Thursday, 28 April 2016

SUCCESS for you

BUZZ - kick it into high gear; accomplish task at hand quickly and efficiently

Yesterday I shared about switch-words again, it is such an easy tool to use, you don't have to own a printer to print the energy circles, all you need is pen and paper to write on. And without writing tools, you can chant the switch-words a few times and it will do its magic for you. It is so {{{EASY}}}! 

A Success Story
Success story: Thank you all for you unconditional support. I've been using SW and EC for 14 days now and have noticed big shifts. Before my business was stagnant, the money was blocked and no clients. After Stuti Mishra Singh gave me EC for business, 1 hour after that I received an order for 440€. In two week times I had money pouring into my business, blocks were removed, clients started to show and placing orders. I've been using all methods... chanting, water charging, 3 fingers, putting under pillow, even creating my own EC... anything I could do. And it works like a MAGIC. So don't give up. If all this can happen in 14 days I wonder what else is possible now?

Energy goes after thought, so where you place your thought energy will be directed there. 

Take the ladder to Success -I won't do it, I can't do it, I want to do it, How do I do it? I will try to do it, I can do it, I will do it, Yes I did it, Success! 

EMBRACE – give/receive complete acceptance

The magic is in you, don't hold back, use it, the power you are born with, everyone has it in them. If you are able to relax you are able to use the magic, and a simple method of relaxation is to count backwards from 10 to 1 slowly, Try now 10 take a deep breath and let go, 9 another breath in and out, 8 breathe in and out slowly, 7 in.. and out.. , 6 in.. and out.., relaxing more and more, 5 slowly breathe in and out.. , 4.. , 3.. relaxing more and more, 2.., and 1.. Be totally relax now. Repeat this cycle 2 more times and you would be in a relax state of mind, in Alpha level
Now you are ready to communicate with your sub-conscious mind, you can use affirmation to help improve areas of your life at this level of mind.
Here is a good one to use ' Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.'

It is good to spend 10 to 20 minutes a day to relax, using whatever method you are comfortable with, and just by doing so, all areas and conditions of your life will improve. Don't look for big changes, just keep with your practice and over time you will notice the difference, it is better if people around you notice and tell you about it. Remember expectations reduces joy, just do it and surely you will have whatever you want.

Thank you



JACKPOT – feel successful; feel excitement 

Using Switchwords to get whatever you want.

