Friday, 29 August 2014

Sharing a Video

Just came across this video on You tube, interesting healing technique. Try it for yourself.
Thank you.
Love Alan

Sharing about Hot/Cold Energy

Recently I was checking my own energy, and the idea of hot and cold energy came to me, in traditional chinese medicine, there is things like dampness, coldness, heatiness and combinations of these three states and is diagnosed by feeling your pulse. For example if there is heat and dampness in the lungs, you might experience coughing with thick phlegm. The hot and cold energy I am talking about is different from TCM, it is more related to higher level energy or soul energy.

I do not have a clear understanding of this myself, if anyone have more information of this hot/cold energy please share with all of us.

I shared about this hot/cold energy with a friend and he came back with a theory that due to the changing of energy and uplifting of humanity to 5D, our bodies are subjected to constant changes in dimensional energy, thus hot/cold energy is experienced. You can dowse if this information is accurate and if your own hot/cold energy is balance.

There are many things taking place or happening due to all these energy changes, me, my wife and son have seen light beings moving around, and I am not talking about entities here. My friend's pet dog would bark for no reasons, as if she was seeing someone unfamiliar in the house. He told me that he has seen light beings moving around too. I am not sure what is going on here but there is definitely something going on.

Thank you.

Love Alan

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Maybe It's Time to do Some Unlearning!

Maybe It's Time to do Some Unlearning!

Maybe It's Time to do Some Unlearning!
by Anita Moorjani

It’s becoming more and more common for people to feel that they need to learn more to be better at something, read more in order to improve on themselves or their lives, etc. And when things are not going the way we want, or life is not giving us what we want, the first thing we do is look for what more we need to learn or read up on or find out, in order for life to work for us. I often hear people say things like “But I am perpetually learning, and open to learning new things all the time. Why is it that I’m still not getting it right?” Or, “Why is it that no matter how many new skills I learn, I’m still not succeeding?”

Our default seems to be to always pursue more information. But what if that is actually the cause of the problem? What if that is the cause of our confusion, and we don’t actually need to learn anything more or new, but we actually need to "unlearn", or let go of some of what we believe we already know?

Maybe it’s what we already know that is causing us the problems, and preventing us from moving in the direction we want it to go. Is it possible, that in this age where information is force fed to us, at a pace faster than we can handle, we are actually learning too much too quickly, and perhaps we need to slow down and even go back and revisit some of what we think we know, but is no longer serving us? Not only could some of our core beliefs no longer be serving us, but it could also be working against us, preventing us from experiencing deeper levels of happiness and joy. And it’s also possible that some “unlearning” and releasing of our cherished beliefs can lead us towards more clarity and authenticity.

For most of us, our fundamental and underlying beliefs are invisible to us. These are the beliefs at our very core, which have been shaped and influenced by our culture, society, parents, peers, etc. The reason why these beliefs are invisible is because we formed them when we were very young, and when we formed them, everyone around us shared those same beliefs and values. And most of us didn’t even consciously choose those beliefs – they were handed down to us, by our society or culture. Yet those beliefs then helped us to shape our self-image and identity – which may or may not even be accurate or authentic. But we rarely, if ever, question our fundamental core values and beliefs, so they become our truth. They become the core from which we operate.

Everything we think and do today comes at the end of a very long train of thoughts, beliefs and ideas that has been constructed over our lifetime. All our stories about ourselves, our beliefs about our abilities, our strengths, our weaknesses, our ideas, etc. are all linked and intertwined with everything else.

Now imagine if the fundamental (and invisible) beliefs out of which our lifetime’s train of thoughts have sprung from, are no longer serving us – or worse, perhaps they are not even true, and are actually working against us. In fact, maybe the entire train of thoughts, ideas and beliefs we built over our lifetime was to support that belief which was not even true. Then no amount of additional skills or knowledge we add to it will actually work in the way we hope, as our choice of information may be continuing to feed that myth.

So why does this happen? One of the possible reasons is that, as children, we may have been discouraged from questioning too much. It seems to be human nature to question, as most children are full of questions from the time they can speak, and they question just about everything and anything. But as we get older, we may get discouraged from questioning, and may start to conform to the beliefs and ideas of those around us. We soon realize that the adults around us are happier with our behavior when we stop questioning and start to conform.

Over time however, for some of us, conforming can feel like being handcuffed or chained. For many, the fact that they have spent a lifetime conforming may even be invisible to them. However, conforming restricts our movement and limits our potential and our freedom. That is, our freedom to learn, grow and change, and to express ourselves authentically.

So now, as adults who may have lost our authenticity and forgotten who we are, we have spent a lifetime gathering information and adding layers upon layers of knowledge onto our personas, how do we now begin to backtrack and unlearn what is no longer necessary to know or believe in, and what may in fact be blocking us from our truth?

