Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Eating with Love

From Anita Moorjani's Dying To Be Me

Q: Theories are interesting, but what about practical advice? How do
you stay healthy now - what do you eat and what do you avoid in your

A: I used to be paranoid about what I ate. I was a strict vegetarian.
I consumed only organic foods and was into macrobiotics, vitamin
supplements, and wheat-grass juice - and that was before I got sick. I
thought that everything caused cancer, from microwaves to
preservatives. I used to eat very healthfully, but I did so out of

Now I eat whatever I'm drawn to. I just make sure that I have a good
time with food and life! I think that it's more important to be happy
than anything else.

It's no fun eating all the so-called right food out of fear of getting
sick and being miserable about it. Being anxious causes a whole other
set of problems. Our bodies are actually a lot more resilient than we
give them credit for, particularly if we're happy and not under

Even when I choose to eat healthfully, I do so out of love instead of
fear. That's my method in every aspect of my life, and I invite you to
live the same way.


Monday, 29 September 2014

Be Strong!

Vulnerability is a feeling that we are not in control of our situation, it can be about the situations happening around us or situations happening in our own life. When we feel vulnerable, there is definitely fear in us, check your fear level, the average population has a fear level of 50% or more, this may be the reason for all the atrocities you see happening around the world.

Geo-pathic stress is rising steady along with high hertz frequency, some of you may feel it as irritability or experience pain in your body, check and neutralize them regularly. Mental stability is one area of major concern, with regular astrological influences people are becoming unstable mentally. I know I have written about these issues, but I am feeling these energies stronger recently and I am really concerned. Please keep up your dowsing daily and if you are clearing the above 3 issues also include clearing for the animals, people and places in your dowsing commands. The animals are also affected and I hope you can help them too. (observe your pets, you will notice that they become irritable when there is Geo-pathic stress, high hertz frequency and astrological influences)

The months to come we will experience even higher levels of energy, so be prepared and enjoy the ride.

I like to share a posting by someone in a Facebook group -
The power of focused intent and dowsing on a severe allergic reaction. Hello all, just want to give you a fantastic story of empowerment. My husband had a severe reaction to a medication that put him in the hospital and had started to shut down his kidneys . The doctors said the kidneys would get much worse before they got better. So I enlisted the help of my buddy dowsers, and we went to work with focus, intent and dowsing to scramble the frequency of the effect of the drug and incorporated other protocols as well. Today when the doctor entered the room with the lab results, he had a very puzzled look on his face. He said 'these results surprised me. I wasn't expecting this. Your kidney levels are coming down. I've never seen this happen before.' So I just sat there in the chair smiling. And even as he was leaving the room, he stated again how the results really surprised him. Thank you Raymon Grace, for giving us the gift and knowledge of empowerment through dowsing.


Ways to Improve

How do you gain confidence in dowsing? There are many people who dowse but when it comes to certain issues they avoid them, some are afraid that they are not competent enough to remove negative entities or remove a curse. You can always check with your dowsing system if it is able to do so, if for some reasons, your dowsing system is unable to do it, ask why, dowse for the reasons.

Confidence is built upon your belief system, maybe you do not have the right spirit guides, then ask if you can have spirit guides that can do so. Move out of your comfort zone once in awhile, take it that it a sort of training for you. Only by moving out of your comfort zone can your comfort zone expand, try tackling some new issues, as long as your dowsing system is willing to work on it, it will have a positive result. Work on yourself, find ways to improve your own conditions, like for example if you find that there are toxins in your body, neutralize them and transform them into enlightenment, see if this raises your level of consciousness. If it does, then you have a constant supply of energy to transform into enlightenment, in turn you will able to raise your level of consciousness higher. A higher level of consciousness is more useful compared to a higher level of prosperity, as you will be able to see more clearly solutions to any problems that might show up for you.

I am just making an example of how you can keep improving upon yourself, it is your choice to choose whatever that you prefer to have. Sometimes you may have someone asking you for help, maybe you are unable to remove negative entities from him but you might be able to neutralize negative energetic patterns he might have into positive energy, this may help your friend because he will feel some burden from him lifted, and if you just teach him to say it as a prayer everyday 'Please neutralize all negative energetic pattern upon me and transform into positive energy. Thank you' He might be able to change his situation in a short time.

