Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter Solstice

negativity = poor health

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing fine, there have been many energy changes recently and most significant to us would be the riot at Little India.
Christmas and the New Year is just round the corner so I like to take the opportunity to wish everyone
'A Very Merry Christmas and A Wonderful, Prosperous, Happy New Year.'
Please enjoy this short article forward to me by a friend.
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All
Always Better and Better.

Winter Solstice 21 December 2013 
– once more heralds that we are at the beginning of a new world age, The Age of Aquarius, an age of light!  
Many great cosmic cycles are coming to an end simultaneously (in a way that can only happen every 225 million years, and is beyond incredible..) and just as significantly our Earth is now fully within a high energy photon belt – where it will remain for the next  2000 years!  
As such it is time to live in cosmic consciousness
and really ceremonially honour these cycles,
 to support our evolution & growth.
The influx of high energy light from this photon belt,
 that has been impacting us greatly for several years,
particularly since last years solstice,
resulting in a complete shift of our frequency and consciousness
from 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional over coming times. 
A shift from operating from our solar plexus – which created the time of materialism, ego, separateness and male domination that we have lived through. 
To operating from our hearts/intuition creating a time of love, equality, unity, honouring
of the cycles
and our Earth & cosmos, 
and a return of the divine feminine.
Doorways or thresholds into the mysteries
are more easily accessed during Solstices,
especially when we consciously
engage this Celestial Flow or Timing.  
Solstices is a powerful time for doing ceremonial activations
 at sacred sites or anywhere you happen to be. 
And during the  Winter Solstice, in this incredible once in every 225,000,000 year Ascension Gateway Moment,

The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men-
The purpose which the Light Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
and  seal the door where evil dwells forever.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. (3x’s)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Life is, you interpret

Like to share this short article with you - it bears similarity in seeing the glass either half-full or half-empty.
The programing in us is also the worldview or window we see and interpret things in life. This is also like computer programing where rubbish-in, rubbish out. Hence, the need to let go and change the old programs that do not serve any highest good. Sometimes, we have to go through life "unlearning,"  meaning throw out the old and learn new things that are beneficial. Again this explains the need to keep an open mind! 
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life is, you interpret

Life just “is” and you get to choose how you experience and label it. You get to label life as “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” “desirable” or “deplorable.” Through the way you choose to interpret the simple facts of life, you get to create a happy or a sad experience of reality.

Most of your labels were programmed into you in early childhood. You can choose to change them. What if, for example, every time you spilled the milk, your parents said to you, “Oh how pretty! Look at all that white liquid running all over! I wonder if we can mop it up quickly! Here let us see who can clean this up faster! Ready, set, go!” What if every time you made a so-called mistake, those around you said, “Congratulations! You made a mistake! You have taken a risk! You are learning! We are so proud of you!” What if everytime someone was angry at you, those around said to you, “Oh I’m so sorry that this person is hurting so much that they had to take their anger out on you. Let us join our hands and hearts and pray that they feel better soon.” We offer these suggestions, dear ones, to help you see that most of your interpretations of life were given to you in childhood. Now, you as adults, get to choose whether or not they make you happy.
Next time something upsets you, ask yourself, “What are the facts of the situation? Can I choose an interpretation that makes me feel better? Can I choose to label this situation in such a way that it empowers me, rather than steals my God given right to feel love in this moment? Can I look at my normal conditioning and decide if that is what I want to keep... or would I rather create a different interpretation of reality?”

The sun rises every morning. You get to choose if that is a positive experience or not. “Oh look, that horrible blinding light is coming through my windows shining into my eye and waking me up,” or “Oh how beautiful that warm sun feels on my face, bringing life, awakening my spirit into this new day, a brand new chance to create a brand new reality.”
A loving interpretation of reality, dear ones, is the best interpretation of all.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Privilege is All Mine. Thank You!

After a month of waiting, my book E squared arrived, I enjoyed it tremendously if you have not got your hands on a copy please do. An interesting point mentioned in the book was that we have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, only 1000 of these thoughts are new the rest are repeated thoughts from the previous day. Look carefully what you are thinking, if you have negative thoughts it is repeated again the next day, so please have repeated good thoughts instead of negative ones.

A good way to achieve this, use affirmations like Every day in Every way I am getting Better and Better. I am Great, I am a magnet of money, I attract people, energy and events that enhances my prosperity and fun, I deserve prosperity and fun.