One of the simplest ways I can think of is to go back to being as a child, full of curiosity and questioning. We can start by questioning even the most ordinary every-day events of our life, such as, why can’t we eat dinner type foods for breakfast and vice versa? So try having bananas and cereal for dinner, and soup and salad for breakfast! Why do we have to eat 3 meals a day? Try having 5 meals, and see what that feels like. Why do I have to eat them at approximately the same time each day? Try just eating whenever you are hungry, and not worry about how many meals, or what time. Why do I have to sleep 8 hours a day? Why do I have to go to bed at around the same time every night? Try going to bed whenever you feel sleepy and waking up when you feel like.

Also, challenge beliefs you may be holding onto, like “only hard work pays off”. What if that’s not true? What if the most successful people only do what they enjoy and make sure that their work is fun? Or another belief – “I must not disappoint anyone!” Does that mean I am willing to let myself down, so as not to disappoint another? Have I spent a lifetime doing this unconsciously? What would happen if I was willing to disappoint another in order to be authentic to myself?

One of the most liberating things we can do, as authors of our own lives, is to question everything. Not for the sake of being difficult or rebellious, but for the sake of unlearning our previous assumptions, as well as for the sake of learning who we truly are, what we are, and what we really believe beyond the social conditioning, the weight of expectations, the years of mental and emotional programming and beyond the pressure of group thinking.
So, are we ready to commit to unlearning at least one thing every day?

Sharing A Gift.

I have been very busy over the last few days, had some renovations done to the house, attended a homan at a temple, also busy studying for a course I am attending. The energy was very high on Sunday, I wonder how many felt the same, anyway I hope everyone is doing your regular dowsing and making yourself comfortable. 

I like to share this which I got from Mr.Ken Bloom, it is a mental water filter from Raymon Grace.

Keep in mind this is an energetic water filter, thus the name Mental.
Please keep in mind the principles that Raymon’s work is based on:
All things are composed of energy and the intelligent human mind has the
ability to direct energy.
Energy is impressed upon matter.
Energy follows thought.
If you wish to improve the taste and quality of water in your house, you may
consider mentally installing a Mental Water Filter and Energizer.
Will this work for everyone, probably not, if you apply Raymon’s basic principals,
it probably will. Remember one of Raymon’s sayings,
“as you believe, so shall it be”.

let’s get to work, I have attached a drawing to help with the explanation
and to help focus your intent.

Visualize your house, running in front or beside your house is a main water line,
a smaller water line connects to the main and supplies your house with water.
If you live in an apartment, visualize the pipes coming into your apartment. 

On your supply line close to the house imagine installing a mental water filter,
just as in the diagram or what ever shape you wish. Now put the intent in the water
filter that it will filter out, Greed, Demonic forces, Negative entities, Negative thought
forms, Chlorine, other pollutants and anything else you think is important. Also 
make the filter self cleaning.

Now lets put intent into the energetic mental water energizer that we will install next,
a little closer to the house, again any size or shape you wish.

Use your intent and put in the Sprit of water, Good taste, Proper surface tension,
Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Prosperity and Freedom.
You may add or subtract anything you wish, make the filter self energizing.

You may program the filter or energizer at anytime that you feel something needs added.

Hope that has been of some help and wish you success improving your water.

Also sending positive Qi to help with your dowsing solutions.

Love Alan.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sharing My View

Watch a video on facebook about a mother who was despise by her son because she had only one eye, the son not knowing that her other eye was transplanted to him when he was young due to an accident. He lived his whole avoiding and being embarrassed of his mother's condition, when his mother died, she left him a letter telling him about the eye, she gave him.

Sound like a good story right, well this is what I think, the mother should have told the son the moment he started to despise her. It is not his fault that he had an accident and lost an eye when he was young, it probably was the fault of the mother. If he was too young to remember about the accident he was probably too young to have got into the accident on his own. When he was old enough to despise his mother what kept her from telling him, and besides if there are no secrets to keep other than that she donated an eye to her son, she should have told him. The video ended with the son reading a letter from his mother who had died, telling him about her eye and confessing her love for her son. 

Actually all the letter did was put her son on an enormous guilt trip for the rest of his life. The title of the video was 'Unconditional Love', this is of course my own view after watching the video, it should called 'break down in communication'.

I am just giving my view of the video, there is no right or wrong view about anything, some may agree that the mother showed unconditional love and some may agree with me, and both are wrong because we based our opinion or what was presented on the video, there may be other reasons or facts that was not presented assuming that it is a true story. (stated at the beginning of the video.)You can watch the video on my facebook, look me up at facebook Tan Boon Teck. Let me know what you think about this video, as with everything we share, there will always be different viewpoints from different people. It is good to be open and flexible about any issues, do not confine yourself in the walls you built yourself.

