Monday, 30 September 2013


MORRNAH'S PRAYER (Hawaiian Shaman)
Divine creator, father, mother, son as one...If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness...Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations, and transmute these unwanted energies into pure light....And it is done.

Repeat constantly, not directed anywhere in particular, although you may offer it to the Divine, or your/others inner child. The energy and vibration of these words have the power to heal and cleanse all levels, in all directions of time and space. These are true 'words of power'. Somehow they connect with whatever needs their energy to heal,within us and others, and we do not even need to know what or how for it to be effective. Following, is another reputedly very powerful cleansing prayer. The intention is to cleanse any blocks and resistances, known and unknown, to the manifestation of our good, and to clear the way for positive inspiration and manifestation. This prayer has great healing power. In Ho'oponopono, a person assumes 100% responsibility for their reality (with NO sense of self blame). They know that what they have created, they can change, for accepting responsibility means accepting power. Nothing is ever anyone else's fault. To change experience/reality there is only ever one thing to work's self. You may direct the following prayer to your god/dess, an experience, your past lives, any part of yourself or anyone your cat, dog, or even your may not make sense to your CONSCIOUS mind, but your DEEP MIND (subconscious/super-conscious) really GETS IT. It can be instant, or a gradual process. Either way, it WORKS.
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013


I was reading a qigong book this morning, and it talked about will power coming from the kidneys, the same kidney qi also nourish the brain, it also mentioned that the soul lives in the liver(hun) and the corporeal self in the lungs. (po)

In my observations, there are two types of people with strong will power, one type with strong kidney qi and the other with weak kidney qi. How is this so, it is not right to think that if you have weak kidney qi, your will power will also be weak? We have to understand original qi to understand why this is so, original qi is the qi you are born with, it determines what is your level of qi in all your organs, it is the qi that is given to you through your mother in the womb. If your original qi is less in one of your organs, you might be born with certain birth defects, sometimes this can be corrected by medical science, but the weakness stays with you throughout your life.

After birth, you start breathing on your own, this brings in qi through the breath, and your body is maintained by qi obtained this way. Using breathing practice we can strengthen ourselves against any weakness we might have in our original qi. For those who have weak kidney qi, but seem to have strong will power, they are actually drawing qi from other organs to compensate their weak qi. After some time you will find that they show signs of this on their body. An example of this maybe they start to lose their hair, they feel that they don't remember things well, lost of sexual functions and other symptoms.

The body works on balance, any qi stronger in one organ will offset qi in other parts of the body, one prominent symptom of weak kidney qi is fear, this is manifested in who have weak kidney qi, and it spreads to all aspect of their life. Again we are talking about balance, kidney qi is considered a water element, so the body may try to compensate with metal element(lung qi), and if over a long time the body did not balance the lungs will start to become weak too. (asthma symptoms appear) The reverse is true, when an organ is too strong in qi, another organ gets hurt by the strong qi, an overpowering  liver may affect the lungs, stomach or even the kidneys, so balance is very important aspect for the body to function properly.

With the recent energy shifts, many times, our body easily goes off balance, so it is important to check if the 5 elements are balance in our body, check if our ying and yang are balance, and every organ is balance and in harmony with each other. For those wondering if spiritual practices are related to the health aspect of the body, the answer is a yes, without a body there is nothing to practice with.

If you have people who gives you problems, check if their organs are balance, sometimes correcting this balance is all it takes to make them 'nice' again.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Life Is Not Complicated