I once taught a friend to say 'Please balance the blood flow to the brain, balance the left/right hemispheres of the brain and balance the brain chemistry. Thank you' for someone dear to him who is suffering from mental stress. At first for a few months, he kept calling for help, But after some time he stopped calling, and I heard that he now happy with the improvement of his dear one. I believe that his daily prayer worked for him and his loved one, but what I fail to see was asking him to say the prayer more times a day, it could have worked faster.

Many dowsers start dowsing once a day when they first learned dowsing, after sometime they usually dowse most of their waking hours, not always using a dowsing tool but through constant prayers, You become more sensitive to energy, the more you dowse and after constant practice, you will be able to sense if any non beneficial energy is affecting you, and you are able to neutralize them.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Looking for your Answer?

I watched a program on TV the other night, a challenge was put to passers-by to count how many pictures were there in a newspaper within 10 seconds held by the host. All who took up the challenge failed to give the correct answer in time. When it was pointed out to them that the answer was printed all over the newspaper everyone was surprised, they were so busy counting the pictures they paid no attention to the printed words.

Sometimes this is what is happening to us, the universe has given us the answers we are looking for in large prints but we missed it all together. It is important to stay center, be aware that when we seek answers it could be right in-front of our face. This has always been true for me, after many times of missing the answer, I learned to relax and let it come to me, the more anxious I am the longer it takes for me to know.

Last night I had an idea to clear any trapped emotions from an old flame of mine, so I check if she had any trapped emotions and if it was alright for me to clear them for her. I got 'yeses' so I proceeded to do the clearing, I was quite surprised to feel energy come back to me, so after clearing and transforming the energy, I asked if the energy I felt was trapped emotions she had of me, the answer was a 'yes'. We both move on in our life and have not seen each other for more than twenty years but the emotions are still trapped inside of her, so please check for yourself if you have any trapped emotions in you, if you do simply ask to transmute all trapped emotions into love (or any beneficial energy) check your emotion level and energy level before and after, there should be a difference. 

Another issue you might like to check if any negative mass consciousness is affecting you, if there is, please neutralize and transform them into beneficial energies for yourself. Anger and aggression are 2 common mass consciousness that I found to be affecting many recently.

Have A Great Weekend!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Body Dowsing

Sometimes when we are anxious about something or issue, we lose our center, during such time, we may dowse to ask about something but keep getting contradicting answers, if you are experiencing this, the best thing to do is to sit back and do nothing, wait and see what happens. If you still are able to worry about the issue it means you are still alright, just relax. Many times when you see the end results you will laugh at yourself because the answer is so obvious that you did not trust your dowsing results.

If you job is giving you problems, changing your job will usually not solve the problems, because as long as you are in the same line of job, it is the same no matter which company you work for. I am not suggesting you change your line of job, look at what is troubling you, do you feel insecure for some reasons, do you feel job pressure from people around you, the problem might be from yourself. Know that you are put in a situation because there is something for you to learn, learn it and get over it once and for all, because there are still more lessons to come.

Here are a few dowsing commands you might want to try, 'Please remove all programs related to re-experiencing issues from me. Thank you.' 'Please remove all self sabotaging behaviors from me. Thank you.' 'Please adjust me to the right time and place for my best good. Thank you.' 'Please neutralize all hidden and trapped emotions in me and transform them into confidence, prosperity and freedom. Thank you.' Feel free to add whatever you think is appropriate to the mix to improve your situation. Although the above may not directly address your problems but they will be helpful to raise your mindset to a better one.