What you think manifest into reality in your life, so please manifest carefully, you are the creator of your own reality never forget this.

On Saturday, we had a gathering to share about dowsing, one thing lead to another and soon it became a energizing session for all of us, I would like to thank all who were present there and hope all of you have enjoyed the session as much as I did. 

I was thinking about the victims of the recent cyclone that hit some countries in Asia, I notice that most of the victims were living in the poorer areas of the country where the storm hit. Maybe I am wrong, if so please write in to correct me, in the case that I am right could someone enlighten me to why this is so.

We are drawn to live at a place, or meet with some type of people, work at a certain job because of vibrations, we can also use the word 'Karma', take a look around you now, where are you living, is the place pleasant, who are your neighbors, what kind of friends do you associate with, ask yourself these questions and watch the answers change from time to time.

I will be taking some time to organize some of my own matters for next year so I will not be posting from today onwards, I will be back maybe mid-December, meantime keep dowsing and stay inspired always. Cheers!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mass Consciousness and You

Yesterday was an interesting day, I thought I could avoid some work but was forcefully drag back into the vortex of work, I guess I did not cleared everyone involved. This brings us back to mass consciousness, mass consciousness is a strong energy that we should clear every day or it will affect you.

'Please clear the ill effects of all mass consciousness upon me, my family, my home and all people we associate with today. Thank you.'

Another thing that I found useful recently was to adjust my ego level to the lowest appropriate level for my best good. Throughout the day you will come across many people who will test your patience, adjusting the ego to the lowest appropriate level makes it easier to deal with such people.

Raising energy constantly throughout the day is also very helpful for you, you need not use a dowsing tool for this, just say 'Please raise my energy to the most appropriate level for my best good, for healing, balance and a happy day. Thank you.'  I recommend that you try using such small prayers throughout the day, especially in the morning, afternoon, evening when you are leaving the office and at night before going to bed. You can modify the prayer to your specific needs and you will see a great difference in your life within a short time.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.




Thursday, 7 November 2013


Illuminated Heart
From my heart, I share with you these powerful sacred geometry and symbols. There are many techniques and benefits of the Infinity Wave / Symbol that you can use as a spiritual tool. You can also use them with the pictures above through programing a positive intent.  
For those who know the Merkaba Creation Process, look at the Leonardo Sphere above.
Thank you! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Your Mission

All the people you meet are with you for a reason, there are people who bring joy to your life and there are others who bring pain. Whatever it is, there is always something to learn, learn them quickly to avoid going to repeat class again and again. 

Some people who had spiritual experience and believe that they have some mission, they reason that since they were given some gifts(powers) they must go out and do the works. This is not always true, I have a neighbor who will go into a trance whenever he is in a temple or somewhere near his favorite deity. He thinks this is something special but what good is there in going into a trance. Is he contributing anything to the good of humanity?  He is not really doing anything but stays at the fringe and wave his labels expecting that he will hear the call of God one day.

There are many like him, debating if they should leave their homes and family to do the 'good works' and they go around asking others if this is the true path for them. I once was told that if you found it then you will not be going around searching for it. There is no mission other than making the people with you now happy, there is no meaning climbing up high mountain to experience the energy when the energy can be experience everywhere and anywhere. If you can't see God in yourself, you will never find God even if you climb up to the highest mountain or go into the deepest ocean.

Do not get caught up with the energy that leads you astray, be centered in all that you do, keep things simple.
Dowsing is a wonderful tool to have on our journey through life and I do find that dowsers are the happiest people in the world. I made many friends through dowsing and they are my support whenever I feel down, it is them that gives me joy and happiness and through them I fulfill my 'mission' in life.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wonderful Results and A Close Call

This morning a friend came by to have coffee, I have been dowsing for him for the last 5-6 years, I asked him what he feel is happening in his life, this are his answers.

'I am now confident with my life'
'I feel that whoever comes to me with a problem at work solves their problems after they have spoken to me, although I did nothing but listen.'
'Most of the things that bothers me in the past, does not bother me anymore.'
'Most of my wishes are fulfilled and I feel that more is coming.'
'Work does not seem like work anymore.'
'I am happy all the time.'

I was very happy to hear that life is good for this friend of mine, I told him that all these are happening because he is now bright, like polished gem. His light is shinning and lighting the path for others, this man whom I first met was having financial problem, marital problems, unhappy childhood has become a shinning star.