Life Is Not Complicated

Life is not complicated. It never was, and never shall be!
Life is simple, spontaneous, pristine and flowing, but that is not our experience. It appears to be quite a riddle and a juggle! Those who have practiced meditation for a long time, and have reached a state not so much of “practice,” but of “being,” tell us that all complications are our creation. We all know our happiest moments always come from the simplest things of life.
In our ego we create a myriad of complications day in and day out.
We even make our relationship with God complicated. We talk on about how God is not available to us, how God does not give us what we ask. We believe that God favors someone else because they have a new job or a new car.
How can we say that God does not talk to us, but is partial and talks to someone else? First we need to take in the fact that the God of this Universe is not out there, somewhere, but is in every cell of our body. It is nothing but a notion of our minds that God is somewhere else — in the heavens, deep in the clouds, far, far away from us — and that we need to call God to come to us, to bless us and rid us of our troubles. God is nowhere else. God is now and here. If you could squeeze all the religions of the world into one drop of wisdom, it would be: God is now and here . . . nowhere else.
The function of all religion and all spirituality is to bridge the illusory gap between the seeker and the Divine within, between the individual and the whole from which we are all inseparable.
No one creates this distance but us.
The distance, the separation between us and God, the separation between us and all of Creation, is an illusion of the mind. That illusion may be stubborn. That illusion may be convincing, but it is also the source of all human misery. The habit of dispelling the illusion each and every time it arises is a central, critically important practice of the sincere seeker.
We are the ones who make our relationship with God complicated. We ourselves create the distance of our separation. That core illusion veils our consciousness like a darkened shroud. We are also the only ones who can begin to dispel its shadow.
The human mind is conditioned by eons of inherited patterns of perception and response, by our personal, existential ethos — those sets of attitudes and beliefs that support survival in a given environment.
All of these impressions are buried deep in the multiple layers of our subconscious mind. It takes time, perseverance, faith, inordinate compassion, and commitment, to uproot and weed them all out.
Self-awareness is the ancient, meditative path to liberation.
Our minds are only marginally aware of ourselves. Through self-awareness, we collect ourselves, and return to here and now. Meditation brings us here, right now, to our experience at this instant, so that we are nowhere else.
We cannot climb a mountain to reach God. We cannot walk a hundred or even a thousand miles to reach God. We cannot go to a church, mosque, or temple to reach God. We cannot go to the forest to find God.
God can only be found in the truth of nearness. God is within us all.
This Message is available to all of us because the Truth is One. The Source is One. It is non-dual. The human excellence is that we can have Spiritual Experiences. We as humans are infinitely intelligent beyond the imaginable.
We need to make space in our mind so that the Divine can speak to us in Silence.
We must de-clutter our mind and detoxify our bodies so that God can communicate with us.
God talks to each one of us, just like the sun shines on all of us, whether we are an enlightened master, have a new house or car or not! God is always available to us, like a flowing river. It is up to all of us to go to the River and quench our thirst.
Ignorance is not only lack of knowledge, but it is to know the simple truths, yet not live them.
Ignorance is to make life complicated when it is so simple.
Spirituality and our making ourselves available to the God within is to bridge this gap and to help us live a life of less regret, moving to NO regrets.
Perseverance and trust in one’s own Self within take us to a state where despair and depression cannot reach and we are released from the fetters of karma to taste what true Freedom is!
Freedom from complications, freedom to live life inside out.
Remember, life is simple, spontaneous, pristine and flowing… 
Thank You. I Appreciate You.
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Black Magic X Spirits X Protections

A friend asked me if it is safe to visit a country well known for having black magic, he was wondering if he might pick up a curse or two, when he is there. I told him that a curse is usually directed at someone, seldom do you just pick one up walking on the street. The same goes for black magic, if you did nothing to attract this, you probably would not.

Curses, hex and spells are negative energy concentrated with focus and intent, use by someone to hurt another. It would take some time and effort to make one strong enough to cause damage to another person, so it is not likely that you will pick one up for free. 

Negative thought forms and mass consciousness is another thing altogether, they are everywhere and can influence you quite easily, if enough energy is gather in a negative though form it will have a spirit. 

He asked me what to do to, I told him that the mind can only focus on one thought at a time, if he found that he is always thinking of a negative thought, he should concentrate on focusing his mind on something. One simple thing to do is to keep counting 1 to 10, over and again for a few times and his mind would become stable again.

He then ask if being open would better serve him, smiling in my heart, another victim of too much reading I thought to myself, I told him if he open his mind to negative thought form he will soon be possessed by a spirit.
I have seen many times during my retreats, how negative spirits would come and tempt you with promises and goodies that they know you want, I have experience these many times and they can appear almost anywhere, even on the MRT(mass rapid transit). 