Recently I have detected strong negative effects of mass consciousness, emf, A/C currents, please check and neutralize these if they are affecting you. I measure these energies regularly, but the recent levels are much higher, so I presume that something is happening with earth or universal energy. 

Thank you.
Love Alan

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How To Open Your 7 Chakras - As Explained In a Children's Show

Spend some time in stillness every day and change your life.  ~~  Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Set yourself free. You are only limited to what your imagination can create.  ~~  Houston Foodlovers

How To Open Your 7 Chakras - As Explained In a Children's Show

Please enjoy this short animation 'Avatar- The last Air-bender'. In the animation, during the opening of the fifth chakra, Anng was ask to accept himself, as the Avatar, this ring so true for me, as this was the exact experience I had that made a big difference in my spiritual path.

One of the most important thing to do is to be able to accept who you are without justification, you are part of the God nature, you are unique and special, there is no other like you in the whole universe. Accepting yourself will remove all blockages that prevents you from doing what you need to do in your life. Just accept yourself as you are, do not worry or think why, there is no why, just you. 

Perfect and Beautiful in every way!

Thank you
Love Alan

Monday, 18 August 2014

Abraham Hicks -- Technique to see Auras

Abraham Hicks -- Technique to see Auras

Please enjoy the above video, in the video negative thought forms was mentioned, and how you connect to it. A most interesting thing was when Abraham shared the technique to see auras, some of the audience immediately could see energy. Try it for yourself. Have Fun!
Love Alan

Quote of the Day


Energy and You

Someone asked about how to clear the energy of the home and install good energy around it, I use dowsing but others may use crystals and symbols or chanting, all is good, the most important thing is to do it and do it regularly.

Energy can change as quickly as in a few seconds, I remember once when having dinner with a group of friends and among us was someone who could see energy, he requested me to clear the energy from the drinks on the table, so I pick up the pendulum and started spinning it, before I could finish mentally saying the dowsing command he exclaim ' oh you changed the energy already.' This demonstrated to me that our intentions are very powerful, the energy changed before I could complete the physical action of spinning my pendulum.

It is the same for cleaning the home, have a strong intention and just visualize that it is done and it will be done. You can try it, just measure the energy of a place and then mentally say please raise the energy, measure again and I am sure you will find an increase in the energy of the place. (of course if there are entities or demonic forces the energy will not rise too much.) So if energy does not rise much, then you can tell that there is something else that is affecting the place.

I will not talk about clearing home here, there are many previous posting that carry information on this subject, please refer to them. It is important that you have confidence, in whatever you do and practice, do not just jump on every band wagon that comes along, if you are dowsing, use dowsing to check the source of information that is presented to you. Even when a source of information is beneficial to you it does not mean that it is beneficial to all, it could just be lessons that you need and may not be suitable to the general people.

I always get emails with information on what is good for health and what adversely affect it, well it may be true for some but it is never the only truth or the definitive truth. You can accept or reject anything, even the diagnosis of your doctor, because what the diagnosis is based on is what medical science want you to believe at this time, it is never the latest medical information because, there is no money to be made if medical science can cure you. 

Do not become obsessed with knowing how to dowsing negative energy away or with information from some website that you think is giving you truth, think, how is this going to be translated into practical value for you? Does this information bring happiness into your life or does it create fear for you? Please evaluate my blog in the same way, if what is put up here is of no value please go read some other blogs. 

We can use dowsing to remove veils of deception, so if some issue pops up, ask that all veils of deception be remove from the issue, you will probably see another perspective of the issue after clearing this. This will work on issues, or people that you have only recently met and you want to know if you will have a good relation with, or some venture that you want to invest in. Try it out, and share your results with me.

Thank you.

Love Alan

PS: you can print out this flower of life symbol to energize water, then use the energized water to spray around the house and your plants to raise energy around the house. You can put intentions into the water that it will neutralize negative energy that comes in contact with its energy field and bring love, peace, harmony and good stuff to you and your home.

Friday, 15 August 2014


Recently there was a discussion by a dowsing group about monitoring the energy of a project, some of us felt that the energy should be 100% throughout the project, but the person who bought out the question said that the energy should correspond with the project and decrease in energy as the project comes to a completion.

Everyone has their own ideas about how the energy should be, we take a reading with our dowsing chart so that we have a reference point on any issue or subject that we are going to work on with dowsing, this serve as a marker that we can measure against after we have done our dowsing. What this marker means is up to you, it is what you make of it, so as long as you have confidence in what you have done, there is really no need to measure. Do not get hung up with figures, your observation of how things have changed after dowsing will be sufficient to let you know if it worked.

Emotions are important feedback to how we are experiencing our world, without emotions you cannot tell what you are experiencing now and you would not be able to express yourself. Go talk to a wall, see if you can get any emotional response from the wall, for the those who could communicate at a more sensitive level of mind would of course feel what the wall is saying but you would not see any emotions express from the wall physically.