It is heartwarming for me to know that such results can be seen in him, I am grateful to God for letting me come across dowsing and to be able to change my own life and help others with it. Daily dowsing, clean, clean, clean that is all we have to do, I have witness many good results from the people I work on with dowsing and seen a number of miracles happen.

Last night I was re-reading my notes and one dowse caught my eye, balancing ourselves with the Great Spirit or God or whatever you address the divine to be. I did a quick check on the people on my dowsing list and there were a few people who weren't in balance with the God. I ask if I could balance them and did so, relate another incident that happen last night, I was running some errands in the early part of the evening and after completing my task, I had a thought that ask me to neutralize all bad karmic influence immediately, so I did. Five minutes later a car just narrowly missed me when I was crossing the road. I am glad I listen to my spirit guides when they warn me, otherwise there will no posting today.
Wishing Everyone A Great Day Ahead!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Heart Level Awareness

How are feeling? Did you lose your temper this week? Well I lost it several time, the energy seem to be affecting my emotions strongly. I guess I am just human and will be affected by the change of energy as with everyone else. 
I share an article sent to me by my good friend and mentor, please enjoy.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.


There are so many aspects to The Event. It is by no means just one day of one thing happening for example - a New Financial System - the end of poverty on Earth – the end of disease on Earth - Peace on Earth - a clean environment - Free Energy - I could go on and on - but here today what I would like to ‘discuss’ is the fact that the time of the Event is the true time of Ascension.
Many of us Lightworkers believed that the 21/12/2012 was ‘the’ date regarding the Ascension – the day many of us would become – cross over – from being 4th Dimensional to becoming 5th Dimensional in nature. Much was written about this process and how it would be experienced – felt - on that magical day.
Many did experience another level of awareness at that time and in the following weeks and months and indeed this process of Ascension is an on-going process for the whole of mankind at different levels of awareness because of the Divine Light that we are exposed to in steadily increasing amounts now for at least a year.
To be able to communicate my own thoughts and understanding of the subject of Light and dark I am giving you a scale - a kind of mathematical measurement that hopefully can bring some more clarity to this process.
So let’s say that we look at something that we call‘Heart Consciousness Awareness’ levels. This scale is something that I myself have usedto ask questions from my Guide as to how far I myself and others might have come on this scale measurement of heart consciousness levels of awareness.
Everything is about awareness really.
We as humans have been created by Mother Father One – in Their Likeness – we are Divine Beings having a human experience and this scale that I will attempt to explain is to show how we can be aware on different levels as to ‘Who we really are’.

Heart Consciousness Level Awareness Scale 0 to 33 

When discussing the various players in this drama playing out on Gaia – our beautiful Earth - at this time - we oftentimes use the terms Light and dark. To help myself to understand the dark side and for that matter the in-between grey side I have used a table. On this table the scale from

0 to 13 has been a measure of the ‘darker’ human awareness level,
14-16 the ‘grey’, and
17 and upwards the Light.
The measure of having reached the level of Christ Consciousness – or if you like the level where we ‘cross over’ to becoming 5th dimensional in nature has been designated 33 and above on this scale.
Many of you will already be aware if you have studied numerology that 33 has been attributed to Christ Consciousness. In answer to questions I have posed as to the level of Heart Consciousness Awareness that some individuals have had - the highest I have been given for anyone here on Earth has been 59 and I can say that thatis very rare here on Earth.
Closed Hearts
So what I am trying to convey here is that those darker individuals are simply less aware of who they truly are – that they are Divine souls having a 3D experience. Then we have the question why do some individuals have - at the lower end of the scale ‘closed hearts’ – that is in saying - why have they closed off their hearts to having emotionally truthful experiences with other individuals? – well the reasons are and you all know this - because of their earlier experiences  whatever they might have been. At some point in their soul development they decided it was ‘safer’ or ‘stronger’ or whatever to exist with their heart awareness closed off.
This way of thinking has been a help to me, helped me to understand people in my life that I would not otherwise have been able to understand at all.
Closing your heart means that you survive here through being tough – through being in control of things – being ‘on top’ of situations – needing to find security in things like money – wealth – power and not to show signs of weakness – of emotions and so forth.
To grow in Spirit – to grow in Heart Level Awareness means to be open to who you are – to accept yourself unconditionally – to love yourself unconditionally as the Divine soul that you are – to become aware of your I AM - God Presence – to feel worthy of being one with God with Source.
Many years ago I made a decision to leave a Spiritual Path that I had been following ‘religiously’ – vegetarian – no alcohol – daily meditation etc. for 17 years. It was a difficult choice as I had looked upon my Teacher as being an incarnation of God on Earth. I wanted to leave it all behind and I was not sure any longer if I really believed that this path was what I had been searching for. Finally I could take the leap and leave the path because I concluded that “if this Teacher is a representative of God on Earth – if He truly is this higher Spiritual Being then He will continue to Love me unconditionally even if I renounce the path and Him as a Teacher.
Being in the Heart is Everything
A huge part of Little Grandmothers {Keisha Crowther’s} mission at this time has been to remind us all that “We are the ones we have been waiting for” that “When we live from our Heart we become so much more intelligent” she has been asking us to try to remember who we are at this time and why we wanted to be here on Earth at this very special time – a time when many others would have liked to incarnate here to see these enormous changes but who were not chosen to do so because we who are here are “the strongest of the strongest”. 

