, you are eternal spirit, know this now. The process coming up is going to be tough, make peace with yourself and you will be able to help yourself and others through these changing times.

If you are doing some spiritual practice, take up responsibility and help people with what you have, doing some service daily, giving a praise or showing appreciation to someone you meet is sometime all you need to do, smile to a stranger, talk to someone, there are lots of old lonely people who would really appreciate some small talk, someone to listen to them. (I am assuming that you live in Singapore) If you sincerely offer your service, you need not worry to much about what you do might be right or wrong, it doesn't matter. You will know as long as you do it with a pure heart and good intentions. Don't worry about having special powers, or special abilities, sometimes these powers gives you more problems than answers. Just go with your heart, open your heart, follow it, you will not go wrong.

In the coming months, observe the people around you, observe the happenings around the world, observe the animals, animals are very sensitive to energy, they will be the first to react to the energy. Become more aware, you will be able to sense changes as the energy changes, if you dowse, dowse to neutralize the ill effect of global warming, ask that healing energy be sent to repair the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Dowse to transmute fear, shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, greed, war, terrorism into Love and Gratitude. Energize water daily, by dowsing or by other methods and share this with others.
Transmute the Spirit of Greed from all food and drinks sold in our country into Love and Gratitude, this may be one of the easiest way to remove greed from our society.

I can only share with you, it is up to you to do it, so please have the passion to help and take up the torch and light the way.

Thank you


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sharing a Story

The other day I did a life reading at my home for 3 people, they made their appointments and arrived on time. When they entered my house, I took note of the energy, after introductions and hospitality was over, we sat down to do the readings, the first one I read for was a lady, so she was looking to have a career change, and wanted to know if it was a good time this year to do so. Her readings indicated that she was moving into a new luck cycle, and things will be changing for her, she may face financial problems as the new luck cycle did not come with money to support the change. I told her to take some time to plan for both finance and direction for where she want to be headed.

The second thing she wanted to know is about her marriage, her marriage luck was not there and there was an interesting star found in her marriage, and that is she would usually be hurt or abuse in her relationship, Anyway her charts showed that she would only marry when she is in her fifties. At the end of the session, I gave her a dowsing cleansing and adjust her energy to the appropriate level for her. She had this dark energy spot in her liver when she first arrive at my house, because she was keeping late nights, the dark energy spots cleared up after dowsing for her. I am sure she will find great improvement to her life.

Most people experience positive changes in their life after having done a dowsing session for them, previously, people whom I have dowse for, have all reported  back to me that their life became better after the session.

I was thinking that most of our problems will be resolved if we had an energy adjustment and had our energy raised for a few days, so I experimented with Energy Circles putting symbols into them to transmit energy for some of my friends, So far this has worked in all cases, and all of my friends gave me positive feedback. This is very encouraging so I asked if we could attune someone using energy circles, I got a 'yes', so if you want to do an experiment, try writing the words - Reiki Attunement, put in 1 or 3 reiki symbols enclosed this in a circle and write the name of someone who is willing to try take part in the circle at the top. Then see if this person could feel the energy and is able to send out reiki energy,you can use your dowsing to check for the energy. Please give me your feedback if the experiment worked for you, thank you in advance. Have Fun too!

Thank you

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Knowledge Sharing by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I am sure you will find some of your own questions here.
Thank you

