Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sharing An Inspirational Story

Sharing this wonderful story with everyone

8 years ago I was diagnosed with a Basal Cell cancer on the side of my nose. I made the rounds as everyone does....dermatologist, neurologist, oncologist, dental surgeon as it encompassed the roof of my mouth. Over the course of 17 months, I was to talk to people all over world. I went to Duke and saw Dr Michael Zen, Microscopic surgeon. He told me he was going to remove at least half of my nose, use my forehead as a graft site, and make me a new nose with my forehead. It would take minimum of 5 surgeries over the course of 8 months. I would then have to go back to surgery to have my new face sanded, until the scars quit forming. He could not tell me how long that would be. "Theres nothing else you can do?".....I asked. "You want a haircut you come to a barber" was his reply. I started on Curaderm straight away. An illegal cancer cream also known as BEC-5, that is totally organic made from eggplant.

During this time, my good friend James Sullivan had heard of Raymon and had gone to one of his classes. He had Raymon treat a bottle of regular water and brought it to me. He also brought the DVD's and we watched them together. To say I was amazed is really a weak statement. I started putting a small amount of Raymon water on a cotton ball at night and applying it to the cancer. I went to sleep with it lying on my face, no tape and just let it fall off whenever I turned throughout the night, but it stayed in the bed with me every night. James and I had done what Raymon said to do, hold the water bottle, bless the water, ask it to take away the cancer and thank it for doing the job. Pure gratitude. During this time I ordered Raymons DVD's and watched/listened over and over until I got it right. I took my pendulum with me everywhere. It stayed in my pocket and at night it layed beside the bed nearest my face. Finally, since I am a nurse, my boss and others began to ask me to have radiation because I had been doing my own treatment for 17 months and I had an open wound on my face with a bandage every day.. I went to a radiologist, because folks, when the cancer leaves, you have no way of knowing it!!! It doesnt say goodbye so you have to do whatever you think you have to do. I went to Dr Sailer in Cary, and he looked at the original biopsy, and made my shields and radiation was started. After a few treatments, Dr Sailer came in because the tech went to get him. She had noticed that I was bleeding. Doc said, "Cancer doesnt bleed" That was when I realized the cancer was gone and I was done.

Just to add.....this is a fairly common cancer. This surgery that Dr Zen was talking about had been done several times in this country. If you google such you can see the surgery they had planned for me. As a man, scars on your face may be really cool. But women dont think that way. Shortly after all this went on one of my doctors called to say his wife had the same and asked me what I ended up doing. I told him and I never asked him what they actually did. This surgery was going to costs over 200k, in just what could be estimated in the beginning. Theres no telling what the actual cost would have been. I asked Dr Zen if he had ever done the surgery and he had not. I was scared.

 I now have an office of my own. I do what I call alternative healing. I only see very sick patients. I dont have enough business to pay the bills. My goal is to educate and assist anyone who has had a severe diagnosis and does not believe the doctors. Our system is so abused by the medical community that no one knows what is the truth. Use your pendulum and you will know the truth. Learn as much as you can from Raymon and ask the pendulum before you make decisions and as you begin to know your pendulum better, I promise you if done with clarity, love and gratitude, your pendulum will never lie to you.

This is a very long and complicated story with this writing only being a mere fraction of the whole. I would like to ask that everyone increase the vibration of your home to make it happier and healthier. Do this with the chart the way Raymon taught us all to do it. And like Raymon says, you take a bath every day. Check on the vibration, (energy) of your home at least twice a week. Bad energy in your home can allow untoward things to happen to the occupants. I want everyone to stay as healthy as they possibly can so that you do not have to be victimized in our medical system.

 I tell this story with gratitude for the ones that asked to hear it and I apologize that it has been this long. I am also grateful for this site, a place we can come together and discuss the truth about what we do and who we are. I lovingly ask if there is anything I may do for anyone, you only need to let me know.

By: Sam Baty-Wright

Thank you

Empower Yourself through Dowsing

Yesterday I was with someone who had just started to take up dowsing seriously. We went through some questions and how to check them using various scales or dowsing charts. One thing I noticed was the confidence in dowsing was weak, when she had to ask questions that is related to herself. She seem to be reluctant to know the answers that might show up.

