Monday, 26 November 2012

Setting the Energy of a Place of Visit

We sometimes find that we have to visit someone at a place that is low in energy, like an hospital or even a prison facility. It is always wise to check out the energy level of the place we intent to visit before actually going to the place. There are many places that we visit through out our day, some of these places have very low energy levels and may be detrimental to go there.(example a public toilet, a diner, a school, a shopping mall etc.) Use the pendulum to ask what is the energy level of the place on a scale of 1-100%(use a dowsing chart or simply draw a line on a piece of paper and put down 1, 50, 100)if the place has a reading of under 50% postpone your trip there if you can.
Another way is to clear the energy of the place before going there, ask to raise the energy of the place to the highest appropriate level for your best good. You can also put in thought forms that the people there will be nice to you or give you a good discount for anything that you might intent to buy. Try this out with different places and see if you get pleasantly surprise.

Thank you! I Appreciate you!
Best Wishes

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Old Vows that might affect Prosperity

Sometimes we make vows without realizing that it may affect us even in our next life (you have to believe in the concept of re-incarnation for this). 
We may have make some vows in our past life too that is affecting us, so just in case such vows have been made we can neutralize them to improve our life.

Here is the command 'Neutralize any old vows that you have, in any form, from any source, for any reasons that might possibly affect your prosperity.'

For those who find that whatever they do, prosperity seem to elude them try the above dowse it may possibly help change your life.

Thank you! I appreciate You!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Combination Commands

On the last post, I used a combination of commands to clear the ill effects of changing weather conditions. Some of you may have found that using single commands from previous post might be helpful, sometimes the problem may not go away. A combination in such case will be more effective to help clear the problem, there is no particular reasons for the combination I used in the previous post, I was using what I felt was appropriate at that time. You are free to try any number of combination of dowsing command that you think is appropriate to help with the problem you are trying to clear.
Please try your own combinations to see if it is more effective with your own dowsing practice. Normally it is important to investigate the cause of the problem before you start to do the clearing to help with solving the problem. A simple investigation we can start with is to ask if the problem is of a physical nature, if you get a 'yes' responds you might like to use the commands for health. The other 3 category are emotional, mental and spiritual, so when you have determine the category it is easier to choose the commands to help clear the problem.
We can draw a square and divide this into 4 equal squares, on each small square we can label each of the 4 category. We then place the pendulum over each square at a time and ask if the person or problem belong to this category. This will usually help to fine tune the problem and make clearing easier, if you find that the problem has more then 1 category then clear each category at a time. Another thing to do before all the above is to determine a baseline, such as the subjects energy level, life force level, emotional level, mental level, health level and so forth. This will give a reference to compare before and after the clearing has been done. Happy Dowsing!
Thank you! I appreciate you!

Friday, 16 November 2012

A Change of Seasons

Recently the weather has been rather crazy and this will surely affect us in many ways, we can use dowsing to minimise the effect of the weather upon ourself and family.
Here are a few commands that might be helpful to use to help cope with all the changes.

Please neutralize all the ill effects of astrological changes upon me and my family.
Please neutralize all the ill effects of mass consciousness upon me and my family.
Please neutralize all the ill effects of adverse weather changes upon me and my family.
Please bring us into perfect balance and harmony with the earth energy and adjust for future changes for me and my family.
Please neutralize all bad karmic influence upon me and my family.
Also install this affirmation for yourself and family.
'I am always at the right place at the right time that is safe and sound'.

The above are a few of the things to dowse in this fast changing world that might be helpful to be safe and sound.
Wishing all of you the Best!
Thank you! I appreciate You!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.

These are the 4 statements that you can use to help yourself and others for any situation that is giving you a hard time. Let me share a story that happened to me, I was travelling to another country with a reasonably large amount of currency to purchase a crystal. As I pass through custom in transit I did not declare this, a custom officer saw the currency when my hand carried bag was going through the x-ray machine. I was stop for questioning by 2 custom officers, I explained that I was in transit and did not think it was necessary to declare the currency, they then called to check with their superior as to what to do with me. At this time I was quietly saying the above 4 statements as many times as I could, well strangely I was let off with a stern warning and left for my destination.
I have use this 4 statements many times for many different situations and found this is very helpful each time. I thought I would share this experience with everyone. It not a new thing but a Hawaiian practice called Ho'opono'opono , some of you might have come across this. Try it out! Have Fun! If you do nothing, nothing happens. If you try something, something might happen! Have A Great Weekend Ahead!
Thank you! I appreciate You!

Neutralizing Negative Thought-Form

In our daily life, we are influence by many energies that we come in contact with. Some of these are positive and some may be negative. When we are in a place with positive energies, we would feel happy, peaceful and a sense of well-being. Most of the time we live in world(at least my part of the world) that is in a hurry, agitated and in discord. Some of us might also pick up negative thoughts left by others while commuting to work or even in a public toilet. If you find yourself unable to stop thinking negatively all the time you might be affected by negative thought forms.
Here is a dowsing command to neutralize this - Please neutralize all negative thought forms from me and change them into their opposite, modify them so that they can never hold negative energies again.

