Tuesday, 30 June 2015

3 Days of Darkness

I watched a video about what the 3 days of darkness is about, as mentioned by many sources, at first I thought that it might be 3 days in which we have no light from the sun. Apparently this may not be the case, from what I gather from watching the video, is that when the poles flip, we would be sucked into a void of darkness, and for those who have no 'protection', they will come out of this, minus all memories of who they are and where they are at. This means that life as we know now will not be the same again, all social system would become void, all functions we had will no longer be available. It is kind of scary to think that our memories and brain will be gone and we would not be able to be what we are again.

I am not sure if the information is true, but this would probably be one way to stop humanity from doing all the atrocities that we are doing to each other and to the earth. Look around you now, people are losing their mind in so many ways. Innocent lives are taken every day, through terrorism, stupid acts, natural disasters, irresponsibility of governments, and through the need to control others. People are becoming dull mentally, because of the high intensity of energy bombarding earth everyday, and of cause from a lack of using their brains because of convenient gadgets invented to keep people dumb. The people in control are keeping lots of information about what is really happening from the general public, if you ever watch a safety training video meant for airlines and airport staff, you will be surprise that they even let the plane take off.

I am not immune to all these, so I don't know what is to be done, all I can do is to keep cleaning with dowsing and hope for the best. Again remember that we attract whatever outcome we put our thoughts to, so we should keep a positive mind, visualize the best possible outcome for yourself and family. If everyone put their thoughts to good positive outcome, this may in turn bring about a change, and we may not have to go through the 3 days of darkness.

Well take everything said here with a pinch of salt, but seriously, do your daily energy works, it would probably be the most worthwhile thing you can do for yourself.

Thank you

Monday, 29 June 2015

Drawing your Life into Reality

Please enjoy this short entertaining video.
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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Water and You

Recently a friend shared about the effects of negative speech upon ourselves, this can be words we hear from others or words we say ourselves. Below are from Dr Emoto's book for children- 'The Message from Water' you can download this free book from the link below. He has proven beyond any doubts that water is affected by words, music, and thoughts, being made of 70% water, we definitely get affected by what we hear or say.
Thank you
Together-Divine -Love


Friday, 26 June 2015

Helping Others

PRAISE – be beautiful; stop being critical; stop fault finding; make yourself handsome 
CURVE – create beauty; make something beautiful 
BE – be at peace and maintain wellness; have good form; dispel loneliness; skill in sports; to be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy

I was reading on the internet yesterday, and I found that some site have started to talk about what might happen or will happen during this period of change, they are telling people that the banks will collapse and to prepare cash on hand in small denominations. To prepare food and amenities in preparation for 'doomsday'.

Lets take a look at what happen in the earthquake in Nepal, so if you have food stocked up in your home, your house collapsed on you, will you be able to use what you have stored in your home. Will any money you have with you, be able to buy you and your family anything because the shops and markets were destroyed. These people talked about being prepared, they believe that they are the ones that will be moving into the new world, because they know better.

A virus can kill you anytime, there is no need for an earthquake, or war and famine to do it, it is best that you have a mentality to be prepared to come up front to help others in times of need, don't wait till it is too late, now is the time to start doing your part, learn some skills to help others, it would probably be more valuable than any money that you have.

Being aware that you are creator of your own reality, do not buy in to what this people are saying on the internet, you have the ability to change energy, start now, keep changing negative energy into positive energy, there is so much to do now, remove negative mentalities, negative mass consciousness, clean up the water, the earth, the air, you need not wait till a disaster to hit before you start changing energy, and if you are expecting disaster, that is exactly what you will draw to yourself. Remember, even people who are born in Singapore, where there are no earthquakes, some Singaporeans have perished in one.

The only thing that those who write such nonsense on the internet are right about, is that there is definitely going to be some major changes in the world, but it is always what you attract that matters most to you.

Thank you
Together-Divine -love

Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to Feel Good

Share a interesting video with everyone, on how to feel great.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Empty your Mind

There are many time when I am sharing knowledge with someone, they don't seem to get it, this I notice was because they had some ideas of their own on the subject in discussion, I am not saying that what I say is truth and that they should just accept it, this is not where the problem is, irrelevant of what is said, one should first drop one's preset notion on the subject first, let what is said sink in and then one would be able to make a proper analysis of what the other person is trying to put through to you. After this you can decide if the information is relevant to you or not. If you make a judgement, or close your mind or full with your own opinions, you will miss out on the message put to you.

