Saturday, 28 March 2015

Meeting my Guru Again

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I will be attending the above talk by my Guruji, it has been a long time since I last meet him. If you are free please come join in, it is always great to meet him, the energy will uplift you to a whole new level. Tickets are still available at the venue I heard.

Thank you

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Probable Future?

For expansion of Consciousness - 188, 888, 8...9....1 (to be read with pause after last 8 and between 9 and 1)

We are now moving forward to a new consciousness and many have experience issues coming into our lives, for me it was more focus on emotions, I have no permanent solutions to offer, for myself the lesson seems to be to step aside and not get involved. Dowsing and other tools come in handy but will only work to a certain extent, if the subject you are working on would not change just leave it, surrender yourself, no amount of effort can make someone change their minds if they don't want to.

I noticed that many people have become more sensitive to the energy changes, I observed that many people are having complaints of headaches, constipation, diarrhea, lost of appetite, rashes and many other symptoms.  This may be due to in-balances cause by the energy to our energy or chakra system, Drink water, lots and lots of water is very important, with the increase of energy in our body we use up more water and need to replenish the water regularly. As the body is an electrical system and it needs water to work as a conductor for all its functions, this is why it so important to have enough water in our system.

I am thinking that within this year many people will attain an awareness of higher consciousness, many will have third eye vision opening up in them, and things will be so different from the world we know of now. If this is a possible reality, how prepared are you to accept this reality, many years ago I read a book that relates how the author's master have pass on, and came back to see him. The master told him that he is now taking charge of a 'world' where everyone had powers, no physical work needs to be done except to use their minds, everything will materialize. The master spoke of these people using mantras as weapons (mantric warfare was the words used in the book) and his work was to teach this people how to live in love and harmony. I am thinking that we are now moving very close to becoming such, what do you think?

I feel a great sense of excitement to see a world where everyone is self sufficient, happy, and in love as there never a need to worry for anything, where every desire manifest with a blink of an eye. There is no need to bother with all the mundane stuff in life. After thinking all this, the question of order comes to my mind, can everyone manifest responsibly? I don't know the answer or if an answer is needed, is there a need for order in the first place. What are your views, do you believe that we can attain such a world, and would you be happy, would you want to live in such a place?

I like to share a video below, that I find to be interesting hope you would enjoy watching.

Thank you



Monday, 23 March 2015


Combination of SW, EC and Gratitude related to being safe.

This EC is combination of GRATITUDE for being away/safe from negative thoughts, anger, hatred, a person with SW.
Write your name inside the EC with blue pen.

My Personal Experience:
A female friend of mine was calling me several times, as she wanted my company to drink with her. It was bit annoying and uncomfortable to disconnect the calls every minute. That was the moment i recalled this EC which was posted by our very own Angel Stuti Mishra Singh, without any delay i drew this EC and placed my name inside the EC and placed my friends name outside the EC - NO MORE CALLS, NO TEXT.

Divine Thanks

A few friends of mine are now very convinced of the effectiveness of EC and switch words, so how about the rest of you, did you achieve good results from using them. The above EC is great to keep out negative energies, diseases, negative people and many other stuff. Try it out for yourself. One switch word that I have found to be very handy is REACH, any time you have a problem just say REACH, and in a short while the solution will present itself. 

Thank you



This morning our first Prime Minister died at age 91, he build our country from an unknown island to a first class nation of the world. Singapore was unheard of even 20 years ago, people from other countries thought that we are located somewhere in China. Today our nation is world renown and have achieve many world first for service and excellence. I was born in the sixties and grew up with the nation, we went through thick and thin for all these years and I am proud to be a Singaporean! 

Wishing Our Founding Father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew - A Great Farewell and a Peaceful Journey Home!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Balance Within

A thought about permanence and impermanence, so what do we want?

In a conversation with a friend, he wanted to know if the frequency of a number installed on a person is permanent or not, well are we permanent or not is the question, as we are not permanent, and our body is in a constant state of change, being aware of this or not makes no difference, our body changes every day.

From this point of view, how do we expect the frequency to remain permanently installed in our body. This is why we have to constantly monitor ourselves and make adjustments, some people use a standard rule of thumb to measure everything, an example, if their reiki teacher tells them that they have to use their reiki to help people, they believe this and send energy to anyone whom they think needs it, but it not the case, sometimes the person is suffering because he or she is not picking up on a personal lesson and your sending reiki to them cause them to miss their lesson and they will have to redo it again.