An Unimaginably Enormous Leap Forward in Heart Consciousness Awareness levels at the time of The Event.

 I have been informed via questions I have asked of Spirit that at the time of The Event when a Mass Ascension will take place simultaneously on Earth that every individual on this planet will take a leap forward on the ‘heart consciousness awareness level scale’ wherever they now find themselves. I am told that this leap will be like moving forward 3 points in Heart level awareness. So let’s take a person who is darker on the scale at 12, they will suddenly have the awareness of someone at level 15 {in the grey zone} and someone ‘grey’ at level 15 will suddenly have a Light awareness level of 18.
Some Playful Speculation with Numbers
Here is some more speculation with numbers that is merely an attempt to give you an idea as to how big this awakening is – how far this becoming 5th Dimensional has proceeded so far, as giving exact numbers is impossible here: The numbers here could be somewhat less or a lot more than these examples.
Let’s say in the middle of 2012 about a year ago, that an average of 90,000 people on Earth were already into {or on the border of} the so called 5th Dimension awareness. {Each dimension has about 10 – 12 levels of awareness}. About 50+ % of humanity is of a Light heart level awareness {17 and above}. All of these humans are already 4th Dimensional in nature with an average level of 4.3 – 4.6.
What you have to remember here is that Gaia is already a 5th Dimensional planet now and it is we who are ‘catching up’ on Her lead. So in getting back to our speculating experiment;
December 2012 the 90,000 humans would have increased by say 2-3 times
February 2013 this number 90,000 would have increased 4-5 times
April 2013 the number would have increased 7-8 times
May 2013 {Goddess finally anchored on this planet at Portal opening in May} the number would have increased 12-13 times
June 2013 by 14-15 times
July 2013 by 17-18 times
August 2013 by 19-20 times
So let’s speculate that there are now close to 2 million already functioning as 5th dimensional beings – or on the upper levels of the 4th Dimension. Whatever that number might be at the time of The Event – and here I mean people who are at a level of 4.7 and upwards will suddenly find themselves at the Time of the Event gliding over to a 5th dimensional experience. Here we are talking about millions of people like say 90 to 100 million people suddenly ascending en masse to the 5th Dimension.
During an average life experience here on Earth {and by this remember I am talking about our old 3-4 Dimensional Earth lifetimes} - in the best case scenario’s - humans can on average move up on the heart level awareness scale by about 3-4 points. So what I am saying here is that people’s movement forward in awareness levels at the time of the Event would be the equivalent of a lifetime of normal development in awareness, happening to them within weeks – months.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Cycles of Creation

Recently the flower of Life and other geometry have been appearing to me strongly, the nuts are an example of what I am talking about, as I explore more into these geometries I discovered more and more about life itself. The above 2 videos are very informative and interesting, please watch them and maybe share your feelings and insights with me.

This is not the first time that symbols have appear in my life, I had experienced symbols appearing in front of me in the afternoon when I was just sitting down watching some nice green scenery. The energy of earth is changing again over the weekend and I had to do many balancing for myself and family. I got to think about all this and how it is affecting the ordinary people who are not aware of energy works yet. I recommend that when you are doing balancing and energy work for yourself and family try to include your neighbors and neighborhood too.