Some people think that a spiritual practice is a special time you put aside to do, well for me this is not so, spiritual practice is every moment of your life, every moment is an opportunity to learn. I have always believe that if you meditate in some mountain, cut-off from any human contact, then there is no difference if you are enlightened or not, because you would have no one to reflect on what you have attained. My view of spirituality is that it must have some practical value, that you are able to use what you learned to help others. Helping others is to help yourself, when they are happy you are happy. Please do not think that you have to give everything away to someone to be happy, (this is stupidity and a separate issue altogether), sometimes a willingness to tell someone what you feel about them is good enough for them to make a change, but many times we hide the truth from friends because we do not want to hurt their feelings.

This bring us to the subject of honesty, how honest are you to yourself, do you put aside issues that you do not want to face? How honest are you to your loved ones, do you always think that what they do not know will not hurt them, or feel that you let them do whatever they want despite knowing that they are going the wrong way. If your children are spending money on things and activities that are unhealthy for them, do you keep supplying them with more. Have you honesty ask yourself, what is it that you really want, the answer may not always be happiness, it is not surprising that some people wants suffering, pain, and some wants to inflict the same to others. There is something call -programs to re-experience issues, this is that people will re-construct the circumstances and conditions to re-experience issues that mostly are unpleasant to them especially issues swept under the rug. This will happen over and again until you have the program removed from you, so check with your pendulum and if you have this, ask the dowsing system to remove all programs to re-experience issues for you. Although you can dowse to remove the program, the effect will only take place if you honestly want it removed. This is one of the reasons why some find that dowsing does not work for them because they have not honestly searched their own hearts, and are not willing to let go of these issues.

I asked someone, 'Aren't you not tired of repeating lifetimes again and again, suffering over each lifetime again?' He answered 'well maybe I am a new soul.' all I can say is please enjoy yourself, it is not about being a new soul or an old one,but why have you come to this world for? These are the people who read some knowledge and only understood it intellectually, but have not from the heart. This is what spiritual practice is about, - The journey from the Head to the Heart.

Thank you

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

An Interesting Sharing

Yesterday, I met the excavator operator who was at my site to remove several trees, he had previously watched me did energy works with another colleague, and was curious to learn how one could bounce another person without having any contact. He asked to try and I showed him how, he was surprised that he could do it too.

This was the day before yesterday, we met again, so he asked me to show him more, I took him to a tree, and taught him how to connect to the energy of the tree, he felt the energy and started to perspire profusely. After this I took him to tree that he had cut down using his excavator, I told him to put out his hands and feel the energy, I started chanting a mantra to help liberate the tree, after some time I felt it was done paying no attention to the operator. To my surprise, he said to me after I am done chanting-  ' I said sorry to the tree, I am the one who killed it.'

I told him that it was alright now, as the tree is now happy, and hold nothing against him. I did not tell him what I was doing, when he put out his hands, he had no idea that I was liberating the tree with mantra, but he made contact and apologized for his actions. It was a beautiful experience for me and I believe for him too, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to provide such a service without knowing in advance, as everything went about by Divine order.

The whole episode taught me that without asking for anything, the divine has all my needs covered, being there is all I have to do. I would like to said a thank you to all the friends who have drop by my site to see me, bringing me your love for which I am touched and grateful for.
Thank you

Monday, 22 June 2015

A Discussion

This is a subject that might not agree with everyone, but it is something that you might like to check, as it can affect you adversely in many ways. I like to discuss the subject of sexual relationship, I will not go into details, but this is what I am trying to put forth to you. Before going further, ask with your pendulum is this subject adversely affect you in anyway, if so, stop now.

If your current lover or spouse have had several sexual relationship before you, it is likely that the sperm from his or her previous lovers might have a negative effect on you and of course your spouse or lover too.

This is like non beneficial psychic cords combine with negative energetics, but by way of sperm. So if you want to check, take out your pendulum and ask if there are negative effects of sperm upon you and upon your partner. If there is than, take a reading, by asking to what degree does this affect you and your partner. If you get a negative reading than ask to neutralize the negative effects of sperm upon you and your partner from all previous sexual relationships.

It is not unusual for one partner to not talk about past relationships, so if you are not up to it emotionally, do not dowse check any further, simply neutralize the negative effects and move on. Checking for too many details can wreck your relationship with your current partner, like finding a skeletons in your closet. You can transform the neutralized energy into love, prosperity or any other beneficial energy that you want.

A common term in the hokkien dialect that describe bad luck is 'sway seow' which literally translated means bad sperm or unlucky sperm, which is interesting to note that our ancestors were actually aware of the negative effects of sperm upon an individual.