I was at my friend's bookshop yesterday, we did some push hand exercises (tai chi) and later sat down to have coffee, he asked me if one did not have a dowsing tool, can one still dowse, so I showed him to use his body to dowse. I had him hold the coffee cup(Styrofoam) in both hands and stand still. He started to move backwards, he was quite surprised, I then told him to say ' Please neutralize all negative effects of this cup on me. Thank you.' He did it still holding the cup in his hands, but his body started to move forwards. He asked me why, I told him that our body has universal intelligence, the body know what is good or bad for us, when something is bad for us holding the object in our hands the body will feel it, the body want to repel it, but since you are holding the object the whole body moves backwards. The opposite is true, after saying the prayer to remove negative effects, the body is now attracted to the object and moves forwards. Listen to your body, it can tell you about what is going on around you, so the next time you are around something or someone, watch how your body react, if you move back, quickly say a neutralizing/transform prayer silently.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Big Mind , Small Mind

Honesty and Integrity can be a double edge sword, as we all know sometimes in certain situation or condition being honest can make the situation worse, When we speak to someone who is negative, you will not make a connection with this person by being direct and honest telling them that they are negative, you have to first gain their confidence and then slowly change them. When someone comes to you about some complains because they are sort of short sighted about their situation, telling them will not always bring them around. You need not be honest in these situations but be kind and compassionate!

Compassion, honesty, love and all these attributes are energy, you need these energies to be with you to move in the world, how you use them to your advantage and for the good of the people around you is wisdom.

The energy of any situation you meet in life is obvious, but most of us do not see it first as energy but get caught in the situation because of our ego. Always pull yourself out of the small mind and see from the big mind, you must be clear of your own mindset to be able to change energy.

Let give an example, if a person wants to get promoted to a higher position in the company, this person must be ready to take on more responsibility that the higher position carries along. If this person only wants the benefits of the higher position without the responsibilities than this person may not be able to hold the higher position for long, because the responsibilities will wear this person out very quickly. Let us assume that this person is a dowser and is able to change energy, what would this person do to have the position without the responsibility? Well first, the moment he/she is caught up with this position thing, he/she is already caught up with the small mind.

What does this person really want, power, more money, more appreciation for his/her contribution to the company? We have make it clear to ourselves about what we want, and not think that some system or person is in our way, we only need to ask for what we want without any conditions attached, you want a car just ask for a car, you need not ask to find a high paying job before allowing yourself to have a car. Do not complicate your wishes with lots of unnecessary conditions that make life even harder for yourself.

I have always thought about how people who claims that they can change energy, is worrying about being vegan, or follow certain way of life, if you can change energy change it, any food is good for you just give thanks that this food gives you life and that you are having it when someone else in the world is dying of starvation. Change the negative effects of the food and transform it into good nutrition for your body.

The energy is changing rapidly, many events are happening all over the world, you got to stop getting caught up in the small mind and start doing some good for the world. The world and everything in it is made of energy and you have the ability to change it. Believe in what you do, always!


Chakras and your nature

The Five Elements in Chinese Philosophy

The yin and yang philosophy was further refined into the system of the five elements to gain a deeper understanding of how the body, mind and spirit work and acupuncture.
The microcosm of the body is linked to the universe and is affected by the daily and seasonal cycles of nature. (Think about the seasonal affective disorder which manifests itself in winter or when the light is not sufficient). The individual and the world are changing all the time. But Chinese believe that these changes are occurring in certain order and in cycles. (We can think about these like our economic cycles or agricultural cycles. A period of growth is always followed by a period of stagnation or unemployment. In the stock market, a bull market is always followed by a bear market etc.) In the same way, a seed planted in spring blooms in summer, seeds itself in late summer to autumn, dies in winter, and a new seed grows again in spring. It is part of a never-ending cycle and each phase has its role to play in maintaining the balance of nature. The same process of change occurs within the body. Cells grow and die to make way for new cells, and body systems depend upon each other in a similar way to the seasons, working together to ensure the balanced functioning of the body, mind and spirit and the healthy flow of life through the whole person.
Five Elements
Representation of the Five Elements
Chinese philosophy recognizes five distinct elements of cyclical change called water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These five elements can be related to our four seasons (with a fifth late summer season) as shown in the table below. The elements can also be related to different colors, emotion, taste, voice and various organs. These can also be related to the selection of food and herbs. Notice the correspondence between the Chinese philosophy and the underlying Indian philosophy, which also classifies everything in the universe under earth, water, fire, air, and ether.
SeasonElementYin-Yang PhaseYin OrganYang OrganEnergy PatternColorEmotionTasteVoice
WinterWaterFull yinKidneyUrinary bladderConservedBlackFearSaltyGroans
SpringWoodNew yangLiverGallbladderExpansiveGreenAngerSourShouts
SummerFireFull yangHeartSmall IntestineCulmination, completionRedJoyBitterLaughs
Late SummerEarthyin-yang balanceSpleenStomachBalanceYellowSympathySweetSings
AutumnMetalNew yinLungsLarge IntestineContraction and accumulationWhiteGrief sadnessPungentWeeps
Each person's physical and mental constitution can be described as a balance of the elements in which one or more may naturally dominate. The proportion of the elements in a person determines his or her temperament. Oriental medicine considers the ideal condition as one in which all the five elements are in balance or in harmony. Wood is said to be the mother of fire and the son of water. (Water allows wood to grow, wood provides fuel for the fire). Using these relationships one can describe all possible yin-yang imbalances within the body. The thrust of five element diagnosis is to isolate and treat the imbalanced element, because an imbalanced element is like a weak link in your energetic chain that can undermine the strength of your mind, body and spirit.