If you are new to dowsing and do not know what to do, start reading my blog from the very first post, there are many videos and links that will lead you to more information that will help you understand more about dowsing and what it can do for you.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mental Health

Yesterday my friend who is suffering from bipolar came to visit me, we had a good chat and I felt he must have recovered, he left me around 5.30pm and I went about running some errands. At about 7 pm he messaged me that he was coming down to meet me and asked me if I was still in office. We left each other at my office earlier and he has forgotten and ask to meet again. He really look normal when I was with him, I had no clue that he was still bipolar.

I was thinking about the conversation we had, he has lost confidence in himself, this man who was a successful businessman, a millionaire with a Master's degree. It is so sad that this is the state that he is in now, during the conversation I notice he kept talking about the past and his future plan to be a taxi driver, this got me thinking about how we are not living in the present moment but move from past and future.

I remember that Raymon Grace talked about our soul not in this dimension, having more than one 'thought form of us' and being not grounded to the present time and reality. 

What I found recently is that people are not 100% themselves, they forget things easily, lose focus of what is in front of them, I wonder if there is a co-relation between these and the increase in the number of people suffering from mental illness around the world. 

With the many rapid changes taking place in the world, there is a need to monitor our mental health, balancing the blood flow to the brain once a day is a great way to ensure that our brains are not stress out.

A new item I now add to my dowsing is I asked to be grounded to Mother Earth, I found this helpful to release stress at the end of the day. I am not sure why yet, but it gives me a good night's sleep.

Thank you! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Dowsing for a Better Life

Love, Peace and Harmony these are the energy we install every day, if there is no love, peace and harmony then you will not be able to live comfortably. This is the first thing that you will notice when people are in trouble, they lose their peace of mind. 

I was having a conversation with my son the other night and he mentioned that he forgave us for all the wrongs we did to him when he was young, I was hurt but kept my cool and listen to his reasoning, he was actually trying to say is that he learned forgiveness. The next day I told my wife about the conversation and she was smiling, we both know that we were not given the manual of great parenting when we became parents, we played it by ear, both of us never knew our father because they pass on when we were very young, and our mothers had to work very hard to bring us up.

I think generally parents never need to be forgiven, they are doing their best to their knowledge to raise their children. They have expectations and hope that the children grow up to be responsible and useful people to the society. When we became parents, my wife and me were in our early twenties, we did not know anything about energy or even understand what life is all about, we were in love and just wanted to be together. When the children came along we just did our best to do our part.

If I knew how to dowse then life would be very different, but it was through the hard times that I started to look for a way out, I started to study Feng Shui, took up meditation courses and one thing lead to another, and soon things started to change, all the time I thought I was in control of my life but the truth was the opposite.
Looking back I am grateful that through it all we became better people, we are now happier, healthier and of course more prosperous. 

The most important thing for me is that I found love, peace and harmony in my life now, not that there is no more problems just that they do not disturb me the same way it did as in the past. Problems to me now are just mismanaged energy and all I have to do is to adjust it. I hope that the information I put up will in someway be helpful to you so that you too can achieve Love, Peace and Harmony in your life. (and if you wanted to know, yes I adjusted my son with dowsing on the same night)

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Prosperity Level

I thought about this on the way to work, I have always thought that to raise my prosperity level to 100% was a good enough thing, then I thought ' am I restricting myself in the sense that 100% itself is a limiting figure?'.

When I settled down in my office, I decided to dowse the prosperity level of some rich people on our planet, and I found that their prosperity level exceeded 100%, some as high as 500%, so I ask if I could raise my prosperity level to 500% without asking if this could be done, well after the pendulum stop I measured my prosperity level and I got 160%, so I ask to raise it again to the next highest appropriate level and I got 200%. I do not know what the effects of doing this, but I am sure something is going to happen for sure that will be good for my prosperity.

I thought I share this with everyone right away, because I will probably forget later in the day, so please measure your own prosperity level and raise it to a level that is appropriate for you. 

Best Wishes!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
always Better and Better. 

This what the nuts look like in a triangle formation, if you notice that there are energy lines joining the 3 pieces together and there is energy in the center of the triangle.