Share an experience with everyone, I was on the MRT one evening on the way home, I saw the spirit of a little girl, she came to me and ask if I would accept her as my daughter, knowing that I only have sons in my family, I told her that giving birth was not within my capabilities, please check with my wife and she left.

The next morning while having breakfast with my wife, she mentioned that she dreamt of a little girl who want to be our daughter, I laughed and ask what did she tell her, my wife told her that she is not going to have another baby after already having three. She told her to try with someone else, and that was the last thing she remembered about her dream.

This was not the only experience I had, there were so many, I will share one more with everyone, this one was with tree spirits. In the course of my work, there are times we had to cut down trees, in one project there was this tree, an old tree that have to be removed.

I knew that there were 5 spirits living in the tree and that they did not know how to move to a new tree. I bought 5 stalks of flowers lay them at the base of the trunk of the tree, and invited these spirits to go into the stalks of flowers, I then move them to a suitable location. 

After doing this, the next day, the tree started to wilt, a healthy tree a day before, and we had no problems cutting the tree down.

There are spirits everywhere, so do not say that you are open, you may be unknowingly inviting trouble for yourself. Yesterday I talked about having white light around us to protect ourselves, use your dowsing to check your spiritual protection level, if it is less than 100% ask the dowsing system to raise it so.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spread the Joy

Yesterday evening I met up with a friend to have coffee and do some catching up, we have not met for awhile now so there was much to talk about. When we have order our food, and started to chat, my wife called to ask where I am and could I get some things for her on the way back. After my wife hung up, his wife called him and requested that he get something for her on the way back.

We laughed and commented how our wives have psychic cords attached to us and could track us down where ever we are, well we may laugh but it is true they do have a keen sense and would know if we were not following our normal energy patterns. It is the same with mothers and their children, somehow mothers always know when their young ones misbehave.

We reminded ourselves that the next time, we should cut all psychic cords and shield ourselves with white light before we meet up. We were of course joking, but it is actually a good practice to do before you leave your home for work or run other errands. 

We met up to talk about what we had experienced lately and two key words keep jumping into our conversation, it seems both of us were having many people appearing with many little problems for us to solve, small little troublesome things, and we were wondering why. (keyword- irritating)

At the end, we concluded that we had to be firm with these people and not let their problems become ours, of course we were willing to help them on the side with dowsing but we weren't going to tell them. (keyword- firm)

With the change of energy, people have in many ways feel this, they behave strangely, old issues surface, some people become aware of issues that they previously wouldn't care about. And I guess if you seem like a confident person, people will just come to you for help and advice.(all this is happening in our workplace)

Love and forgiveness, I think these are the issues that affect us, with the rise in energy, we have to love others more, forgive ourselves and others, when we see people not behaving responsibly we have to remind ourselves that we must take responsibility, if possible gently remind these people that they can too. If someone leaves their table at a fast food place without clearing their table, walk up to them and politely invite them to do so, you will be surprise how many of them would oblige you.

It is of no use, if you sit at home to meditate and send love to the whole world and not do any thing else, the world will not change, we have to take action, talk to people, introduce them to knowledge that will be helpful for them to help themselves. Share with people what you know, teach someone how to dowse, or pray, to have a better life. 

Whatever little effort goes a long way, the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, go out today and make someone happy, it can be as little as praising the clothes he or she is wearing. The more joy you spread the more you will receive.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I Love You!

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to the radio, and the Flying Dutchman was telling Venetta Lopez to tell somebody that you love them, someone who is a stranger to you. I try it and it felt great, so for today step up to a stranger and say I love you, alright you need not verbalize it, just say it in your heart, it will still work.

On yesterday's post, we know that another gateway of energy has opened up to us, and we will have to learn to adapt to this new frequencies, have more patience with the people that are around you, you will find that they will come to you with the silliest complaints, attend to them lovingly, the energy is affecting them too.

I have come across a few things or issues that are new to me, others may know more about them, one of the thing is soul re-absorption and the other is 3D limit, my understanding of this two issues are limited so if anyone have something to share regarding these two please share with us. Thank you.

