Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Balancing Energies

We live in a world that is moving rapidly and getting smaller by the day as Internet speed gets faster. The world is literally at your finger tips, the human body has to adapt to changes to be able to keep up with such rapid developments.
An example of this- there will be no need to go out physically to buy something, you can order almost anything from the web. Our body will soon lose the functions that it was design to do and soon the health of the body will suffer.

The earth is going through changes as well, she is adapting to our increase demands on her resources, she has to deal with many issues such as green house effects, toxicity from radiation and pollutions. We are part of mother earth and all her issues are ours too. The rise of new diseases, high suicidal rates, wars, famine and droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are all signs that mother earth is changing to adapt to our increasing demands on her.

With all these changes, energy is also changing and the energies of our bodies have to change accordingly, this is where dowsing can be a useful tool to help us balance ourselves with all the changes.
We can check if we are in balance with earth energy using dowsing, simply ask your pendulum 'Am I and my family in balance with earth energy?' and if you are not in balance then ask ' please bring me and my family into total balance and harmony with earth energy.' The pendulum will swing clockwise till it is done. We can also check if we are in balance with universal energy and in the same manner we can balance ourselves with universal energy.

All matters are compose of energy, our body is matter so we can affect our body if we change the energy. You can ask if your immune system is balance if not then ask 'please balance my immune system.' Are the vitamins and minerals levels in my body at the appropriate levels if not then ask 'please bring the vitamins and minerals level in my body to the most appropriate level for my best good.' You are able to balance any system in your body in this manner and do so for your family too.

The list of items you might want to check for is available on http://www.lettertorobin.org/ , a comprehensive downloadable booklet that teaches all the basic informations needed to dowse. Please have fun dowsing and share with me any experiences and queries you might have.

Thank You!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Astrological Influence

Today, I like to discuss astrological influences and how it affects your life. What is astrological influence? A simple explanation would be the influence the planets and stars have on your life.
I will not go into details how they have an influence in your life, as we all know about we are made out of atoms and molecules and they are vibrating constantly at a certain frequency. The stars and planets have a energy influence over each other, an example of this would be the earth revolving around the sun. This energy have an effect on us, just like the moon have an effect on our tides.

Astrological influences can affect your health, your job, your home, your relationship, as the stars and planets move, the energy connected to us move too, this can cause people to become restless, stress out, changes the energy of a place because it affect the frequency of all matters at the molecular level.

With dowsing we can check for any negative effects of astrological influence upon us and neutralize them, astrological influences do have a positive effect on us too, so you need to check for negative effects only and not remove all astrological influence from yourself. When the negative effects of astrological influence is removed, your life generally becomes better with less disturbance from people around you.
The planets and stars are moving constantly, so it is wise to check for any negative effects upon yourself and family daily.

Here is the command: ' Please neutralize the ill effects of astrological influence upon me, my family and my home.' The pendulum will swing anti-clockwise and stops when it is done.

Thank you!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dowsing for Prosperity - easy steps to attract prosperity

Dowsing for Prosperity
Prosperity is one of the concerns in life; mostly the lack of prosperity is what bothers us. Can we change this to improve our life? We don’t know if we can’t but we can surely try, and by trying we better ourselves.
Prosperity is different for everyone, to some it is having money, lots of it, and to others it is having a peaceful life, a loving relationship, a happy family and a good job. Whatever it is to you, the lack of what you want is the issue you want to deal with.
All things are composed of energy and all energy has a frequency, so prosperity has a frequency and as all frequency can be adjusted like the frequency of the radio, you can adjust the frequency of prosperity to better receive it.
Here are a few ways to adjust the frequency of prosperity to improve your life, the frequency of prosperity is 8, and a simple trick that everyone can try is to take a piece of paper and write the number 8 on it and place it in your wallet or purse. Another way is to do affirmations like this one: - I attract people, events and energies that enhance my prosperity and fun, I deserve prosperity and fun.
The emotions that you have associated with money will affect your prosperity of money. If you had unfortunate events related to money, you may still hold emotions related to such events. It is important to remove them before money can flow to you. You can say the following affirmation or dowse this command. Please remove the emotions from the belief, thoughts and memories that adversely affect my prosperity.
 You can ask to raise your prosperity level to the highest level to attract money or anything you want.
Let me share an experience with everyone on how this works in a real experience that happen recently. I was at a restaurant waiting for a friend to have dinner; he was late for the appointment so I had some free time. I was the only customer in the place, so I thought to conduct an experiment to see if I could get more customers for the place. I took out my pendulum and cleared the place of negative forces, remove the emotions of the beliefs, thoughts and memories that adversely affect the place from attracting customers and transform these energies to the most appropriate energies to attract customers.  When my friend arrives, the tables at the place were fully occupied; I was amazed at how fast the energies could change to improve a situation.
You have a choice to have a comfortable life or one that you have to struggle to make ends meet. Make your choice. The future is yours do something about it.
Thank you!
Useful link: http://www.raymongrace.us/