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang today
Ques: what is the first thing and the last thing I should do to remain connected to the Self throughout?
‪#‎SriSri‬: Meditation. First when you wake up like you brush and wash your teeth, first thing is meditation. And the last thing is also meditation. In between also meditation flows in life. Anything you do, do It with mindfulness with awareness. I would always call it awareness, nowadays they call it mindfulness! Take life as a sport. Life is a struggle when you have no knowledge. With knowledge the same life which you considered as struggle turns out to be a sport. In sports you are happy, whatever is the outcome. And when you are feeling a struggle, anything is still not satisfactory. Victory is as disastrous as a failure. That’s when you feel that the journey itself is a struggle. But when you see the journey as a path, as singing and dancing.. you know when people sing and dance they keep going round and round, there is no purpose in going round like this. When you are walking straight you have a purpose you have a goal you have to reach there. But when you are going around it is a game. Horse racing you do within the tracks, horse race is done in the tracks. It’s just a game. In racing horse is not supposed to reach somewhere. Similarly all the planets are going round and round! They are giving you a message that the Universe is enjoying it’s a game! In word the ancient Rishis callled it as ‘Leela’. Leela means a game, fun. They never saw it as Shri Rama’s Sangharsh or struggle, they said Rama Leela, Rama’s game. So when life is like a game, the whole thing, the approach lightens up, from both sides. You feel light and it lightens up as well.
Ques: How well does being religious help me in my spiritual quest?
#SriSri: It’s a different dimension. A little religiosity is good in life, it adds a flavour. A flavour which is needed for both yourself and for the society to continure. See you don’t need to go to a temple, church or a mosque, somewhere to go and pray and meditate. But just imagine if nobody goes, what will happen? If everyone says God is in my home, in my heart then one generation wil be okay but what will happen to the coming generations? This whole system will collapse, right? So we need to preserve this ancient system, ancient culture, it’s a world heritage. So temples are not just a place to find God. It’s a place for socio-cultural activities. In that sense I feel that it is good to keep that heritage alive.
Ques: I have more affinity to my knowledge sheets, rather than my studies. Please tell my parents that it is okay.
#SriSri: It’s good that you have affinity towards knowledge sheet but you have to study also, put your effort. You don’t have to put much effort in knowledge but in other knowledge, it requires some effort because your interest is not there. So whatever comes to you as effortless is part of your enjoyment is part of your fun. But anything we need to put effort in helps you in some way in the long term as well.
Ques: Is there some mechanism for thoughts to manifest?
#SriSri: Intention, attention and manifestation follows. You have an intention, you first offer the intention. Offer it to the Universe, to the higher spirit, to someone very dear to you, saying, this is my wish. So it could be your parents, your ancestors, Guru, your personal angels or Gods and Goddesses or to Guru. To anyone you offer what your real intention is and have patience. Know that it will be done. If it is good for you, it’s going to be done. If it’s good, it’s going to happen.
Ques: How do I become like Bhakt Prahlad? Will it happen automatically or do I need to put any effort?
#SriSri: It’s like asking Me how can I like something. How can I like mango, how can I like banana? You have no way to like, it will simply happen. Your very desire that you want to be like Bhakt Prahald, know that you are already on the path, you are already on the way. As your vision broadens, you go for the highest. Prahlad went for the Highest. You know ‘ahlad’ means happiness. ‘Prahlad’ means bliss. So even this story of Hiranyakashyapu, his goal was Prahlad, bliss. Today you find everyone around like Hiranyakashyapu. You know what Hiranyakashyapu is? Hiranya means money and kashyap means seeing only money, nothing else! No relationship, no father, mother, nobody. Money is there then that is biggest. If money is there, they can drag their parents to court.. they are Hiranyakashyapus! What do they want? Their goal is to bring up Prahlad, bliss and bliss cannot be a captive of Hiranyakashyapu. It will always go towards Narayana. Only the highest Self can bestow the highest bliss. For that courage needs to be there. Narasimha is courage, courage like a lion. So when the human consciousness is roaring like a lion, and it has authority, like a king of the forest.. You know a lion does not go and look for things and ask people, it there. It doesn’t even go for prey, it’s the lioness who preys and brings in the food. It just sits there resting confident, like a king. So when your consciousness assumes the role of a King, is stable, then Pahlad sits on the lap and Lakshmi sits on the other lap. Wealth comes to you and Prahlad, bliss is already there. Bliss prays for the highest being, highest Self. That is the whole story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyapu. It’s so beautiful! And who is not only looking for money? One who is a lion, he doesn’t go looking for money. He knows money will come automatically. And it will come without effort. So He destroys Hiranyakashyapu and uplifts Prahlad who is Ananda, bliss. That is the inner meaning of the story.
Ques: Why is there so much violence in the worl? Is peace less powerful than violence?
#SriSri: No. Peace is much more powerful. Violence is spread on two counts. One is lack of education or ill-educated people. They spread violence. We have not taught people how to handle their own mind. They are not taught, neither at home nor at school. All it needs is peace education. If you are not educated how to brush your teeth from childhood, you would not be having any teeth even when you are a teenager! So like dental hygiene is taught world over to keep good teeth, mental hygiene needs to be taught to keep a violence free mind. This education is lacking, and that’s why peace appears to be far away. It’s not far away. In fact if you look at it, there are very few people who indulge in violence. Among seven billion people on this planet today, you think all the seven billion are struggling with violence? No. Just a handful of, not even one percent of the world’s population is engaged in violence. Not even, one percent! But its effects appears to be very big. Because today media will highlight that as a hard news. Seventy thousand people coming and doing meditation is no news at all but one letter from somebody becomes a big news! A letter of threat becomes an international news item! So this is how we have developed our society. We need to de-program this tendency.