In view of the above, lets go through some dowsing basic, first thing when we dowse we should not be emotionally involve with the outcome. If you have a problem, then there is no point dowsing at all, ask a buddy dowser friend to help you out. If you can't find someone, then you have to solve your problem yourself.There are 2 ways to solve your problem, first way is to get a new problem, it is called displacement. The second way is easier, that is make your problem OK. When you accept the problem, it takes the sting out of the problem. 

Perception, when you first come across dowsing, most likely you saw someone use a dowsing tool, and you got curious. You wonder what is this person doing, why is the dowsing tool moving, and did the tool moved by it own power, sure looks that way. Then someone handed you the dowsing tool, and with some simple instructions, you could move the dowsing tool too. You then proceed to buy your own dowsing tool or make one yourself. 

You begin to be more curious with what you can do with this new tool, you find out that you could get answers to any question you can ever ask, as long as you word the question correctly because the dowsing tool can only give you 2 kind of answer, yes or no. All questions are worded so as to be answer with a yes or a no. An example - 'Is there negative energy affecting me?'  your dowsing tool will indicate a yes or a no, this gives you information so as to take further action on it. (Refer to earlier posting on how to dowse) 

Next you were introduce to a dowsing chart, or a scale, and told that your dowsing tool can point to the chart and indicate a reading. Now you have something to take readings from. You can tell by using the chart, how high your energy level is. You can measure distance, time, quantity and almost anything you want. All you have to do is to first determine the values of something you want to measure.

At this stage, for myself, there was no holding back, I ask and check everything I can think off, I searched the libraries, second hand bookstores for any dowsing books I can lay my hands on. I google and search the internet for dowsing knowledge to pick up and improve my dowsing skills. And I was dowsing most of my waking hours. 

I learned that you can check if someone is compatible to you or not, change energy to work favorably for you, remove bad habits, mentalities and so many other things. I always had this habit of reversing what I learned to see if it works or expanding the parameters of a dowsing command to see how far I can go with it. I give you an example, I tried to see if I could use dowsing to cause harm to someone, and I found that I couldn't, so how about causing the person so much good that it gives them problems. Yes, you can change things around, it takes imagination but you definitely can give people problems by intending good. 

Another thing I learn is to be patient, all dowsing you do works, this is truth. You may not see the results immediately but the results will be achieved. Being impatient, I would dowse several times a day for something so that I see some kind results, but when it finally manifest for me, I was overwhelm by the results and had to adjust the energy again to reduce the impact. It is important to be patient and wait for the energy to work.  

You can use dowsing to install energy to anywhere you want, you can also pick up different energies and sent them to somewhere for a specified length of time and specified strength level too. (or appropriate energy level) You can infuse energy into something or someone to help healing, for example -Infuse the flower of life energy into every cell of (name) body. 

There is no limit to what you can intend, just use your imagination, you will realize that you are very powerful because you learned to dowse. Dowsing can make all aspects of your life smoother and more successful. Don't be a victim anymore, you have the power to change your world and the whole world too.

Thank you

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Undo yourself

Sometimes we ask God to give us a spiritual path, and we start walking down this path thinking that it will be easy and smooth, we take up one practice after another, looking for something that feels right.

When we do find one modality that feels good we should stay on and practice for some time, there is a learning curve, so do not just learn a method and then leave the next day.

Part of the learning is to be with the organisation that is teaching the method, it is also a way of giving back if you feel that the method is good for you. All organisation will have problems, even spiritual ones. This is the best place to put what you learn into practice.

People can have divine experiences, sometimes these experiences come in time when they are facing tough challenges in their lives. It is great to come face to face with God, talk to God in person, and sharing your life with him.

Most people who had such experiences, experience a change, a metamorphosis, and most are able to use their experience to benefit others. Sadly there are a few who just stay where they are, hiding behind their their fears, using their experience as a way of feeling special about themselves. They are saying that they can take their time, do a little of this and that.

It is sad that they don't realize that there isn't much time, because God maybe closing down the school, stop idling now. Look around, people are killing each other, global warming is causing floods and playing havoc with the world's weather, this in turn will have an adverse on our food source. Pollution, radiation, hunger, diseases, terrorism, earthquakes are happening and killing people everyday. Do you really need the fire to burn your a** before you will decide to do something about it.

I think we should all take up some responsibility, pick up things quickly, and start contributing. I would not know if I would be around tomorrow, nobody can be sure too. Death comes to all, young and old, healthy and sickly, rich and poor, any day and at any time, so do you think you have the luxury of waiting.