Do not be shy to express your emotions, learn to cry, or let yourself cry over a sad movie, let the emotional energy flow, release and feel free from any emotional baggage you might have. I cry very often if you want to know, although I laugh and smile as often too.

Quite a lot of emotional problems we have come from association, or what we learned through association, you may be told that real men don't cry they bleed only, at least for me when I was growing up watching kung fu movies. I associated that men and crying do not happen together so for many years I kept my tears, until one day my girl friend left me to marry someone else, the dam broke and I felt a great relief of pain in my heart. After this incident I would shed tears over any silly thing that I felt sad about, even reading a love novel I would shed tears reading the sad parts.

Any way I got carried away, let us go back to emotions, if any negative feelings come your way it means that you are not getting what you want, or not experiencing a good feeling over some issues, so is it possible to just let go of the negative emotions? No, you can't get from depression to Joy by simply letting go, you have to work yourself up the emotional ladder, you got to get angry at the reason or person that activated this negative emotions in you, well angry is better than depress, than maybe get sad as to why this has happen, sad is better than angry, than maybe you might think how to get back, vengeful, ok getting better, than you think about how your revenge plan has worked and you start to feel better, and you may even start to feel happy. Step by step you bring yourself to a better feeling, to another better feeling, than the last, again and again work yourself up the emotional ladder, I am not asking you to really take action in reality, but mentally bring yourself to a better feeling place.

Sometimes negative emotions are kept in the memory, so with dowsing check if you have or hold non beneficial memories at the cellular level, DNA level, past lives, in the water that is in your body, and even in your sub-conscious level, if yes ask your dowsing system if they could be remove, and if yes again just ask to remove all of these non beneficial memories that adversely affect you.

There are many issues related to the different energy bodies that we have, but it is difficult to have a general discussion on the blog over a few hundreds words, and anyway all discussions are in a way just to satisfy our left brain, a general clearing with dowsing will usually do much more for someone who is having problems, at least it will make this person more open to solutions offered.

Love Alan

Anita Moorjani - 'Dying To Be Me' - Interview by Renate McNay.

Anita Moorjani - 'Dying To Be Me' - Interview by Renate McNay.

Please enjoy this video, Thank you.
Love Alan

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Another Sharing

Every time I detect Geo-pathic stress, there will usually be accompanied by high hertz frequency, it seems that when the earth moves, frequency gets affected and put us out of balance. I would normally have to clear 3 items being neutralize the ill effects of Geo-pathic stress upon me and my family, neutralize the ill effects of high hertz frequency upon me and my family and bring our energy into perfect balance and harmony with Earth's energy and Universal energies. 

Whenever negative astrological influences are detected, it comes with high intensity energy too, so you will need to neutralize both. Along with these 2 energies sometimes emf (electromagnetic forces)and A/C currents affects us, it seems that high intensity energy also affect our electronics equipment by increasing emf and A/C currents. These are my own readings that I have detected with dowsing so if anyone has some other readings please share. Thank you.

As previously mentioned, high intensity energy also affects the cells of our body including our brain cells, so it is very important to check that the cells of your body are compatible with each other and spinning in the proper direction after neutralizing the negative effects of high intensity energy upon yourself and family.

Empathy, yesterday I checked on my own empathy level and a few other people that work with me, I was surprise to find one person who had a negative empathy level, I am not sure what this might mean to you, but you could pick a few subjects and measure their empathy level and correlate how they behave with others, this might give you an idea of what the readings are about.
Thank you.
Love Alan

Meir Schneider - 'My Life And Vision' - Interview by Iain McNay


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Fear and Confidence

The shocking truth about your health: Lissa Rankin at TEDxFiDiWomen

A friend told me that he was having pain in his back, something about his vertebrae, I have been helping people with back problems related with their spine for some time now. I would put my hands on 2 points of the spine and read off what was going on with their life. A point I like to share here is that in most cases the root cause of their problem is the fear that they are losing control over certain aspect of their life. How do you treat such cases with dowsing? I am not claiming that these suggestions are 100% effective for treating back problems, but in most of the cases it improvement was observed in a few days' time.

As the problem is related to fear, we first ask the dowsing system to transmute all fear into love for the person. We then raise their confidence level and prosperity level to 100%, after this we ask that the spine be align to the proper and best alignment for the person's best good. This are the steps I use for treating back problems, of course please remember to take some baseline reading before you proceed to do these steps. (fear level, pain level, prosperity level, confidence level, are entities present, and so on)

The person may actually suffer a physical injury from sports or inappropriate activity, in which case it is advisable for this person to see a doctor, any energy work done for the person will enhance the healing process administrated by the professional health care giver. 

