Friday, 26 February 2016

For YOU!

SWEET – be soothing to others; be caring

Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking

May all blessings flow to YOU

May self-knowledge flow to YOU

I reclaim the power you have taken from ME.

It is mine to take back.

It is my right.

May Love and Good Fortune come to you now.

As I speak now you are no longer a problem for ME.

Your difficult energy dissolves into wisdom.

You regard me with respect.

559,955,995,599 Align with your true life purpose, make 

sweeping positive changes. Put your focus toward shining 

your light brightly. Let go of situations and/or people that no 

longer serve a positive purpose for you. Break free from old, 

out-dated restraints and move forward with faith, self-belief 

and enthusiasm. Allow positive changes in your life by 

releasing old negative patterns and experiences, and 

opening to love, gratitude and appreciation for the acquired 

knowledge they gave you.

This 12 number sequence may be beneficial for many issues.
Defined by Kat

Easy to remember

WHIMSICAL – make unusual; make spectacular; be innovative 

Working Hand in Hand

Merry Go Round-FREEDOM-Lemon Drop-FLOCK.
(Look for new outlooks, widen your horizons, and appreciate the cycle of life, release need to conform, let go of constrictions, release sourness and bitterness which may be creating problems in your life, work in unison.)
Out of Integrity 
February 26, 2015
Taken from Kat Thoughts at Blue Iris Learning Center:
Out of integrity means...your actions and/or thoughts do not support what you say you want. This gives conflicting information to the Universe, which makes it difficult to manifest whatever it is you say you want.
When focused at work you may say "I want a raise."
At home you may say, "I can't give you more of an allowance."
You are limiting on the second hand, which is putting a limit on the first hand.
You must GIVE to GET. When you OPEN and ALLOW at home, SUDDENLY at work they OPEN and ALLOW
As long as you perceive that there never is enough, there never will be enough.
As long as you perceive there always is PLENTY, there always will be PLENTY.
(Get authoritative access, allow yourself to know the way, build and expand peace and wellness, cleansing, purifying, harmonizing and protecting, stabilize traumatic situations, restore emotional calm and confidence, get a helping hand for getting through life's difficulties, transcend beyond expectations.)

CONSIDER, when you feel like Switchwords are not working for you, looking into all segments of your life....where might you not be in your integrity?
Remember, the Universe responds to all requests and thoughts you offer. If you are out of integrity in one focus in your life, you may discover that the Universe appears to be out of alignment with you in another focus. Though we may have many focuses in our lives, our energy flows through all of them, and more than one area may be affected.
I am reminded of one situation several years ago where someone had suggested that "cling" might be a Switchword. Someone who had read the suggestion decided to try utilizing "cling" to bring back their ex. She noted it seemed to be working in bringing him back, but at the same time she also noted that there was a gentleman showing up everywhere she went, like he was stalking her. It appeared that both segments were connected, and that while trying to "cling" in one focus, it was bleeding through to another focus in her life, bringing something unwanted.
We are not separately a mother, daughter, wife, worker, etc., but all in one energy.
We cannot be an earner, if we are not a spender too. What if the money is not there for things we want, because we are telling the story that we do not have the money for what we want? In one focus we ask the Universe to BRING US more money. In another focus we say we never have enough money. The focus on we never have...prevents us from having.
When we stop holding back, fearing there will not be enough, we OPEN ourselves to the FLOW. CIRCULATE-COUNT seems a good phrase to HELP US mingle with the money, allowing it to come and GO.
(Fix this, find direction, manifest the goods, unite with dispelling inhibitions, breathing easier, allowing money to flow (to us and from us), letting go of the details and progressing.)
(Refreshing, energizing, entrancing, relieving stress and calming the spirit, continuous flow, engulfing, quenching, nurturing, nourishing, getting new ideas, nourishing ambition, developing deeper comprehension, helping, selling, making money, driving a multitude.)

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Kaleidoscope is for defusing monotony and drudgery, Cinderella Syndrome (fear of independence) and inferiority complex. Kaleidoscope helps give one a feeling of beauty, self-worth, confidence, purpose, shows how changing oneself is possible, and can be beautiful. Kaleidoscope helps us see that we can take control of our lives and create the changes we desire ourselves.

Yesterday I shared an Energy Circle that energizes water, from feedback it even energize water that has been energized before to a higher energy level.(please read comments on yesterday's posting)
I like to know if anyone using Raymon's MP 3 to energize water everyday find that the energy of their home get raise along with their water. For myself I energize the water in my home everyday, and I have suspected that this is the reason for the very high energy level in my home.

