Monday, 3 October 2016

Healing Yourself

As we move along our spiritual path, we learn more about ourselves, we discover that there are many beliefs we have may not be beneficial for us to hold on. Time has changed and old belief system has to change too. Every thing changes with time, nothing is constant, except change itself.

Are you holding on to past experiences, good or bad, learn what you need from them and let go, move on with your life. Some traumas are hard to let go, but they are energy and the intelligent mind can change energy. I always believe that if you clean it once and it is still there, then clean, clean again. There is no such thing as being unable to clean, keep doing it till it bothers you no more, after this move on with your life.

If you don't believe in what you are doing, then you would be unable to do it, the power is between your ears. Use it or lose it, there is no third choice, trust yourself, if you dowse to remove something believe it is done, otherwise don't bother. You have your heaven team behind you, ask for help, make request from them, they will do it for you, they are here for you. Some people told me that they could not communicate with their Spirit Guides or Angels, my answer to them is communicate with them using your dowsing. I am sure you will find that they are very responsive to you, after all they are always there for you.

Have confidence in yourself, never say that you are not meant to do this, you may get what you wish for. A little hardship along the way makes the journey more interesting, and provides you with the opportunity to learn. Nothing is better than having practical hands on experience, what you will gain is a solid foundation that can not be shaken. Difficult cases gives you the best learning experience, difficult people gives you more patience and understanding of the nature of human beings.

Experience has to be gain slowly, by being observant, and paying attention to details, presented or hidden. You can have a good feel of what is going on, for the person you are helping, observing the words they use, the way they stand, and hold themselves up, gives you an indication of their present state of mind.

A person with a very straight back, will let me know that they are upright in their view but maybe inflexible in the way they think. A plumb person may be read as someone with insecurity issues, as people tend to eat when they are worry or afraid, so I maybe dealing with negative emotional issues.

I don't always use my intuition, understanding body language will tell me quite a bit of the person in front of me. It is Good to learn about body language, it may be a handy tool to have when meet up with someone new for the first time. Their body language will tell you a lot about them without them saying a single word.

Preparation makes a difference when you have to go to do a house cleaning or visit a new place, check out the energy there first. Check the energy level of the people you are to meet, and also put up the necessary psychic protections if you pick up any concern with your dowsing. This will save you from having to clean up yourself after you are done with your project.

Do not be complacent, there are many people with abilities, remember we are now in the 5th dimension, many people have awaken to their power, so anyone you meet may be a psychic, a telepathic, or a enlighten master. Be humble, learn from everyone, share what you know with good intentions and I'm sure you will go a long way.

Thank you