The above combination of transmuting fear into love and raising confidence and prosperity can be applied to many situations in life, for job interviews, for examinations, for meetings with clients and even going out for your first date. Go out and help someone with dowsing today, do some prayer or blessing for your friends and neighbors, when you get the feedback and results your own confident will increase tremendously, create miracles daily for yourself. 

Thank you.
Love Alan

Stand Up, Speak Out!: Marianne Williamson at TEDxTraverseCity

Monday, 11 August 2014

How much do you feel love and wanted?

How much do you feel being loved and wanted now? You can check for yourself, see if it is 100%, if not please do some investigation and review what is going on in your life, are you rejecting love because of your belief, or the false label you carry on yourself?  

Sometimes we believe in some ideas which are good, but carry it too far, and judgement sets in, the next thing you know you are indirectly supplying energy to the opposite side. 

I have a friend who likes some big time spiritual leader, she would put up whatever this leader says on her facebook, but how is this going to help her develop her mind, she has already created an idol for herself. It is never what others have achieved, but what have you achieve yourself that matters.

This morning in the news actor Robin Williams found dead, authorities suspect it was suicide, he has a long history of substance abuse, which maybe the cause for him to take his own life. This is sad news, we lost a very talented actor and comedian, and his family lost a dear loved one. The action and problems of a close family member can affect others, I am sure he was having many mental problems that lead to his use of drugs and alcohol and eventually his demise. Rest in Peace Robin!

Do not take the new energies upon us lightly, do your regular practice daily, do not get caught up with drama and negativity, use your dowsing daily to remove all negative probable future for yourself and family, ask to be in the right time and place for your best good always. I repel all people and energies that are harmful to me. Use these affirmations and those on the affirmation list daily I am sure this will be most helpful.

I like to share a simple qigong exercise with everyone, please enjoy in good health.

Thank you.
Love Alan.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Praise thyself!

Just when I am about let myself be as mad as I deserve to be...I am reminded of this. Ugh. Pursuit of happiness wins again.

Praise, we all should remember to praise more, praise the people around you, your family, it brightens your day if you receive a praise in the morning, well praise yourself first thing in the morning, make yourself happy. Try making it a point to say a praise to everyone you meet, this will definitely brighten the day for the person you praised and of course bring happiness to yourself. 

What's the point of criticizing someone, when all this does is bring hatred and anger towards yourself, let go the need to be right all the time, praise the person even you know that he/she is behaving like a fool, even  fools will appreciate you praising them. I hope that I do not sound egotistical, it is not easy to bring across issues to foolish people who will not hear you out anyway, so don't. (don't speak bad about others, it is not your job to point them out anyway)

Tolerance, how much tolerance do you have? Is it 100%? What about spiritual tolerance? Try measuring your spiritual tolerance today, and if you can please share your results with me. Thank you.

Mental health is a big issue now and more so in the coming years, in a recent news report, a study in my country pointed out that 1 out of 5 people in the population will suffer some form mental illness, this study was carried out back in 2006, the figure may have increased by now. But 1 out of 5 people is not something to ignore, it means that 15% of the population will be affected and that is back in 2006, with the rapid increase in energy and the stress level of our society mounting the figure may have risen. (my dowsing indicated 70%) Please take good kind of your brain, balance the blood flow to your brain daily.

We are living in an illusion, wake up and see, there is no right or wrong, it is all in the mind, make the best of all situations, be happy, stay sane, your mind is all your have to experience your world, and if you lose it you lose your world too.

Thank you.
Love Alan

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Venus Project

Please listen to this talk by Mr. Jacque fresco, it will open your mind. 
Thank you.

Yesterday I wrote about Chanelling (I got some response about the subject), I am not against what they say, but everyone should take responsibility for what they hear and believe. There are many issues that a person has to overcome or remove from themselves before they can think in a manner that is beneficial to themselves and those around them. It is a long process, to remove the rubbish we picked up along the way from our childhood to being an adult. We can of course generalize, with statements like 'all these stem from fear', 'just learn to love with your heart.' but what does this mean to a person who is having a hard time making ends meet. If you feel that by listening to a few talks you will achieve enlightenment, then you got some serious problems, there must be a desire to change in a person before he/she will take the actions to achieve this. Don't take everything you hear or see wholesale and accept it, use your discernment or even your dowsing to check, what is beneficial for one person maybe poison for another.

Over the years of helping people through energy works, I seen many good results and I have experience some disappointments. Not all these people were help through the energy, it is the love, care and attention shared with them that made a difference in their life. I have always given my time freely to those who came to me, sometimes to my own inconvenience but I sincerely share my love with them. People sometimes needs only strong shoulder to lean on, a friend to listen to their problems and concern. 

There are some who worry about having to take on other people's negative energy and they try their best not to help others, I have one such friend, who eventually became mad(bipolar) because he was having so much energy from his own training and going around meeting with masters to get even more. He was not willing to heal anyone because of the fear of taking on someone's bad karma. 

