Thursday, 30 July 2015

Healing Numbers

I like to share something about healing numbers, sometime back one of my sons told me about his friend's brother having some strange behaviors, he would wash his hands compulsively and would not eat food claiming that the food is dirty. He was in a couple of failed relations because of his compulsive behaviors. The family had to send him to a doctor, and he was prescribe with drugs for his conditions, he did not show any improvement at all.

At that time, I was experimenting with healing numbers, so I gave my son an energy circle with healing numbers and told him to give it to his friend. I soon forgotten about the whole thing, about 3 weeks later my son told me that his friend's brother has shown some improvement, he no longer washes his hands compulsively and started to eat his food.

I can't be sure that it is the healing numbers that helped or the medication finally took effect, but whatever the case, the co-incident is rather uncanny.

I have used the healing numbers to restore hair growth for my wife, and after about 2 months I noticed  that her hair is now thicker in places that were thinning out, and she no longer complaints about falling hair to me. She has not realize this or at least not announced it to me, as I did not tell her what I did. This is an interesting thing about the healing numbers, not all the numbers work for everyone, a certain number would work for someone with a particular problem but not for another with the same problem, so if you decide to use these numbers you could dowse for the effectiveness of the number upon you for the problem you want to remove.

Below is a link that you can go to for healing codes, and the second link is for another set of codes. Both are effective, dowse each code you want to use to see if they are effective for you. The best healing numbers is your own birthday, it should written in this order Year/Day/Month.

Thank you

Psychological Number Codes
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Event Number Codes
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Business Number Codes
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Health Number Codes
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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Sharing an interesting article with you.
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Every relationship you have in your life acts as a mirror to reflect back to you some aspect of yourself that you need to work on.  The thing is, this only works if we are willing to be open to the possibility that what irritates us about others is a reflection of what irritates us about ourselves.
We can go one step further and make the conscious effort to use altercations and confrontations with other people as a mirror for ourselves for spiritual evolution.  When we treat arguments as chances to learn about ourselves and upgrade ourselves instead of treating them as “toxic” things that need to be avoided, we can dramatically speed up our own development.
Here is some key ways to use other people as mirrors for your own spiritual evolution:

1. Listen to what they have to say about you

When someone is telling you something about yourself that makes you feel bad about yourself, there are only two real potential explanations for why they are doing that: They are either fabricating it out of thin air, or it is rooted at least partially in truth.  Chances are, if it is someone who is close to you and who loves you, it is rooted in at least partial truth.
Listen to what they are saying as if it HAS to be true at least in part.  Some of it may be not fully true and can be filtered out, but remember that the goal here is to use them as an opportunity to be a mirror for yourself.  It would be easy to dismiss everything as false once they make a point about you that you don’t agree with, but it’s important to treat other people’s criticisms of you as valuable because they are reporting from a different perspective outside of yourself.

2. See past your defense mechanisms

Your egos job is to protect you, defend you, avoid pain, avoid threats, avoid danger, avoid metal/emotional/physical abuse, and help you avoid predators.  It is an evolutionary mechanism for self-preservation.  When someone starts saying things about you that are mean, make you feel bad about yourself, or challenge your identity, your ego kicks in as a defense mechanism.
It will attempt to invalidate what they are saying, look for counterexamples to what they are saying, or get on the offense and attack them back.  It is your brains job to protect you, but the key here is to administer consciousness into the situation and see past your defense systems and into the core truth of what they are saying.  By identifying with your defense systems and operating from a space of self-protection, you may be missing out on a valuable chance to treat that other person as a mirror for self-improvement.
3. Don’t try to repair your ego
Your ego may come out a bit bruised, as it does every time it has to look at itself in the mirror and be totally honest with itself.  Use your brokenness as motivation for a breakthrough, instead of trying to repair your broken ego by telling yourself a story about how stupid or ignorant the other person was.
Our first instinct when we feel emotionally beat up is to turn inwards and try to repair our own self-esteem and tell ourselves a story to make ourselves feel better, when the best thing to do sometimes is to allow yourself to marinate in your feeling of defeat and find the strength to look beyond your emotions and into any objective truth that lies at the heart of what they said.
Sure, sometimes people are excessively rude, mean, aggressive, or unloving when they try to bring a flaw of yours to your attention, but watch your ego from a distance try to use their rudeness as a reason to dismiss everything they said so it doesn’t have to look at itself.
The next time you are in a conversation with someone and it seems uncomfortable, catch yourself wanting to either defend yourself or dodge the situation. Life is too short to not use every opportunity to upgrade our souls.
“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”  - Carl Jung
Hope this helps!
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Jin Shin Jyutsu,

Many people, ancient and living today, believed that most of the body’s ills comes from disharmony inside of the body. That disharmony can be achieved through bad diet, bad habits, and poor thoughts. Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is an ancient art of mending from Japan, uses certain pressure points to create harmony again in your body.