If you like to try another experiment, use the energy circle I shared yesterday and put it on the pipe bringing water to your home, and have the intention that it will keep energizing the water to your home, let this go on for a week or two and remember to take energy readings of your home before and after using the Energy Circle.

You can add more commands or benefits into the energy circle, for example- invite in the Spirit of Prosperity into the water to bring prosperity to you and anyone using the water. you can create your own Energy Circle to enhance your life with good things that you want, hang it on to the water pipes, to install the energy and have whatever you want.

There is no limit to what you can do, if you put your mind to do it.

Recently the energy is affecting me and I felt that it bought about much anger and fear in me, I share the following from Raymon on how to identify and neutralize these.

1. Low Energy (X Energy) This energy has caused a lot of problems and can have you thinking it is something else. We can not get rid of it, but can neutralize it. It will probably come back, but as you neutralize it, it will stay away longer.
2. Negative Solar Influence. This will cause confusion and irritation with others. Again we can not get rid of it, but can neutralize it.
3. Mental Instability This is usually found in higher populated areas and has a real bad effect on everyone. Again neutralize it.
When neutralizing the above, also neutralize in the surrounding area.
Remember to take your energy readings before and after to see what effect your work is doing and also to see how severe the project is.
Raymon has reported that neutralizing Mental Instability the energy of a project has been noted to raise dramatically.
Keep up the good work everyone, wishing you success on all your projects. "As you believe, so shall it be". smile emoticon

An Energy Circle for you

Try this Energy Circle, place a bottle or a glass of water on it and see if the water gets energize. Check the energy of the water before and after placing on this Energy Circle to monitor the difference. Let me know how this works for you.

Thank you


Monday, 22 February 2016

Be the Change you want to See

I am not sure if I am becoming sentimental or the energy is affecting me, I find myself reduced to tears so easily. I was watching a movie on TV this morning and I was crying throughout the whole show. 

Yesterday I shared a link, and I hope everyone got their water energized and is having energy water coming out from your very own tap. Isn't it wonderful what dowsing can do? Your very own fountain of youth, if you put that intention into your water.

I wrote to Raymon to ask him if his body was energizing water where he went without even dowsing the water, like a walking water energizer, since his body was made out of mostly water(energized) and he has put in the intention that the water he energized will energize all water that it comes in contact with. (you can also do this) He was modest, and pointed out that his friend Jeff has achieved this. 

'Jeff has reached this point. All he needs to do is pick up a bottle of water and it is energized with all the minerals and nutrition his body needs.'

This demonstrate what your mind can do, if you put it to use, as Raymon said 'All matters are composed of energy, and intelligent human mind can change energy.'

If you believe you can, you can and if you believe you can't, you can't, I am sure you would make the right choice to how you should be.

Be the change you want to see!

Thank you

(Awaken appreciation for the present moment, connect with another, feel warm appreciation, feel gratitude and appreciation, feel good and show appreciation.)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Raymon Grace Interviewed on Coast to Coast Radio

«…The matter is that there are PEOPLE WHO DO NOT PURPOSEFULLY PONDER ON HOW THE WORLD is organized, WHAT ITS LAWS ARE, what life is. Therefore besides resurrection, many other facts may be perceived with wonder as well, for example, cures performed by me without touch and on distance of AIDES and CANCER in their terminal stages<…>

I like to share with everyone an interview from Coast to Coast Am featuring Raymon Grace, you can click the link below to hear this interview. Raymon comes on at the 1 hr 16 mins mark of the video, so just forward the video to this point.

Thank you


Raymon Grace on Coast to Coast

Thursday, 18 February 2016


ORMUS-gas-O6 (oxygen 6) anti bacterial Ormus elements are atoms in an orbitally rearranged, monatomic state. Ormus appears to be a fifth state of matter–solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Ormus. There is considerable evidence that ancient societies utilized elements in their ormic state.

Ormus materials do not chemically bond with other materials but are necessary as chemical facilitators and assume a role of governance and orchestration within our bodies. They appear to be essential nutrients. Ormus is life energy.

A disease-free body
quiver-free breath
inhibition-free intellect
stress-free mind
trauma-free memory
violence-free society
and an ego that embraces all a sign of Health

The sanskrit word for health- swasthya
means being stabilized in the self.
When the mind is free of fear, free of guilt, free of anger,hatred,
it has the power to heal the body of any ailment-
there is such a huge power in consciousness.