My Guru when asked ' how to stop suffering in one's life?', his answer was to go out and do some service for others, when you are able to do service, it means that some people are worse off then you are, so you are fortunate to be able to help them, and you will be busy, so your monkey mind will not have time to jump around thinking all kinds of non beneficial thoughts. 

There is going to be a change coming very soon, don't miss it. 

Thank you


Monday, 25 July 2016

Checking the Energy

QUESTION: just wanting to see if anybody is having the same experience as me. it has happened about 6 times. I was talking to someone and out of the left eye I see flashes of light. seems like it has mostly happened when i was talking on the phone. and always to the left. it feels like someone has opened a door and the light from outside is blinding. but just in flashes?????


I have it all the time now. Don;t remember when and how it started, but now even when i go to sleep and close my eyes , i see flashes of light from the corner of my right eye.Also some sounds in my ears..

i see sparks of light which i recognize as my angels. and a deal that looks like a bolt of lightning that i know is AA Gabriel. this has just been happening a few weeks

 This is incredible! I saw little flashes of light the other night-middle of the night when I awoke and couldn't sleep. Then again today at one point. I questioned what it was at first, my imagination or real at first then instinctively knew it was something trying to communicate with me!

Seriously! This just happened to me for the first time less than a half hour ago. I just decided to say hello and return to what I was doing. I thought it was just some bit of imagination afterward, but I know it wasn't.

 I STARTED seeing sparks of light some 30 years ago. i always have a light in the bathroom but would see sparks of light when i went down the hall and in the bedroom. told a psychic friend and he said Janice that is your angels talk to them. so i did they talk back.

 I see sparkles all the time as well. Just like little small flashes of light, most the time when I'm by myself but every now and then when I'm talking to someone. I always just thought it was my guides letting me know they were there

 I've been seeing a big purple orb... Like the size of a pizza ... Just a quick flash and then it's gone

Mine are mostly blue, but did see some green, red and purple too. sometimes a bunch come together, one right after another.

The above was a question posted on a Facebook group and the replies it received, there were more replies but I am sure the above is sufficient to bring the point across. I have posted about the same thing before and thought I was going crazy, here is evidence that I am not alone in observing these lights.

There has been many cases of killings recently, today in Japan a man killed 19 and wounded 200 with a knife. I have written about checking the energy level of your surrounding area, and raising the energy for your places of visit before you set out. Be alert to the changes in energy level, as the cosmic energy, solar energy are negatively influencing the minds of people. 

This morning I decided to remove all the negative energies and other negative stuff from the surrounding areas around my home, my workplace, the places of visits for my family members. I could see a change in the energy fields and the places looks much brighter. 

You might also check if your frequency and tones are in balance and harmony- ask to what degree are the frequency and tones of my body, mind, and spirit harmonized? Please bring the frequency and tones of my body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony.

Am I in balance with Earth's energy, Universal energy, Cosmic energy and Galactic energy? Please bring me into balance with Earth's energy, Universal energy, Cosmic energy and Galactic energy.

Some people are sensitive to these energy changes and could feel a headache, sleepiness, anger, hunger pangs and so on, these are some of the signs to look out for that indicate that the energy is changing and please take a check for negative probabilities that might happen then visit your nearest fast food store for burgers and coffee.

Thank you

Sunday, 24 July 2016


We are approaching September, the month with the highest average energy for the year 2016, many atrocities have been happening around the world, natural disasters have been reported in News around the world. With the high energy of September together with the Autumn solstice, we will be seeing much more action around the world. Please remember to do your cleaning and do some cleaning for the world too. Say a prayer or blessing for Love, Peace and Harmony for our world, for all the people around the world. You are powerful beings, you have the power to change the energy, do a little 'Random Act of Kindness' for the world, for without the world you got no where to go.

'I'm sorry', 'Please forgive me.', 'Thank you.', 'I love you.', these four phrases can clean anything, use them.

Recently I was asked to do a healing for a young girl, she was having pain at her lower back, and other parts of her body. The doctors thought it was cancer at first, but test came out negative for cancer, so they did an MRI, and found white stuff at the areas she felt pain.

