Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Some Information for You

If you have been dowsing regularly and monitoring the different energies that are affecting us, you would have realised that the affecting energies are quite persistent. You may have to clear them a couple of times for a 24 hour period.
And if you are a sensitive person your body will feel uneasy each time the energy change.
What about those who are not aware of energy or not doing anything about these? How does it affect them?  Watch the people around you, how do they behave? Do you feel that they are more emotional then say maybe a few years back.
As the energy rises it will be harder for them to remain sane and normal.  I met a guy who told me that he is not easily disturb emotionally.  One day we were attending a meet and he was having a hard time because alot of questions and queries about the project schedule was thrown at him. True to his words he was cool throughout and did not lose his composure.  But this was not the case energetically what I saw was when a question was thrown at him, an energy hit him he then took in the energy into his stomach quiver abit and then he was able to give his answer.
The next day I met him and I asked if he had problems with his digestion system and he answered in the positive.
I share this incident to illustrate that although you may not be aware of all the energy changes they do affect you.
Here is some interesting information, if you have been dowsing regularly your brain frequency would be lower than the average person. You would be more creative and will be less stress in any situation. You would have avoided such situations simply because you changed any non beneficial energies that might affect you daily.
We are now in the 5th dimension energies and many changes can be expected, you may need to use your dowsing more to help many people.
Thank You. I Appreciate You.
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Sharing some Thoughts

Dowsing can be use to detect if there are toxins in your body. It can also detect the level of the toxins in your body. Please check yourself daliy for this, use the dowsing chart to determine the value of the level of toxins in your body that is harmful, this may varies from person to person.
Knowing this value is helpful when you are clearing someone, after having checked the toxin level you may want to know the source of the toxins, it may come from the food, water, air or even from the lifestyle of the person.
Stress can cause our bodies to produce harmful toxins in our body, cause the cells of our body to spin in the wrong direction.
If you do find toxins in your body try this. 'Scramble the frequency of all toxins in my body into the frequency of pure water. Thank you. '
Recently there have been issues of negative entities with some friends. Raising one's energy and the energy of one's home is quite useful to avoid this, you can try spraying energized water around the house, wash your clothing in energized water, wash the floor with energized water everyday to help maintain a high energy level for your home.
Energize the water for the whole neighbourhood will improve the overall energy of your home too. Think about it, the waste water that pass through your home from the neighbours upstairs would definitely have an effect on your home so if you energized all the water in the neighbourhood then only good energized water pass through the home.
Always look for more opportunities to improve yourself by expanding the basic ideas of dowsing. You will be surprised by what you can accomplish.
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Water and You

This afternoon while having some free time I decided to catch up with some reading.  I had an old dowsing book that I was intending to read again, so I started reading it. There was an interesting chapter on water and using a chart you can dowse the condition of your water.
The chart has colour indicated and represents the condition and energy of the water. Then I thought about a bottle of water that I gave a friend to help with some conditions.  When I check the energy of that bottle of water against the chart from the book I was surprised that the energy was black according to the chart.
This was a bottle of water that I have energized, so I needed to know why. After investigation I found that the water was affected by negative energetic patterns.
This was logical as the 3 family members of my friend including himself are in the service industry and meets lots of people throughout their working day.
This reminds me that daily energy clearing should be an important part of my routine.
Water can reflect our energetic conditions so make sure that your water is always energized to highest appropriate level.
Thank You!  I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Vitality for You

I was reading Dr Emoto's book recently and he mentioned that love and gratitude created some of the most beautiful water crystals. He suggested that we say I love you, I thank you, I respect you to ourselves to improve our health. This is what the book recommend doing
(Your name) I love you
(Your name) I thank you
(Your name) I respect you
I check my vitality level before and after saying the above sentences for 3 times.
My vitality level shot up many folds, then I did the same for others repeating the 3 sentences with their name and their vitality level shot up too.
You can try this for yourself and share with me your results and maybe any other findings.
Reading materials about dowsing from some other resources I found that some dowsers were very good and would measure things that I did not think of, like 'Is my total mind, body, and soul in balance? '
'What is the danger level of a missing person? '
These informations are very useful when you come across similar situation and need to know if someone is safe.
Dowsing is such a useful tool to have and one of the benefits is that you can always check a situation or event that you would be involved is beneficial for you.
'What is the overall effect of (event) upon me' and if you get a low reading you can investigate further on the people involved in the event.  You will be surprised with the answers you find sometimes.
Thank You.  I Appreciate You.
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Energy works

I was thinking about conducting a session to share with you about energy works. I hope to cover subjects like aura reading,  scanning, basic healing with dowsing and maybe chakra breathing exercises.
I am not sure to have group or one on one session, if anyone is interested please write me at depending on the responses I will decide on how to conduct the session.
I hope that by learning these techniques you will be able to have a better feel of the energy around you.
Thank You.  I Appreciate You.
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.