Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Sometimes we think too much, we are faced with a situation and usually we will draw upon previous experiences to solve the present situation. Our bodies also does the same thing, any experience that were previously unpleasant will trigger the body with a reaction when the same experience presents itself. This is also true for good experiences, the body remembers and when you revisit such good experience all the pleasant feelings come back.

This is a protective mechanism built into our body system, and is controlled by the brain, the brain rely on the senses to make decisions such as flight or fight, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. However the brain sometimes get lazy and rely on the senses without checking the information received. The brain does not check all relevant information receive even if there are missing pieces of information it will assume it to be the same.

The brain fills in any gap with information from its data bank, this is how the brain make sure that you don't get disoriented by missing information. When you are receiving information from the divine source, it is important to know that the divine uses words and information from your data bank to get the message across to you. However some information are beyond human vocabulary, and this is when your brain steps in to try to make sense of the message. This sometimes creates a distortion when the brain try to make sense of the message by referring to data, in the memory or with experiences the brain thinks is similar.

It is better to totally let go, let the message reveal it meaning to you slowly, sit on it for a while, don't react. The divine will notify you again if you don't act on the message, this time with more clarity.

Everyone is different, each of us respond to messages differently, divine messages are downloaded to everyone every day and every moment, It is a matter of being able to receive them, and to be able to make good use of them. Do not use the earthly knowledge to understand these downloads, let it dawn on you.

One of the reason that may cause us to not understand these downloads is resistance within ourselves, so check if you have any resistant energy pattern that prevents you from receiving. ( This can be apply to other issues too, example- prosperity. ) Dowsing is a wonderful tool to have, it can help us clear the veils and deceptions that keeps us within the matrix. By clearing them, you get to see a glimpse of light, that will lead you to the Divine.

Stop judging if this is right or wrong, drop all religious notion you have, the Divine has no name or gender, it all at once, everything is made from and by the divine, so every name belongs to the divine, male and female both belongs to the divine. Your family squabbles belong to the divine, your loved ones belong to the divine, your hangups, your fears, your likes and dislikes all belong to the divine, you belong to the divine. Surrender to the divine, let the divine lead you, take care of you, give you all your needs and wants. Let go of all your resistance,your past and accept whatever is now.

There are people who tell me that I write or post so many different subjects and so many different methods, one day its numbers, one day its switchwords, one day is dowsing and so on.  They say it is better to be consistent and focus on just one particular subject. My view is that there are so many types of people on our world, each is different and have different needs, so each method I share may not resonate with you but it might help another. I was surprised they actually stop reading the blog because they felt uncomfortable. I wish that they would accept everything, because accepting one more method is also one less resistance within themselves. I see it as if they are rejecting money that I am giving out for free.

Thank you