Using the image above, you can find the right fingers to put pressure on to help relieve certain symptoms in your body.

If you put pressure on the thumb
You bring harmony to your stomach and spleen. You can also relieve nervousness, anxiety and depression. You can also relieve skin problems, headaches, stomach aches, and the sensation of constantly being ill.
If you put pressure on the index or pointer finger
You bring harmony to your kidneys and bladder. You can also relieve feelings of apprehension, as well as muscle cramps, back pain, tooth aches and digestive tract problems.
If you put pressure on the middle finger
You bring harmony to your liver and nerves. You can also relieve feelings of anger and uncertainty. You also improve your cardiovascular health, menstrual pain, issues with vision, and headaches.
If you put pressure on the ring finger
You bring harmony to your lungs and digestive organs. You can also relieve feelings of distress as well as ringing in the ears, breathing problems, and digestive problems.
If you put pressure on the little finger
You bring harmony to your heart. Feelings of tension, anxiety, and loneliness are relieved. You can also improve throat pain, flatulence, and issues with your bones.
Give it a try!
Thank you

Thursday, 23 July 2015

New Beginning

What do you want to see in your life? Are there people in your life that irritates you, make you worry, and cause you to be uncomfortable? Have you ever wondered why this is so, is there away to make these go away? The answer is both 'Yes' and 'No', lets look at the 'No' part first, no because it is not the people around you that cause you irritations, it is because you allow the irritation, as it is your choice, no one can irritate another person if the person refuse to be affected.

For the 'Yes', we can choose the emotion we want to experience, if someone scolds you, you can choose to be angry or choose to ignore them. You can also choose to smile and be happy, this is the secret, do not give away your own power. If you let someone affect you, you are allowing the person to have their way, they achieve their objective on you, just smile and most situation will resolve.

You need to learn how not to fight back, just walk away, no need to answer back, it is our social upbringing that make us reply to others or we will be branded stupid or slow witted, but it is not true. No one can judge you for who you are, you are who you are and no one can take it away, this is your power, so don't give it away.

The dowsing commands posted on the previous posting is effective to maintain good health and well-being, it is also a way to live a strong healthy long life, by balancing all the items mentioned you are basically doing a cleansing detox everyday. I hope everyone make full use of them and for your family members too.

Yesterday I was checking on the long term effects of all the energy bombardment we are receiving from emf, A/C currents, Geo-pathic stress, high hertz frequencies and all the rest of the stuff. I ask if the damage was permanent and if it was accumulative? Both questions answered a 'yes', so I ask if dowsing could reverse this, and again it was a 'yes', I believe that people whom you meet on the street may look normal and healthy for now, but over the next one or two years, the damage on them will become apparent and obvious. I hope those who dowse are regularly clearing themselves, there is no telling what will come in the next year.

Geo-pathic stress affects your immune system, and disrupt the cells in the body, with a weaken immune system, harmful pathogens and pollutants will have greater adverse effect on the body. If you did not see the news, 5 volcanoes erupted on the same day in Indonesia, imagine the amount of Geo-pathic stress that have been building up over the past few months.

I have posted a dowsing list sometime back, you can combine it with the list I posted the day before to help clear away all the negative effects of the energy changes taking place. I am sure that most of you who have been dowsing regularly would be able to compose your own dowsing commands that suits your particular needs.

Thank you

Monday, 20 July 2015

Daily Dowsing

We all cried when we came into this planet, but it is important, that at least when we go, we are happy and smiling. Do not have regrets in life. You should feel that, 'I have done what I had to do, and whenever the time to leave this body comes, I will die happily'.

There is so much changes in the energy for the last few days, I wonder what is coming up, many people have come down under the weather we are now experiencing.

Here are a few dowsing commands that might be helpful to stay healthy. Use daily as a preventive for yourself and your family.