Ques: If I have only one hour to choose between Seva, Sadhana and Satsang, what should I choose to experience total oneness with the Divine?
#SriSri: I want to tell you a secret. Want to hear it? It’s not time. It’s not effort. Not at all. ‘japa tapa sadhana kachu nahi lagata karasata nahi kathari bhajo re bhaiya Rama Govinda Hari’. It’s not the huge effort that you make. Two hours I have to do the Sadhana. No. Just feeling the connection is good enough… twenty minutes you relax. That is important. Who should make an effort? One who has not yet come into the path. But if you are on the path, you have a Guru, you have a path, effort is not needed. It’s not needed at all. And effortlessness is meditation. You will say it is so easy to say but mind is occupied with so many other worldly issues, because I don’t see this to be temporary, these all appear to be very permanent. This is the biggest issue we have every day. You just wake up and see two hundred years before, none of this was here and two hundred years later none of this will be there. Nothing will be here. Everything is just a dream! Even take till this moment, whatever happened is like a dream. This morning you woke up, you brushed your teeth, you did all that, is it not like a dream now? Yesterday you took bath, you did all that.. is it not like a dream now? Day before, last month or last year, turn back and see everything that happened till this moment, good, bad, ugly everything is like a dream. Similarly another ten, fifteen years will just run – good, bad and ugly, everything will finish. If you broaden the vision and see the past and the future, everything is like a dream, you don’t need any Sadhana. But don’t take this as an excuse!(laughs) If you wake up you will find that there is something that is permanent and that is where you are. It requires no effort. If you love somebody, you don’t have to make an effort to remember them.. Someone you are deeply in love with, do you have to make an effort ‘ Oh I have to today sit and remember them’ and to call them ten times? No. It is there right in the mind. So that is what is the main thing, ‘smaran’ (remembering). All these puranas are filled with those type of stories like Ajamila did everything and in the end he called ‘Narayana, Narayana’ and he became liberated. It sounds very funny! But they just wanted to make point that what is important is that connectivity. If you feel connected, job is done! If you don’t feel connected you do hundred times for two hours, three hours, eight hours, you sit and do something, it’s of not much use. Some use is there, but not much use. At least at that time you don’t bother anybody!
Ques: What is the purpose of human beings, our existence?
#SriSri: You are here to find that out. You have come to this world to know just that. And you have to do nothing. When you do nothing, you will know. And what will you do after knowing? Then also you will do nothing. Let things happen the way they are happening.
Ques: It is said that one glimpse of the Guru make all the karmas go away. I have had some many glimpses of you and still many karmas are there. Are these fresh account of karmas or do I need new eyes to look at you?
#SriSri: Yes, you have to look from the new eyes. This is exactly what Lord Krishna told Arjuna. Lord Krishna was with Arjuna till the 10th, 11th chapter, He was explaining everything to him. He should not have any karma at all. No, Arjuna didn’t have those eyes to look. Then he got the eyes for Vishwaroop Darshan, seeing the whole thing. That which you call as karma, is that which is unpleasant to you. You don’t call something as karma when you are in bliss, ‘Oh this is my karma, I am in bliss!’. You never say ‘Oh when will this karma go, I am do happy!’ When you are happy you don’t consider this as a karma. When you are miserable then you feel, ‘oh this is my karma’. You need the Gyanakasha, the eye of knowledge. With an eye of knowledge, you will see everything in life has a purpose and it is making you powerful, stronger every moment. And anything we create that creates a problem for us is through Aviveka or lack of discrimination or lack of wisdom. So you have to look from the eye of wisdom, then you see nothing really bothers. Problems come and they go and you take it as it comes. And you act on it, whatever you need to act. Suppose you are walking and your chappal breaks, you don’t cry ‘oh this is my karma, my chappal has broken’. But if your car breaks down in the middle of somewhere, you say this is your karma. You have not realized your potential, how much more powerful you are than the events that happen around you. If you wake up and see these are small things that are happening in life, then you are just a witness to it, you are not participating in it. Karma is part of the world and it will continue to be part of the world. As long as you are in the world, you have to do karma and you will be part of the karma, there is not getting away from that! Infinite are the ways of karma. And if you are part of this world, you are part of karma. If you look towards the being, and you feel you are just a witness to all that is happening then you are free. And if you see the Guru is like that. He is free from all the karma, yet He is engaged in all the karma. Got it?
Ques: If everything is an illusion, then isn’t realization of enlightenment also an illusion?
#SriSri: Yes, first you find all that as an illusion, then you will find all the struggle for enlightenment also an illusion. But that is the second step. You can’t go to the second step without going to the first step.
Ques: How to do you stop people from bullying you?
#SriSri: You don’t need to stop anyone from bullying you. You don’t get bullied, that’s all. How are they going to bully, they are going to say something, right? You act as though you are deaf! The best way to deal with people who bully is to act as though you are deaf, you don’t understand that language. You compliment them, give them a surprise, ‘Oh you are a master in bullying!’ If you have humour in life, you can surf through any tough situation.