My dowsing indicates that these two subjects has to do with what is happening around the world today, all the disasters, war, and atrocities that human do to others. I don't know what impact these two issues have on an individual basis but please check for yourself and family, neutralize any or all ill effects of them upon yourself.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Kamala Logo 2
Living Presence to Presence is the glorious opportunity that is presently being made available to every soul on Earth. It is an invitation that involves your active agreement and participation. It is your alliance with your Presence that is ultimately going to take you and all of humanity into Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension. That dimension has the capacity to support both your uniqueness as an individual as well as your co-joined abilities to sustain a new Golden Age. Only your collective field of Divine Love, which is always in union with Divine Light, has the power to fully magnetize the hearts, minds and bodies of humanity into their Presence and into the 5th dimension where all of life is living in Unity Consciousness. This is what the new Golden Age is really all about.
Living Presence to Presence within your families and communities is vital so humanity can live in Unity Consciousness during your present window of opportunity. When you join together as conscious beings in Councils of Light that are dedicated to supporting the Presence of all beings, you then meet as we do within a field of Source Love and Light that is always there to support you walking the Earth as living masters.
The solar frequencies that have been coming into your realm since last December are a tremendous gift that are being given to assist each of you in burning out the last remaining fear-based thoughtforms that may still be residing within your consciousness. These limiting thoughts and feelings were established many thousands of years ago within both the 3rd and 4th dimensional domains of your consciousness. As these stored thoughts and feelings are lovingly transmuted out of the personal and collective levels of humanity’s consciousness, your Earth will have the support to start manifesting more of her higher destiny, which is to be the Heart Center of your galaxy.
Your present alignment with your Central Sun is also assisting you in merging your mind and your higher spiritual centers with your Presence. This alignment is preparing those higher spiritual centers to be educational avenues for teaching you about Golden Age living, leadership and communities.
Your thinking mind and the information that your brain is carrying needs to be fully aligned with your heart in order for you to embody your Presence. This means that your mind and your heart need to be functioning as an indivisible unit of consciousness. As this becomes a more conscious part of your everyday reality, you will move into greater contact with many dimensions that are a part of your ancient memory grid. Your stellar awareness is connected into codes of Light that are presently being awakened within your crystalline DNA. The awakening of these ancient domains of your consciousness is bringing you into a much greater alignment with levels of your being that are connected into the overall intelligence that abides within your universe.
You have many geometric keys that are encoded within your DNA that are now being opened so they can serve you in anchoring in your new Golden Age and the intelligent energy that is presently coming in from the overlighting consciousness of your Central Sun. These solar frequencies are presently being illuminated within your spiritual centers and the spiritual centers upon, within and above your Earth.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Becoming Crystalline and the Equinox Gateway - 9/22/2013

Becoming Crystalline and the Equinox Gateway - 9/22/2013
I am beginning this Note by sharing with you that being crystalline means to be crystal clear, simple (not complicated or complex), true to Self and sparkly with Soul Essence. It is to be multi-faceted/multidimensional. So rather than reading/hearing words on the surface, feel the energy beneath the surface. Otherwise, you are just complicating things for yourself and all your reading and pondering makes you denser; not lighter. Unless you feel the energy beneath the words and stop putting everyone who shares from a higher perspective on a pedestal, for we are all One, nothing changes. So, please do not pay attention to what I write here, yet do feel the energy, for in that way, the vibration weaves its way through you, clearing you and upgrading all your systems (DNA, Cells, electrical, physical, etc.). We are crystals and diamonds; multidimensional, clear and simple in our structure. Isn’t this enough or are you still in pursuit of all the “stuff” (mental, emotional or physical) out there?

Crystals are formed by density; pushing, molding, reconstructing and isn’t that exactly what we’ve been doing? The density has been molding us into clear shapes; unique to us. And we continue till we are bright and clear and wondrous. Like crystals, we each carry a particular vibration; our Soul vibration. Each of us has a unique form and essence which we then share with others in our own unique way.