'Neutralize the negative effects of the weather upon our body for me and my family.'
'Transmute all toxins in my body into pure water or love for me and my family.'
'Transmute all non beneficial Spirits of Emotions affecting me into pure water or love for me and my family.'
'Transmute all biological, chemical, and radiological pollutants in my body into pure water or love for me and my family.'
'Transmute all harmful pathogens including virus, bacterial, germs, fungi, and parasites into pure water for me and my family.'
'Please balance our immune system for me and my family.'
'Please balance our respiratory system for me and my family.'
'Please balance both our immune system and respiratory again for synergy with one another.'
'Please adjust our body chemistry and PH balance to the most appropriate level for our best good.'
'Please make all the cells of our body compatible with each other and let them spin in the proper direction.'
'Please center, balance and align our assemblage point.'
'Please neutralize all ill effects of mass consciousness upon me and my family.'
'Please neutralize all ill effects of all food and drinks me and my family consume upon us.'

The above commands will be helpful, especially during this period of time, natural disasters may not affect everyone but pathogens, pollutants affect you everyday of your life, with all the greed going on around the world, it is also important to neutralize the food and water we have everyday as there is no telling what is in the food and water that is sold commercially.

Thank you


Sunday, 19 July 2015


Your Thoughts are Powerful!
Sharing an Article with You.
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Your thoughts are powerful.  They aren’t just neuro-chemical processes contained in your skull.  They have a direct, measurable influence over the outside world.  We have seen consciousness effect the behavior of quantum objects, the behavior of other people, and even the behavior of electrical currents.  We are taught by society that as long as we keep our thoughts inside and don’t act out, that we aren’t harming anyone.  This is ignorant of the fact that you have an energy field, your heart has an electromagnetic field, and that your consciousness is connected to all things in existence.

A famous study by Dr. Masura Emoto demonstrates that the energy of our thoughts has a direct effect on the geometric structure of water molecules within ice crystal formations.  Our minds can literally influence the geometry if ice crystals while they are in the process of forming.  Everybody talks about Dr. Emotos wonderful work, but not much attention is given studies published in peer-reviewed journals that have replicated the experiment.

An experiment was done at the Institute of Noetic Sciences titled “Double-Blind Test of the Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation”.  The hypothesis that water “treated” with intention can affect ice crystals got serious attention from the scientific community from the results of this experiment when the water was pilot tested under double-blind conditions.

A group of approximately 2,000 people in Tokyo focused positive intentions toward water samples located inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California. That group was unaware of similar water samples set aside in a different location as controls. Ice crystals formed in both sets of water samples, yet only certain kinds of formations were present within the water they were concentrating on. That group was unaware of similar water samples set aside in a different location as controls.

What happened?

Ice crystals formed from both sets of water samples were blindly identified and photographed by an analyst, and the resulting images were blindly assessed for aesthetic appeal by 100 independent judges. In conclusion, the present pilot results are consistent with a number of previous studies suggesting that intention may be able to influence the structure of water. The water that was sent intention produced significant formations, whereas the control water did not have produce any significant formations.
Here is a photo of the effects direct states of conscious intention had on the structure of water:


Consciousness has measurable effects on the geometric structure of water crystals. What does this tell us about the nature of consciousness? Is it possible that water is comprised of the same underlying “thing” as our thoughts are? 60% of the entire human body is water, while 70% of the brain is water. What can these thoughts do to our health?
It is not just Dr. Masuru Emoto who has done this study.  As mentioned, it was repeated by Dr. Dean Radin of the Noetic Institute, and his results were published in the peer-reviewed journal Explore:

” Ice crystals formed from both sets of water samples were blindly identified and photographed by an analyst, and the resulting images were blindly assessed for aesthetic appeal by 100 independent judges.  Results indicated that crystals from the treated water were given higher scores for aesthetic appeal than those from the control water (P = .001, one-tailed), lending support to the hypothesis”, concluded the team lead by Dr. Radin.

Take care of your thoughts.  They have a powerful influence over not only your life, but also the physical world around you. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

'YES' technique

I like to share this video(1 of 5) with everyone, just watching the video will be helpful to heal you, and if you use the technique, you can heal yourself and others too.
Thank you