A Challenge

Recently I watched a program on TV above cybogenic(maybe wrong word used) - robotic parts that can be worn by humans to help with movements. The inventor spend many years of his life towards creating this technology to help stroke patients, patient with nerve disease and have lost the use of their limbs. The core of this technology is the ability to translate brainwave signals into robotic commands directly from the patients brain. The inventor came up with a program that can pick up alpha brain signals in the body, and then translate this into signals that machines can understand and carry out.

I may have not got all the details right because it was a program broadcast in a foreign language, but what caught my interest was that the brain sent commands to the body, it is sent in alpha frequency, the same frequency when your brain relax, and the second thing, was that when the command is completed by the body it signal back to the brain to inform the brain that the action is completed.

When the patient wears the robotic parts and uses their brain to sent a command, the robotic part completes the action, the body part then sends a signal back to the brain that it has completed the command. this creates a strengthening effect on the nerve circuit between the brain and the body part. After some time this cause the circuit to be rehabilitated and the patient could move their body on their own, without the help of the robotics.

 I am probably over simplifying the whole thing but all this could lead to many other probabilities, for example since the alpha brain wave could be pickup and translated, maybe we could one day transfer human consciousness into machines.

The second thing is the response of the body part after completion of its command, also indicates to us the importance of exercise, regular body exercise is good for us because it also strengthens our nerves due to this natural response circuit. I hope this will be give some inspiration for people to do some physical exercise. Below is the article from NHK.

Cyborgs: A Future of Hope
Yoshiyuki Sankai, Robot Researcher

Robot researcher Yoshiyuki Sankai created the world's first cyborg-style robot. The robot reads electrical signals sent by the brain when it wants to move a muscle and interprets them as an instruction to move. The robot can instantly carry out the kinds of complex movements made by human beings, and it's attracting a lot of attention as a tool for physiotherapy. For those with spinal injuries or stroke-related paralysis, wearing Sankai's robot can restore a sense of moving one's own limbs, which can, in turn, help to improve nerve function, even in cases where physical recovery was previously considered impossible. Sankai is sensitive to the feelings of patients and their families, people struggling in difficult circumstances. His robot technology has evolved to work together with those who need it. It's this feeling factor that lies behind Sankai's technological breakthroughs.
Sankai says, "I believe that the desire to help others is what drives technical evolution. Every person's life has an end. There's a time limit. That means we have to keep striving for faster progress. I want to keep going for as long as I can".

I hope the last 2 posting about water has got some people to take up the responsibility to help clean up the water. Here is a few simple commands that you can use to clean up water, use them with a glass of water, then taste the water you energized for yourself.

Transmute the spirit of greed in the water into pure water.
Scramble the frequency of all biological, chemical, and radiological pollutants in the water and transform them into pure water.
Invite in the spirit of water into the water.
Raise the energy of the water to the highest most appropriate level and invite in the spirit of love, freedom, gratitude, prosperity and a great taste into the water.

After energizing the water, you can also program the water for specific purposes, hold the water at eye level and thank the water, than request the water to go into the cells of your body and become part of the cells of your body and bring about a change or heal you when you drink the water.

Try this out for yourself, you will be surprise that you can simply achieve this just by saying the above commands to the water, If you want to you can ask that the water taste sweet, sour, bitter or any other taste, and if you can do this, what is there that you can't achieve with the power of your mind.

Thank you

Monday, 13 April 2015

A Proposal for you

Have you had days, when you are not feeling well and whatever you do just don't seem to work? What should you do, drinking energy water, dowsing, energy works all just don't seem to have an effect. Try just sitting it out, let it pass, take your rest but don't do anything, just watch yourself, see the different emotions going through your mind. This may not give you much relief but it is a good opportunity to learn, observe the body and mind, the relationship between them. Some times there is more to gain from the discomfort, a better understanding of one-self.

Water is carrying a strong message to me recently, and I decided to watch Raymon's energize water DVD again, after watching I drank some of the energized water and I was surprised how great the water tasted, my body also became more flexible and some aches and pains disappeared. In the video, Raymon mentioned that we are basically water and as he energized the water, our bodies get energized as well, so in fact it is a healing video too.

As for VG7 neutrino pipe, go Google the word neutrino and find out why this is a very good pipe to have.

If you have been watching the news around the world, you will noticed that people are doing crazier things, have you asked yourself why and is there anything that can be done to change this. There are some who use the social medias to fight a cause, they would put up many articles about how bad a product is, or spread the news of some bad behaviors of a group or some individuals. It is all for a good cause, well if there is some thing to resist it will persist even stronger. Try changing the energy of water, use any methods like Raymon's DVD or the VG7 neutrino pipe and start changing the water in your own bodies, as you changed, the water in your surrounding area will change, and soon you will find yourself living in an area with strong positive energy. As like attracts like, the more positive your energy the more positive people you will attract. This way there is no resistance, because you are changing yourself, and your positive energy will start changing people around you, even the water you pass out of your bodies will be good positive energy.