You are the only person most qualified to decide how to use your energy, to believe what you want, do not give away this power.

Thank you.
Love Alan



Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sharing My Views

10 Mind-Blowing Theories that will change your perception of the WORLD

I have posted many articles on the effects of high energy, and most of these articles talk about cleansing, so what is cleansing to you, is it removing all the negative energy from you and replacing it with positive energy?
Cleansing happens at many levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we are body , mind and spirit all in one, so the cleansing will take place on all these levels.

Some of you may experience, unexplained pains in your body, or some illness may show up, this may be due to the cleansing process taking place. Relationships may turn sour, partnership may breakdown, stress from work, disharmony with family members may now become a problem for some. All these may just be cleansing of our outer layer of consciousness, cleansing may even go deeper, into the actions, beliefs, heritage and cultural levels from our ancestors. Our DNA holds all these memories from our past, and when deep cleansing is happening, the negative effects of all these will show up.

Let's take an example, it is common for some people to visit a pub or bar to have a drink after work, it is a form of relaxation for them, but is it so? One of the most common place to pick up negative entities is at a pub or bar. Now you have become aware of this fact, but will knowing this keep you away for such places? You may think, this is the way we are, all our friends do this, even our forefathers do this, so how can we be wrong. Well it is not about right or wrong, it is about making a choice, before you know about a certain knowledge, you are not presented a choice, you simply follow what everyone is doing, so now the energy comes in, put you into higher awareness and you have to release the habits that is ingrained in your DNA. (of course you can keep cleaning yourself with dowsing, but it is not nipping the problem in the bud) are you willing to do so.

I not against going for a drink, please don't get me wrong, I just giving an example of what cleansing may be for some. Look deep into yourself, keep clear of all negative places and people, there is is much rubbish we already carry on ourselves there is no need to add on more from other sources.

There are many so called masters out there, many can be found on the web too, they all inform you about the energy changes and what is installed for you, then they sell you courses, and more courses. I am really wondering where is the love in all this, and there are many who channel messages, but note how they position themselves, as if they are from some mystical level that the normal human can never reach and they talk about unity, look at their common background, they are mostly similar, some mystical experience they had when they were young, abducted by alien races and so on. If we are connected to the source or God, don't you think you will not have your own personal telephone line with God, and you need to hear God from someone else. And do we so belittle God that we think God could not get a message across to us? We are all part of God, and by default we are connected to God, just drop all the chattering in your mind and you will definitely hear God's sweet loving voice, telling you how much he/she loves you.

Thank you.
Love Alan

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Acceptance and Surrender


Yesterday I posted a video by Raymon to balance the brain, the reason for this is because I have a feel that mental health will become a major issue in the near future. As always be safe, watch the video or do the dowsing command daily, it takes less than 5 minutes of your time.

As the energy changes, many changes will take place within us and to the world around us, I am not resisting these changes but hope that through dowsing we can be more comfortable accepting them. There are many people who are still unaware of the energy changes or may not feel the difference, but they are still affected, I am having more people coming to me  now with problems in their life, and most of them have not cleared their energy for a long time, after doing the energy work on them, their life generally improve for the better.

I receive a post card from a friend on holiday today, and it makes me so happy and grateful. Small things and little gestures can be a strong positive energy to bring  joy and happiness to someone. Let someone you care about know that you love them, even a simple message on facebook to your love ones can bring about much happiness, try it today.
Thank you.
Love Alan

‘Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to
rather than opposing the flow of life.’ 

Eckhart Tolle

Choose to experience the present moment no matter how you are feeling about it. Acceptance is one of the first steps needed to be taken in order for healing of any conflict you may feel.

Acceptance is the removal of any judgment you may have about a situation. Whether you consider it a positive or negative experience is of no importance when you are choosing to surrender.
To choose to relinquish judgment allows healing energy to move freely through you withoutresistance and you will see this reflected through your future experiences.

Choosing to make decisions in a state of surrender will always bring more positive outcomes than if you were to react out of anger or frustration for instance.
Stepping back for a moment allows you to act proactively rather than re-actively.
From a state of surrender you are able to see a situation differently and therefore make decisions that are more in alignment with your true self as you have chosen to listen to your inner guidance in that moment.

When we feel we are in conflict it is usually because we are trying to protect something. By remembering that what is real cannot be destroyed and does not need protecting you may find it easier to enter a state of surrender. This is something to remember when you are in conflict with others.Ask yourself if there is something they may be trying to protect or is there something you are trying to protect. It is a perfect place to start looking for a resolution.

Tolle explains;

‘It is the consciousness at this moment that is the main determinant of what kind of future you will experience, so to surrender is the most important thing you can do to bring about positive change.’

All creation of future experience starts in the present moment and you get to decide right now how you will experience your life in the future.