In dowsing, the first protocol you set up is 'May I?',  Can I?' Should I?, and if any one question have a 'no' response you do not dowse. We may have good intentions to help people but we should always check if our good intentions are beneficial to the people we want to help. There is no hard and fast rules when we are doing energy works, but we have to be very clear of what we are doing, being radical is not equal to being reckless, check first before you administer your cure, as the old saying goes 'one man's meat is another man's poison.'

Another thing I observed in some people is the need to find some reason or cause for what they feel energetically, a friend of mine told me that he was feeling cold energy coming out from his body, then he goes on the internet to search for a reason, he came across a site that mentioned that a mini ice age is happening now, so he reasoned that this is the cause of his cold sensations.

You are what you believe yourself to be, if you want to be a monkey at least put on a monkey suit, instead of a suit and pretend to be some educated professor, a monkey will always be a monkey no matter what it put on. You got to change your mindset, if you want to change your life, don't get stuck with old paradigms and again mixed it up with all the new age stuff that is going around.

Take time to be still, feel what is going within your body and the interaction of your body and the energy that is around you. You will be able to learn much from observing energy this way, you will understand when and how the energy affects you, and if energy is coming in or going out. The saying 'Be Still and Know God' in my view is to be still and understand the energy within and around you.

The equinox is this week and the energies are building up, remember to do your balancing.

Thank you



Sharing about Energy Circles

I like to share this article about ECs with everyone, as with the last posting switch words can help us to connect to all our past experiences and bring these experiences to us for helping us to solve our problems. Switch words chant silently or aloud can transmit our intentions and help us achieve our desires. Use 'Together' with ECs the magic is put on auto mode and will work for you 24/7 without having to chant or remembering the switch word anymore.
Thank you
Alan (Together-Divine)
What are Energy Circles?
Energy Circles are one way to send remote healing energy, Switchwords, etc., to a person, place or thing, or even to yourself.
It is preferred to put no more than two or three Switchphrases in an Energy Circle and it is preferred to have no more than three Energy Circles actively sending energy to a person at one time. A Switchphrase may be one or two Switchwords, or even possibly as many as nine or ten Switchwords. More than three Switchphrases inside an Energy Circle may cause dilution of effects, and more than three Energy Circles with a person's name inside as a Requester, may again, begin to dilute effects. We have also experienced extra Energy Circles beyond three with a person's name inside causing some to be deactivated.
Energy Circles broadcast the Switchwords, etc., to a space, place, person, or whatever is added to it.
An Energy Circle with no Requester or Focus inserted will generally broadcast to the space where it is hung or set facing up.
An Energy Circle with a Requester (person who wishes to have the Energy Circle affect them) will broadcast the Subject (Switchwords, Defusing Words, Homeopathics, Numbers, etc.) to Requester, whether they are near or far.
If a Focus (additional person, place, thing to be affected by the Switchwords) is added to the Energy Circle, they too will receive the Energy Circle broadcast.
When placed inside an Energy Circle, the Switchwords are ON for broadcasting, whether they are being read or not.
Without an Energy Circle, the Switchwords are only activated when you specifically read them.
Write the Requester for the Energy Circle on a blank piece of paper.
The Requester may be a person, place or thing. The Requester is whatever is to be affected by the Switchwords, energy vial or other techniques you are putting into the Energy Circle.
Write the Subject (what you want to send remotely) below the Requester.
You can send Switchwords, Emotional Freedom files, Healing Energy Vibrations techniques, Flower Energies, etc. (If using files, techniques and/or flowers from energy vials, the appropriate vials should be set inside the Energy Circles.)
Draw a single circle around the Requester and Subject.
(Switchwords, Emotional Freedom files, Healing Energy Vibrations techniques, Flower Energies, etc.)
Make sure everything is completely within the circle, not touching or crossing the line of the circle.
If the line of the circle is touched or crossed, it may not be effective.
Be sure the circle is closed.
A closed circle means the beginning and end of the line meet or cross over each other. The circle should be one solid line, with no breaks in it. It does not need to be a perfect circle. It can be any shape you want, such as a heart, oblong, rectangle or square, so long as it is closed.
An Energy Circle does not need to be printed out.
It can simply be drawn.
An Energy Circle does not need to be round.
An Energy Circle only needs to have the beginning and end connect, and must be continuous, with no breaks in the color. An Energy Circle can be square, oval, octagonal, heart-shaped, even no really shape, as long as the beginning and end connect and there are no breaks in the color.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Secret of Perfect Living