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Power of the Heart

Sharing Another Good Article- Why Sex should be treated as a Spiritual Practice
Thank you
Mention the word sex and eyes widen and ears perk up. The strong reaction the subject arouses reflects the spicy nature of sexual energy. We may be at the gym feeling tired and depleted, but if someone we find attractive starts working out next to us, our energy level is suddenly boosted. That energetic intensification represents the activation of our Lower Dantian (energy center below the navel), which holds our sexual energy in reserve.
Pure sexual energy is as unstable as dynamite and just as explosive. It can transport us to sublime states of bliss and delight, or cast us into the darkest pits of anguish, terror, and depravity. The volatile and wild nature of sexual energy convinced some religious traditions to view it as an impediment to spiritual development, and to some degree this belief still continues to perpetuate in the popular imagination because of the confusion, heartache, and pain that sexual intimacy can cause.
To demonstrate this, rank the following three words from the most to the least spiritual: wisdom, love, sex. If we took a poll, the top position might be a tossup between wisdom and love, but without a doubt sex would rank last on the list. No one questions the connection between spirituality and love or spirituality and wisdom. But the link between spirituality and sexuality is a harder sell.
From the Qigong perspective, however, the notion that sexuality and spirituality are antithetical is misguided, because sexual energy forms one of the cornerstones of happiness.
If we ever hope to secure long-lasting happiness in a loving relationship, we must heal our socially conditioned distortions about sexuality. We must erase the invisible line we draw with our minds around our beltlines, above which lies the greater part of human nature and below which lies the lesser. In essence, we must spiritualize sex.
But how do we redeem sexuality and elevate it to the spiritual status it deserves? How do we reconcile the square of sex with the circle of spirit when sexual pleasure is often responsible for so much shame, trauma, and pain? One place to begin searching for an answer to these questions lies in identifying the fundamental, seemingly irreconcilable differences between male and female sexuality. Those differences swiftly become apparent in the bedroom.
Stereo typically, male sexual energy flares up and is exhausted quickly, like a match, while female sexual energy boils slowly and remains hot for a long time, like a pot of boiling water. These different tempos are a source of shame for men who climax too fast and frustration for women who may not climax at all.
This problem is then compounded by the notorious fact that when male sexual energy is activated men often become emotionally unavailable, and the other notorious fact that the female sexual experience is often laden with sentimentalism that men normally can’t relate to.
Obviously, we can’t alter our sexual instincts. What we can do, however, is use spiritual practice to overcome the limitations imposed by nature on our sexuality. In fact, we can transform the inherent mismatch between male and female sexuality into an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth.
Let’s begin by considering the way Qigong can help a man harness his sexual energy. When male sexual energy is aroused, it intensifies locally around the genitals and quickly flows out of the body. That is the natural pattern of male sexual energy. But men can learn to reverse that flow and direct their sexual essence upward, toward the Middle Dantian (energy center at located at the heart level). By doing so, a man accomplishes two goals. First, he diminishes the urge to ejaculate, and second, as sexual energy rises to his heart, passion blends with love and tenderness. A man who masters this skill is able to prolong intercourse indefinitely and deepen his emotional connection during lovemaking.
When female sexual energy is aroused, it naturally flows inward and upward from the genitals toward the heart. Stimulation of the breasts further activates the Middle Dantian (energy center at located at the heart level) and reinforces an emotional response. Unlike men, women don’t need to practice Qigong to integrate their sexual vitality with their love. These qualities mingle naturally, and in this respect, female sexuality is inherently more integrated.
But through spiritual practice both women and men can learn to integrate their sexual energy to even higher levels. Sexual vitality can be directed upward from the heart to the top of the head, where it becomes infused with the blissful quality of sacredness. And from there, sexual vitality can be circulated through the Central Meridian Meridian (the energy channel that unifies the three main energy centers — the Dantians) into the sky, where it is experienced as heavenly ecstasy.
Sexuality that centers on the genitals and the Lower Dantian (energy center below the navel) corresponds to passionate sex. Sexuality that integrates the sexual vitality of the Lower Dantian with the heart-centered energy of the Middle Dantian corresponds to intense lovemaking. Sexuality that integrates all three dantians corresponds to blissful sacred love. And sexuality that integrates the all three dantians and the Central Meridian corresponds to cosmic ecstasy.
Cosmic ecstasy is vastly more intense, pleasurable, and meaningful than even the most passionate sex. Comparing the two is like contrasting a bathtub with the ocean.
There is no surer way to bring long-lasting happiness into an intimate relationship than to ground it in enduring bliss.
Adapted from The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom by Robert Peng. Copyright © 2013 by Robert Peng. Published by Sounds True.
Credits: MindBodyGreen, where this article was originally featured.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Easy Energy Exercises for You

Sharing 3 videos from Donna Eden, easy exercises that you can do to recharge your energy, relieve stress and generally feel good.
Thank You


At the Shiraito Falls, when the moon is high in the sky, you may be lucky enough to see an etherial “moonbow” glimmering in the meltwaters of Mt. Fuji.