When I went to meet her, I saw that she had negative entities in her body, they were the cause of her pain, so I removed them and balance her body, chakras, body chemistry and a couple of other things. I taught her a Taoist qigong method and ask her to do affirmations, then I cleared her parents and their home. Her father was in the Airlines and I could see that he has bought home many articles from his travels. He has also bought home some undesirable elements too, I cleaned all these up and place an energy cell in the house to protect them. It is important to clean items you bring back from overseas, and also to regularly clean the ones already in the home.

A simple soaking of sea salt in water, and then placing the item under the sun for an hour will clean up most negative energy found in these items. If you have crystals, it is advisable to do the same for them at least once a month. Some people love to collect weird stuff from their travels, but have no idea that such stuff can carry real bad energy in them. Best avoid them, or learn how to deal with them.

Thank you

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

On the Polarity of Cats

Most people are of the opinion that cats enjoy negative vibrations. It is affirmed (in books, articles, lectures and workshops) that a cat will happily settle in a spot that other animals shun, and will come to no harm there. Only this cat didn’t agree. He liked to visit me in the afternoons, sprinting over the garden and jumping up to the ground-floor windowsill of my study-cum-bedroom. 

Time after time I would pull the basket chair close to the radiator, put a cushion on the chair and place the cat on the cushion. But he would never stay there, always moving to the bed, in the colder half of the room. 

Eventually I dowsed the spot beside the radiator. It was negative. I changed it to positive with a piece of amethyst. Next time the cat came visiting, I put him back on the cushion on the chair beside the radiator. He turned round a few times, then settled down and went to sleep. 

Obviously some cats liked negative energy and others didn’t. No explanation for this sprang to mind, so I more or less forgot the matter. Then some friends asked me to look after their house and two cats while they were on holiday. I noticed that these charming tabbies liked sitting in one particular corner of a certain armchair. It dowsed as strongly negative. 

And Maud and Minou had been spayed, whereas Visitor (now deceased) had been an entire male.

When dowsed, Maud and Minou turned out to have reversed polarity: right paw negative, left paw positive. This was true at all times of day except after meals, when for a short time their polarity was neutral, or weakly positive, before reversing again. 

Over the next week or two I visited, or waylaid various cats with pendulum in hand, and a definite pattern emerged: • Four neutered cats (two male, two female) and two neutered dogs all had reversed polarity. • Six entire cats (four female, one male, one undetermined) all had positive polarity. • All the neutered cats liked sitting on negative spots, and fled from positive ones. • The two entire cats, for whom the matter could be checked, liked sitting on positive spots. I wondered whether the reversed polarity could be corrected, perhaps with gold or diamond (corresponding in Lethbridge’s system to the female and male principles respectively), and started experimenting with a gold chain and a diamond-studded locket. 

Results were as follows: • Gold will change a neutered female’s polarity from negative to positive. • Gold will change a neutered male’s polarity from negative to neutral. • Diamond will change a neutered male’s polarity from negative to positive. 

There are obvious implications here for the de-raying of geopathically stressed homes. If a negative line or spot is changed to positive, it will be harmful to any neutered animal in the house. So it would seem best to make it neutral. Unless, of course, it is possible to provide the four-legged inhabitants with gold or diamond collars!

Thank you

Last Night

Last night I met up with one of my friend whom I met when I was learning reiki. He called me and suggested that we meet up, since we have not seen each other for a long time, I agreed to have coffee with him in the evening after work.

He has started his own transportation company and survive his first year in business. He was glad to meet with me, and soon the subject turned to energy,(what else?) He told me that he wasn't sleeping well, having dreams that seems strange to him. I told him about the shift of energy that is taking place now, and that it may the reason for his dreams. Later I shared with him about techniques on how to set up and energy cell, create more business and wealth, and using numbers. We spend about 3 hours and I saw that his aura has improved and he has receive quite enough energy, so I said good night to him and thanked him for the gift that he bought me. (2 wonderful durians) 

The interesting thing about the techniques shared with my friend was that they were the same techniques we learned from our reiki teacher, he has not understand the lessons taught and so was not able to use them. With our one to one session he could ask more questions and have a chance to practice and do the techniques under watchful eyes. I found that he already has a good grasp of energy techniques but simply lack some confidence.

I reminded him that he should be more selective of the words he used in conversation (he speaks to me in chinese dialect) as words have power, I demonstrated the power of words to him by using muscle testing. He had a chance to experience the power of words on a practical level, I am sure he will be using the right words from now on.

We parted ways and I went home to enjoy my durians.

