Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Sometimes we think too much, we are faced with a situation and usually we will draw upon previous experiences to solve the present situation. Our bodies also does the same thing, any experience that were previously unpleasant will trigger the body with a reaction when the same experience presents itself. This is also true for good experiences, the body remembers and when you revisit such good experience all the pleasant feelings come back.

This is a protective mechanism built into our body system, and is controlled by the brain, the brain rely on the senses to make decisions such as flight or fight, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. However the brain sometimes get lazy and rely on the senses without checking the information received. The brain does not check all relevant information receive even if there are missing pieces of information it will assume it to be the same.

The brain fills in any gap with information from its data bank, this is how the brain make sure that you don't get disoriented by missing information. When you are receiving information from the divine source, it is important to know that the divine uses words and information from your data bank to get the message across to you. However some information are beyond human vocabulary, and this is when your brain steps in to try to make sense of the message. This sometimes creates a distortion when the brain try to make sense of the message by referring to data, in the memory or with experiences the brain thinks is similar.

It is better to totally let go, let the message reveal it meaning to you slowly, sit on it for a while, don't react. The divine will notify you again if you don't act on the message, this time with more clarity.

Everyone is different, each of us respond to messages differently, divine messages are downloaded to everyone every day and every moment, It is a matter of being able to receive them, and to be able to make good use of them. Do not use the earthly knowledge to understand these downloads, let it dawn on you.

One of the reason that may cause us to not understand these downloads is resistance within ourselves, so check if you have any resistant energy pattern that prevents you from receiving. ( This can be apply to other issues too, example- prosperity. ) Dowsing is a wonderful tool to have, it can help us clear the veils and deceptions that keeps us within the matrix. By clearing them, you get to see a glimpse of light, that will lead you to the Divine.

Stop judging if this is right or wrong, drop all religious notion you have, the Divine has no name or gender, it all at once, everything is made from and by the divine, so every name belongs to the divine, male and female both belongs to the divine. Your family squabbles belong to the divine, your loved ones belong to the divine, your hangups, your fears, your likes and dislikes all belong to the divine, you belong to the divine. Surrender to the divine, let the divine lead you, take care of you, give you all your needs and wants. Let go of all your resistance,your past and accept whatever is now.

There are people who tell me that I write or post so many different subjects and so many different methods, one day its numbers, one day its switchwords, one day is dowsing and so on.  They say it is better to be consistent and focus on just one particular subject. My view is that there are so many types of people on our world, each is different and have different needs, so each method I share may not resonate with you but it might help another. I was surprised they actually stop reading the blog because they felt uncomfortable. I wish that they would accept everything, because accepting one more method is also one less resistance within themselves. I see it as if they are rejecting money that I am giving out for free.

Thank you


Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Changing Energies

I was away in Taiwan for a short holiday, the energies affected many people, I know this from the number of texts I received while I was over there. Even my sons had an incident at home, I had to call my mother to help sort out the matter.

This short holiday helped me recharge and also have a fresh perspective of what I should be doing over the next few years.

If you have the opportunity to upgrade your energy, get above your present energy baseline please quickly do so, use your dowsing to ask how you can reach a higher level. The energies are moving faster now, it is going to get harder to catch up with the changes soon. It affects our mind and body, so we may not be able to even cope, we may just snap and lose all control over our mental faculty.

I have no basis to prove the above, it is just a gut feeling, I hope that I am wrong and everything is fine. Frankly I am feeling all sorts of  things, maybe it is all just 'Maya'  and there is really nothing going on. (you may want to read the following newsletter from Raymon's archive )

Below is a list of issues that might affect you, use the numbers given or use your dowsing to neutralize each list ( you need not check one by one ) for yourself and family.

Thank you


This is a Harmonic from the Quantum K Healing Manual

This is to deal with Invasive Energies.
The list is endless and if you only know what those energies are and the way they enter and cause havoc, you will wake up from your sleep and write this number on your body or write it on your water vessels...How ever you wish to work with it.People! it's important!

The ways into Energy Field are through

Physical doorways

Objects House
Loved ones Previous partners
Water supply Geographic stress
Alien Implants Medical implants
Organ transplant Organ given
Electronic devices Jewellery
Photographs Pets
Earth grid points Earth or nature
Operation scars Old injuries
Blood transfusion
Piercing / Tattoo

Energetic doorways
Other attachments
Black hole
Sabotage Loved ones
DNA, i.e. quantum level
Fertile period in cycle
White blood cell creation
Red blood cell creation
Zona Pellucida
Reaching sexual maturity
Through lineage
Soul loss
Sexual union

Temporal doorways

Past life
Present life
In Utero.
Future life
Concurrent life
Transition-death or birth

Rights of Access to Energy Field.
Curses made/received Blackmail made/received
Sexual activity
Bad contract made
Contracts broken
Violence victim
Violence perpetrator
Religious fear of evil Pre life contract
Issue with energy itself
Bigamy / Adultery
Occult practice
Rejection of the Light
Judgement of others

Please use it!