Some may think, is this guy telling me that all my problems can be solved simply by drinking good energized water, well not exactly, your personal life lessons are for you to learn, but by way of using energized water, you can create a better environment for yourself, you can learn about programming your water to bring abundance, peace, freedom, prosperity and many good things for yourself. For example, if you install the VG7 neutrino pipe, you can help many people, your family and friends can have access to this wonderful healing water. The VG7 water that runs into the sewers from your home will help clean up the sewers, you will  be able to use less detergent and in turn will help create a greener world. There is this doctor who install the pipe and then sells bottled G7 water to his patients to let them experience it's wonderful effects. And of course when the water gets recycled into the clouds and rain down in another place, it will still have a positive effect on the place it fell on.

You could do your part to make a better world for the next generation, don't wait for someone to come hold your hand before you do something. Take up the responsibility, if not now, when? if not us, who? The future is yours, do something about it.

Thank you

Sharing a message

Give Yourself Rest and Tender Loving Care 

There's a worldwide positive energy shift occurring, and this week will be extra intense. It's all positive; however, sensitive people may feel tired and emotional. Know that these are normal reactions to energy shifts. 

Don't judge or push yourself, but DO take extra good care of yourself. Get as much rest and sleep as possible. Naps are an excellent way to keep your moods and energies centered, and also receive divine guidance as you're sleeping.

The angels are also advising us to shield ourselves more frequently this week, with whichever shielding method you prefer (asking Archangel Michael to shield you, visualizing yourself in a protective bubble of light, praying for God's buffering, etc.)

This energy shift is answered prayer for peace-loving people everywhere. However, the first part of a shift can feel wobbly and unstable, with highs and lows. Know that we are heading in a peaceful direction. Give any worries to God, and be at peace.

Take two table spoon of salt (Preferably sea salt or Lahori salt. If you don’t have that, a normal table salt will also do). Mix it in half a bucket of water. If you are using bathing tub then two handful of salt in the tub will be required. Now make an affirmation that all your problems in your life (mental, Physical, financial, professional, relationship etc…) should get dissolved and destroyed (v. imp to say this) through this saltwater bath. Keep repeating it when you pour this water from six inches above your head… if you don’t want to wet your hair you can use shower cap. After this bath, take your normal shower with soap and shampoo as you desire….

Salt has a very strong property of cleansing your aura…
After this, sit in a clean place preferably your puja place or any neat and clean place and then meditate for five minutes. When I say meditate, all you need to do is to sit in a comfortable position, can be padma asana if you want to and then invoke any divine you believe in and then say the following prayer. You can modify the language as per your convenience.. what is important is to talk from your heart.
Mentally, talk to the Divine … say, “Lord make me a pure channel so that I can pass on your divine energies to all these people (bless all the people who have hurt you the most- including your family , friends, colleagues , acquaintances etc… ) Who at some point of time have exchanged negative vibes from me. May they all be in peace, may they all do well in their lives, and may they all be happy, successful and content in their lives. Lord bless me to have that wisdom to do the right thing at the right time. May I feel your presence all around me all the time. Bless me lord and bless everyone on this earth with peace and happiness and love.
After this start your day afresh… slowly and steadily you will start finding such miraculous changes in your lives which probably you had never expected to happen. Do it with faith and sincerity… you will feel lighter, happier, successful, content in your life…

Choose your own way to relax, take more rest, the energy is super intense, this morning it was so bad that I had stomach cramps. Drink more water, keep your system hydrated at all times. Recently I found a 3-D print shop and I asked them to print me a 3-D flower of life key chain, it turn out quite nice. If you want to have one let me know.
Remember to also balance the blood flow to the brain, left and right hemisphere and brain chemistry.
Thank you

Friday, 10 April 2015

Water and you!

Water will be the next big thing, clean drinking water, Raymon Grace is the one of the few people that uses dowsing to energize water, he has put it on a DVD, if you have not bought one, please go get yourself a copy. Imagine a world having a shortage of clean drinkable water, and you have this DVD that cleans up the water, do I need to join the dots for you? Raymon has even remove arsenic from water and has many testimonials to prove this. 

Go to his website and order your copy soon, or you may be missing more than the few dollars spent on this DVD. (
I am not promoting a DVD, this could be the most important thing to have in the near future. 

In the last posting, the video introduce G7 neutrino pipe, this is a wonderful product with a breakthrough technology from Japan, it may cost a bit of money but it needs no maintenance, and will last 10 years, divide the cost over this and you will find that it is actually a very worthwhile product to have. Many people who have used this products have report miraculous results from serious diseases. I am using one too. 

As a wise old lady(lived over 100 years) once told me- 'Choose Love over Prudence', would you not love yourself or your loved ones enough to spend some money to have something that is so valuable and crucial to your health. 