Thank you


Santa Claus is for defusing selfishness, thoughtlessness, self-centered, vain and egotistical behaviors. Santa Claus brings joy, creativity, love, a magical feeling, and a giving spirit. Santa Claus gives gifts in anonymity. Santa Claus opens one up to anonymous generosity.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Sex and Lies

You should be aware that the energy is changing in a rather strong manner now, yesterday a teenager of 17 years old killed 19 people using an axe in South Germany. North Korea fired missiles at South Korea, shooting and killing in the States, terrorism in Nice, South France. 

Check the energy and frequency of places you are going to, change these if you detected that they are non beneficial. 

Watch your mind and mind your language, if you still say that someone is handsome or beautiful in the present tense, even after many years in conversation about them, you should examine your mind. Handsomeness or beauty is of no value, if this person has not open his or her heart to unconditional love, and if he or she use handsomeness or beauty to take advantage of others, he or she is no different from a dog. Break away from such thinking, recognize the devil that he or she is and denounce them in their face. There are so many such people working in the fashion industry, entertainment industry and service industry, taking advantage of younger people who are eager to join and make way in such industries.

The most hurt victims are the ones who still don't see the reality of their fantasy, the falsehood in their thinking, holding to nothing yet trying to pretend that they have high moral values. You got into a sexual relationship, and that's it, there is no value to talk about, you did it, and in the course of all the action does handsome or beautiful have anything to do with it. If your lover is so good why is he or she not with you now. Stop believing your own lies, wake up now.
If you don't put in 100% commitment in your relationship, you can't expect your partner to give the same. Why do marriages failed? Could it be only one party or both party having a role to play in it? Aren't you not sick of the lies you keep telling yourself? What type of energy were you connecting too, if you and your partner is sincere towards the relationship then what is the causes, reasons and energies that end it.

I remember the lady who joined my workshop, she asked me if a person who knows how to use energy will be in perfect health? I told her that energy is ever changing so she has to define perfect in the correct context. She gave crap about how good her teachers was and that she is trained and qualified, but the truth is that she is suffering, from cancer, from a broken marriage, separation, loneliness and many false belief, fed to her by society, by her family, by her school, by her religion, by mass media and so on. This alone is not the problem, the refusal to let go all these beliefs and unwillingness to stop telling the lies to herself is really the true cause of pain for her.  

Here is a test, if you always wake up with pain in the body, then there must be something wrong. Find out why, is it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual?

Dowse - Please remove all negative effects of false beliefs, idols, inherited beliefs, inherited culture, religion, histories, fashionable idols, falsehoods upon falsehood, and foreign slogans and energies from me.' 

Thank you

Save Your Mind- Sharing from Gerald O Donnell

We're all mentally ill.
We're all delusional.
We're all junkies.
It's just a matter of degree.

There is a time for silence to allow others to show their true inner thoughts and impulses, and a time for words to challenge and hopefully elevate their beliefs-based awareness and give them a chance to truly become alive.

By that, I mean that they may transcend their non-sentient qualities, as most are now just biological Artificial Intelligence thought programs who are but ensnared and enslaved by foreign slogans and energies, by false stories and histories, fashionable idols, inherited beliefs and languages, inherited cultures and spiritual systems, and by passionate battles pitting falsehoods against falsehoods.

I think this time to open up again is nearing and I feel called to speak very soon. I do it to alleviate the deep existential pain I have felt for many years now and is reaching unbearable levels.

As a very wise ancient King said about this realm: with a great level of inner Wisdom/Awareness often comes frustration/(inner anger at not being able to affect more).

This world is too painful to watch. My heart is heavy when I think about my fellow men/women, and a sense of almost nausea is gripping me as I know what so many have lost and especially missed. It was meant to be a Divine gift. All we had to do was STOP our mundane activities (mostly chasing after our tails on misguided tracks), go deep within, connect to Oneness, and humbly and joyfully accept to be transformed to our core and enter a new Glorious phase.

I realize what may rapidly happen so soon if we do not UNITE. Sadly almost nothing points to another outcome yet. So many true inner eyes are covered up, hearts stone-like, ears deaf, and souls dying!

Man relishes again to battle, fight, aggress, isolate others and himself in the process, build illusory fortresses.

Small insecure angry egos are looking for great empty ones to lead them. Scapegoats are blamed for the inner deficiencies of each one of us. Battles cries call for bullies to take the lead and express constant anger. Weaponry is evermore in demand and emotions are raised in a frenzy of unconsciousness almost all over the world.

