Monday, 12 March 2012

Colours and how it affect you

We live in a world full of colours, as they have a profound effect on us let's take a look as how this is so.
If you visit a art gallery, notice that the walls are generally always painted white this is because white works well as a backdrop for the different exhibits put up. White has a soothing effect on us and does not distract the visitor from the art displays.
Another example visit a public garden the many arrays of flowers and plants paints the scenery with multitude of colours lifting the energy and moods of all visitors there.Different colours have different effect on your energy field, it is important to find the right colours that will enhance your well-being and makes you more pleasant to the people around you.
Dowsing can be very helpful to determine the right colour for you be it the clothes you put on, the colour of your home, the bedsheets you sleep on, the place you work at. All you have to do is to ask the dowsing system if the colour you are using now is suitable for you. Let's see how this is done, get a piece of paper and list out the seven colours one after another. Now check with your pendulum asking say 'Is red suitable for me to day?' if you get a 'no' response then go to the colour list and dowse to see which is the most suitable colour for you.

Some colour can bring up your energy and others may 'zap' your energy dry, example of this red is energising but black zaps your energy so if you attending a meeting you would want to have something red with you. I have notice that some people have a liking to dress totally in black, this is unwise as black not only cause you to be low in energy it also absorbs negative energy too. Simply add a red ornament and you can change the effect. Put on the right colours and you will have a positive effect in your life, your home, your workplace and even enhances your prosperity.(ask which colour enhances your prosperity)
Thank you.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Updates on Energy

The frequency of the earth is changing rapidly, this is measured in hertz and it has been rising since the year 2000. The present hertz frequency is somewhere between 22 and 26 hz, this frequency is now 200% higher than it was before the year 2000.

We vibrate with the same frequency of the earth but the sharp increase over the past 10 years have left us lagging behind. The frequency of the average person is about 17 and 18 hz, this is about 30% lower than earth's frequency. Just like a new computer with higher capacity, old programs cannot function in these new high performance computers. It is the same for us and it affects our proccessor-our brain, and it is having a hard time trying to keep up and this results in many outburst of wars, riots, shootings in public, murders and suicides which can be observed on all public media.

As the frequency rises, we need to adjust ourselves to these rises in frequency which we can do with the help of dowsing. With dowsing we can check if we are at the right hertz frequency by asking 'am I in the right hertz frequency?' If you get a no response then ask ' please adjust me to the most appropriate hertz frequency for my best good'. Another thing to check for is our polarity, this is usually becomes unbalanced together with high hertz frequency changes from the earth. If it is unbalanced just use this command 'please balance my polarity to 100% balance'.

Try out the above, if you have any feedback please write me. I appreciate all of you!
Thank You.