This is my volunteer(78 years of age) who is standing in the middle of the triangle, notice his hands are swollen with arthritis and he reported that he felt relieve from his pains.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Some View points

Yesterday I watched a documentary about aging population in Japan, some alarming figures were reported like they expect a million to die of old age every year, the crematorium could not keep up with this figure and the corpse has to stay in hotel specially catering to the dead to wait their turn to be cremated, this is one part of the documentary, the other part is the part that concerns me, the Japanese people lived to quite an old age and their children actually ask them to move to homes to live out their lives.

It is sad that we have to come to the point that everything is about money, life, death, happiness all based on money, it is no wonder that everyone is out to get as much as they can. What is your point of view on this? Please take some time to think of these things and share your view with me. Thank You.

Recently, there were many reports of murder, bombing, cyclones, fires and disasters all over the world, again I would like to remind all my beloved readers to do your daily dowsing, the energy changes are really erratic, so don't take your chances. 

Yesterday I did receive good news from my friend that the police has discharged his son and he is free from all charges against him. I have been dowsing for them for some time now since his son was caught with drugs in his bag. 

I watched an interesting video by Stephen K Hayes on You tube last night, for those who are not familiar with this name, he is the first American ninja, the person who bought the art of ninjitsu from Japan to America. It is a very interesting video and it has nothing to do with ninjas except for the speaker.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Some Interesting Results

Last Saturday I visited my friend at his book shop and we did an experiment with the glued nuts, I placed 3 pieces of the nuts on the floor to form a triangle. I place a chair in the middle of the triangle and had a willing volunteer sit on the chair. I placed 2 nuts in each of her hands and ask her to closed her eyes to try and feel the energy. She immediately went into a meditation mode and could feel energy run through her body.

I observed that the energy was surrounding her and also going through her body, after a short while I got another lady to try it and she felt the same, both of them reported a nice feeling all over their bodies and a sensation of relaxation. I went home and that night I place the nuts in a triangle on the floor below my bed and had a piece on my bed. I had a good night's sleep without any stiffness when I woke up in the morning.

Please try this as an experiment and if possible let me have some feedback on how this felt with you, I dowse and found that it help remove pain, remove viruses, germs and bacterial from the body too, so please conduct your own test and see if these results are true.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Another Experiment

Yesterday we went nuts over some nuts, please do make them and benefit yourself and family, today we will try another experiment. We all have the ability to send energy, we can send energy through our hands and body, try this, place one palm on your forearm and observe your breathing, in a short time you will feel that your palm on your forearm begin to feel warm. Keep it on the forearm for awhile longer till it feels very warm, now lift your palms up a few millimeters from your forearm, you will still feel palm transmitting heat to your forearm. This is energy or qi, let the heat built up between your palm and forearm, you find that the heat becomes quite intense. 

This is a simple exercise you can do to train your qi everyday, you can place your palm anywhere that you have a discomfort and after a short time the discomfort will go away. When you can feel this energy strongly, focus energy into the ground, you need not be actually be on the ground floor, if you are living in a high rise apartment just imagine that you are sending energy into the ground below. Observe the sensation or any feelings you might have while doing this, this is a simple grounding.  

After you have managed to feel the energy from the ground, you can try sending the energy to the sun, just put both your palms towards the sun and send energy, you will feel warm all over in a short time. You can try doing the same with the moon, the stars or any planets that you feel an affinity with. The important thing is to feel the feedback when you are sending the energy. 

You can also send energy to Mother Earth, or to people you love, face both palms to each other and start sending energy, imagine the people you are sending this energy to, in-between your palms, if it is an old acquaintance that you have not contacted, you can also send a message to this person when you are sending energy in this way. Think of it as a link, just think what you would want to say to this person and they will receive your message. You can also send your love to people who have pass on, wishing for them to be happy.

The session need not be long, just a minute or two will be enough to send the energy through, there is no time and space, energy travels instantly, practice these methods daily and soon you will develop your energy to a higher level. 

I would appreciate some feedback for the nuts if you have tried it out, and if you try out the above method to send and train for energy write me if you have questions or interesting feedback while doing so.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

An Experiment

You can make something similar by gluing some small nuts together, I have found that it has the same benefits as stated above, you can try it out for yourself. There are many more applications you can use with your self made nuts, combine it with copper or brass and the energy exponential, you need to carry the glued nuts on your body for a few hours and you will notice any pain you are experiencing is gone.

It is also helpful for cough and flu symptoms, and I suspect that it might be beneficial for diabetics too, I have not collected enough data and feedback, for those interested make some and give these to your friends, and ask them for feedback. 