Another subject that goes along with the above is genitals, check if your genitals are with you energetically, this is especially true for women. It seems that when a man fantasize about having sex with you, he actually energetically hijacked your privates, this happens quite often as a man looks at a woman's large breast he usually fantasize about them. So check if there are any of your privates missing, if so ask to retrieve all missing private parts back to you. (and check if you are holding on to someone's privates, if so return them back to their owners)

I am just sharing information, you are responsible for how you use it, please take care not to misuse the information in anyway.

Thank you

Friday, 19 June 2015



“Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.”

“Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.”

“Bravery does not mean being fearless. It means to be full of fear but still not being dominated by it.”

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.”

“Love is a wine; you have to taste it, you have to drink it, you have to become drunk with it, only then do you know what it is.”

“If you cannot enjoy your own company, who else is going to enjoy it?”

“Love in itself, or just having a relationship with someone, is not going to give you happiness, unless you bring happiness with you.”

“Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind.”

Checking Energy

Problem Solving EC

I like to share an email reply to my friend who asked me to check for the reasons that is causing many of his staff to be sick very often including the staff's family. Here is what I found with dowsing his office and surrounding areas.

At your request, I did the energy check to find out why your staff are all getting sick, here are the results
Energy level 20 (extremely low)
Negative energy found - overall effects (negative 100)
entities found 200 - Strength level (negative 50) considered very strong
Demonic found 220 - Strength level (negative 100) very very strong 
noxious rays found (overall effect on people-negative 50)
Non beneficial Spirits found - Fear, Diseases, Greed, and Jealousy
Mass consciousness of Fear (negative 100)
Overall effects on the people (negative 100)
Low energy in the surrounding area ( severe level - negative 70)
Large numbers of entities and demonic 300,360 respectively
It is quite obvious why your staff are dropping like flies.
Thank you
Warmest Regards

I believe that this is not uncommon in many other areas, so if you are going somewhere please check the energy level of the place, clean it up before you go. Some of the places that have low energy and lots of entities waiting for you are pubs, churches, police stations, schools, public libraries and shopping malls, notice that these are places that people commonly go to, if you are a predator, you will stick around places where more preys would meet, this is why negative entities and demonic forces would be present at all the above places. 
You can print out the EC below to a size that you can carry in your wallet, bring along when you go shopping.
Have a Great Weekend Ahead!
Thank you

Thursday, 18 June 2015


There are some of us that despite clearing away the negative issues that affect our prosperity, still find that our prosperity is still not at the level we expect it to be, this may be due to a lack of information on what other issues that might affect our prosperity.

In previous posting, I wrote about the prosperity frequency, so here are some updates, to recall, we adjust ourselves to our ideal body frequency and then adjust the prosperity frequency to our ideal body frequency. For you business or job, you do it by adjust your business or job to the prosperity frequency. You should also invite in and thank the Spirit of Prosperity into you, your home and family daily. You can invite into your place of business or your workplace too. If you are into business, raise the level of visibility and appeal to the highest most appropriate level, so that your customers will be attracted to you.

You might also like to check if there are missing frequencies and tones in yourself and ask that it be installed in you, this too can be applied to your workplace, business and home. Check if there are negative effects of mass consciousness that adversely affect your prosperity, neutralize these and transform them into prosperity for yourself.

Also check the negative effects of anyone's negative thoughts, emotions and curses upon your prosperity, neutralize and transform into prosperity. Check to what degree does your mind, body and spirit believe that you are prosperous, if this is not 100%, then check if there negative effects of the emotions, thoughts and beliefs of your mind, body and spirit that adverse affect your prosperity, if there are, neutralize and transform them into prosperity for you and your family.

I hope the above will be helpful to create more prosperity for you and wishing everyone success in achieving more prosperity.

Thank you


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I recently posted about being out of balance with earth's energy, this is because during my daily dowsing, I found out that for the last few days I was out of balance with earth's energy, this usually happens when I am experiencing high intensity energy, astrological changes or Geo-pathic stress. But for the past few readings I was out of balance with earth's energy without detecting the above 3 energies, this got me wondering if there is some kind of earth shift going on, I have not come to any conclusion about this, if anyone who have similar findings and the reasons for this please share with all of us. Thank you.
Have anyone notice that there are more natural disasters taking place in the world recently and people are behaving crazier, and many people are suffering from mental dullness, that is they don't seem to be able to use their brain effectively. I may sound like a mad person myself writing about such things, after all I might be the only one experiencing all this. Any way it is from my own feel with the energy that lets me know that something is not going right. We should not be complacent, the shift is definitely taking place, back in 2012, there was talk about 3 days of darkness although it did not happen, but maybe it is yet to come. Daily energy work and clearing is very important and in my view should be incorporated into a daily habit. Lloyd Mear said that there are over a million frequencies in our body and all frequency are important for our overall health and well being so here is a command that I use to address this. ' Please adjust me to the ideal body frequencies and tones. Thank you.' 
Thank you 