Further molding and chiseling us are the cosmic events that are non-stop. Currently, we are in the Equinox Gateway/portal, which is refining our crystalline beingness. This is a continuation of the Siiran Universal Merkabah and I don’t see any end in sight for the ongoing restructuring of us. This particular Gateway, while it is a continuation, propels us further to our crystalline state of being. How can we help ourselves to flow with this energy? By simplifying our lives, seeing beyond the surface of words, people and events and by putting our attention on our own transformation; not on what others are doing or not doing. We learn a lot from our crystals; they teach us Simplicity and Clarity. They teach us that the highest desire is to evolve and share our essence. They aren’t concerned with anything but this. Can you emulate your crystals? Can you allow the density to mold you into an exquisite form that is of Source only? Will you commit to being a Source transmitter as a crystalline being?
This Equinox Gateway is for the purpose of further molding us into the beautiful crystals we are becoming. It is a further nudge (push for some) forward and thus many are experiencing intense reminders to let go of all that isn’t Love. This Gateway (it began opening and radiating Source Light at this month’s Full Moon a few days ago) is refining us further and especially has been physical for many; for our Christ Consciousness is being activated in a huge way (Crystalline=Christ Consciousnessnothing to do with Christianity by the way, for Christ Consciousness transcends all religion, which is separate by nature). The more sensitive you are, the more you’re feeling this in the physical body. And this will be different for everyone. Please do not judge this as good or bad. Whatever you are going through is uniquely designed for you. Christ Consciousness is the absolute knowing that you are Source and everything you see, do and think comes from that pure consciousness.

With this Gateway, we are splitting more and more from our old selves and what is happening in the world. So don’t judge what’s out there as good or bad; it simply is and it too is going through a transformation. In fact, being crystalline, you can see the underlying energy that is beneath all that is occurring. Can you view it dispassionately or are you caught up in it all and complaining about it (or even intending to heal or fix it)? It is your choice, of course. For me, nothing takes me from my task at hand…no-one and no event. Do you know the Truth of it all? We are moving from attachment to form to detachment and flow with essence. We are moving to the absolute knowing that all is in Divine Order. This is the result of letting go of judgment and other mental constructs, while we empower our feeling state of Being.

Each of you carries within you a particular dimension of origin. It is not about being Sirian or Pleaidian or Andromedan or Indigo or any such category. Dimension is the essence you carry; it is the essence of your Soul. When you merge with Soul, you bring forth your dimension and rise to that vibration, thus we are weaving onto Earth many high dimensional energies to form a high dimensional web of essence (beyond just the 5th Dimension). This then affects all of life helping Earth and all of life rise in vibration and Love.
Everything we have been doing is about rising in vibration and for stepping up to be more; more than we thought we were. So many want to know what their purpose is…in form. Yet purpose is more about what essence you carry and express wherever you are. This is how we evolve; this is how New Life is created…by being the high dimensional being that you are; the beautiful crystalline, Christed, Being of Love. This is our only task.

So on this Equinox, let yourself rise in vibration, let go of the past and all energies associated with it, feel more, trust, let go of control and fear, and meditate. Meditation strengthens your bond with Soul and you more easily receive and integrate the high dimensional Light that infuses you with your own dimensional Light; the essence you came here to be and share. Remember that we’re creating a New World based in essence. Much eventually may very well go by the wayside…you might find that astrology, numerology, psychic readings and even healing won’t resonate any more. Why? Because we are each our own healers and readers. We know; we heart-know. We won’t need to know the future, for we’re creating it moment by moment. We won’t have the desire to send healing to another, for we know that we’re all One and share in Love equally. There won’t be searching elsewhere for your answers, for you will cease to have questions.
For now, stay focused on becoming crystalline, simple, clear and holding your own essence to share with the world. 

Music for You

Please enjoy this music video by the Group 'Metro' (original singers -Beyond)

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Additional Information for Dowsing

Here are a few more items I found over the weekend that you might want to add to the dowsing list, most of them are one time dowse that you need to do for you and your family.

Check the compatibility of the location of your birth location. If you get less than 100% dowse 'Please raise the Energy level of my birth time and location to 100%, then raise the energy to the energy matching the best location for me to 100% compatibility. Thank you.'