Health is not mere absence of disease; 
health is being established in the self.
Health is the dynamic expression of life!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bill Northern - Horse Whisperer

I would like to share another interesting video from It's Rainmaking Time! - From the Horse's Mouth
This talk is an interview with Bill Northern, a dowser who heals animals especially Horses. He could literally hear what the animals are saying. A funny and interesting talk, please enjoy.

Thank you


A short newsreel from TVnz that feature Bill Northern and the work he does.

Free Healing Video for You

I made this video for Free Healing Energy, it is for General Healing and Blessing for everyone.

Thank you


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bone Breathing- Sharing An Article

Bone Breathing
Bone breathing helps the practitioner escape the modern day problems of bone mass deficiency, osteoporosis, stress management, lack of energy and low immune system.
“Remember to breathe. It is, after all, the secret of life.” ~ Gregory Maguire
Prana or life force is the vital energy that keeps the body alive, and channeling that energy to the different organs in our body is equally important to maintain a state of good health. Our bones are living organs too that provide structure for our body, protect all our important organs and help us nourish our entire body by producing red and white blood cells.
Healthy breathing makes for healthy bones. All the bodily systems are affected by the quality of our breath and bones are no different. Our bone marrow, situated on the corner of the spongy bones with yellow fat in the middle known as medullary cavity, produces red and white blood cells, that are vital for our existence. When we breathe fully, our porous bones sucks in oxygen, transfers it to the red marrow to produce cells and also cleanses the fat in the middle to create space for positivity. Technique of Bone breathing There are multiple modifications and variations used in Bone Breathing. Starting with the simplest one, first and foremost requirement is the belief in the theory. Now, imagine that your surrounding is brimming with charged energy. This vital energy that surrounds you is slightly thicker in comparison to the normal air. Sit comfortably on a chair and place your hands on your lap. Fingers are stretched and open, and the palms are open and relaxed. Advanced practitioner often uses the ‘embrace the tree’ posture as demonstrated by Mantak Chia but for start even sitting comfortably will reap similar benefits. Start by breathing deeply and rhythmically in slow motion, trying to inhale and exhale as deeply as possible. The ratio of the breath remains 1:2 (Inhale: Exhale). After a few breaths, bring your attention to the tip of the index finger of the left hand. Relax the wrist, hand and fingers. As you inhale, feel the energy transferring from the tip of the finger to the base of the finger and as you exhale from the nose, feel all the negative energy leave from your finger, gradually condensing in your bone. As you repeat a few times, experience a sense of warmth/numbing/heaviness/tingling in your left hand’s index finger. Now, compare the same with the right hand’s index finger, which is yet untouched. This comparison will enable you to recognize the effect of bone breathing. Now, bring the same awareness in all the other fingers of the left hand, either one by one or at the same time, sucking the vital energy in the body. (This need not be done individually every time you practice. This is intended only to help you to isolate the feeling of energy by concentrating on one small area at a time.) Eventually all fingers will be used to draw energy simultaneously in both hands. Now, progress further to the forearm, upper arm and shoulders, visualizing your bones as a big sponge consuming in the energy (the beginning stages require more visualization). Now, reproduce the same feeling in your right hand, gradually progressing from the fingers to the wrists to the forearms, so on and so forth. Feel the sensation of warmth/numbing/heaviness/tingling spreading in both your arms. The cycle would go from the arms to the scapulae, collarbone, sternum and ribs. The sensation of warmth/numbing/heaviness/tingling might differ from one area to another, depending on the structure of the bone in the specific area. Now, bring the focus to the feet and toes. It is best to remove the shoes and any tight clothing and guide your awareness up the toes, either singly or together up to the ankle. Breathe in from the toes of the left leg first and then the right leg or both the legs together depending on your capabilities. Feel the breath enter through all your bones, hold it for a while and then let the energy flow out. Gradually move up from the feet to the ankle, calves, knee, thighbones, pelvis, coccyx and sacrum, up to C7 vertebra in the spinal column. The movement of the breath is depicted with arrows, in the image above. (Do not pull your feet up with the breath. Let them remain flat on the floor.) Now, you will have to breathe simultaneously both from legs and hands, merging the energies at C-7 vertebrae in the spinal column and from there to the skull covering the entire body. Keep breathing for some time, with minimum of nine breaths of whole body breathing. And as you conclude bring all the energy to the navel center and close it. If more specific knowledge of the bones is desired then it is advisable to work with a anatomical chart of the skeleton to guide the energy with more precision. Benefits of Bone Breathing Bone breathing helps the practitioner escape the modern day problems of bone mass deficiency, osteoporosis, stress management, lack of energy, low immune system, etc. By circulating the chi to the innermost parts of the body, energy created by Bone breathing, merges with the sexual energy. One of the students of Chia, a middle-aged woman, was heavily losing bone mass, but with the practice of bone breathing for 3 hours regularly within six months regained the lost mass by 10% and in five years 100%. Increasing the production of red blood cells and white blood cells, the process improves the flow of blood, secretion of nutrients, enhance sexual energy, boosts the immune system and stronger bones with increased bone density. The biggest advantage remains, that one can practice this technique, anywhere and anytime. It is a very powerful technique that allows you to pull in energy into one specific area and feel supercharged in that area. It also helps to be more connected and in tune with the flow of energy in our body.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sharing a Happy Experience I had.