Please enjoy Tolle Acceptance and Surrender

Mental Health for You

Dear Readers please use this video regularly, I believe it will be one of the most important thing you do everyday. The dowsing command is 'Please balance the blood flow to our brain, balance the left/right hemispheres of our brain and balance our brain chemistry.' If you unable to watch the video, please do the dowse for yourself and family daily. With the increase in intensity of high energy, the effects on our mental health is greatly affected.( dowse to check for yourself - what is the effects of high intensity energy on my mental health?) You can check also the effects of the energy on the suicide rate and mental illness, let me know what readings you got. In any case, doing the above dowse or watching the video will bring about great benefits to you, mental abilities will improve over time and you actually get smarter.
Thank you.
Love Alan

Monday, 4 August 2014

Acceptance X August Energies


Yesterday started fine for me, had coffee with a friend, did my reports, and reply a few emails, all was good till it was afternoon. Things started to move quickly without any warning people were looking for me, some unexpected incidents happen and well I got very busy with many people all at the same time.

Usually I would have lose my cool, but somehow I decided to relax, step aside and let the energy take care of things for me by saying a prayer. 'All is well and I am in the right time and place for my best good.'
Everything worked out well including a late night visit from an old friend who decided to come see me out of the blues. Acceptance is important first step, once there is acceptance (accepting people as they are and present moment is inevitable) there is peace, you are not fighting the energy, you can even use the energy to your advantage.  

You can check the level of acceptance in your body and in your home, some times it is low and you need to bring it up to 100%. Another thing that recently came to my attention is some of the people that came to see me had a low percentage of nature spirit in their body, so check for yourself if your nature spirit is 100% in your body, if not ask your dowsing if the nature spirit is willing to return to your body if you get a 'yes' simply ask the nature spirit to return to your body and raise the energy to 100%.

Among the people that appear to me yesterday, 2 of them wanted to know if they had entities affecting them, and if the place they are staying is free of negative entities. I did a clearing for them and explain to them about energy fields, taught them some simple breathing techniques that is helpful to increase their energy and improve their auras. One of them told me that there were 2 suicides that happen at the block she was staying in a month, and this explains the color and energy of of her aura that I saw when she first step in my office.

Love Alan

August 2014 Energies!       

What a month July was, the world went crazy and on top of trying to get our heads round everything that was going on, we also got our own personal share of chaos from all the energy downloads we received.  These energy downloads were intense and not only made our heads spin, but our bodies too!  We are all still in the process of integrating all this new energy we have received, so be gentle with yourself for the next few days.  We get a reprieve up until around the 4th August, before the energy changes again, so enjoy the next few days off!
August is a puzzling month in some ways and I’m sitting here wondering how I explain it all!  August on one hand feels a bit like the calm before the storm, yet on the other hand August is going to have its fair share of crazy energy at times!  I feel that the best way to give you some idea of what will happen in August is to share some of the key dates when I feel the energy will either shift or grow in its intensity.  I don’t normally do this, but this feels the right thing to do for this month as there are so many things going on it is hard to explain in words!
Here are the dates:
4th/5th August – Energy Shift
7th to 12th August – Intensity Increases (10th August is a big Super-moon!)
19th/20th August – Energy Shift
22nd to 26th August – Intensity Increases (25th August is a new moon)
As you can see from the dates above, August will be up and down with the energy shifts and intensities coming through!  We will get some more energy downloads again this month, but they will be towards the middle and end of the month.
I am getting through from Spirit “Expect the unexpected this month!”  Spirit is showing me images of joy and happiness along with images of more craziness in the world, so it will be a very mixed month in terms of emotions!  Spirit are also saying “Roll with the punches”, so I feel that we do need to keep things in perspective this month and try as best we can to go with the flow!
The energy of August does contain all the ingredients to help keep us focused, motivated and committed to what we want to achieve for the future as the energy can help us realise our true potential, however, this will not come without some hard work from us!  We may need to dig deep during key periods this month to find the strength and power we all have inside of us to make sure we stay on track.  If we resist the changes that are coming thick and fast in our lives, we will find the continued energy shifts and downloads much harder to deal with.
The challenge we all face is to not to try and control how life unfolds, but to trust in the process through self-love and self-worth so that we become capable of surrender. We all feel at times that our journey’s are incredibly hard and think why is it always so difficult?  When we view it this way the journey becomes harder still as we have not surrendered!  Surrendering to the outcome and leaving our expectations behind is the hard part not the journey itself!  All of us sometimes make our molehills into mountains and so the true challenge we face is being able to let go of our control, which is based on our fears.  Use the energies of August to help you let go, relax and allow life to do what it does best, which is flow.
I will also be writing little energy updates in-between my blogs on my Facebook page and you can also check out my attunement events here too.  The next one is 7th August and is the Unicorn Energy Healing System, so I hope to see you there.  Here is the link if you would like to be kept updated! VIOLET-LIGHT
Until next time, have a blissful month.
Love Sarah ♥

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Raising your Vibrations

Raise Your Vibration to Discover Your True Self

by Garima Roy
“Your frequency is what you frequently see. Pay attention to synchronicity as there are valuable lessons to be learned in the repetition of your reality.” ― Jennifer Sodini 

Everything in nature/universe is vibrating at different frequencies – be it a tree, a rock or a man. Even the planet we live on is a conscious, sentient being vibrating at a certain song. We are made up of cells, which are made up of elements (atoms), and according to the popular String theory, the building block of any element in nature
is the vibrating string of energy. 