"Your subconscious mind works twenty-four hours a day and makes provisions for your benefit, pouring all the fruit of your habitual thinking into your lap… NEVER finish a negative statement; reverse it immediately, and wonders will happen in your life."
Joseph Murphy

Over the weekend, I was reading my new book, 'The Secret of Perfect Living.' by James T. Mangan. It is a book about switchwords and how Mr. Mangan discover the use of switchwords. The first switchwords that he use was 'Together' , he explained that it a word to get the sub-conscious mind and conscious mind to work together. It is also called the Master switch word, you can just say together and the switch will turn on, like a light switch, flick on the switch and you expect the light to come on, hence the name switchwords. 
He mentioned that all the experiences that you ever need to solve every problem you encounter are all in your subconscious mind, like a factory with all the machinery that was forgotten and not put to good use. He discovered that certain words will turn on this factory in you and run all the machinery in the factory so that you can put them in to good use for yourself. The switch-word to do this is 'Together' so just try it, keep this word on your mind for today, saying it silently or out loud occasionally and see if you can feel any difference for yourself. 
(You can get the list of switch-words from
A very interesting book to read with many examples on how to use these switch-words, I found that certain switch word are more efficient for me than others, here is what I mean, the word 'COUNT' is to attract money, but it doesn't work in my case, I found that the word 'CANCEL' was more effective, not because it attracted money instead it cancels out unwanted manifesting and negative thoughts. After using 'CANCEL' things started to move along smoothly for me, and I was less bothered by unwanted issues happening for me.
Another word I like to mention is the word 'REACH', yesterday my wife was looking for some thing in our store room, it is a small room but you will never believe the mountain of stuff we have in there. As she could not locate what she wanted she called out to me to help her look for it. I did not get up from my seat but just said the word 'REACH' and was prepared to get up when she exclaimed ' I found it'. Well could it be a coincident or the power of a switch word? You try them out yourself, don't be bothered with the meaning of each word just flick it like a switch and watch the magic come.

Almost forgot here's the link for Raymon's latest newsletter-

Thank you

Together Love and Gratitude


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Thought about .....

The tiniest gesture -- a smile, a gentle look, a simple pat on the arm, a soft word -- can change a person's life. Before this very day is out, you are going to have a chance to live in that possibility. Look. Watch. See what this day brings you. And be ready. If you believe I am exaggerating about this, please know that I am not. Someone is waiting for that smile, that look, that gesture from you right now.

Take this regularly, not taking it sometimes and leaving off some. times, but each morning and each evening take this exercise regularly for six months and we will see a great deal of difference: Sitting erect, bend the head forward three times, to the back three times, to the right side three times, to the left side three times, and then circle the head each way three times. Don't hurry through with it but take the time to do it. We will get results.

Little things add up to big things, the above is a simple exercise that you can do that will improve your health if you do it regularly.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and the subject of women came up, (what else, when men get together) I had this idea of checking if women are really happy being women, I mean literally being women, I was quite surprised of the result I got from dowsing some prominent women in society, most of them are not at all happy being a women,(10-30% acceptance level) so if you are unhappy about your own gender, how are you going to be happy at all. 

I am not being chauvinistic, it is just a thought that came to me, I think everyone should be comfortable about themselves so I checked out some prominent men, the results was that they were comfortable being men. (80-90% acceptance level) 

I am not taking any stance on this, just wanted to bring some awareness to this matter, but if you want to change, try this dowsing command - 'please remove the emotions of the belief, thoughts and memories that adversely affect the acceptance of my own gender, transform these energies into the appropriate energies for my best good. Thank you.'  You can change the energy into any other energies that you think is most appropriate for you it does not have to be acceptance, as you may actually want to change your status quo.