In their groundbreaking research, prominent neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, M.D., working with Mark Robert Waldman, discovered that words can change our brain. They wrote about the effects of words on our brain cells,especially how positive words had positive effects while negative words had a detrimental effect brain. Similarly Masaru Emoto has demonstrated how saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘I love you’ versus ‘I hate you’ clearly affected the structure of water crystals frozen and observed under the microscope. These researches seem to indicate that words carry energy, feelings and intentions within them, either helping or hindering our life goals.
If you believe in the power of words, you can speak out a certain chosen word mentally to reach your subconscious mind and thereby program your ‘inner-mind’ to resonate with your intentions. You can also repeat this word mentally a few times everyday to come closer to your wish. At one point something within you might ‘switch’ and soon you could find yourself being unblocked and therefore more open to receiving the goal, thanks to this switch. Words that can do this for us are called Switchwords.
Sigmund Freud, arguably the most noted psychologists of all times used the term Switch-Words to refer to those ambiguous words that behind their overt meaning, connote something deeper in our subconscious mind. Taking the idea several steps further advertising entrepreneur James T. Mangan (1896–1970) claimed that certain words can help in programming our sub-conscious mind to achieving success. Mangan seems to have done his own personal research by trying various such ‘Switchwords’ on people to find out their percentage effectiveness with regard to the intention they were meant for. He went on to make a list of many Switchwords published in his book The Secret of Perfect Living, now followed by Switchwords enthusiasts the world over, often with brilliant results.
Shannon Phoenix, a Switchwords practitioner from USA points out that Switchwords do not require faith. “That’s their incredible power, they bypass your beliefs and go straight into the subconscious mind. They are like the RUN command on a computer. You don’t have to have faith in the RUN command, you just have to type in the correct command; the program will run!” She like many others in the Switchwords community did not believe in Switchwords to begin with, yet the technique worked for her and she has been hooked on ever since. In the hugely popular Switchwords community on Facebook a  student recently shared how her exams were postponed by three months just as she had wished just because of Switchwords. Another young lady confessed that she multiplied her income by at least five times by practicing with the right Switchwords regularly. From fighting diseases to finding lost objects, the usage of Switchwords seems to be helping quite a few people.
Switchwords being connected to our unique subconscious self could at times work differently with different people. For example if GIGGLE does not work for me in helping me write, I could simply create my own personal ‘switchword’ …let’s say, ILLUMINATE which helps me get over the writers block and express my ideas to the world. So, if you are feeling quite creative and connected to your own intuition,you can surely devise your own personal switch-words. Be willing to try doing your own research and find out what works for you.
Or if you prefer to join the bandwagon of those AMAZING people for whom Mangan’s Switchwords have really worked…here are just a few of the popular (claimed to be universal as opposed to personal) Switchwords already tried and tested by other practitioners.
To manifest your intentions you can also speak a switch-phrase that connect two or more switchwords together, for example: 100%-CRYSTAL-RAINBOW to manifest a wish or TOGETHER-DIVINE-REJOICE to reduce jealousy and improve success in a group.
Note: Capital letters and hyphens are used to distinguish the switchwords and swithphrases from the rest of the text.
Some people prefer to write the words on their hands or body, some simply chant them, while some write the words down in Energy Circles (diagrams within a circle with the switchwords to focus on what is needed, sometimes combined along with special numbers and/ or symbols that are a ‘vibrational match’ to the intention). The example below is for increasing sales:
You can also energize water, crystals, oils and food by chanting the words mentally over them or placing printed energy circles beneath the object to be energized or in your desk drawer for instance. You can choose the best way to work your own Switchcraft magic in your life.
As given in any manifestation exercise, feeling positive, being ethical and focusing peacefully on your intention without worrying about how and when you will get what you want is the key to success. To not use magic to harm anyone or to manipulate anyone is always a good idea.
So will Switchcraft work for you? The truth is that whatever you truly believe in or connect with deeply can work wonders in magically improving your life. Switchwords being bridges to the human subconscious, can be one of them.
Thank you

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

A Wonderful course conducted by Bhanu Didi, when I first took this course I could not use the technique, I found that it was simply too easy, and so it did nothing for me, it was only when I repeated the course for the 3rd time that I saw how good this technique is for me, and by the Grace of Guruji, I understood the significance the course was for me. I am always full of Gratitude whenever this course is conducted here in Singapore, especially when it is conducted by Bhanu Didi, who initiated me.

Please do take the course if you have the time, I am sure you will gain many benefits both physically and spiritually. Today is actually the second day of the course, but I think you are still able to join in, please call to inquire about it.

Thank you


The Eternal You

10 to the power of minus 17 is used to cancel out negative manifestation created, when you accidentally create negatively, chant 10 to minus 17 three times and it will cancel out the negative thoughts and prevent it from being created.

The pocket harmonizer has a pleasant vibration and it is good for improving energy around the house, take a printout and paste it in your home and put intention that it is radiating to you the full benefits, and vibrations of the harmonizer.

The Eternal Process
In our daily life, we meet all types of people on the streets, some seem to be very busy, going about their way in a hurried manner, some just stand around and chat with their friends. And others busy talking on their phones or doing something with their phones. We all have something to do everyday, some people call it work and some do not. There are workaholics, and others just do not work at all, people try to put up some purpose for their lives. Some reasons or achievement for being who they are.

As we go through our life, we go through different phases, as children, teenagers, young adults, married couples with shared responsibilities, as parents, and later grandparents. If you sit down and observe these changes, you will notice that something did not change, the one who is observing does not change, your body may change, your surrounding may change, the people with you may change but you never. When you observe it is like you are outside of your body, and it does not change. This is the eternal you. Try it out, find some quiet and comfortable place, sit down and relax, take long deep breaths, relax more and more, start to observe your life from the youngest age that you can remember, and go through the different phases in your life,linger as long as you need at each phase then go past your present age and beyond your years. when you reach as far as you are able to imagine, come back to yourself the observer and take note of how you feel. Relax and breathe slowly throughout the whole process.