The basis, or fundamental, for these resonances is 7.83 Hz (cycles per second), which is a standing wave in the cavity between the ionosphere and Earth.
Because this rhythmic pattern lies within the human brainwave range, various authors1uyk1nf-greatearth_0ig0b00ig0b0000000have speculated that this aspect of the Earth’s electromagnetic field may act as a kind of global mind, with the capacity to organize and influence human consciousness.
While such speculations may seem farfetched, there is a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that:
  • The Earth’s magnetic field may influence and mediate psychic phenomena.
  • The 7.83 Hz rhythmic pattern (varying from 7 to 8 Hz) plays a significant role in psychic phenomena, DNA formation and physical and mental health in humans.
Schumann Resonance Research and Theory
Brainwave Evolution: Lewis B. Hainsworth, MA has hypothesized that the electromagnetic frequencies in the Earth-ionisphere cavity have played a governing role in the evolution of human and mammalian brainwave patterns, particularly the Alpha pattern which the Schumann Resonance falls within. Commenting on the unique correlations of Alpha brainwave activity and its relationship to the Earth-ionispheric cavity resonance, Hainsworth has said,
As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study, much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilized in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-local communication.”
Emotional and Physical HealthMax Planck Institute professor R. Weaver conducted an experiment in which the Schumann Resonance was found to restore or improve health in individuals living in an underground bunker (i.e., separated from the Earth-inonispheric resonance) and suffering from emotional distress and migraine headaches.
Psychic Communication and Phenomena: Dr. Michael Persinger has conducted research in which two people in separate rooms were presented with identical magnetic fields at approximately 7 Hz. When one of these individuals drew a picture, the other person could roughly approximate that drawing, even though they were in separate rooms. Further research has shown a strong correlation between geomagnetic activity and psychic phenomena.
DNA Formation: Dr. Luc Montagnier conducted an experiment in which he filled two test tubes with pure water and placed  piece of heavily diluted bacterial DNA into one of the test tubes. After surrounding both test tubes with a weak electromagnetic field pulsing at 7 Hz for 18 hours, DNA was detectable in the glass that originally had nothing in it but water. It would appear that the 7 Hz played a substantial role in extracting the DNA information from the one test tube and communicating it into the other test tube.
Schumann Resonance RaisingEvidence suggests that the proliferation of manmade electromagnetic fields has given rise to a kind of electromagnetic chaos that now seems to be affecting the fundamental Schumann Resonance, effectively raising it and adding to the chaos experienced by living systems.
If this is the case, it would suggest that 1) Integrating the fundamental Schumann Resonance in human living environments would be beneficial in establishing optimal physical and psychological health; and 2) With the continuing rise of electromagnetic technology, the future health of all living systems seems to necessitate the emergence of an organic technology that can decrease and/or completely reverse the detrimental effects of synthetic electromagnetic technology.
Written by: Eric Thompson

Sunday, 14 June 2015

An Update on Global Energy Streams

Kuber Mudra

while practicing the Kuber Mudra is a tried and tested method and gives amazing results to reach financial goals or manifest desires for the matter.

Kubera Mudra helps a lot when it comes to fulfill the wishes, create wealth and prosperity. In addition, daily practice this mudra gives peace of mind, confidence and serenity, and also opens and cleans the frontal sinuses.
(secret of success for finances is clearing of sinuses)

We are coming to the end of June, and July is coming soon, the energy will rise 100% in July and you can be sure that there will be many interesting happening coming up. Please check with your dowsing if you intent to visit anywhere for negative probable futures for the trip you are taking. Neutralize the probable future before you take your trip and check for non beneficial energies at your destination and transform them into positive energies.

I notice that I have difficulties concentrating when there is energy shift, balancing the blood flow to brain helps alleviate this, another thing that came to my attention is that, without ill effects of Geo-pathic stress or astrological influences, we can still be out of balance with Earth and Universal energies, this sometimes happen a few times in the course of the day, so if you are feeling down or lethargic, check if you are in balance with these 2 energies.

Take sometime to rest and readjust your energy throughout your day, balance your hormones, and check for non beneficial frequencies in your surrounding area, if you notice that people around you are speaking in a negative manner, there are probably non beneficial frequencies affecting you. Don't wait till you are affected before you do you clearing, it might then be too late.