Back to work from the Lunar New Year holidays, feeling refreshed after the short break. There were many energy changes over the past week and I am sure everyone would have done their daily energy work to neutralize all these.

A new item I am working on now is Solar influences, here is the dowsing command I use - 'Please neutralize the negative effects of Solar Influences on me and my family, Thank you.' You can expand the command to neutralize your workplace, surrounding areas, and of course your friends, pets and people you have to associate with in your day. You can check the energy level before and after you do this, and see if there is an improvement to the energy level of the person or place you worked on.

I was at the River Safari yesterday together with my wife, while enjoying the exhibit of squirrel monkeys, one of them jumped onto my shoulder and stayed on while I carried on walking around. The other visitors quickly took out their cameras and started snapping photos, so me and the monkey became the stars of the show. After a while the monkey jump off and went back up into the trees. It was an interesting experience for me especially for this year being the Year of the Monkey.

      Me with the Monkey.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having a break from work during this holiday season, be sure to take rest regularly, drink plenty of water, and take good care of yourselves, this is going to be an exciting year energetically.

Best Wishes!


PLAY – improvise; expand consciousness and discovery; 

build connections

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Sharing!

The following is a request from someone for help for her husband with Diabetes- 
Looking for some help, friends. My husband has diabetes and high blood pressure. Recently his sugars and BP have been much higher than normal. Yesterday I worked through Raymon's Techniques book and used the techniques and suggestions that I felt applied to working with my husband to alleviate these issues. This morning I asked him how he felt and he said much better. He looked better too. But this afternoon he's right back where he was before I did the dowsing last night.
I've checked/worked with: desire to live and nature spirits which were strong, removed all entities and demons as suggested in the book, checked for curses, confirmed his energy level is good, scrambled the frequency of the diabetes and adjusted the frequency to his (I forgot to banish the spirit of the disease last night, but I did do that on Sunday), invited in the spirit of prosperity esp. as it pertains to health, cut all psychic cords. I didn't ask about beliefs (again had done that Sunday).
I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I think there must be something or his levels wouldn't be all out of whack again today.
Replies :-
If you have Raymon's DVD use it, save yourself a lot of time to check on so many issues. You did not mentioned about blood sugar level, BP levels so we will not know if the condition is serious or not, these levels can be controlled by proper diet and exercise, although we can use dowsing to adjust our body chemistry, it should not be an excuse to not practice good nutrition and exercise. Having said all these, you can try adjusting his body chemistry and PH levels to the most appropriate level for his best good. Balance his blood chemistry and BP too. Thank you.

Thank you, Tan. Yes, I mentioned they are recently much higher than normal. He's been very stable since being diagnosed 16 years ago. I don't have any DVDs, only the book at this point in time. smile emoticon

You can go to You tube or Raymon's website to play Blueprint for Freedom, Raymon pretty much covers all the issues in this video. I would like to suggest too that you download a mp3 from Raymon's website to energize water for your husband to drink everyday put intentions into the water that it will heal him appropriately. Working on the water in my view is quite effective as I have a few successes with some people I have worked on. Thank you for bearing with me.

Thank YOU for offering suggestions!

Replies by others
Hi ,as Tan suggested use Raymon's videos, make it easy on yourself and go to Raymon's videos are listed here including Random Act s of Kindness, which will also be helpful for balancing the brain smile emoticon

I would ask if your hubby wants to be healed and find out if there are blocks to healing and see if you have permission to remove the blocks. Sometimes there are subconscious things going on that will reverse any improvement.