Your thoughts and feelings too have a vibrating frequency,
which creates your reality.
Several wisdom teachings talks about
how our inner world
affects the outer world.
If you want to change what you experience then
you need to change your vibration. 

What does it mean to operate on a high vibration? 

High Vibration – Empowering thought,
Low vibration – Dis-empowering thought 

When you raise your vibration you begin to resonate at a higher frequency and you areconnected with your true self. Your thinking is clear, positive and focused. Imagine, you are a violin string and the bow of the violin is your thoughts. When the bow of the violin vibrates on the string appropriately, it produces a pleasant sound. But if the bow draws on the violin inappropriately, one cannot tolerate the screeching of the instrument for long.

When you think positive, you will vibrate at a higher frequency as your whole body feels good, and positive emotions like excitement, anticipation and happiness become the norm.From this analogy, we can conclude your thoughts are responsible for your vibration (high or low).
The human mind is like a monkey jumping from one tree of thought to another, and because of our own complex cobweb of thoughts,we end up attracting mixed energy that brings our energy levels down. To operate on a high vibration you would rather choose to think good thoughts which will lead to expansion of positive energy in your body and omit negative thoughts to eradicate the possibility of operating on a low vibration. 
However, as I mentioned before, how you want your music to sound depends on you and here are few ways to find your own high vibrating frequency - 

Love Yourself 

The first obstacle that will prevent you from operating on a higher/happier frequency is your idea of yourself. As long as you carry that image in your head about you, you will never be able to love yourself unconditionally. You will never know that life is larger than skinny or obese, dark or white, six pack abs or no abs. Once you let go of that guilt or pridewhich is standing like a monster in your way to find yourself, you will realize how beauty isn’t synonymous to a condition. You are born with a beautiful soul. 
The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express – Francis Bacon

Perspective is only a Matter of Perception 

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer 

Looking at the world from a set of perspectives which has been conditioned into your head ever since you were born is like wearing the same set of dirty/unwashed clothes daily. We are not ready to look at a situation from a 360 degree angle, which is harmful for the expansion of the mind.

The capacity of the mind to expand and evolve is unmeasurable. And most of our worries, troubles exist because we lack the caliber to accept changes when the only thing constant is change! We fear change because our self-perception has laid its unshakable foundation and our ego is having trouble breaking it. But change doesn’t wait for the self-perception to mellow down. It just happens and it depends on us how soon we realise it and embrace the change. Don’t let your clouded perception of the matter trouble you and lower your vibrations. 
Re-boot yourself daily 

“People often say that Motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.”- Zig Ziglar.

You need food on daily basis to survive. It’s not like you can consume one week of food required by your body at once! Your mind is also on the same platform.You don’t have to function on a same energy plane as yesterday. Strive to evolve mentally on a daily basis. Choose to introspect and diagnose. A thought which was troubling you yesterday, shouldn’t be troubling you today. Hence, re-boot. Let go of the situation. Feel vulnerable, and then you will find your strength in that vulnerability.

Don’t be stuck in an unhealthy state of mind 

Nothing is here to stay! Not even your unhealthy state of mind. Because your true nature is to be happy. Do not waste your time dwelling in negative emotions if you are unable to control your present. Nothing can be controlled. And your dull state of mind is only adding to the problem by lowering your vibration. If you find yourself dispirited because of your present, be wise to remind yourself that nothing is here to last.

Once you make an attempt to change your gloomy state of mind, you will be filled with that much needed courage to ease out your situation and feel at peace. “And once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”- Murakami

Be Non-Judgmental 

Liberate yourself from judgment and comparison. When you let go of the need to compare and judge anybody or even those who judge you, you will experience aparadigm shift in your thought patterns. 

All the judgment and comparison is the pollution of your mind, and it doesn’t lead you to a better place; but only deviates you from yourself. You know who you are or want to be. As you do this, you will observe you have a permanent sense of peace within you and your need to seek validation has disappeared. Once you commence this journey, there is no looking back as you keep vibrating on a higher energy scale everyday and life flows through you without any resistance from your end.

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.” 
― Osho


Vibration- 21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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