367 578 989 999 to deal with Invasive Energies
Quantum K Harmonics

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


When I was with my yoga Master, I listen to every talk he ever gave, follow all the programs available, and whenever he is near I would be there. I never ask him any questions or had the need to do so. Every course I attend I gain something inside of me, I open up to many new possibilities, and gain much insight into myself.

There is no hurry, all that you need is within you, and the Master is there to guide you, even if you are not aware of his pressence. His grace is always there blessing you, taking you beyond your comfort zone, so that you can grow. Your own mind is the key that release yourself from the bondage you happily stay within. 

The Master needs nothing from you, but gives you everything that you need, even when you have not ask, the Master has already prepared everything for you. All you need to do is relax, be in the present moment. The slowest way is the fastest, you are already at home, you can get out of the car in the garage. We are all on an Omni-train with only one destination, so relax, put down your luggage, enjoy the ride, take in the scenery. You cannot miss your destination.

Many people imagined that enlightenment is all light and magic, it is actually boring, once you know that there is nothing you want, you will have to learn to re-engage with the world and move in it with a whole new mind. You have give up all you previously think was right and base your actions from an energetic viewpoint.

You need not plan like you previously do, you see it as complete whatever you want to have or achieve. You need not go through the mind game you played before, all there is to do, is know that everything happens with energy and your intent. Let go all that you hold so tightly, even your body. 

Someone propose that we set up a website to offer energy products and services, together with motivational classes to help people that need them. It was suggested that professional service of a web master be used to get the site up, so that when people google it will be on the first page of the search. Last night I was thinking about it and did a search on google under dowsing, and I found my blog on the first search page. 

I had dowse as Raymon has taught, to raise the appeal level of my blog to 100% and also the level of visibility to 100% regularly, and my blog appear on the first page search. I do agree that I need a web master to handle the technical aspect of our website, to set up the payment modes and other technical stuff. I am sure it will be done when the intent has been set and the required energy been focused on the project. The right people will appear to assist in the process.

Just relax, whatever you need has been prepared for you, open your heart and receive.

Thank you


Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Miasms are energetic forces or entities disseminated at all levels in the universe (mainly in the Etheric Subtle Body) predisposing to illnesses, misfortune and tragedies (Richard Gerber in "Vibrational Medicine" p 260, Alice Bailey in "Esoteric Healing", David Tansley in "Chakras, Rays & Radionics p 15"). Dr Tansley wrote:
"Any practitioner who is focused in his or her Astral Body and works through the Solar Plexus is heading for trouble. Focus on these lower levels means exposure to many destructive energies especially doing work at a distance. It is essential to disassociate the Astral and Etheric auras from the field of work and to be focused in the Head Chakra and on the Mental Plane at the higher levels".
Unfortunately many practitioners are unable to heed this advice since they often die prematurely of the same conditions that they specialize in treating. Many other healing practitioners and psychics have encountered unfortunate fates related to financial, health, legal, relationship or other issues. (Wear unbroken violet around your wrists while working with energy to keep yourself separate.) Homeopathic Vibration Rate (HVR) - Miasm

Archangel Michael, The Final Phase of Human 5D Ascension

Higher Self 

According to the above video, the third dimension energy will end on the 7 of September 2016, and earth is now in the fifth dimension. I not sure how it is going to translate to your reality, but for me this morning I was tearing all the way to work. I could feel a different energy all around. I know for sure it has affected some people close to me. 
There is an upgrade for everyone, so hold on to your seats, and move into the new you, the change will continue at a much faster pace from now. You are responsible for all that you manifest for yourself so be extremely careful, become aware, in fact awareness within yourself is now in full blossom. Be Silent, in the heart, listen first always, stop thinking with the mind instead use the heart. Let your heart be like the ocean, and just like the ocean, the waves are all on the surface only, deep down it is peaceful. The heart is strong, it has enormous amount of love power, use as much as you want. Love yourself as much as you love others, don't hold back. Choose love over prudence always in everything you do.

I am sure many can feel the energy is different today!

Thank you


Monday, 5 September 2016

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

Everything in the world is changing. Has changed, will change in the future.
And you are going to drop your own body which you love so much.
And when you exit, you see it’s like waste material. No one would like to get into it again .
Such is the truth of life.
Everything is going to disappear.
You create your people.
You create your world.
You may say this is exaggeration, but I tell you this is true.
Life is very short. Time is running out. In this short period of time, why be bothered by others or bother others ourselves?
Look at your life now through a broader vision, a wide-angle lens. Then you'll see that life rises in waves of beauty.
~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
寿命很短。 时间不多了。在这短短的时间内,为什么被别人困扰或自己去麻烦别人呢?