Do the above process and have a feel of your eternal self, your magnificent soul.

Thank you


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sharing about Energy works

10,110,910 Radiation Miasm
Miasms are energetic forces or entities disseminated at all levels in the universe (mainly in the Etheric Subtle Body) predisposing to illnesses, misfortune and tragedies (Richard Gerber in "Vibrational Medicine" p 260, Alice Bailey in "Esoteric Healing", David Tansley in "Chakras, Rays & Radionics p 15"). Dr Tansley wrote:
"Any practitioner who is focused in his or her Astral Body and works through the Solar Plexus is heading for trouble. Focus on these lower levels means exposure to many destructive energies especially doing work at a distance. It is essential to disassociate the Astral and Etheric auras from the field of work and to be focused in the Head Chakra and on the Mental Plane at the higher levels".
Unfortunately many practitioners are unable to heed this advice since they often die prematurely of the same conditions that they specialize in treating. Many other healing practitioners and psychics have encountered unfortunate fates related to financial, health, legal, relationship or other issues. (Wear unbroken violet around your wrists while working with energy to keep yourself separate.) Homeopathic Vibration Rate (HVR) - Miasm
Dispel Chaos.

Two point technique- self application

From Kat Miller
Why I No Longer Wear (or Even Own) Bras
(March 7, 2012)
My grandmother died in her early 40s, from breast cancer.
My mother had breast cancer at age 46.
Statistics from Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras by Soma Grismaijer and Sydney Ross Singer:
Women who wore their bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer.
Women who wore bras more than 12 hour per day but not to bed had a 1 out of 7 risk.
Women who wore their bras less than 12 hours per day had a 1 out of 152 risk.
Women who wore bras rarely or never had a 1 out of 168 chance of getting breast cancer.
The overall difference between 24 hour wearing and not at all was a 125-fold difference.
I read about how the lymphatic system (waste system - removes all the waste from the cells) is compromised by tight clothing, including (or especially) bras. The lymphatic system works purely on motion. Movement of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, work the lymphatic system. When there is little or no movement, the lymphatic system is compromised (note how parts often swell and become difficult to move after being kept still for an extended period of time).
Bras are designed to hold breasts securely and tightly up on the chest (which, interestingly, is the job of the tendons and ligaments of the breast, which get lazy when the bra does their jobs, allowing the breasts to sag). In doing their job, bras actually make the breasts sag MORE when the bra is taken off.
Breasts are also full of fat cells, and when there are toxins in the body and the body does not have a way to get rid of them, it stores the fat cells. Breasts, especially large breasts, have lots of fat cells for toxin storage.
So combine bras hampering the work of the lymphatic system with breasts, with all the fat cells in the breasts being a place the body uses to store toxins, you are allowing toxins in and preventing the lymphatic system from removing them. The more you wear a bra, the more toxins are stored in the breast tissue, and the less the body is able to remove the toxins.
Perhaps some here are abhorred at the idea of taking off your breasts are too big, I already have back pain and that will make it worse, my breasts will sag, it doesn't look professional, people will stare....the excuses to keep wearing bras are endless (and there is big money in bras).
Back pain associated with large breasts is almost exclusively due to bras. The bra takes the work of the ligaments and tendons of the chest away, shifts the weight from the chest to the back, and causes the back pain. Being a large-breasted woman myself, I can tell you, large breasts do NOT cause back pain. Trying to support them with the back, shifting the load from the natural place that Mother Nature intended to take the load to the shoulders and back causes back pain.
What does it matter what other people think about you? What they think is none of your business. You would compromise your health simply because you think other people think it is a sin to not wear a bra? Is not the human body, in its natural form, beautiful? Bras cause an artificial look to the body. Breasts are NOT naturally pushed up almost the the neckline, held completely still while you walk and move around, squished together or pushed apart. Breasts naturally hang loosely and move with the flow of the body.
Breasts will NOT be pushed up high, above where they belong without a bra. And yes, at first they may sag more than you like, but that's YOUR fault, you have taken away the work of the tendons and ligaments of the chest, allowing them to be lackadaisical about their work. Once you have removed your bra and begun to go about your days allowing the free movement of your breasts, they will begin to work again. Look up exercises for enhancing breasts...they will work much better now that you no longer wear a bra.
Wearing a camisole (loose-fitting, sleeveless undergarment) gives you straps people may interpret as being bra straps and will add a layer of clothing making it less obvious you are not wearing a bra.
What is wrong with people looking at your beauty?
I CHOOSE to live a long healthy life.
I CHOOSE to allow my lymphatic system to do its job without a lot of inhibition.
What do you CHOOSE?
When the going gets tough, take a break remember to chant
Handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions, defuse and release pressure, tension and stress, and bring back peace of mind, bond with, become one with mingling, making a difference, harmonize well with defusing negative emotions. Switchphrase to help those who feel unable to live in mainstream and feeling misfit for living in current environment..