You should be able to feel energize after you done the dowse, another thing is to check if you have birth trauma, if you have it dowse ' please reverse all mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and cell memories of birth trauma, transmuting their energies into 5th dimensional frequencies of Joy and Love. Thank you.'

Polluted thought forms- 'Please scramble and deactivate all polluted thought forms and adjust their frequencies to pure thought forms, remove their impact on the future. Thank you.'

Check what percentage is your heart and mind harmonized, if less than 100% 'Please bring my heart and mind into perfect harmony. Thank you.'

If you have joint pains you might want to check your Cetyl Meristolate level, if it is not at the ideal level ask to bring it 100%.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Friday, 20 September 2013

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

A Very Interesting Video! Please take a look.
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Raising Your Range of Abundance

This morning while I was having a coffee break, I was pondering about a friend who is caught up with a case of idol worship. He could not break away from the shadows of his hero, and this makes it hard for him to see some issues about himself. This lead me to think that we should always check a person up using dowsing even if this person is someone we have great respect for. After all we are humans and humans are fallible to temptations no matter how good one is.

I ask my dowsing system if people reading my blog 'check me out' and I got a 'yes', for this I am very happy as I do not want to be complacent with myself. I constantly check myself to make sure that I do not accidentally do harm to anyone.

Do not take what you read to be true always, a check with the pendulum is all it takes to discern truth from fiction. Not all the information on my blog comes from me, I share what I think are good information to my best knowledge, this may not always true for everyone. Looking on the other side someone may use all this information to take advantage of others in their life, but that's their karma not mine.

Another thing that comes to my mind is like attracts like, and who you associate with regularly is a reflection of what you are now. You can't keep company with bad people and think that you are a saint, their vibrations will eventually erode whatever goodness you have. My friend's hero has been so caught up promoting a new product to point that greed has taken over him, and of course you can expect to find greed present in my friend too.

Don't take my word for it, check it out with dowsing, the product was launch about a few months ago, so just ask the dowsing system to go back in time to before the product was launch and check the greed level of my friend and his hero, then check their greed level now. If you decided to check please give me your feedback, I appreciate it.

One more thing I like to share, ask to check what is the range of your spending capability, this is what I mean 'Is my spending range between 1 cent and a thousand dollars?' if you get a 'yes' then ask the next increase 'Is my spending range between 1 cent and ten thousand dollars?' if you get a 'yes' again ask for the next higher amount till you come to a 'no' answer.

If you are happy with the range when you get to the 'no' response, it means you are happy with what you are having now in terms of money.

If not, then ask, if this range can be increased, if you get a 'yes' then ask to increase it to the range that you are comfortable with. Do not get greedy and ask for a huge number, in the case here it has to be something your sub-conscious mind can accept first, you can later increase the range when you have achieved your first requested amount.

I hope the above will prove useful to all.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Photo: The Mind Unleashed

A Good Book - E-Squared by Pam Grout

It’s E-Squared. It’s been on the New York Times Bestseller list for 8 weeks in a row now and hundreds of fans and friends on Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are raving about it, including Dr. Wayne W. Dyer!
“I have always believed that we can direct the course of our own destiny. So I was anxious to read Pam Grout’s new book, E-Squared, and try some of the experiments showing how our thoughts create our reality.  I decided to be cute and test this power of intention by asking for something that would not likely be found in my possession. When more than one hair scrunchie showed up in my house, I had to smile.  It just validates once again one of my favorite mantras: You’ll see it when you believe it.”
—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
E-Squared Will Rock Your RealityWishes Fulfilled

E-Squared cleverly offers nine very simple experiments that will help you work in cooperation with the Universe (or your Higher Power) to attract all that you desire. And readers who are having successful results when they do these experiments just can’t keep it a secret!

Try the first experiment in E-Squared by clicking here.

The other reason for all the social hoopla around E-Squared is probably because its author Pam Grout is just like us. She gets a little miffed when one of life’s “ups” takes a downward spiral and she wants to do something about it. Or maybe she looks over at the house with the white picket fence on her block and wants to know why she isn’t living there. Then again, maybe she worries so much about the future that her negative thoughts are dive-bombing for her attention. And you know that’s not good. Especially when you’ve read all those Louise Hay books about positive thoughts and how they can create our reality.