You can use this command for friends or colleagues whom you find them speaking negatively all the time or behaving in a negative manner. A change of behaviour is usually observed after this has been done for them.
You can also install positive thought forms of peace, happiness, joy, respect into a place just by simply asking; an example of this maybe -
'Please put a thought form in my home to radiate the frequency of joy and repel all negative energies.' 
Some people have been able to put thought forms to prevent foul odour from going into their home. Experiment with this and have fun!
Thank you! I appreciate you!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Attracting Positive Outcomes

Here is a good one to use if you are going for an important interview or to help someone with an important event in their life.



Thank you. I appreciate You!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Energy Cell

Here is something that everyone can do to improve the energy for a place or for your home. We can install an energy cell in our home or place of work that will improve the energy and create better conditions for oneself.
Ask your dowsing system if it is beneficial to do so before attempting this. (May I?, Can I? and if there is a reason not to?)
Please install an energy cell in my home(or place of choice) that will radiate the frequency of love, peace, harmony, good health, prosperity, freedom, gratitude and respect to all that come in contact with it's energy field. let this energy be continuous available to my home(or place of choice) on a 24/7 basis till further changes instructed by me. Let this energy cell transmute all negative forces and non beneficial energy into love, peace, harmony, good health, prosperity, freedom, gratitude and respect on contact with it's energy field. Thank you.

You can add to the list of benefits as you deem fit, there is no limits to the the things you can do as long as you put your mind to do it.

Thank you. I appreciate you!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Adjusting Energy in your Home

I would like to share a story about adjusting energy in your home, my brother-in-law share this story with me about how he accidently change energy in his home and his financial improved.
Some years back he got married and moved into resale flat with his wife, he has just started his own business and was full of expectations. Things did not turn out as he imagined, he did not get any business for months his wife left him and he was left alone in his flat. In frustration he decided to rearrange all the furniture of his flat, he moved the bed to the opposite side of the bedroom and moved his seating arrangement of his living room. A week after doing this, things started to change for him, business came calling and he was busier than he ever been before.
With dowsing one need not go have to suffer the mental agony he went through, when you buy a resale property just use your dowsing to clear the property before moving in. Here are a few things you might want to check before moving into a new property.
Check if the property you are interested in is suitable for you, if you get a 'yes' then consider buying it.
Check if there are non beneficial energetic patterns at the property, if you get a 'yes' ask the dowsing system (using a dowsing tool) to neutralize these energies from the property. After doing so ask that the property be fill with beneficial energy for your best good. 
Check if there are other energies that detrimental to you, if 'yes' again ask that these be removed or neutralize.(for a list of items to clear please contact me by email)
You can also determine which rooms are more suitable for you, if the sofa is in the best position, if the dinning table in the correct area of the house and if your kitchen arrangement is best suited to enhance good health and prosperity for you. All you need to do is stand with your pendulum at the position you want put your TV for example and ask the pendulum if this is the best place to have your TV set. If you get a 'yes' then place it, if you get a 'no' then move to the next location you have in mind and ask again.
The above are just examples of how to dowse to adjust the energy of your property, you of course makes the final decision as to how you like your property to be furnished.
Thank you. I appreciate You!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Energizing Water

Energizing Water
Our thoughts can affect water; Dr Emoto of Japan has books written that shows how the water is affected by thoughts, sounds, words shown to water and even our prayers. In his books he took pictures of water after exposing them to good music, the water was frozen and pictures were taken of the water crystal formed, he also froze water exposed to rock music. The water exposed to good music form beautiful crystals while those exposed to rock music form ugly shapes.

We can also energize water through dowsing, a few dowsing commands is needed to do this. Get a glass of water and try these commands for energizing water.

Transmute the spirit of greed from the water into pure water.

Scramble the frequency of all biological, chemical and radiological pollutants from the water into pure water.

Neutralize all negative thought forms from the water.

With respect and gratitude invite the spirit of water into the water.

Please raise the energy of the water to the highest most appropriate level for your best good and that this water will energize any water that it comes in contact with to equal or exceeding itself including the water in the cells of your body.

You can at this point put in any thought forms into the water to serve your best good.
Example: ask that the water bring you good health.

I would like to share a short story here, I once ask someone from a foreign country to simply read the commands in his native language over the water and the water energized. It is our intent that is important when it comes to doing this.

You can use the water that you energized put in the intentions to serve you in all aspects of your life, to increase prosperity, improve the grades of your children, and raise kindness among your friends and anything as far as the limits of your imaginations can go.

Thank you. I appreciate you!