Over the weekend, there were many energy surges, and this affects our mind, so remember to neutralize the negative effects of Solar Influence, Mental Instability, EMF, non beneficial frequencies and non beneficial Spirits of Emotions, Geo-pathic stress and Astrological changes daily. The effects of all these are accumulative, and will affect you stronger if you did not do your cleaning up.

Thank you

Friday, 22 April 2016

Be Green - Be Kind to Mother Earth and You

Dark Side

ENCHANTED - give/get captivated attention

Yesterday I shared a story about school children and teachers seeing ghost in their schools. I would like to invite those who dowse to check with dowsing what is actually going on, not clean or clear the issue up but just to check what is going on there. My own dowsing results indicated that it has nothing to do with ghost, entities or demonic. So for those interested to join in this exercise please write me with your own dowsing results, we can have a discussion and sharing about it. Thank you.

Recently, there appears to be many new spiritual movement, many new teachers or Gurus are coming up with their organisations and courses to help people become better beings. As dowsers or actually anyone, you have the ability to discern truth from deceit, use your dowsing skills or muscle testing method to find out if it is beneficial to go for such courses or even listen to these people at all.

'Please balance my polarity. Thank you.'
'Please remove all  veils and deceptions for me regarding ............... Thank you.'

Using the above 2 dowsing commands before proceeding to checkout the organisation or people that seem to catch your interest in what they are offering or teaching will help you discern if it is worth your time and money.

If you are going through a rough patch, you might like to ask if any part of your life is under the influence of the dark side? The symptoms are similar to being affected by noxious rays, possession, psychic cords and can come in the form of sickness, poverty, bad luck, and again life generally going to hell.

If you have this, ask to remove all parts of the affected person from the influence of the dark side,(Counter Clockwise spin until it is done) next ask that all parts of the person previously under the dark side be transferred into the influence of the Light or God or the Great Spirit. (clockwise spin)

Sometimes when we least expect it, we may find that our loved ones are being influenced by the dark side, so you might like to check it out, even though it is not a very regular issue to find.

Thank you


Blue Goo is for defusing and removing contrary and uninvited energies from relationships. At times outside and contrary energies may enter into the space of a relationship. Use Blue Goo to surround and engulf these unwanted energies and remove them from the relationship, leaving only energies which belong in the relationship.

Please read the comments, you may find it to be interesting. Thank you. 

Sharing A Story

KOTA BARU (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Several students of a school in Kelantan, who claimed to have been possessed during a hysteria attack, said they saw a ghostly figure before passing out.
They claimed they saw an unsightly dark figure or female ghost known as pontianak before they experienced paralysis and then fainted.
Fatin Nor Atikah, 17, of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1, said she was possessed twice in the school toilets when she was in Form Three and Form Four.
During both incidents, she saw a black spectre that was hard to describe more accurately.
"The spectre was so ugly that I went into fits and felt paralysed, like I was being pinned down by an unseen force.
"In both cases, I fainted for several hours. I was later revived by an ustaz in the school,'' she said.
"The experiences had so shaken me that every time I go to the toilet, I bring a friend along.
"Otherwise I avoid going to the toilets," she added.