I just thought of it,you can make one for your pet too, I am sure it will benefit them. Place your glued nut under a glass of water and you will change the energy of the water too.

Please do not sell them commercially or boast that this is some miracle cure, I am just sharing my observations only.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

This is the first part of 3 videos, some very interesting facts on our health have been highlighted in these videos. Please watch all 3 parts and another one from Dr. Stephen Sinatra named ' A simple exercise that can heal your heart.' 

The hertz frequency of the earth have been going up and this have an adverse effect on our health and well being. Hertz frequency can be different in different parts of a country, even a small country like mine can have different hertz frequency in the different districts. The different hertz frequency affects each district differently and can range from 10 Hz to 30 Hz, the earth Hz frequency averages around 24-30 Hz, and when on the higher end of the scale, people feel the effects of this, a higher chance of getting sick is usually observed. You can check for yourself if there are any ill effect of high hertz frequency upon you and ask to neutralize this.

High hertz frequency affects our immune system and even the cells of our body, so along with neutralizing, ask to balance your immune system and make all the cells of your body compatible with each other and let them spin in the proper direction.

You can check out the hertz frequency of some countries and see what is happening in these country and co-relate the readings to have an idea of what the different hertz frequency can cause to happen.

Thank you! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Are You A Victim?

Power base, people create power base for themselves, sometimes at the expense of loved ones. A mother may create a power base with her emotions on her children, she may have trained them from young to be afraid when she throws a tantrum, after a while this becomes her power base. She will throw tantrums whenever she feels her children are not behaving in the manner she wants. 

This is a form of emotional blackmail, a kind of non beneficial psychic cord, although the loved ones might be hurt, the real victim is the mother herself. She creates a false sense of security using her emotions as weapons against the people who are most dear to her. She will probably use this on her husband, her friends and even strangers who might be kind to her. 

Do you know someone who does the same to you or are you doing it to others, check and deactivate any or all non beneficial power base of emotions that adversely affect you or your family and transform this energy into love and gratitude. Remember to cut any or all non beneficial psychic cords too.

Power base can exist in many different relationship, between your boss and you, you and friends, the party who uses the power is abusing the other party, but we can do something about it so do not let such situation become a problem for you. A study in the states showed that 65% of employee preferred a new boss over an abusive one. Do not become a victim of power base, take your power back, deactivate their power base and scramble the frequency into beneficial frequencies for yourself.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Raising Your Baseline

Baseline, there is a baseline for your finance, for health, for emotions and many other aspect of your life, if you have cleared yourself and your ancestors of the emotions of the beliefs, thoughts and memories that adversely affect these, you can from time to time raise these baseline to the next higher level. Doing so will improve these aspects of your life.(refer to older posting on baseline)

Archetypes, with the recent changes in energy, we may develop some bad archetypes in ourselves, check if you have any and clear them away. 'Please remove all bad archetypes from me. Thank You.' 

Trauma energy in your cellular memories affect many of us, if you have them use this dowsing command- 'Please remove all trauma energy from my cellular memory. Thank You.'

All the energy shifts affect us in someway, recently  I have seen quite a number of people with emotional problems such as mild depression and most cases fear was very strong in them, so please check your emotional level and transmute fear into love. Raise your confidence level regularly too.

In a recent interview Raymon Grace mentioned that he does affirmation daily in fact twice daily, one of the affirmation he uses everyday is 'I repel all people and energy that are harmful to me.' You might want to take a hint and follow what he is doing.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better


Friday, 18 October 2013

Sending Energy

We have the ability to send energy to anyone and anywhere on this earth, we can send energy to a person, a group of people, a place, an object, an event even to the past. All we have to do is to intent it and it is done, you can try this with a friend, just think of this friend that you want to send energy to, intent that the energy send to this friend can be felt strongly in the form of heat, or something that will register strongly with the senses. After doing so, give your friend a call and ask if they felt it. 

You may have to try it out on a few friends as some people may not be so sensitive, but anyway try it out, it is fun when your friend tells you that they felt the energy strongly as you have intended. We can send energy to heal the holes in our ozone too, or send love to someone who is not feeling well. The more you practice the more you get good at this, it is a convenient way to use energy to help anyone all over the world. 