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Affirmations and Dowsing

Take time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don’t take time to line up the Energy, if you don’t find the feeling place of what you’re looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference.

Dowsing is a very easy method of aligning with the Energy, the pendulum or dowsing instrument indicates to you the energy you are creating and physically you can see what you are creating. A clockwise swing on the pendulum can indicate that positive energy is present or you are in a positive frame of mind and vice versa. This makes things easy, you don’t have to be gifted or have extra sensory perception to know what is happening in the energetics around you.
Imaging that the whole world is made up of energy, you and the people around you, events in your life, your current situation are all made of energy. If you can change energy, then you can change all aspect of your life simply by changing the frequencies of energy to be positive to you.
Well you may ask what have I accomplish with all the above, here is a few changes in my life that I would like to share. I doubled my income; my children improved their grades in school 100%, my wife stop having hair loss, our health improved, the neighborhood became a friendly place and colleagues and co-workers also improve their lives.
How is all this happening? How do you make all these changes in your life? By intending what you want to change in your life. Energy does not know what you want is good or bad for you, it simply manifest what you intend to have, it is impartial to everything and it is unlimited. If you ask for a million dollars, it creates a million dollars for you but it does not deprive anyone of a million dollars to give to you.
A good way to improve your life is to use an affirmation that is to repeat a positive statement to yourself. This statement gets into your sub-conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind manifest it into reality for you. Anyone can try this just repeat the following sentence-’ every day in every way I am getting better, better and better’. Life will improve for you in one or two days’ time; see for yourself besides there is nothing to lose.
A question may arise as how many times one has to repeat this affirmation for it to work, you simply repeat as many times as possible a day till you notice the changes coming on. Another way to do this is to use dowsing, simply swing the pendulum clockwise and repeat the affirmation till the pendulum stops swinging and the affirmation has been programmed into you.
There are many affirmations that can help one improves oneself and using the dowsing system you can program them  into youself on a long term basis, the effect of which greatly enhances your life for the better. The following are some affirmations that you might want to program into yourself, you can find many more affirmations to use from many other sources. Thank you.

1)      I am aware of all attempts to adversely manipulate my mind. My mind rejects all harmful subliminal suggestions.
2)      I am aware of all non-beneficial energy in my energy field.
3)      I am aware of all danger to myself, my family, friends and country. I take the appropriate actions to prevent or avoid it.
4)      I am always at the right time and right place, say the right thing at the right time in the best possible way.
5)      I attract to me, people, events, energy to enhance prosperity and fun. I deserve prosperity and fun.
6)      I understand my life purposes; I have the knowledge and ability to fulfil them.
7)      I have enough time to do everything I need and choose to do, and do them well with time to spare.
8)      I repel all people and energy that are detrimental to me.
9)      I always maintain a healthy, body and mind 
10) I am always bright, happy, healthy and prosperous.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Dowsing- Many Ways How Dowsing Can Improve Your Life