25 36 933 for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) Psychological Concerns In General - Anxiety and Depression - Psychiatric Imbalance Which Requires Treatment-Divine Healing Codes 
Fatin was one of the many students stricken by the hysteria that swept across a few schools in the state last week.
The mass hysteria began in SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 on April 11 that reportedly affected more than 100 students and teachers. It was so serious that the school was forced to stop classes three days later.
Eight more students at the school were stricken after prayer sessions the following Sunday.
Since then, three more schools have been affected - SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 (five girls), SMK Kemumin (20 students) and SMK Kubang Kerman 3 (eight students).
To date, more than eight ustaz, a bomoh and Islamic traditional experts have come to help. They claimed they would chase away the spirits said to be in the school compounds.
A Form Five student of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 said she was possessed after she saw a pontianak in the school toilet last Wednesday.

Fade is for defusing and releasing worries, negative emotions or anything you wish to remove from your current experience. Fade removes unwanted thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc., from your current focus.
"I could not believe what I saw, both my arms began to go numb and then my mind went blank and I was frozen on the spot," said Raja Nor Atirah Hurmaishah.
"I tried to call out for help but could not open my mouth, after that everything went dark," she said.
She described the feeling of not being able to move as weird and thanked god that "I did not jump off the school building".
"The apparition was creepy and now I avoid the toilets, preferring to ease myself at home," she said.
She added that she had nightmares over the incident and on many occasions had wanted to skip school in fear of being possessed again.
It was learnt that the administration of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 tried to nip the problem in the bud by sending affected students home immediately.
At SMK Kemumin, 20 female students from four classes went hysterical en masse and were immediately sent home.
A check at the school on Monday morning showed the students had gathered to recite religious verses. State deputy education director Jaafar Ismail declined to comment, saying that the schools should be left alone to sort out the problem.

Holy Basil is for defusing stress and fatigue. Holy Basil helps restore and balance the immune system. Holy Basil helps improve stamina, giving you a “second wind.” Holy Basil helps flush away toxic energies. Holy Basil can be useful in removing toxic energies from relationships.

Thank you for reading



SHUT – stop looking for trouble 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Water Memory and You

We are made of 70% or more out of water, and energy can be impressed on water, (watch video below) so it is important to clean up any non beneficial memories found in the water of your body.

'Please remove all the non beneficial memories from the water in my body and adjust the surface tension of the water in my body to release all non beneficial memories from the water in my body. Thank you.'

The energies are building up stronger and more frequent, yesterday and today, I pick up a few energy surges (what I call for all the energy changes happening), along with these, negative effects of EMF seem to be stronger and it seems to be coming from our hand-held devices, so please check if there are negative effects of your hand phones, tabs, PCs, etc. affecting you. I have also pick up one episode of negative effects of A/C currents, so remember to check for all these. I wonder if it has to do with electrocution of people using their hand phones while charging it.

Take care of yourself, drink plenty of water and stay cool. (mentally,and emotionally too) 

Thank you

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Energy Cell for you!

Negative energy, negative thought-forms, curses, anger, jealousy, fear all these energies can be directed at you. You can neutralize and transform these into beneficial energies for yourself or for your business. Dowsing is a wonderful tool to have, you can use it to detect energies and change the non beneficial energies that affect you into beneficial energies that enhances your life.

Lets talk a little about curses, you may find curses on the land, a person or even a family. These can result in sickness, poverty, bad luck and the symptoms are similar to having low life force and energy fields.

Curses can be place on you by anyone, all it takes is to have enough negative thoughts directed towards someone and it will result as a curse on that person. You can put a shield around yourself and your home using your intention, by imagining an energy shield around yourself and your home that will transform all negative thoughts directed at you and your home into something beneficial.

Like all non beneficial energy, you first ask your dowsing system if you have the ability to neutralize any curses that is affecting you, if yes, then ask to neutralize and remove all curses that is affecting you. If you get a no response, you can wait and ask again at a later time, or watch Raymon's You Tube video ' Blueprint for Freedom' to have them removed.