You can send energy for a future event too, just intend the outcome of the future event and ask that the appropriate energy be sent to make it happen. Doing this is a great way to achieve more in your life, getting better deals, better service, better response, better co-operation from people and basically getting the best of any situation.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Power of Kindness

The Power of Kindness

I've mentioned before that, despite my great admiration for people who are instinctively and consistently kind, kindness does not come naturally to me. Yet the older I get, the more I agree with Abraham Heschel, who said . . . 'When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.' Henry James was more emphatic when he said . . . 'Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.'
In 1994, Dr. Chuck Wall, a professor of human relations and management at Bakersfield College in California, came up with a concept that turned into an influential movement. Weary of hearing about 'senseless acts of violence,' he began to teach and talk about 'random and senseless acts of kindness.' The idea was simple: the best response to a world coarsened by selfishness and cruelty
was individual acts of kindness.
In 1999, Catherine Ryan Hyde wrote a novel called Pay It Forward (later adapted into a movie) that builds on Dr. Wall's initial inspiration. It starts with a teacher's assignment: 'Think of an idea for world change, and put it into action.' Trevor, the 12-year-old hero, comes up with an idea. If he does something 'real good' for three people and asks in return that instead of them 'paying him back,' they 'pay it forward' by doing a good deed for three other people, who are in turn asked to pay it forward, the math quickly shows that he could change the world.
Whether acts of kindness are random or spontaneous as advocated by Dr. Wall or premeditated as proposed by Ms. Hyde, acts of kindness are certainly not senseless. To the contrary, they're the best possible proof of good sense. Every single person can send forth ripples of kindness and compassion
simply by being nice.
Written by Michael Josephson
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

You Are Eternal

What goes on in your mind when you meditate? Do you seek a goal, or expect a state of mind? These are difficult questions to answer, in someway you do have an objective, you do want to have a certain state of mind. What is important is not to judge yourself, so you sat quietly observing your mind, you may have some visions, you may feel blissful, you may experience some emotions, but when you are done, forget about it.

It is not a standard experience for everyone, some people are more sensitive and may experience different level of consciousness, experience becoming part of an element, or learn how to use energy to achieve something. Although it is not a standard experience, you do need to go through the exercise, for some people this may happen after a few days of meditations for others it may happen only after a few years of regular practice. The secret is regular practice, not being result orientated, relax mentally and physically, the fastest way to achieve result is to go slow.

Take your time to enjoy the process, to experience the different layers of consciousness of your being, you are going no where, just dive deep into yourself. The experience is totally yours no need to compare your experience with another person. To meditate your body need to be physically strong, don't overstress yourself by seating for long hours at every seating, build up strength slowly over time, do some physical exercise before starting your meditation, stretch yourself after seating, do some pranayama to raise your energy. These are important aids to help you meditate, and of course to keep you healthy.

The mind is always having thoughts, in fact we are what we think, a string of thoughts, to quiet our monkey mind just observe your breath, breathe, breathe, breathe, take a few deep breath several times in your day and you will find that you become more peaceful, clear minded, focused and energized to accomplish what you need to easily.

If you believe that you must work hard in order to deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you do work hard. Financial success, or any other kind of success, does not require hard work. It does require alignment of thought. You simply cannot offer negative thought about things that you desire and then make up for it with action or hard work. When you learn to direct your own thoughts, you will discover the true leverage of Energy alignment.


Take your Inner Being everywhere you go. If you take your Inner Being to the party, it's going to be a good party! If you take your Inner Being, the food that you eat will be received perfectly by the cells of your body. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be beneficial to everyone who hears them with their ears—or with their vibration. Don't go anywhere without your Inner Being. That's what "Allowing" is. Always having your Inner Being present. And then, anything else that happens is always orchestrated perfectly by Law of Attraction.


If you encourage your children to stay connected to Source Energy, they will remain clear-minded; they will remain optimistic; they will remain enthusiastic. They will remain balanced; they will remain flexible. They will remain in a state of grace. They will remain in a state of Well-Being. And they will make wonderful choices.


Every living thing, animal or human, or tree experiences that which is called death, with no exception. You've all accepted that one a long time ago. Spirit, which is who we really are, or Source, is eternal. So what death must be is a changing of the perspective of that Eternal Spirit. If I am standing in my physical body and am consciously connected to that Eternal Spirit, then I'm Eternal in nature and I need not ever again fear any endedness, because, from that perspective I understand that there is not any of that.