How the Five Elements are Manifested Internally and Externally

WoodGrowing, flourishing, rooted yet pushing upwardStriving, controlling, flexible strength, self-assured
EarthProductive, fertileSolid, stable, reliable, tenacious, grounded
MetalHard, structured, symmetricOrganized, substantial, strong, durable
FireDry, hot, ascendingDynamic, sparkling, enthusiastic
WaterWet, cool, descendingFlowing, adaptable, pliant

The chakras are related to your body and emotions, any in-balance in one chakra will affect all the other chakras. You can dowse to check each of your chakra to see if they are balance, if you find that you have issue say at work(feeling in-secure) you might find that your first chakra is out of balance, you may also find that the third chakra out of balance too, the chakras work together to bring a sense of well being to you. I have come across a few people who ask me about their job security, complaining about their colleagues and supervisors, after balancing their chakras, they stop complaining altogether. They gain confidence and was happy again.

Chakras can sometimes become excessive or weak, one chakra may overwork to compensate for another, so once a day balance your chakras for good health.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Endless Abundance for Free

Have you measured the effects of your family on you? I was surprised that when I measured this I found certain members of my family have a negative effect on me, I neutralize this and transform the energy into love, peace and harmony. From time to time check on this issue, another issue that might affect us is magnetism, check if your magnetism is balance, if not ask that it be balanced.

If you are living in a foreign country, check the effects of the mentality of that country upon you, you may find that it come up negative.  Neutralize the negative effects of that country's mentality upon yourself. The mentality of your own nationality might also have a negative effect on you too, so please make a check.

Your religion do have an effect on you, check if the effect is positive or negative, I am not against any religion but certain belief system do have a negative effects on their followers. Just neutralize the negative effects, you need not leave your religion at all. If you do so, please also neutralize for all members too.

Negative effects can be found from many issues, take some time to check them out, like the effects of your job on you, your colleagues, your boss, the materials you read, check and neutralize these energies into some good stuff for yourself(like love, prosperity and freedom). And actually these are endless source of energy that can be transform to benefit you and your family so don't let these go to waste.

Thank you
Love Alan

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some Issues at Home

Here are a few issues you might like to check, what is the effect of the air upon you, are there toxins in the air that you breathe? You will be surprise that it is not 100%, there are toxins found in the air so it is important to neutralize these and transform them into pure air. In any city there are many sources of pollutant that pollutes the air, fumes from cars, from Industrial factories, and many other sources. (fumes from vehicles gives out more toxins than a cigarette, so if you drive, you are as guilty as the smoker)

Noise pollution is another problem that not many are aware of, we are usually tolerant but it does harm us, it also cause our frequency to go out of balance. Over long periods this could even affect our DNA, in recent studies, scientist have use sound frequency to repair and alter DNA, would not long term exposure to noise pollution affect us in the same way? Use your dowsing to check if you are affected by this. (noise from traffic is also a source to take note of)