Another thing that comes to my mind now is what is called an energy cell, like a battery cell, only this one emits frequencies. You can create energy cells and place them where you want to have good frequencies like love or prosperity or harmony. So let's try this - 
'I now place an energy cell in the home of any of my blog readers who wants it, that will radiate the frequencies of Love, Peace, Harmony, Good Health, Prosperity and Freedom. This energy cell will be available for as long as my readers wants it, and is activated by reading this, and can be deactivated by the reader when it is no more required. This energy cell will work for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week as long as it is wanted. Thank you.'

I hope you will use this energy cell for your best interest and good, you can also modify the frequencies to other attributes you want or need.

Thank you


Monday, 18 April 2016

Sharing a Video

                EMBRACE – give/receive complete acceptance

Spiritual Medicine Digest

Hormone Attached Entities

Watch the above short video, it brings out some interesting topics that you might like to try out with dowsing.

Thank you


Using Mass-consciousness

PHASE – set goals, routine or pattern; improve situation

Going through some old notes that I kept on dowsing, it was very refreshing to read them again, reminds me of the times when I made them and how I apply them to help myself. Going through the notes, I have many new perspective of them now and many new ideals have come from having these new perspective. I was also humbled that I got some ideas wrong in the first place, yet my spirit guides helped me anyway.

One of the energy that we can change for ourselves daily is mass-consciousness, mass-consciousness is the combine thought-forms of the masses. This has a tremendous effect on us daily, especially when communication channels are now so advance, any news is worldwide news once uploaded onto the internet. Mass consciousness is an energy that we can change, it is also free energy given out in great amount daily, so please make good use of it.

'Scramble the frequency of all mass-consciousness working against me and transform these energies into Prosperity and Freedom for me. Thank you.'

Negative solar influences are playing havoc with our energy, and generating massive amounts of EMF that adversely affect all. Please remember to neutralize on a daily basis, and balance your polarity and magnetism.

The earthquakes are on a building up pattern and it will not be too long before a big one hits out causing widespread damage and destruction to property and people. Check for the nature spirit of the land you live on, if the nature spirit is not present, ask if they are willing to come back, if you get a 'no', ask why, the answers you get will give you a hint about what is about to happen to the area you live at.

You have the power to change your experience, through dowsing, you can change the energy, so please do so.

Thank you

Sunday, 17 April 2016

EC for Japan and Ecuador

Please remember to send your love and blessings to the people at the affected areas of Japan and Ecuador.

The energy is building up strongly and the world will experience more and more natural calamities soon, the frequency will increase for such events so we need to remember to neutralize the non beneficial energies daily. Print the above EC and help radiate the energy to the affected area, you can also create your own EC to help, remember to also contribute in a practical way too.