Thanks, I will check that too!

can use dowsing chart and ck on overall impact of his medications on him. You can neutralize the non-beneficial effects of medications, which allow the beneficial aspects to take effect.

u can use the same process above to ck on foods/diet items, supplements, etc.

Thank you.

You might also need to go back to before he was born into this lifetime. I like to go back to one second before the issue (in this case diabetes) became a spark of an idea. Typically, the way the male brain if neurologically designed, a man likes to win to feel like a man. If there are some issues in his past where he felt like a loser, and the issues weren't resolved, THAT might be popping back up again now in the diabetes sugar spike.

Think about what "sugar" means to him. If it metaphorically means the "sweet things in life" AND that they are missing (because a part of him is stuck feeling like a loser because he can't provide for his family, can't provide for himself, feels out of control of his well beingness, etc., that part of the male brain may be the cause. It could the the "final straw" so to speak that's causing the spikes. So, the spirit of the LACK of "sweet things in life" and its life force may need to be removed, neutralized and transformed. I see this a lot in my energy work clients. It is the metaphorical meaning of their issue that is keeping them stuck.

Also, there may be a need for the spirit guides (unfriendly entities and aliens) and the spirit doctors (demonics) to take the implants, evil-intent, co-dependent programs out of the water memory in his body to a dimension that can no longer harm him. Especially if its a sudden onset of negative or harmful behavior changes, I see this as demonic or unfriendly entity (poltergeist) attachment. Once I ask for that to be cleared, that also helps and usually ends it.

Is he a worrier? Or, are you a worrier? If so, the habit of worry needs to be neutralized. This comes from the upper left brain. If you want a free report on how to eliminate worry, please email me at In this report I also tell you more about the brain so you understand that better as well. Anyone who wants the report, please email me. In the email subject line just write "Free eliminate worry report."

Thank you all! I worked with some of these suggestions last night and again this morning - his blood sugar actually went up instead of down this morning. I will go to the Random Acts of Kindness video and work with that as he actually mentioned this morning that his head feels fuzzy and he was feeling dizzy off and on.

you are probably already doing this but might be good to ask for overall physical, emotional wellness and balance. As we know illnesses are mostly symptoms of other underlying issues (which you don't need to know to reverse) and include his entire energy field / and all remnants of it, any and everywhere. I'm thinking you can ask that anything you might have overlooked be included!!!


 Hi again,

When I see things hold on, boomerang or get worse that is usually a sign of a demon or unfriendly alien or entity trying to hold on because it knows its in the process of being discovered, neutralized and transformed into something beneficial for humanity.

Ask the dowsing system powers that be to look in timelines of all kinds including before birth timelines, familial karmic influential timelines, time timelines, space timelines, space time timelines, time space timelines, realities, parallel realities, alternate realities and to look in between those places listed for covert, co-dependent, evil-intent residue. Ask that those frequencies be scrambled, deactivated, disassembled through scalar time, disconnected, dissolved and re-encrypted with the frequency of 5th dimension energy and then neutralized and transformed into the appropriate frequency vibrations of 5th dimension energy. Be sure to ask that the voids be filled with frequency of 5th dimension energy. See if that totally clears the issue then.

Thanks so much for all the information. It's mind boggling - the things I don't know that I don't know. I have just watched Random Acts of Kindness and checked the three areas Raymon mentioned there. I will also double-check everything you mentioned, Lauren, I think I did all of that but want to be certain. And Susan, thanks for your insights into the male brain. He is indeed a worrier. I'm emailing you straight away.

Thanks again, everyone, for your insight and suggestions. I know we can kick this thing out of his life; I just need to be kicking the right thing!

I put up the above to demonstrate how far you can use dowsing to solve problems, my original feelings when I responded to her was that she was going the long way and not using simple solution, if she had used the DVD for a while she would probably see results she wanted. (reply in blue)

Maybe her desire to learn more activated vibrations and attracted so many answers to her queries that she was overwhelmed. I guess this is what it meant to be for her, ask and it is given, seek and ye shall find. (there were more replies that I did not copy over)

My view is that your intention is all that you need, simply intending healing energy or light to the person will improve and heal the conditions definitely,but sometimes it might need a few more tries to complete the job. 

Be Patient and Observe, no need to know all the reasons just do it.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Happy Chinese New Year to one and all!

The Chinese New Year is around the corner, I like to wish everyone