Friday, 2 September 2016

Roller Coaster

Sometimes when we take on a healing project, it seem quite simple, remove symptoms, adjust energy fields, balance whatever that is out and it should be all there is to do. But this is not always the case, and as you get better with the level you are working on, suddenly a whole new level is presented to you.

Your project now keeps coming back, and wants to learn to be a healer too, then after some time your project is able to do healing for others, now you are presented with the task of upgrading their level, You are told that by just being yourself, you will be able to achieve your task. This turn out well and your project is now able to enjoy a high level of consciousness. Then you are told to make them a God, use yourself as a tool to accomplish this. It gets harder and harder as the level becomes higher each time.

There is no manual, no methods to follow, you have to improvise on the way. Now you are given several new projects to do, with various degrees of difficulty, all at the same time. The existing ones gets harder, you have to give more of yourself, to keep up. All seem to be overwhelming, and your methods gets more innovative and even seem illogical to yourself. I'm wondering what is really going on.

But your project keep showing improvement, you are encouraged, you go for more, you feel you are able to bring them to whole new level of mind. All too soon you realized, only the divine has the final say on how things are going to be. It is fun anyway, just follow your heart, you will meet many wonderful people along the way. You may even find someone who really love you for being who you are.

The process is always changing and we are coming to a time when the total consciousness of humanity is reaching a new dimension. Enjoy your journey, whatever level you may be at, and where ever you may be. Things will seem weird at times, seem unacceptable, just drop the resistance and just do it. The understanding will come later, be it what you think or not but the very least you break away from the old paradigm you are holding. Drop all judgement, God does not judge, if it is so, we will all not be able to face him. He is love, loving always.

Thank you


Thursday, 1 September 2016


There is a lot to know about prana. The breath is connected to neuro-physiology. When the left nostril is dominating, the right side of the brain is active. When the right nostril is functioning, the left side of the brain (logic, thinking and understanding) is active. When the breath predominantly goes in and out through the right nostril and very little through the left nostril, is when knowledge permeates. When the breath predominately goes in and out through the left nostril, you listen and enjoy without understanding the knowledge, like it is music. When the breath flows equally through both nostrils, meditation and prayer happen. Or nothing happens.
If you come to meet a guru, or pass by a temple, a church, a place of worship or spiritual activity, you will find both nostrils are equally functioning.
Prana, or life force, moves through the nostrils where there are three nadis. The sun nadi is the right nostril. The moon nadi is the left nostril. The fire nadi is in-between both. This is known as the Sushumna nadi. We are living in an ocean of prana. Prana and Truth, or consciousness, is the prana of prana. 
The five types of prana in the body are Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana.
Prana is the energy in the upper part of the body, in the region above the heart. If prana is too high or is imbalanced you cannot sleep.
Apana Vayu is the energy in the lower part of the body. If Apana is too high, then you feel lethargic, sleepy, and dull.
Samana Vayu is in the stomach region, it aids digestion.
Udana Vayu is in the upper chest and throat region, it is responsible for emotions. If Udana Vayu is imbalanced, you have no emotions, you become like a stone or you become so mushy-mushy and weak.
Vyana is all over the body, it is responsible for movements in the joints, the circulation in the body. If Vyana Prana is disturbed, then the circulatory system is disturbed, your joints are not flexible, there are aches and pains.
Panch Prana, the five different types of prana are present in everybody, and different pranas dominates at different times. The imbalances in the pranas are corrected during Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya.
To understand prana takes a long time.There are 172,000 nadis or prana channels which function in our body.
The breath changes with every action, and certain prana functions at certain times.The Vedas teach us that the metabolism of your body is twice when you are breathing through the right nostril than it is when breathing through the left. Following this, when the left nostril is functioning, it is a good time to drink; when the right is functioning, then it is a good time to eat. If you do the reverse, then within six months time you may fall sick. Ayurveda also says that you should not eat and drink at the same time, and when you do eat you should leave a gap of half an hour to an hour before drinking. The nadis, the breath, changes every hour. Similarly, prana changes, the energy in the world changes, all the time.
Thank you

15 seconds

I want to share a little story with you. There was an executive who said that he was very upset with his boss. So he wrote a very nasty letter to his own boss. He signed it and decided to send it out after his meeting with me.
When he mentioned this to me, I gave him this idea, that before signing any important paper, take a 15 seconds gap and just be still and reflect. So he did it, and he later said, “Gurudev, I did not send that letter that I had written, and it saved me a lot of embarrassment. And it saved my job as well”.

Taking that little time, that 15 seconds gap, can make a big difference. You can do this several times during the course of the day.

As children, we used to play this game called ‘Statue’. We would be running and playing and someone would say, ‘Statue’, and we had to stand still. Have you played this game? This is one of the brilliant things to do to bring the mind to the present moment. And of course, meditation is very important. A few minutes of meditation keeps your mind like a clean slate to take on new load of work.

Thank you