Dowsing can be used in numerous ways to better one’s life, the 4 basic movements (up-down, left-right, clockwise and anti-clockwise) will give answers and solutions to any problem one might encounter in life. (Please refer to the following site for free dowsing instructions with a downloadable booklet@ www.lettertorobin.org)
With the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ movements we can establish if there are energies present at a place that might be detrimental, simply by asking: ‘Is there negative energy here?’ The pendulum will swing to indicate ‘YES’ or ‘NO’  , if you get a ‘YES’ then ask the dowsing system (pendulum) if they can be remove. Again if you get a ‘YES’ respond, then say: ‘please remove all negative energy from this place’. The pendulum will swing anti-clockwise till all negative energy are remove, we can then check if there are any negative energy present one more time.
Dowsing can be used to check if the food is good for you, if a job interview is in your favor, is the item you intent to buy is at the best price, a person’s honesty level, to find directions, increase your prosperity, raise the grades of your children in school and improve your general well-being. These are just a small number of ways that dowsing can help you make your life better.
I will share a story to show how dowsing can make a positive change in one’s life. About a year ago, I took on a project as a member of a team to supervise the project. My colleague and I share a container office, this fellow was always complaining about his wife, sister-in-law and his mother-in-law on a daily basis to me. After a month, I had my ears full, so I decided to do something about this. I found out that he had psychic cords attached to his crown chakra and his life was being controlled by his wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I simply ask the dowsing system to cut all non-beneficial psychic cords for him and he did not complain about them since.
I like to share another story about another fellow on the same project, who was suffering from gastric ulcer. At the time I was having an inspection of some works and this fellow was next to me clutching his abdomen with both his hands and his face was pale as a ghost.  I ask him what was wrong and he answered in a weak voice that he is having a gastric attack. I took out my pendulum and ask to scramble the frequency of pain in his body and adjust it to his idea frequency, banish the spirit of disease from his body and place the most appropriate healing energy on him for his best good. The whole episode lasted about a few minutes; he felt no more pain in his body and has not had gastric problem since.
Dowsing is a wonderful skill to learn, it enriches your life and the lives of your family and friends, a very simple skill to learn but one that will give you a happy, healthy and prosperous life that is full of fun. Go visit this website and find out for yourself the wonders of dowsing. Thank you.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Psychic Cords

There are many times I found psychic cords attached to people who are related, wife and husband, mother and children, among siblings and even friends and relatives.
It is usually one party controlling another; it results in the party being controlled having to live a life being victimizes by the controlling party.
This in turn results in the creation of non-beneficial spirits of emotions due to the long term harboring of non-beneficial emotions by the victimized party.
As non-beneficial spirits of emotions include the spirit of diseases, the victimize party most time develop some kind of disease in them.
Another thing that is related to non-beneficial psychic cords is the inability to achieve one’s goal in life. The controlling party usually wants the victimized party to remain in status quo as to maintain control.
Psychic cords are powerful attachments that can create havoc in one’s life, they are usually found attached to the chakras, the location the psychic cord is attached to gives an indication of the control, an example of this would be if psychic cords were found attached to the crown chakra indicates that someone is trying to control the victims mind.
It also found that psychic chords are present among co-workers, superiors and subordinates in a workplace. This always results in victimization and abuse of power by the controlling party. In most cases the victim has a hard life and cannot do anything about it except to leave the workplace for another. The victim sometimes also develops bad archetypes for the rest of their life, resulting in a dysfunction life style.
With dowsing, we can check for non-beneficial psychic cords and if they are found on you simply ask that they be removed, the words to use are: -‘Please cut all non-beneficial psychic cords for me. Thank you.’  Life will change for the better once this is done. If you do not know how to dowse you can just say the above words as a prayer.
You have the power to change your life, do not live as a victim, the power lies between your ears use it.
Another link to a video that explains the brain frequencies when one dowse.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What is Dowsing?

Mirrored Reflection is for defusing harsh judgment and criticism of others, which creates barriers between oneself and others, to avoid seeing self. Mirrored Reflection is for defusing rejection of self and others as they are. By defusing these things Mirrored Reflection reveals the truth of self on all levels, and opens one up to acceptance and love of all aspects of self, both light and dark, as valuable to the whole. This acceptance and love in turn allow one to accept and love those around them, as the world around us is always a reflection of our inner thoughts and feelings.

What is Dowsing?
Dowsing is the ancient art of finding water, minerals and other objects that seem to have a natural magnetic , electromagnetic or perhaps unknown energy. Energies that the body can detect with built-in sensors no different from seeing,hearing or feeling that is natural to all of us.

A dowsing tool is usually use as an instrument to tell us what we are sensing, an example of a dowsing tool would be a simple pendulum. The tool gives us an indication of what we are feeling through our body's natural sensors, set a protocol with your dowsing tools before you begin dowsing. A up-down swing on the pendulum can be a 'YES', a left-right swing can be a 'NO', an clockwise rotation can be to add energy or intention and an anti-clockwise swing can be to remove energy or change energy.

All matters are compose of energy, your body is made up of energy, thoughts are a form of energy, and we have the ability to change energy with our mind. Every time you make a decision to do something you are changing energy, there is nothing mysterious about this, when you hear a love song on the radio, you feel something, what cause you to feel this? Energy!

I will share many stories about dowsing on upcoming posts and how dowsing can change your life as it has change mine.

Thank you