Many people want free products or they want others to do the work for them, Raymon call this spiritual welfare, what you give or don't comes back to you, time to stand up, move forward and do the work. Money is like flowing river, when you hoard it, it jams and no more water will come flowing down, just spend your money without worrying and you will see more flowing to you. I am telling you from my own experience. 

I hope I am not offending anyone, or made people believe that I am selling the above products, it is your choice to use or not to use these, but I hope you are getting my message about water and the future.

Thank you


Dear Raymon,
I received your DVD about a month ago, I put a gallon of water in front of the TV and played the DVD. After you energized the water I put a little of it down my well. Ray I live on the shore of lake Champlain, and all my life all my neighbor's and I have had to put up with bad water in the wells. The rock here is black slate , this gives the water a rotten egg smell, after spending a lot of money on trying to get rid of the smell most of us realized that this was the cost of having a house down by the lake. After I put the energized water down the well, I walked my dog's in the back yard, all I could smell was rotten eggs, as I do when I run the garden hose, I could see what looked like vapors rising up from the ground all over the back yard. I walk my dogs every night and never have I seen anything like that before. Well my wife Frances started to notice a softness in the water when she did the washing, and over the next few week's the smell of rotten egg's became less noticeable. Last week I had a visit from my cousin, that had not been to my house since I put the energized water down the well, he noticed right off no smell, he ran water into his hand and still no smell. Ray you have done for me what no amount of money could do. I thank you from the bottom of my hart, you are truly a grate man with special powers that need to be realized for the better good of the Earth and man kind.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

It's Not About You. It's About Me.

TOGETHER is the Master Switchword for a life of heaven on Earth and mastery of any task at hand, 14 Categories: Freedom, Love, Survival, Security, Health, Money, Art, Wisdom, Pleasure, Happiness, the life of action, Self-improvement, Service to humanity, God religion spirituality and enlightenment, James T. Mangan realized TOGETHER was the one-word formula on 10-March-1951 that would manifest all of them in perfect proportion.

I found this very interesting article about the switch-word - ADJUST and thought to share it with everyone. 
Ever wonder why a total stranger pushes into you? Why the cashier at the store makes a snide remark to you? Why the bank teller isn't listening to you? Are you too small? Are you insignificant? Why are you not heard? Why?
Why? Because it’s not about you. It’s about me. Remember that and your life will be much easier.
When you realize that every single interaction with another human being (or even plant or animal for that matter) is about the self, life becomes much easier. This means both positive and negative interactions. It is always about the self. Look at a love relationship. Each partner appears to really care deeply about the other, often willing to do about anything for their mate. Surely, it is about selflessness. Nope. There is always a gain. There is always a reason why each is in the relationship. When there is no gain for one or both, the relationship ends. What then is this gain? Comfort. Bonuses are good feelings, happiness and sharing. The bonuses accentuate and solidify the relationship, but comfort is what keeps it together. Even a relationship where there seems no happiness and yet the couple stays together, there is a comfort there. Comfort in knowing where you are. Comfort in knowing what you are. Comfort in knowing what to expect. We’re all uncomfortable with the unknown, and so comfort is why some people stay in harsh relationships. They leave only when there is no comfort left.
A love relationship is a very selfish relationship. AND the BEST love relationship is the love relationship that has two of the MOST selfish (and enlightened) people in it. How can I say that? Because an enlightened selfish person is one who realizes the wisdom behind the statements “what goes around comes around” and “you reap what you sow.” Two enlightened selfish people will mesh very well together. Each will be looking out for the other, doing their best to help keep the other comfortable and happy because they know in doing so they are rewarded with the same.
Now selfishness in an unenlightened person is a different story. One who doesn’t realize that by sharing and giving they are multiplying what is shared and given to them will tend to turn in on themselves. They are jealous of others who have what they think they want. They may take things from others or do things to others in their quest for comfort, thereby making others uncomfortable. You know that really is all selfishness is – a quest for comfort.
All social relationships boil down to self. It is NEVER about you. It is ALWAYS about me.
Want more proof? Look at work for instance: Your boss loves you. You’re always getting great reviews, extra perks, etc. Why? Because you are doing a job that makes your boss look good. Your boss is enlightened. Your boss knows that if you make them look good and you are rewarded chances are you will continue to do what you’re doing and they will continue to look good. They reward you to make sure that they continue to get rewarded. It’s not about you. It’s about me (boss).
Even in the parent/child relationship it’s the same. The child is uncomfortable. So what does the child do? The child makes the parent uncomfortable by crying. Now what happens? The parent does everything they can to stop the crying and make the child comfortable. Once the child is quiet and comfortable, the parent again is comfortable. It’s not about you. It’s about me (parent).
In the child/parent relationship it’s still the same. The child does something that makes the parent uncomfortable. If it is something the parent does not wish to have repeated, the parent will do something to make the child uncomfortable in order to change the behavior. Now, even if the child liked doing whatever it was that made the parent uncomfortable, they won’t repeat the behavior because the behavior made the parent uncomfortable and in return the parent made the child uncomfortable. Once again, it’s not about you. It’s about me (child).
So, the next time someone ruffles your feathers, takes you out of your comfort zone and you find yourself starting to get irritated or angry, remember it’s not about you. It’s about me (the person who ruffled your feathers). Perhaps if you react unexpectedly, and put them into a more comfortable position you will find a new friend. Perhaps you can enlighten them, so that both of you can be comfortably selfish.
When you find yourself in a social situation where you feel uncomfortable use the Switchword ADJUST. Besides the help it may provide you, others around you who are uncomfortable may also relax and ADJUST.
Recently things have been moving along for me, I am feeling sort of strange, because things are manifesting for me smoothly, but it feels like I have nothing to do. Let me explain myself, anything that I was thinking of, somehow just happens, and all I have to do is to just step out of the way, simply do nothing. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful for all the wonderful happenings, but I may need some getting use to this. I am not sure if it is because I have been using switch words regularly now or something else, anyway whatever is the reason I totally grateful. 

