Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Balancing Energies

We live in a world that is moving rapidly and getting smaller by the day as Internet speed gets faster. The world is literally at your finger tips, the human body has to adapt to changes to be able to keep up with such rapid developments.
An example of this- there will be no need to go out physically to buy something, you can order almost anything from the web. Our body will soon lose the functions that it was design to do and soon the health of the body will suffer.

The earth is going through changes as well, she is adapting to our increase demands on her resources, she has to deal with many issues such as green house effects, toxicity from radiation and pollutions. We are part of mother earth and all her issues are ours too. The rise of new diseases, high suicidal rates, wars, famine and droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are all signs that mother earth is changing to adapt to our increasing demands on her.

With all these changes, energy is also changing and the energies of our bodies have to change accordingly, this is where dowsing can be a useful tool to help us balance ourselves with all the changes.
We can check if we are in balance with earth energy using dowsing, simply ask your pendulum 'Am I and my family in balance with earth energy?' and if you are not in balance then ask ' please bring me and my family into total balance and harmony with earth energy.' The pendulum will swing clockwise till it is done. We can also check if we are in balance with universal energy and in the same manner we can balance ourselves with universal energy.

All matters are compose of energy, our body is matter so we can affect our body if we change the energy. You can ask if your immune system is balance if not then ask 'please balance my immune system.' Are the vitamins and minerals levels in my body at the appropriate levels if not then ask 'please bring the vitamins and minerals level in my body to the most appropriate level for my best good.' You are able to balance any system in your body in this manner and do so for your family too.

The list of items you might want to check for is available on http://www.lettertorobin.org/ , a comprehensive downloadable booklet that teaches all the basic informations needed to dowse. Please have fun dowsing and share with me any experiences and queries you might have.

Thank You!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Astrological Influence

Today, I like to discuss astrological influences and how it affects your life. What is astrological influence? A simple explanation would be the influence the planets and stars have on your life.
I will not go into details how they have an influence in your life, as we all know about we are made out of atoms and molecules and they are vibrating constantly at a certain frequency. The stars and planets have a energy influence over each other, an example of this would be the earth revolving around the sun. This energy have an effect on us, just like the moon have an effect on our tides.

Astrological influences can affect your health, your job, your home, your relationship, as the stars and planets move, the energy connected to us move too, this can cause people to become restless, stress out, changes the energy of a place because it affect the frequency of all matters at the molecular level.

With dowsing we can check for any negative effects of astrological influence upon us and neutralize them, astrological influences do have a positive effect on us too, so you need to check for negative effects only and not remove all astrological influence from yourself. When the negative effects of astrological influence is removed, your life generally becomes better with less disturbance from people around you.
The planets and stars are moving constantly, so it is wise to check for any negative effects upon yourself and family daily.

Here is the command: ' Please neutralize the ill effects of astrological influence upon me, my family and my home.' The pendulum will swing anti-clockwise and stops when it is done.

Thank you!