Thank you


Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Success Story

Sharing from Switchwords Facebook by Kat Miller

A Success Story from a friend:
Blue Iris Learning Center was blocked on my phone for few days.....and....RESTORED .....WITH Switchwords!
This is an Energy Circle she sat her phone on overnight, then got access
Energy Circle Contents and Attributes:
RESTORE-Blue Iris Learning Center-Connect-NOW.
(Restore fairness and honesty, with Blue Iris Learning Center, defuse lack of communication, act on good impulse now.)
(Stop bragging and take responsibility, eliminate remorse/desire for revenge and bury grudges, build character and stop regretting, generate, radiate and experience love and acceptance, and be at peace, and unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.)
(Bring into focus, expose and lay bare.)
Grigori Grabovoi Numbers:
Harmonize with present
Harmonize/deal with the past
Harmonize with the future.
91 - the bridge between you now and future events. When planning an event - bridge to the future with a focus on the desired event.
Absolute standard of health. Health-absolute standard to the NORM of the Creator.
Lloyd Mear Number:
Support forgiveness
10,000 Hz
general prophylaxis, beneficial
Homeopathic Vibration Rates:
Bach Flower Remedy
Positive Qualities:
Perseverance, confidence; faith to continue despite apparent setbacks.
Patterns of Imbalance:
For those who become easily discouraged by small delays or hindrances. This may cause self-doubt.
Star of Bethlehem
Bach Flower Remedy
Positive Qualities:
Bringing soothing, healing qualities, a sense of inner divinity.
Patterns of Imbalance:
For grief, trauma, loss. For the mental and emotional effect during and after a trauma.
Crab Apple
Bach Flower Remedy
Positive Qualities:
Cleansing, bringing a sense of inner purity.
Patterns of Imbalance:
For those who may feel something is not quite clean about themselves, or have a fear of being contaminated. For feelings of shame or poor self image, for example, thinking oneself not attractive for one reason or another. When necessary, may be taken to assist in detoxification, for example during a cold or while fasting.
Bach Flower Remedy
Positive Qualities:
Patience, acceptance; flowing with the pace of life and others.
Patterns of Imbalance:
For those quick in thought and action who require all things to be done without delay. They are impatient with people who are slow and often prefer to work alone.
Bach Flower Remedies listed given by Naran S Balakumar to remove blocks
Forgiveness Energy Circle: Note from Dr. Bina Bakshi: Often, despite all our efforts at submitting to them, many issues just don't seem to resolve (health, relationship, tax issue, pain, etc.). These issues crop up and stay at almost the same intensity or some desired happiness just doesn't appear in our life. That's when I developed and used the Forgiveness and Gratitude Energy Circles. The results have been stupendous and far more generic, quicker, and seemingly effortless.

(Transform thought into action, take friendly social dominance, enchant, act on good impulse now.)

Please take a look at this link below for Lloyd Mear numbers- eliminate Glyphosate-

Timeline and other energies

We are only into the 4th month of the year and I can see that there is so much changes taking place, everyday the energy is going up and down and round and around, and it is most uncomfortable for many of us. Many things are happening around the world and a few major earthquakes has already happened. The energy is on a 'building up' pattern almost similar to the year of the big earthquake in Japan, watch for the signs, animals migrating, birds falling from the sky, whales beached, earthquakes and people doing crazy things.

Yesterday, I was having a persistent cough, so I dowse to neutralize the energy that cause my coughing, after dowsing the cough stopped, then it came again, so I neutralize it again, it stopped again, then it came back. I thought about this and I ask if there is an outside source of energy that is making me cough, I was surprised that there was, so I try to track this energy, I found that it was an unknown source but I could neutralize it. I stopped coughing for the rest of the day after neutralizing the source.

This is the first time that I came across an outside source of energy (outside source = other dimension) that affect me, I did come across negative portal energy in a house before, and was able to close it. It seems that there are many inter-dimension energy that affects us from time to time, so look out for them when you feel that some kind of strange energy is affecting you. Usually dowsing is able to neutralize or remove them, but you need to detect them first, these energies are smart and not easily detectable.

Apparently, our timeline is unstable because of all the energy shifts, so sometimes you may seem to see things or even people disappear right before your eyes, and reappear again. We usually attribute this as an illusion of our mind, but I believe it is momentary shift of our timeline. Anyone who have experience with this, please share with us. Leave a comment or write me. I will post your view with your permission of course on the blog page.

Thank you


Hubristic is for defusing and releasing repeated negative patterns. Hubristic helps stop the loop of relearning the same lesson, the ego not willing to change, accept, say sorry or get rewired.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Good Luck and Bad Luck- The Choice is Yours

You can measure good luck and bad luck with dowsing, but first one thing to clarify, the absence of bad luck does not mean that you are in good luck, you need to raise your good luck level if it measures zero on the chart. You can ask if you are affected by bad luck, if you get a 'yes' then ask to what percentage does bad luck affect you. This will give you an idea of how it is affecting you, then ask to neutralize all bad luck that is affecting you, and transform the energy into good luck or prosperity or something else you want. You can raise your good luck level after you have neutralize bad luck energy. Sometimes the year's energy has an adverse effect on you, you can check this too, ask what is the effect of the energy of year 2016 upon me? If it is negative, ask to neutralize this and transform into beneficial energy.