1. Create

We all know empowering New Age maxim “We are all creators of our reality!”
dfdfWe need to channel our energy into projects we are passionate about. Paint a picture, write a poem, knit some socks, build a bird house, make jewelry!
It doesn’t matter what it is that you make, but you should spend some time each day creating something that you enjoy.
Being creative boosts and balances our second (creative) and fifth (expressive) chakras.
I have also found that when we create something it promotes confidence and creates a feeling of empowerment. A creative hobby reduces stress and anxiety and gives us a sense of accomplishment.
When we create something out of passion we enter into a state of “flow”. Flow or being in “the zone” is when we become fully immersed in what we are doing and achieve a state of “energizing focus”. This is a state where our frequency is truly heightened.
We are fractals of the Creator, this means it is our divine right, maybe even our sacred duty, to create. We are not meant to simply live in this world, we are meant to contribute to it. Unleash your creative force in a way that resonates with you. It shows you that truly each one of us is a creator. 

2. Laugh

Laughter is a sacred medicine. It has been used to banish negative energies and ward off malevolent entities throughout history.
On the scientific side, there are numerous studies showing that laughter boosts the immune system, relaxes the body, and sends more oxygen into the blood stream.
When they say laughter is the best medicine, they aren’t wrong! Sharing a good laugh with friends or family also promotes intimacy and an overall feeling of closeness. Plus, laughing daily just naturally promotes a feeling of optimism and relieves psychological stress.
Laughter heals the body, relaxes the mind, and shakes off negative energy from the spirit!
So go on Netflix and watch some stand-up, go on YouTube and look up cats wearing mittens or lions with laser pointers or anything that fills your belly with laughter!

3. Connect with others

Sometimes in our current cultural paradigm we can grow to become more egocentric, almost forgetting that there are other people out there outside of our bubble. And then on the other end of the spectrum, we have empaths who forget that they need to take care of themselves.
holding-hands-on-beach-1024x656Both of these extremes can serve to drain us of our energy and disconnect us if we are not careful. What we need to do is actually connect with each other in a balanced way.
Connect with someone each day about something real, something important. Have hour long conversations about philosophy, religion, consciousness, love, society, law, equal rights, whatever, as long as its important to you!
Connect with someone else and express your ideas, and hear their thoughts in return. There’s no need for there to be judgment or anger if there is a disagreement, connect with them on a mental level. Hear their perspective, show them yours.
When you do this with an open mind, you expand your consciousness and might just learn something new. When two people engage in an open dialog with one another in this way, their energy fields connect and their spirits intermingle and dance! After a good conversation like this, both parties should walk away feeling energized. Nothing is more stimulating than a good conversation!

4. Move around

1082058061This one is easy, yet in many parts of our western world we live what is called a sedentary life style. What this means is that we don’t really move.
We lay in bed, sit at a desk, lounge on a couch watching TV. Now this has natural health risks, and as we know our body mind and spirit are all connected.
When our health atrophies, it will effect us mentally and spiritually. Regular exercise is important for our body, keeping us healthy and strong. It is also good for us psychologically. When we exercise we release stress and increase our endorphin and oxygen levels.
Exercise can help us overcome depression and stress. Both the body and the spirit become stale when stagnant. So get yourself moving!
If you cant afford a gym membership go for a jog or even just a long walk in nature. Or just dance around your room like a fool! It doesn’t matter, just get moving!

5. Sing

You don’t need to be a professional singer to sing loudly for the world to hear! There are many types of songs, chants and musical expressions to engage in.
people-singingKirtan is a form of musical meditation and prayer using call and response chants.
Kirtan has been used in bhakti yoga since time immemorial to remind us of our connection to everything and relax the mind, raise our frequency, and take us into an altered state of consciousness.
Not only has singing been used spiritually to create a deeper sense of connection, it has also been scientifically proven to be good for us!
A study done in Australia back in 2008 shows that people who sing in a chorus on average have a higher satisfaction with life.
When we sing, we raise oxygen levels in our blood and release all of those feel good endorphin. Some benefits are purely mental. We get lost in the music and we can enter into the state of Flow described above. So sing every day for about ten to twenty minutes.
The benefits of it are numerous, and it really does raise your frequency.  So get singing, doing and creating!
 Thank you