Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Improve your Prosperity

The way we think affect us and the people around us, to improve oneself we have to change the way we think. There many ways to do this using affirmations, relaxing, visualization are a few techniques to improve oneself. Prosperity is different for different people, it may be having lots of money for some people, able to take regular vacations for others and maybe a stress free life for another.
With dowsing we can have prosperity the way we like it, the important factor is to identify what you want that is prosperity to you.
We are affected by energy from our thinking, our surroundings, thought forms and environment, sometimes even the 'Feng shui' of our home. Let's see how we can adjust our home feng shui with dowsing to improve our prosperity and health. First thing to do is to get a plan of your home, get your pendulum and start asking questions. Place the pendulum over the different areas of your home, let's say over the living room and ask 'are there any energy here that is non-beneficial to me and my family?' . If you have a 'no' response move to another area of the house, if  you have 'yes' response then ask more questions 'are these non-beneficial energy affecting on the physical level?' We will not go into the details on these as it may become complicated to explain here. (please email me if you have queries)
Moving on if you find some energy that are non beneficial ask if you could neutralize these energy and transform them into beneficial ones.
After neutralizing all non beneficial energies from your home, you can ask to transform them into prosperity, freedom and good health or any other beneficial energy for you and your family. You can also transmute all non-beneficial spirits of emotions into beneficial ones, and then raise the energy of you, your family and home to the highest most appropriate energy for your best good.
Normally an improvement in one's life will be noticed in a brief time after using the above clearing for your home.
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Monday, 29 October 2012

Colours, 5 elements and the Organs of the body

Let's talk about the colours, recently I realise that my child had some problems with his school work. I use dowsing to check for the source of the problem, I was surprise that the colours of his energy field was off.
I simply ask the dowsing system to balance all the colours in his energy field and he showed improvement in his school work.

As colours are related to our chakras, it is important to have a check to see if we maybe under any stress that we are not consciously aware of. A simply thumb of rule is the first 4 primary colours(red,orange,yellow,green) has to do with stress in the physical body. The next 3 colours(blue,purple,white) has to do with mental stress. If you detected any in-balance, simply pick up your pendulum and ask to balance all the colours in your energy field to 100% balance.

The above can be apply to the 5 elements in your body and the place you are at (your home), similarly you can also balance all the organs in your body and ask that the health level of all the organs of your body be raised to 100%.
The 5 elements are metal, wood, fire, water, earth.( corresponding organs- lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, stomach)
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