Like many of us, Pam relies on the new revolution of self-empowerment for answers. Her bookcases are filled with Hay House books. She has read the classics, followed the authors, attended the workshops, drank the Kool-Aid.  Pam is a card-carrying member of the enlightened few, and she wants what we want—to heal our lives, experience our good now, keep our wishes fulfilled, feel the fear and do it anyway, be one of the highly effective people and run with the wolves instead of being labeled as the woman from Venus! 

But Pam did something else. She dug a little deeper to find out why—even though we all know there’s a Universe or Higher Power out there and that we have the power to create our own reality—we aren’t living the life we want. And she discovered this one itty-bitty catch: We don’t really believe it.

Could it be as simple as that? We just don’t believe in ourselves and the power that we have within us. Pam was so sure it’s true that she decided to write a book to prove it. That’s right. E-Squared will actually prove something that Louise Hay has been teaching us for years—our thoughts can create our reality.

And Pam demonstrated this proof by including nine easy experiments in E-Squared that require only a little bit of your time and a large chunk of pure faith in your beliefs.

Try the first experiment right now.

The coolest thing about E-Squared is that you don’t need to understand Quantum Physics or any of those scientific or New Age-y terms to get the life you want. Pam spells it out plain and simple. And when she adds her witty repartee, it makes the experiments so much more engaging and fun!

One savvy fan on Amazon said it best: “It’s the Law of Attraction, baby!” It’s all about focusing your thoughts and beliefs not on what you see, but on what you want to see.

It’s what Wayne Dyer has been saying all along. “You’ll see it when you believe it!”

Pam introduces us to what she fondly calls the FP, the Field of Infinite Potentiality, which she says is the blueprint that forms reality. So all you have to do is concentrate your thoughts on what you want and the FP will conform to your wishes. And Pam says the FP is dependable, predictable and available to everyone from St. Francis of Assisi to Ellen Degeneres to YOU!  Just think of it as electricity, she challenges. The power is always there whenever you need it. But it won’t work unless you plug into it.

Here’s a great example of how one of the experiments in E-Squared works: Pam says for years she hung a calendar beside her bed, plucking it down from time to time to jot down important events or to look back for the date she last cut her hair or met so-and-so or went to the dentist. One night, she grabbed the calendar a bit too eagerly and pulled out the small nail that secured it to the wall. She got down on her knees to search for it. How far can a little nail go, right? She looked and looked and looked. Apparently, that little nail had secured a Harry-Potter style invisibility cloak, because it was nowhere to be found. Sound familiar?

Pam finally concluded that she had spent enough time crawling around on her carpet and that she would just send out an intention for it to show up. She gave her FP specific instructions and a time limit. Within 24 hours.

Are you ready for what happened the following morning? When she woke up, the nail was in her hand nestled between her thumb and forefinger!

Sound too good to be true? There’s no magic or sleight of hand here. It’s just a new way to discover that the Universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating!

Challenge your own FP and see if you can manifest an unexpected gift. We’ve included Pam’s first experiment from E-Squared here. Try it now. We dare you not to get hooked on the most engaging book of the year—E-Squared!

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Spirit Guides

Yesterday after reading the newsletter, I was thinking about what was said concerning spirit guides, I ask my dowsing if we could invited different spirit guides to help us accomplish certain task that we need to. The answer was a 'yes', so I proceed to ask for the appropriate spirit guides to come assist my sons in their studies. When I was spinning my pendulum to invite them, a sort of voice told me that these spirit guides are called Study Guides, so I come to know that there are Study Guides that will assist us. 

I went on further to check if there are various other guides to help us with things we want to accomplished and another group of guides were named, Motivational Guides, so I invited them for my eldest son who needed to be motivated. Then I remembered that in an interview Raymon mentioned that when he was presented with a job that needed the expertise of a master carpenter, he invited such a Spirit Guide to help him complete the job and in good time.