Soon the first spark of total man-made madness will ignite the fire of destruction. Man will have created its own Casus Belli against all of himself and the gates of hell will thence be unleashed upon all, as what has being started by our own egocentric and egoistical low-level thinking cannot be quelled this time.

Yes, darkness of hearts is awaiting to engage in its last battles as polarization is at its extreme point. It senses blood, it senses its final and complete victory over Unifying Divine Light and enlightenment.

Battle lines of ideas are drawn, and all sides religiously believe that Divine providence is cheering their side and will gift them victory and that righteousness is with their ranks. We are fast approaching the last battle man will ever fight physically.

Our battle should be “within” against our worst inner impulses and nature, our true enemy, and not against others. It is the "only Holy war"  there was, is, and can ever be.

You cannot imagine how horrific all can rapidly unfold if we increase our myopia and angry obsession with battling each other, our mother nature, and build ridiculous fortresses which will crumble and implode ourselves.

Stop, stop what you think you need to do and imagine what may happen when all that will be left will be cries and wails about what could have become but was missed!

I do cry for what could have been but is not. Maybe we can still change course as a global Creation. Our situation is far more horrific beyond what we see on the surface of our awareness, the surface of the earth, the surface of our oceans, and our proximate atmosphere which we accept to breath no matter the consequences, as we continue merrily to operate without great efforts and serious commitments to cleanse and purify what we caused and help soil. Far deeper and beyond their surfaces repose great poisons we have buried and hidden for millennia, exponentially evermore so now as we are merrily dumping away and blindly thinking that they will not affect us.

All I wrote here is also metaphorical and applies to the material, organic, mental, moral, emotional, energetic, and spiritual realms that operate in parallel, and which together make us into what we think is us: HUMANKIND together with all other living oxygen and/or energy breathing beings.

I can only share information. I cannot make you think outside of your restricted small and overcrowded boxed mental prisons which you helped create and which so many are fighting to remain in, out of a sense of false security and dangerous familiarity.

Gerald O'Donnell 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Secrets of the Kybalion - Sharing from Burt Goldman

"Whether you think you can or cannot, you are probably right".

Thinking negative thoughts and worrying about the outcome
of something is a terrible waste of energy.

Energy follows thought, think positive and use your intent
to project a positive future, for yourself and others.
"No act of kindness, no matter how small Is ever wasted".

Sharing an Interesting Article 
Please enjoy reading, the principles can be incorporated into your dowsing practice with a little bit of imagination. Take any one principle and try to use it with dowsing, or see which dowsing command is based on the principles. I am sure you will be able to create even more magic when you see the connections.
Thank you