With dowsing we can measure anything we want , it is just how you ask the questions, and sometimes asking the most direct way gives you the best answer. Your dowsing system knows you, knows every question you will ever have or will ask before you even ask the question; and your dowsing system has all the answers for you. This is a wonderful gift that you are born with, it is your birthright, there is no need to ask others how to do this and do that, you have all you need and want within yourself. Remember this when your head leaves your pillow when you wake up in the morning, the divine have already prepared everything you need for you. Live with this assurance everyday and you will experience it.

I had the good opportunity of having coffee with 2 senior 'uncles' yesterday while having my breakfast. In the mist of our conversation one them mentioned that it is the level of clarity one has and the ability to use this clarity that determines one's state of happiness. I couldn't agree with him more, and took the opportunity to introduce and invite him to read my blog, He was very pleased and surprised when he checked it out on his mobile, we had a good time exchanging views on tai chi, other martial arts and explore the connections of these arts to energy works. The 3 of us had a great time sharing and agreed to meet again another day for breakfast. I glad to reflect that I made many friends through energy works and through living the way of the wizard from time long ago.

Thank you.


Monday, 11 April 2016

High Energy Alert!

If you been wishing or manifesting something, and it seems to take a long time use the above switches to help speed up things.

The energy over the last 2 to 3 days was very high, and high levels of Geo-pathic stress, astrological influence and negative solar influences was detected. Please neutralize all of these together with the negative effects of the weather upon yourself and your family.

Please check daily for mental instability, this is going or already is a major problem, people with mental instability tend to do crazy things like setting up a bomb, so please don't take this lightly, be diligent and check regularly if you are a dowser.

You should check for stress in your body too, with all the energy changes taking place everyday, the body becomes stress easily, so transmute all stress in the body into love.

I suspect that there is more radioactive pollution than the authorities care to talk about, check with your dowsing for radioactive pollutants in your food, in the air, in the water and if present, check if it is at a safe level for your body. You can scramble the frequency and transform into pure water or some useful energy.

EMF is another issue to look at, remember to neutralize it regularly, I know that all these issues I have written about in the past, but I am feeling them now so I am putting them up again.
Take Good Care of yourself and drink plenty of water everyday.

Thank you


 LIGHT – be inspired; lighten load, mood or stress 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

A few tricks

Did anyone know that by raising the energy of the diesel or petrol in your car, it would make the fuel last longer and give your car extra power. 

Try it out, see if this works for you, from experience reported from people I have dowse for, the fuel mileage increase an impressive 40% and the car ran a lot smoother.

Shared from FB page
While helping out with some dowsing on land, I discovered a few things that are being missed.

Negative Energetic Patterns – neutralized

Geo-pathic Stress – neutralized negative effects

Nature Spirits weak – asked their energy
be raised to the highest appropriate level

Polarity out of balance – asked for it to
be brought back into balance.

Out of balance with Universe – asked for the area
to be brought back into balance & raised energy to
the highest appropriate level.

The energy was around 20,000 when I started
and close to 95,000 when I finished.

Sometimes we get caught up in the new stuff
and forget to do the basics.

Kind of like building a house with no foundation.

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, try checking the above and other basics.

There has been discussions on energy epidemics off and on in the past as to what they are and how to deal with them.

As Raymon has said many times,"Energy is always changing"

For this reason it a good idea to check the energy epidemics on occasion, especially if you feel something isn't right and can't put your finger on it.

We just had a small discussion about Nature Spirits and what would cause them to be weak or leave a area. Curses could be one reason and Greed another.

In Raymon's book "Techniques That Work For Me" on pages 8 & 9 Raymon 
discusses the Nature Spirits. Through out the book he will talk about different energy epidemics.

The purpose of this manual is to give you the power to manage energy in such a way as to benefit those to whom or situations at which you direct it. 

One point to emphasize is that we do not need complete information to solve a problem. What we do need is a willingness to do something about it. If we do nothing, nothing will happen.

 If we do something, something will probably happen. Of of my beliefs is that no act of kindness, regardless of how small, is ever wasted. 

Please try the EC below and give me your feedback later, not immediately, use the EC for a few months first. I think that there is more to neutrino effects than I know, so please use this EC and monitor the energy level of your home regularly. I suspect you will experience MAGIC!
Thank you.