The other thing, I picked up from the newsletter, was scarcity mentality and poverty mentality are different, you may not have poverty mentality but you may have scarcity mentality, so please check for both mentalities and if they are present neutralize them.

I thought I share with everyone what I picked up from the newsletter, of course please also check for X energy to see if they affect you.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Raymon's Latest Newsletter.

Raymon Grace has posted his latest newsletter and there are many interesting things you can find there, please take a look by clicking on the link below.
Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Wonderful Surprise!

Yesterday was a rather busy day for me, in the afternoon, I met up with a friend whose son was giving him some concern to worry. As we discuss his problems, I started to do some dowsing investigation in front of him. I checked the love level of his home, it was a -100 on the dowsing chart, so I asked him, is everyone in his home not talking to each other. His answer was a reluctant yes, his wife is not talking to his mother, and in turn he is not talking to his wife. Their son was a casualty of their unhappiness, he told me that his son have been keeping late night since he was young, staying away from home for as long as he can.

After hearing all of his story, I told him to join me in prayer, we prayed for healing and balance for him and his family, for love, peace and harmony, for good health, for gratitude and respect, and for prosperity and freedom. As it was time to knock off from work we both walk together to the MRT station, on the way he received a call from his tenants informing him that they have place their checks for rentals in his mailbox. (prosperity part) Later in the evening, he text me, telling me that the environment of his home has changed, for my part I went home and found on the table were bags of moon cakes and an envelope with cash, a token of appreciation, my wife informed me that a friend had drop by and gave these to us.

I wasn't expecting anything in return for the help rendered to him, but it sure feels good to be surprised once in a while. I hope that everyone is using the simple blessing prayer everyday, it certainly feels good to be blessed.

Another issue that just came to my attention after posting this morning, I found that the Spirit of Forgiveness was not in me. When I did some checking on the effect of not having the Spirit of Forgiveness, I found that it adversely affects my health and my prosperity. For those who want to, check if the Spirit of Forgiveness is present in yourself, if it isn't invite the Spirit of Forgiveness to yourself and give thanks. You may want to check if the Spirit of Forgiveness is in your life over the last few months and co-relate this to any significant happenings in your life to see if there are any adverse effects on you.

Thank You! I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumn Equinox

The upcoming Equinox is one of the key energy gateways left in 2013. This gateway is a powerful window of time when we can perceive more about ourselves and our planet. We can interact with Spirit with greater ease, learning more about how to direct our life paths.
2013 has been loaded with unusual and powerful gateways which many experience as a roller coaster ride. One day you may feel like you can do anything your heart desires and the next day you find yourself drowning in confusion, despair, or sadness. Ahh, this too shall pass.
We are being encouraged to go with the flow and learn to embrace change because huge changes are on the horizon for the next several months. Remember that we chose to be here at this most auspicious time in our galaxy's history.
Selamat Ja! Colleen

The Autumn Equinox is celebrated from 20 - 22 September 2013.
It is suggested for spiritual seekers to do ceremony, prayers and meditation during these days.
Gather in your own spiritual community of human tribes if you belong to one.
Otherwise, you can do it on your own in the quiet of your home.
Those who have some familiarity with Native American teachings 
will know the power of the Medicine Wheel.
It is not a Medicine Wheel per se but covers the entire human nature, 
life cycle and including healing the body, mind and spirit. 
The above circle with four-color quadrants provide a gist 
of the Medicine Wheel (do read them). As there are many Indian tribes,
the four colors to represent each direction may vary with each tribe 
in case you wonder what are actually the right colors for the directions.        
In life, it is always most appropriate to go with the flow of nature
instead of against it, as this will bring more balance and harmony.
That is why it is important to stay centered in your heart
and also be fully grounded with Mother Earth.
I agree that we are living in the most exciting and auspicious time of planet Earth,
and believed many of you have been experiencing roller coaster rides in your life.
So long you have the right understanding and always be mindful
 to live from your heart
and not your ego mind,
you will be in safe hands of the Divine,
according to your belief system. 
Thank You!
I Appreciate You!
Best Wishes to All.
Always Better and Better.