Secrets of the Kybalion

Here are the 7 principles. This could be one of the most important reads of your life.
The principle of Mentalism states: 
The universe is a mental creation of the All, or God. Now we run into the great problem with this principle: it is generally misunderstood by most people. Does it mean that we are a dream of some infinite entity so far removed from us that we may never hope to gather a glimmer of understanding of the nature of God, and therefore ourselves?
Are we powerless robots of some omnipotent lab scientist? Not so. Just as the character in a novel is a creation of the novelist and is, therefore, an aspect of the novelist, so are we and everything else in the universe a part of the Creator. We are aspects of the totality of Creation. As we are relative to God, so is our universe relative to us. Your world is very real and very much yours. But it may not be my world at all, for in the relative sense, my world is a mental creation of my mind, just as yours is of your mind.
We are, each one of us, characters in a universal, spiritual novel. You might say that you are the leading character in your book while I am the leading character in mine. Everyone is the leading character in their own novels.
This principle can lead to a better understanding of our own minds and how they work. Mental power works because the universe is mental. All things are seen from the relative position of your mind and what you think you see. You may think you see a tree, whereas a squirrel thinks it sees a home. Your friend may think that a Picasso is a fine wall decoration and you may think that it’s a great investment. You may see a situation as a problem and your spouse may think that it’s a challenge and see the solution. Of course, everyone is correct for what you think you see, you do indeed see. Remember these words: Attitude is everything. Your world is screened through your attitude as is everyone else’s.
The mind can control forces and events outside oneself. This is a fact only because the world we see is our own mental creation; that being so, if we created it, we can recreate it. You only have to understand that within the confines of your life novel, you can learn to use your mind to change and to control your reality; your world.
The Second Principle is the Principle of Correspondence.
The principle of Correspondence states, “As above, so below; as below, so above.”
As it is on the physical plane, so it is on the mental plane, as it is on the mental plane, so it is on the spiritual. To understand the mental, study the physical. To better understand the spiritual plane, study the mental. When your brain waves are beating at forty cycles per second your emotional experience is one of extreme agitation; slow down those brain waves and emotions and a relaxed, stressless state comes onto your scene. Just as the universe is a mental creation of God, so is your personal world your own mental creation.
Understanding this principle will help you to unlock many emotions both positive and negative. It also helps you to tackle any problem area that has a range of manifestations. By dealing first with the easier, less intense manifestation of your problem, you will be solving, in some measure the same problem in its most extreme. There are many ways the principle of correspondence applies to your everyday life. Solve the small and you unblock the large.
The Third Principle is that of Vibrations.
The principle of Vibrations states: All things are in constant and never-ending motion. Energy is a manifestation of the principle of vibrations.
A change in the vibration causes a change in the manifestation. Health has a vibration. Illness has a vibration. Success has a vibration and failure has a vibration. Color has a vibration; as example the color green’s wave length is approximately 5,000 angstrom units or wavelengths; the color red is 6,000. It is possible to use the vibrations of color to heal if the healer is aware of the vibratory notes of color.
By changing the vibration you change the manifestation. Water at a high vibration is steam. Water at a low vibration is ice. But water, ice, and steam are the same, differing only in the vibratory note, which causes the change in the manifestation.
Perhaps it is easier to understand with respect to the vibrations of music. The first note on the musical scale is A. On the piano, the A just above middle C vibrates at the rate of 880 cycles per second (if the piano is properly tuned.) Therefore 880 CPS represents A. Every single time. If you had a guitar and loosened the A string so that it vibrated at 870 cycles per second, the sound would be a bit off. A fine ear would say that it’s flat. The A, you might say, would have a slight cold; it would be a bit ill.
Loosen the A string still more so that it vibrates at 860 CPS and it would be way off. Even if you do not know an A from a G, you would know that it doesn’t sound right. The A is now very ill; metaphorically speaking it has pneumonia. Loosen the string more and the A is no longer recognizable; it died. But not to worry, it’s easy to resurrect an A. You simply tighten up the string.
As above, so below; as below, so above. As it is with a guitar string, so it is with your body. When you are ill, your vibrations are off. Adjust the vibrations to the proper level and a healing takes place. That’s what healers do, raise the energy level (the vibrations) to health and transmit that to the person with the problem.
The Fourth Principle is Polarity.
The principle of Polarity states: All things are dual. Everything has its opposite. Opposites are the same, differing only by degree.
Tall and short are the same. There are tall little people and there are short basketball players.
There is no such thing as tall or short, only as it is relative to you.
Hot and cold are the same, as seen in the principle of vibration. A hundred degrees Fahrenheit may be hot when you are outside and that is the temperature of the weather but cold if that is the temperature of your oven and you are cooking a turkey all you could hope for with a hundred degrees would be a warm, raw bird.
We use polarity to control attitude; to swing from dislike to like, from fear to faith, from hate to love. Polarity helps us to go from guilt to self-forgiveness, and from anger to forgiveness to others.
We use this principle frequently to shed light on the meaning of words like love, fear, and anger, defining the word by examining its opposite. Take the word fear, for instance. What is it? A negative, certainly. But a negative what? If you were to draw a scale of polarity with a negative on one end and a positive on the other, you would place fear on the negative side. After some thought you would conclude that it was an expectation. Keeping within the nature of the word, you would place expectation on the negative end and also on the positive side.
Fear is a negative expectation; you are expecting something bad to happen.
Faith is a positive expectation; you are expecting something good to happen.
Therefore fear and faith are the same, differing only by the degree of the positive or the degree of the negative. Change the degree and you change the emotion.
The Fifth Principle is Rhythm.
The principle of Rhythm states: All things are born, grow, peak, diminish and die.
All things rise and fall. There is a rhythmic cycle of birth, growth, deterioration, and demise in all things. There are cycles and rhythmic functions that affect us constantly, every moment of the day.
When you wake up, your day is born. You begin the cycle of the day. When you eat breakfast, you start a cycle that concludes when you finish breakfast. Your day dies when you go to sleep, at which time your nighttime cycle is born. Your dreams are a cycle. Everything you do during the day is a cycle. You never know where you are on that cycle except in retrospect.
Things taken at the flood are more likely to be successful. We all have a high point in our cycles, and a low point. This includes the sleep cycle, health cycle, energy cycle, success cycle, luck cycle, and so on. Each cycle has a different time period to run.
The cycle of the moon, like a woman’s menstrual cycle, runs twenty-eight days; the sleep cycle runs ninety minutes. Most of the other cycles, however remain hidden from us. If you were to chart your life with respect to colds, energy, luck, romance, enthusiasm, and lethargy, you would find a rhythm just as you will in all things.
To discover more about your life cycles, go to the meditation or self hypnosis level, that is simply a relaxed state of mind, and tell yourself that you wish to examine and become more aware of whatever cycle of activity you want to know more about. Gambling during the high point of your luck period would bring you good luck. Shopping for a house at the height of your success period will find you the best house. Salespeople will find there are certain periods of the month when they can do no wrong, and at other times nothing goes right.
People and places have a certain rhythm of their own. If you have ever met a total stranger and felt very close instantly it’s because your rhythm patterns are similar. Meet a stranger and feel like kicking them in the behind and you can be sure your rhythm patterns are out of sync.
And so it goes.
The Sixth Principle is Cause and Effect.
The principle of Cause and Effect states: Every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. All things happen according to law. Accident and coincidence are the result of unrecognized cause.
Look back on your life and you will find many cases where a simple, seemingly insignificant event had major, long lasting effects. We have all had them, in my programs we call them Source foundations. Let’s say you were going out to meet someone for business or pleasure. On your way a car turned in close to the sidewalk to avoid a dog that had strolled into the street. The car went over a muddy puddle of water and splashed the white suit you were wearing at the time. You went home to change your suit and were late for the meeting. Because you were late certain things happened and you …..? The dog walking across the street was a source foundation and had an effect on the rest of your life. A better understanding of this principle will enable you to set your own source foundations for a better effect.
The Seventh Principle is Gender.
The principle of Gender states: All things have a masculine and feminine aspect.
Gender manifests on the physical plane, on the mental plane, and on the spiritual plane. The masculine force is the outgoing, the positive, the instigative; the feminine force is the incoming, the receptive, the negative, the creative. This has nothing whatever to do with the male and female sex, although they are manifestations of the principle of gender on the physical plane. A dynamic speaker, for instance, is producing a masculine force while speaking, whatever the gender of the speaker.
Those are the seven principles; they underlie all philosophies, all psychologies, all religions. They are the very basis of life itself as well as of what comes after.
Burt Goldman

