Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Give Or Receive.

How much are you willing to give? My thoughts " How much are you willing to receive?"  People are sometimes afraid to give, but in actual they are afraid to receive, this applies to Love too. They are afraid to let love into their lives, they give all sorts of excuses about losing their freedom, freedom of choice, preferences and appearances. No one is perfect, if someone comes and is willing to share their life with you, the very least you could do is to say yes or no. Give them peace of mind, do not offer something that they are not interested in. Do not think too highly about yourself, what others think of you may not be what you think you are to them.
Be yourself, and not what you think you should be, yesterday I shared about words, and about what is behind -

The answer is that there is another conversation going on at the same time that the words are spoken, and that language is unconditional love. I often call it galactic language as I'm always having another conversation with someone's higher self at the same time I am having to speak to their brain with the language.
Something to think about. There is no right or wrong and everyone is exactly at the right place and the right time and everyone's belief system is exactly right for their frequency in this time and space.
If lovers tell each other that it is alright to be together now, and there is no promise that each may find another lover in the future, and no commitment is necessary, then there isn't much to hang on to is there. We all have choices, and  it is the interactions that gives these choices meaning, and gives us hope.

Let's say over the next few days I post blank posting on my blog, and boast that the articles are great, you will soon stop coming to my blog. Simply because there is nothing to read, so if you do the same with your relationships soon your lover will do the same. Life is to engaged, when we do energy works we engage, with the divine energy, with the people we are helping, we have to, so that there is a connection.

It is frustrating if someone you ask about something gives you all sorts of excuses but just would not commit to an answer. There is no right or wrong, so give something to give people peace of mind, and if things change in the future so be it.

Thank you