You might also like to check if there are harmful subliminal messages affecting you, with the wide spread use of hand phones and hand held devices, it is now easy to transmit subliminal messages to a wide audience, so please neutralize these and transform into love or something good. (note- watching certain TV programs can make you dumb, as intended by the producers)

In my country, for every 10-20 blocks there is a sub-station that supply electricity to this clusters of homes, these sub-stations are a source of harmful electro-magnetic force, and if you are living near one of these, please neutralize emf daily.

Lastly, just like you computer, you scan for virus daily, so it is important to scan for negative energy in your body and surrounding daily too. Use your dowsing to check if any form of harmful energy are affecting you and your family on a daily basis. You can also scramble the frequency of all non-beneficial energies in your body and transform these in something good. (including- toxins, pollutants, allergens)

In one recent post, I put up a video featuring Lloyd Mear and he use a number that managed a set of numbers for health, the number he use was 177, all you need to do is ask your dowsing system if you have the number 177 in you, if it is in, then you are healthy, in case the number isn't in you, please watch the video to find out how this affects you.

Thank you.
Love Alan


Monday, 15 September 2014

What do you want?

We can help each other manifest the things we want by becoming align with the wish we intent to manifest. When a friend tells you about his/her plans for a project, you are most helpful when you make positive sentences towards their plans. Most of us 'out of kindness' would say things like have you consider the investment amount, Do you have enough to tie over if business is slow at the start, Have you consider this and that, Well your friend will definitely meet up with all the problems you just mentioned, because you have help him/her to manifest them. Energy is neutral, then there is an intention, because most of us are afraid of the unknown we create some fear, Then we check with our friends who then endorsed these fears for you.

So the next time you want something, just go out and get it or do it, do not focus on the problems on the way, just know that it will happen for you. When your parents promised you a present for Christmas, you felt the energy of having the present in your hand before you ever receive it, you think about it everyday, you could not wait for Christmas to come soon. Think about that energy that keeps you in happy anticipation for your Christmas present, that is the energy you want to have when you are intending for what you wish. No doubts because your loving parents have promised you, it is the same, the universal love is like your parents, ask and it will be given.

You are the co-creator of the universe, you have the power to create whatever you want and need, See this in yourself now.

Thank you
Love Alan

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Post Modem

Yesterday we had a great time getting together and sharing our experience about dowsing and how it has made a difference to our lives. Everyone had experiences to share and in sharing everyone benefited from our meeting. It was great to see that everyone has improved with their dowsing skills and confidently use dowsing to help themselves managed energy in their lives.

Here are some points that I like to bring up that I did not do so yesterday, It is very important to have confidence in your dowsing ability, sometimes fear or hidden fear will cause us to lose confidence in ourselves. There is something called self hurt, self hate, self destruct, self sabotage and brainwash mentality that can bring down our confidence and prevent us from manifesting what we want. So please check if there are such mentalities present in you, another thing that closely associate with these mentalities is bad archetypes, if they are present, ask your dowsing system to remove them.

If there is more than one person in the family who dowse, then the benefits would be double, as one can always help the other check for accuracy and clear each other of negatives that the other might miss out. If both were to dowse for some objective or wish that they want to achieve, one of them should write out the dowsing command first and when both are in agreement with the dowsing command(including both parties spirit guides) then they can do the command together. This will enhance the power to achieve what they want.

We also touch on opening the chakra gates briefly, you can check if each gate of the chakra is open, if not ask to open the gate.( please open the gate to my first chakra, thank you) Go through all the chakras one by one checking if the gate to that chakra is open. Once all the gates of your chakras are open ask to be connected to Universal Love and Wisdom. (I missed out this part yesterday)

How do we know that what we are doing now(job or role in life) is the most appropriate for us, well you ask, check with your dowsing system, We can also ask to be shown a sign or signs to point out to us where we should be heading. (if you do ask, ask that the signs be prominent and that you will be aware of them). We also cover about level of consciousness, if your level of consciousness is above 500 most of the time you doing fine, but you can always ask to raise your level of consciousness to the highest most appropriate level for your best good.

