Monday, 31 October 2016

Guard our Mind.

Many changes are happening now in our country in the political arena. Some of what we are being able to be told about is absolutely "SHOCKING"...and there are tons and tons of stuff that we have not been told about. All that is hidden is starting to now be revealed. 

Many of us from this group have been working on this from a personal standpoint and it is showing us that we are being heard. Our group is called " create a new earth". It is not possible for us to want to create a new earth, without a major shake up, and major change to follow. It is the Only way that anything New is created.....the OLD must die away first. I personally do not know if we are now in the Beginning of this creation...or if we have passed the beginning and are now in the middle. Our minds are going to become targets next. Trying to separate us is "their" ultimate goal....the only possibility of survival they have.

I personally believe that it is all too late for "their" agenda to flourish any longer. We are reaching a boiling point so to speak and things are going to boil over. "THEY" will not go down without a fight.....and they do not care who they take with them. We need to watch our thoughts and feelings toward others that have a different opinion of someone than we do. What you may feel is right today...may quickly be shown that it is wrong and vise versa. 

We are not here in this group to show our support for any candidate. What we are here in this group to to create a new earth by our dowsing skills and our many spiritual gifts. Yes, we all have candidates that we feel is better than the other....but what we are seeking here is TRUTH and CHANGE for a better earth and a better life for all of us on this planet. 

The Winds of change are blowing....and they will not be stopped. What is happening is exactly what we have sought to happen. Its just like a burning log in the fireplace...its going to continue to burn and burn and burn until there is nothing left but the ashes of what used to remain. Then its time for a new log.

We cannot turn our face away from what is happening on the political stage. It is all part of the process. What is happening is relevant to our "creating". Creation is happening right before your eyes...and sometimes is uncomfortable and painful to watch. 

We must stop dividing ourselves onto "sides" and "teams".....because in any kind of one wants to be on a losing side. You are here to be a "UNIT".....a UNIT of power that has an Effect. When you allow yourself to be cannot see anything rationally, and everything you look at is from the perceptive of your "division". This is going to be a challenge for some of us. Regardless...what is written in the stars is going to transpire no matter our personal feelings.

In closing....I'm telling all of us, to NOT shun away from what is happening on our political stage. Pretending to ignore the darkness is not what you are here to do. You are here to LIGHT the darkness with your Light. 

You cannot perform this duty if you have allowed yourself to be full of HOOKS and CORDS because of the emotion of the candidates that you have accepted into yourself. This is not your path...but is a distraction. I'm not telling you that you cannot choose to support a certain candidate...what I'm saying is not to "become" part of THEIR system. This is a TRAP to slowly fill you with secret hate and malice toward others. 

This will keep you from being a LIGHT.....and "THEY" know this. Think about what I have said, and make sure that you try and remain in the place of seeking what is TRUTH. Be part of this wonderful change that is taking place....after came here for this very reason.

From Ron Gill

Dowsing to create A New World

Thank you