Another topic I like to go over is about water, pollution and global warming will in the near future cause droughts and undrinkable water in many country. As we are 80% water, this will definitely affect us, and because we are made of 80% water, it is important that we drink pure, clean and energize water. The water in our body will soon be purify if we start drink good water, and of course the water we pass out will be good water too. Water contains memories, if someone in China passes urine, it will eventually evaporate and becomes rain clouds and this clouds made be blown over to another country and comes down as rain. This rain maybe free from pollutants,but it still carries the memories of the person in China. This one of the reason why negative thoughts can affect you, because it is being carried in the water as memories. 
In the recent visit, my Guruji also mentioned about this, he commented that our country has done enough for our water and the environment. He mentioned a few other countries have much to do before they can clean up their water and environment. Although this sounds good for our country but the non-beneficial memories in the water will still affect us. It is important to clean this up, you can use dowsing or other methods to clear away non-beneficial memories from the water.
Thank you

Monday, 6 April 2015


Today over lunch my friend mentioned that he was passively connected to his subconscious mind, he is saying that he is aware of his subconscious mind but it is something he cannot directly connect to. Is he right? I am not sure, but I believe that we are connected to our subconscious mind passively or actively at the same time. As you read an article on travels, you probably imagine images of the places describe by the article, but when you do visit the actual place you see the image in front of you. The difference is your intention to be there physically, the place is the same, if your imagination is good you can feel the place even if you are not physically there.

The conscious and subconscious mind are actually one, or maybe the conscious mind is a part of the subconscious mind, and all reality that the conscious mind perceived is created by the subconscious mind alone. When you are having a conversation and you find that the person you are having a conversation with is not to your liking, you make up some excuse and leave the conversation. You shift your reality from one location to another simply by just saying some excuse or giving yourself some reason to change. 

If the person you are having a conversation with is your boss or someone you don't want to have problems with, you might sometimes stay back and bear with the boredom. This is actually resistance on your part, as you can change your reality but choose not to because you now give yourself some reasons to stay.

I hope I am making sense to you, anyway you create your own reality, but many times we give up this power to other around us.

It does not matter if you are passively or actively connected to your subconscious mind, what matters is that you use your beautiful mind.

Thank you

Share a short post from a Facebook group about  Switch Words. 
The Switch Words bypasses our ego – which is always ready to create conflict and problems, and activates our subconscious mind. By chanting the Switch Words continuously, our ego will be won over. Then there will be less fight and conflict within us. Don’t look at the meaning of the Switch Words. Then nothing positive will happen. Also, there is no place for grammar when you use Switch Words. Therefore, don’t go by meaning. Just blindly follow them. You will find amazing results using them. 
"Change Divine Order" It means change to divine order. You want to cleanse your room, but you are not doing it. You keep postponing it. If you chant “Change Divine Order” then either you will clean it yourself or get the help from somebody. Let us say your street is unclean. Look at the garbage and chant “Change Divine Order”. You can be sure then the corporation staff will clean the place. May be they will clean the drainage too. It will put you in a healthy mode – especially you can handle any pain then. When you are recovering from any illness, chant them to bring the organs back into harmony.

Friday, 3 April 2015


Yoga is mistaken as just exercise or asana. It’s not! Yoga is the expansion of consciousness.