As Raymon mentioned no act of kindness will go to waste, so do help others regularly and you will find that life gets better for you. If you cannot get out of your own worrying mindset, the best thing to do is to go out and do some service for those in need of help, this will stop you from worrying, and you will develop gratitude for what you have when you see someone less fortunate than yourself.

Thank you for the wonderful time together!
Love Alan

Friday, 12 September 2014

Sharing to A Friend

I like to share a reply to an email from someone who wrote me about using dowsing to help people, he was concern that many were in hospitals receiving unnecessarily treatments and was probably affected by negative forces. His views are relevant and similar to many countries, in some country the medical profession has lost its direction and is working towards greed, and using their expertise to spread fear and terror into the hearts of the people. I do see that dowsing as one of the options to help relieve these situations.

I understand what you meant about negative thought forms in hospital, but you need not concern yourself with all these. 
Everyone has their own karma, and sometimes even with the best intentions we are unable to help them.
In the combined file(PDF) there is a section about fifth dimensional project, you may want to do this project focusing on your own country. This will help to clear many negativity found there. 
Depending on your dowsing ability and love, you maybe able to help many, there is no harm trying, however do not get too attached to the outcome. Sometimes it takes a long time to see any positive results. Keep up the good intentions, remember to always clear yourself daily, so that you can do more to help others.
There are many issues that can affect a person's health, some are deep rooted in their emotions and some with their past life karma, so it is not as simple as just dowsing away the symptoms that you see on the person. 
I hope you will keep on learning and discover for yourself the knowledge to help yourself and others.
Be Happy!
Warmest Regards

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Raymon's Latest Newsletter

Recently I noticed that some friends on my facebook have been sharing about spirituality and have become more active in spiritual sharing, this is a very good sign. We have to take responsibility for our self  and not rely on spiritual welfare. Learning is the first step, using what you learn to help yourself is second, and finally using this to help others and the world will bring heaven on earth.

There is much non beneficial energy affecting us everyday, you may not see them or even feel it but they are all around you and clearing them will give us a better place to be in. I have always wonder why spiritual groups I know of never join other spiritual groups, if all this talk about unity and becoming one, why is there so many diverse beliefs and practices. You will always find a hierarchy in any spiritual group, and you will always hear about secret knowledge that only the highest in the group is in possession of. These are all found in the corporate world, in any large organisations and spiritual groups. We are brainwashed to believe that we have rules to follow if not the world we know of will turn to chaos. How true this is, you might like to think about it once in awhile.

I like dowsing the moment I first come across it, reading from Raymon's book 'The future is yours, Do something about it'. He openly shared his knowledge about dowsing and how he applied it to change his life and those around him. He never claimed to be the only authority on the subject and have always encourage people to expand what they have learned from him.

You can read the latest newsletter by clicking on the link below.

Thank you.
Love Alan


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Full Moon

Today is full moon day, it is also the day Chinese celebrate the Lunar Moon Festival, wishing everyone a Happy Full Moon Festival. The energy today is very high and it is great to meditate a little on this day, just sit and become relax, visualize the bright full moon in front of you, feel the cooling energy of the moon coming into you.

Sit and enjoy this cooling energy for a while, the moon's gravity can influence the tides, it can also influence our emotions, let go of all your negative emotions as you sit. Release all the negative energy from yourself and let the beautiful energy of the moon fill you up. Feel Grateful for the moon, for all that you have, and sent your love to all, to your family, friends, people around you and the whole Universe.

Sit in this manner for a short while and feel the renew energy throughout your whole being, relax and slowly become aware of you body and surroundings.

The class on 14 Sept is for the local readers only, it's free but please bring your pendulum and a small gift, as someone graciously open their home for us. It is basically a sharing and Q & A session so please join us.

Thank you.
Love Alan

Thursday, 4 September 2014


I will be conducting a Class on 14 Sept 2014, if you are interested please write me at my email mahajiva@yahoo.com for details.