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Friday, 15 July 2016

Have A Great Weekend!

Stardust is for defusing ignorance of the Universal Life Cycle and our interconnectedness with each other. Stardust reminds us that we come from the stars and the stars come from us. Stardust is produced in a supernova explosion during the cataclysmic end of a star's life. Stardust is ejected into space by the force of the massive explosion, where it is mixed with other matter and forms new stars and planets. The Earth is rich in heavy elements from Stardust. The iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones were forged from Stardust. We are made of Stardust, and in time we return to Stardust. Stardust reminds us we are all one. Each of us sees a reflection of ourselves in the way we experience those around us. Stardust reminds us to follow the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have others do unto you - because in the end you are doing it to yourself.

Sharing from Ken H. Bloom

"Start your day off with Positivity"
Hi Folks,
Seems to be a lot of turmoil going on these days.

Try looking up at the sky in the morning, raising your
hands, tilt your head back, take a big breath and smile.
Say thank you for today.
Start your day off with positivity!
We have often heard Raymon mention
random acts of kindness. When we go to his web site and
click on dowsing, a menu of movies comes up.
Random Acts Of Kindness being one of them.
On occasion we all feel like offering a Random Act of Kindness.
Today I am offering one to you; if you want to receive it, just read it
and say yes.
I ask that the Frequencies and Tones of your body, mind and spirit
be brought into balance & harmony.
The frequency of your body & home be adjusted to the most
appropriate frequency.
A field of energy be put around you, that changes any negative,
non beneficial or harmful energy or frequencies, into
the most beneficial energy & frequency needed at the time.
May your polarity be adjusted & you be brought into
balance with universal energy.
Have a great weekend and a positive one.
“As you believe, so shall it be”.

Thank you