A friend asked me to use dowsing to check the effective period of a dowse, why do we have to use other methods and the impact it has upon the person that is being dowse. Energy affects different people in different ways, there is actually no good or bad energy, it is how we interpret the energy that makes us feel good or otherwise. There are various strength of energy then again it is how it is received and accepted that makes you feel the difference. So everyone will feel different and perceive the energy at their own awareness level. Some may perceive energy as heat, some see it as light, some may even see angels or some image that is comfortable to them.

We are made of energy, just like everything in the universe, so as changes take place energetically in the universe, the same changes takes in our bodies. In qigong, we have something called small universe and big universe, the small universe is in our dantien, the energy center at the navel, it is also known as our second brain center. As changes happen in the big universe, we can feel it in our bodies, when we train our bodies using qigong we balance our small universe, and in doing so we balance the big universe. This is why it is important for us to do our daily practice, you are a very important part of the universe, as you have the power to help the universe come into balance.

All spiritual practice is good, as long as you do them regularly and not be too attached to the outcome. We naturally will balance our bodies when it gets out of balance, some use yoga, some observe their breathing, some by exercising and some eating. The right kind of food taken at the right time is a good way to balance our bodies too. In TCM (traditional chinese medicine) there are methods of combining chinese herbals in food to produce a healing effect on the body. In the recent newsletter by Raymon Grace, he mentioned about using his energizing water video to energize food as food contain water too. I notice a bitter aftertaste from the food that I eat, upon checking I found that the quality of food we buy now is not of good quality, then the other day, when I was buying some fast food, the staff whom I am acquainted with told me not to purchase the fast food, she mentioned that the oil used was very 'dirty'. As businesses becomes more greedy for profits, cutting corners to make more profits have become a widespread practice globally. I hope all of you are dowsing your food or saying a blessing for the food before you consume them. 

The changes in energy is actually a good thing, if everything is constant then we will not strive to change for the better, it is feeling unbalance that we would want to do something to balance ourselves, so it is impossible to stay in a constant state of affairs, everything changes and we progress with these changes. Sometimes the world shakes and we shake with her, and this will remind us that mother earth is much alive and we should remember her. And nothing is better to keep us on our toes than to face a little drama in our life. You can adjust yourself daily to balance your body, bring peace and harmony into your life, this is given to you so make the best of it. A short practice in the morning, a nap at midday, a little meditation in the mid-afternoon and short prayer before bed will do you lots of good and bring about all that you want.

Some think that spiritual practice is all about sitting quietly, taking their own pace with things, but this will bring very little progress, if you want to have something to show for when you return to the blue yonder, go out and do some service everyday, challenge yourself a little more each day. Sitting at home will not be productive, and if you do not use the energy that you have been given or have asked for, and not doing anything to benefit others, you might be force to practice when you least expect to. Everything changes and move, you will not be an exception.

Thank you.



Aloha – Hawaiian word meaning "to be in the presence of God" and is a cleaning tool when spoken out loud.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Freewill and Destiny

A few nights ago I attended my Guru's public talk, it was wonderful to see him again, although I was seated a distance away, I could feel his warm love and energy. In the questions and answer session, someone ask how they can see God personally, and Guruji answered that everything is God,there is nothing but God and if you can't see this then how are you going to be able to see him. I am so happy just to see him again.

Is it possible to take you spiritual journey slowly? The answer is yes and no, once you decided to take up a spiritual practice seriously it is like boarding a train, you can move about in the train, walk around inside the train slowly but you will not be able to control the speed of the train. You will travel whether you like it or not. People sometimes take up a practice but they did not realize this, they go to yoga class thinking that it is just exercise, well here is news for you, yoga is a spiritual practice, even just doing the postures will activate you and put you on the train. There is something I like to point out here, as you are both a physical and spiritual being, knowledge is very important when you are on the spiritual path, without the knowledge you will be confused when things happen from your physical practice of yoga. This is why it is important to have a yoga teacher that is capable of teaching both physical and spiritual knowledge. Reiki is another powerful spiritual practice and comes under the same discussion above.

You may asked if you could stop your practice if you wanted to? The answer is no, once you are born with the body, your life is a practice, only when you have left your body you may take a break, then it is back to earth with another body to carry on your lessons again. If this view holds true, then don't waste your time coming back again and again, take up the challenge and go all out to complete your lessons, why go back with a report card that has nothing to show. (my own views only) Of course I am not advocating that you push yourself to be an 'A' student, just do it, after all you are here now. Back to the paradigm of being on the train, since it is a train, you can relax and drop your baggage, leave them in the baggage department, no need to carry them around.

You have both freewill and destiny in your life, how tall you are after you have reach maturity maybe classified as destiny, but how much weight you put on is clearly freewill on your part. You can't change your destiny but you definitely can exercise your freewill, so how much you progress in your practice this lifetime is your choice but you can't deny your destiny.

Thank you