Thank you
Love Alan

Magnificent You

What is mentioned on the poster above is so true, it is your choice to live a life with full realizing of your true potential. Most people do not do so, they go against the flow, and lose so much energy, learn to relax and let this energy be put to good use. You only have to visualize the things you want or want done and sit back and expect it to manifest for you.

The other day after watching the Lloyd Mear video, I was at my friend's bookshop, he was having some pain at his shoulder, so I ask him if he want his shoulder fixed, he agreed, and I removed the energy blockages from his spinal column. He was quite surprised when I asked him to check his shoulder for any pain, he found that it has improved significantly.

Mr. Mear used numbers to heal, and numbers are frequencies, so we can use dowsing to change frequency and achieve similar results. You can be very specific by knowing exactly what is giving you problems or you could just scramble the non beneficial frequencies and change them to beneficial ones.

In his video, he mentioned that he was most guilty for not doing his numbers regularly to avoid problems, the reason being that it is so readily available to him since he discover these numbers, but he felt that he would be better off if he did do his regular practice. And I have always mentioned, regular practice is good because without meeting unexpected situations you are left with more peace to do better things for yourself. You become more centered and have more time to help others, you will be much more focused and could identify problems even before they happen.

As the poster mentioned, we are all magnificent beings right now, you need not wait till you pass over to realize this, it is your choice.

Thank you.

love Alan

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Except from Anita Moorjani's book Dying to be Me

"I understand the roles that everyone in my family and my larger circle play in my life and I in theirs. If I’m not true to myself, then others around me aren’t able to be themselves either. Only by being my unique self can I allow others to interact with me on the level of their own infinite selves.
As long as I have this awareness, I feel at one with Universal energy as it flows through my life, unfolding in miraculous and synchronistic ways. I become energized instead of drained—lifted up by being instead of brought down by doing, working with universal energy rather than against it. As I continue in this manner, my life takes on a Zen-like quality, in that I’m present to the point that everything has an almost surreal, guided feeling. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly made life more fun! I’m definitely still a work in progress, but this is pretty much all I have to do—just be the love I am, be who I am. My external universe will fall into place as a result of that, and the same is true on a grand scale.
Just as we each create our own lives moment by moment with our thoughts and emotions, we’ve also collectively decided what’s humanly possible and what isn’t. Similarly, we also think our morals and values are absolute, but actually they’re just a bunch of thoughts and beliefs that we’ve adopted over time as being true. They’re a construct of our minds and a product of our cultures, just like all the gender expectations that shaped my thinking during my early years. Because I believed these values to be absolutely true, they affected who I was. As a whole, the reality we’ve created reflects this unawareness. If everyone’s thoughts and beliefs were different, then we’d have created a different planet.
It seems to me that this world is always a culmination of all our collective thoughts and beliefs where they currently stand. We only expand at the rate we’re capable of handling at any given point, individually or collectively. We still judge perpetrators of crime as exactly that—criminals who deserve to be condemned, not only in this life but in the afterlife as well! We’re still unable to see them as victims of fear, creations of a reality that we, as a whole, have built.
When each of us is able to look into the eyes of even our worst enemies and see our own eyes looking back, then we’ll see true transformation of the human race. One by one, each one of us can focus on creating reality for ourselves based on our own truths, rather than blindly following what has been set up by our collective beliefs and thoughts. By expanding our awareness on an individual level, we’ll be effecting change on a universal level." ~ Anita Moorjani, excerpt from Dying To Be Me

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fifth dimension

Lloyd Mear | Live Session

Please watch this video about healing with number frequency, take note of all the issues that he checked, you can use dowsing to correct yourself if you have any of the issues.
Some interesting issues are:-
Are you in the 5th dimension?
Is your electrical energy field positive or negative? (you should be in the negative electrical energy field, so that you will attract negative ions to yourself)
Are there energy blocks in your spinal column?
There are many issues that he run through quite quickly, so you may have to watch the video a couple of time to pick them up. (I recommend that you write them down for reference)
Thank you.
Love Alan