Thank you

Love and Gratitude


Monday, 9 March 2015

Sharing some thoughts

When you are looking for perfection in everyone around, I tell you, you forget to look for the imperfection inside you. We want everybody else to be perfect. Are you perfect yourself? You have to look into that.
When you see that you are imperfect, then you will stop pointing out and get frustrated about others' imperfection. If we are frustrated about others’ imperfection, we cannot contribute to their growth, to them becoming perfect. This is our dilemma – We want others to be perfect, organizations to be perfect, nations to be perfect, people to be perfect and in this run we forget to see how we can improve ourselves. Right? So when we start looking within, a whole new dimension opens in front of us. Then you are able to educate people without getting frustrated. Then you become a good teacher, a good leader. If a leader is frustrated, what will happen?
Everybody has some flaws, and everybody has some very good points also. If you see only flaws, you will miss out on the plus points. Overnight nobody becomes perfect, so gradually people start becoming perfect and we need to encourage them to become perfect. This is a management science. How to manage yourself, your mind and how to manage your environment.

Last week there was great energy changes, many people that I know of felt some discomfort in their bodies. This time I noticed that it affected emotions quite strongly, and people lose their tempers with each other. Headaches, diarrhea, body aches are some of the common complaints too, so please neutralize and balance the energies for yourself.

Did anyone use the Energy Circles(EC)? I have been using them but with some mixed results, they do work but I guess I need to learn how to fine tuned them for specific purposes. Let me know if you have any good results from using them. Thank you.

I know that EC is just another tool for us to play with, and it is our intentions that get the job done, but it a convenient tool to have as we sometimes get quite caught up and may not be able to focus our intentions correctly. With the EC paste on the wall we can always look at it and refocus our intentions to get on the right track again. 

The other day, I met a neighbor in the lift, who was in his 70's, we talked about his health and I pointed out that I notice that he does regular exercises in the morning and is the reason for his good health, he told me that he have some pain in his knees and his exercising was only to delay the inevitable, his attitude was that he will lose his normal body functions as time goes by. I left him with his own thinking, but my own view is that we can stay strong and functional as long as we open our mind to this possibility, aging is just a concept, if man did not invent the clock or the calender, we wouldn't even know how old we are. A change of mental attitude is all it takes to stay strong and healthy, never believe that we have to grow old and feeble as we aged, just remember your thinking creates your reality, so what do you want to create for yourself? 
Thank you
Love and Gratitude

Friday, 6 March 2015

Negative Entities

Entities are actually quite a problem at present with most humans being the home for one or more. With our senses being so dull due to such crystallized astral and weak etheric bodies we can only feel the effects of the entity. Often these effects will be lack of energy, depression, anxiety and all types of other negative emotions. We assume that these emotions are our own and therefore have no idea that an entity is causing such problems. Actually the entity isn't the sole cause of the problems. To attract an entity you must first resonate with it to some degree. So you had some feelings of loneliness or whatever and so did the entity. This is what attracted it and so your initial negative emotions are amplified by the entity and it also drains your etheric energy making it harder to stay on top of such negative emotions.
An entity can only get into your energy if there is a weak spot or hole in your aura. Most people have some weak spots which become worse when under pressure or emotional stress. It is due to ego structure and astral crystallization that weak spots occur. In fact the very nature of Astral Substance attracts entities. When it comes to Astral Substance, like attracts like so you have a situation where different types of Astral Substance pool together and keep on attracting more. This is how the negative astral planes have been created, basically all the negative energies have come together to create negative dimensions of Astral Substance, usually of a very low and chaotic vibration. Intoxication by alcohol or other drugs is a common way to resonate with these negative astral planes and attract entities into your energy. In pubs and clubs you will find a strong connection to such planes and an abundance of entities looking for a potential host.

I am sharing the above because I feel the same and that is negative entities 

have increased and have become more active. I have detected more of them 

recently and they are affecting people causing them to behave abnormally,

I am unable to explain what constitute as abnormal behaviors but if you pay 

attention to the people you meet in your day you will notice something. As the 

above mentioned, you should check for holes in your energy field as these 

is where entities enter.

You can use energy testing to check for holes in you energy field, if you do not dowse. (watch video to learn about muscle testing.)

Negative entities can cause you to lose energy and over longer period of time 

you will lose life-force energy too. Life usually improve when they are removed 

and even diseases are healed just by having them removed. If you dowse, just 

ask your spirit guides to remove them, and sent them to where they are 

supposed to go. If you are not sure what to do, you can watch this video and 

have the intention that it will work for you.

Wishing everyone a Great Weekend Ahead!

Love and Gratitude


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Life vocation and Conditional Love

This morning this came to me - 'What is the effects of my current vocation in life upon me?'  Check if it is positive and to what percentage is it at? If you are not at 100% ask if it is good to raise it to 100%, or are there reasons not to, see if this make a difference in your life.

Another item is love, how much of your love for yourself is conditional? To my own surprise, I got 50%, and I found that some others get as high as 100%, this means that we have certain conditions to be met before we allow love for our self. Use this command if you want to change this-  'Transmute all conditional love for myself and others into pure love. Thank you.'

If you have any feedback on the above please drop me a comment or email, I like to know what is the outcome of doing them. Thank you.

Love and Gratitude

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


As the above poster stated, your own personal evolution is rarely convenient, I am sure you are aware of this, even for me as you have observed from my posting asking for help. Your divine nature knows what is good for you and gives you what you most need to help with your evolution to a higher consciousness. This is not always perceive by us as pleasant, in fact sometimes the best medicine is the most bitter. (chinese proverb) Although there is another best medicine and that is laughter, often we forget to laugh and also to laugh at ourselves.

Recently the energy has gone to another level, most people would probably have aches and pains, sleeplessness at night, and falling asleep in the day. Emotions are getting out of balance, and stomach upset with plenty of gas and burbling often. If you have these symptoms its alright you are just feeling the body's way of adjusting to the higher frequencies and energy, These symptoms come and go, so if it is not persistence you need not run to your nearest doctor. Try this, get some magnet and keep it on you for a few hours, you may find it helpful with relieving of these symptoms.

If you are not aware, various form of flu are killing people in various parts of the world, so please remember to balance your body's various systems regularly, note that the lungs are the organs most affected, as you might know 2 prominent people in my country are in the hospital for infection of the lungs. The lungs are represented by the element GOLD, which also represent the financial system which we all know is in a very, very sad state of affairs globally. So please also remember to balance the five elements for yourself, check occasionally your five elements, by asking to what degree is it balance, ask for each element individually and balance each to 100% balance.

Did I mentioned before that this year, the 2 directions that is affected by negative energies are the South-East, and West directions. (Feng Shui)  You can neutralize this by placing some coins at these 2 directions. Do not place crystals in these 2 direction for this year as it will amplify the negative energy, just move them away if you have any crystals place there. Here is a switch-phrase that is helpful to improve Feng Shui - TOGETHERDivineORDERCURVE  just write your address on a piece of paper with this switch phrase and circle them, stick this on your fridge or wall and you will notice the change of energy.

Thank you

Love and Gratitude



Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lost Time

Last Saturday morning, I was up and ready to go to work thinking that it was Friday, me and my wife went for breakfast and she asked me if I had to go to work, I was taken aback and told her that it was Friday of course I had to go. She inform me that it was actually Saturday and proved to me that it was, I was so surprised and checked my watch, it had stopped working. So I remembered that I bought a lottery ticket on Wednesday for the same day draw, and I took out the ticket to check the date, to my surprised it was dated for the coming Wednesday. I had unknowingly bought the ticket on Thursday thinking it was Wednesday, somehow one day sort of slipped my mind.

I wonder if anyone else was experiencing such phenomenon, our personal energies are rising and our bodies are changing along with our minds, we may come to a time where we may be able to teleport or be at two places at the same time. All these can become a reality in the near future, so it is very important to understand the energy and how it is affecting us. If you dowse you are already somewhere along these lines of thought, as you are changing energy that affects you present, past and future. Your intent is directed to do this, and if we are composed of energy then we are able to use our intent to affect our bodies in the same manner. Be open to all possibilities, anything is possible with the rapid increases and opening of many energy portals happening now.

I am unable to show you all these in writing, but if we ever meet up I will be most glad to show you the different energy changes throughout the day, you will be able to experience and see what is energy and the changes taking place every few hours. Of course if you are able to see energy , I am sure you are aware of the different shift of energy taking place daily. Even if you are unable to see the energy I am sure you can feel the changes in your body, many symptoms of these changes are quite obvious and is happening to everyone.

Take some time in your day to do some exercise and breathing, this will be a great help to adjust your body, dowse or do affirmations to bring balance and grounding for yourself and family.

Thank you.

Love and Gratitude