I found mudras are an easy way to keep up your energy levels and always convenient to use anywhere you are, even holding it for few minutes will affect your energy level and give you a boost when you are tired.

Below is the latest newsletter from Raymon Grace, please enjoy reading it.

Thank you


An Update on Global Energy Streams
I have been fascinated by prophecy for most of my adult life and have studied it for over 30 years because of a vision I had at the age of around 10 which frightened me. Since that time my own abilities to see things expanded greatly and I have known for many years what is going on in our world today. It was stated by me five years ago that it will appear that people are going to go a little crazy, being subtle here, and in truth we have seen nothing yet in the way of human behavior. I have asked many people around the world if they felt that something was going to happen. The response is always yes and that it felt really huge in its scope.
What is happening with energies and what can we do to help our selves stay calm and sane? All things in our reality are all energy first and as energy changes so does our three dimensional world and mind. We at the present moment are going through a shift of polarities, a cycle of 25,000 years according to prophecy. This was told to us millennia ago yet we have forgotten. What is this shift? We are shifting from a dominant patriarchal energy to a matriarchal energy. These are a negative and positive charge like the poles of a battery that starts your vehicle and nothing more. We humans are the only living thing that can realize our experiences, key thought here, but because no one alive today has experienced this type of major shift there is a fear of it. What will the impact mean to u! s?
That is diverse but here we go, first do not fear it. Fear will not help you. Ancient prophecy tells us that there will be a war between the forces of light and darkness. We thought that it was, so to speak, a war between good and evil. This war we see portrayed in the idea of the symbols of; Yin & Yang, the black wolf & white wolf of the native American, God & Lucifer, these all imply the same message. It is the polarities shifting! Questions; do you feel light headed at times, lost, or even in limbo? These are the human mind sensing, analyzing, and feeling the energies moving and we always place it in three dimensional thought to explain it. Logic is funny because it will not trust anything it cannot understand? It is patriarchal thinking fighting the other polarity! This! creates conflict which we see being externalized right before our eyes with interactions between humans of all walks. I do not only mean the wars, patriarchal dominance, and we have seen nothing yet. This energy is being externalized from within us as conflict. In truth prophecy says that all that is hidden shall be made known, what is hidden within you? What is hidden is being revealed before our very eyes. As within so without I think the phrase is!
Question; do you think politicians are deceptive, is the economy not the same? What is actually working out there? Consider the caterpillar in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, it did not ask what, patriarchal, are you, it asked who, matriarchal, are you! That is in essence what we see in us and the world, what verses who? We will experience this internal war even in greater levels! Look at the world of authority, patriarchal, police actions recently, authority is being challenged! I was told many years ago to observe sign posts and geology is the major one, there are others like Mother nature, look at weather, some have already occurred even at this writing. In geology it is frequency and magnitude, of which both are really increasing presently. That is showing what we are experiencin! g inside, internal earthquakes or shake up, removing the negativity. Become aware of this activity within yourselves.
What can you do to stay calm and at peace? Actually it is simple, stay present, in the now moment. Realize in a sense that this is a birth of sorts. Women understand this. This is actually what is occurring - a birth of a new way of life. No past no future, stay present. It has been said we will enter no time or zero point, perfect balance! Those that are able to do this internally will operate perfectly. Be in this state now or begin to practice it, today, it will assist you. If you know how to meditate do so and maybe more often. If you are feeling light headed at times do not worry that is simply the mind sensing the shift, left brain patriarchal and of course right is matriarchal, so if you experience this do not worry, you are ahead of the curve slightly. All will experience it at! some point! Learn to be more objective of you. What is the universe showing you about you? The thing that I have found to help is to take my focus off of the person, place, circumstance, or event and place it on myself. An example is this sadness; is it you or the energies? Here is how you are able to tell. If you are sad there is a reason we think so we look for a physical target. Give this a try, take a look within and if the reason for the sadness is seen immediately, ask what it has to do with you? It is a feeling, so to speak of the sadness of the world; a part of that same shift, simply a negative charge just hit you. Meditation also helps with this idea as well. Take walks, get away from things, go to a peaceful place, at times simply focus only on breath and breathing, every inhale and exhale. The mind quiets itself when focusing like this and it helps you stay in the present. The more of us that stay in peace with who we are allow this to spread to others much ea! sier. Remember to still the inner struggle not the outer strug! gle.
Consider this for a moment; envision a world where there is no war, no conflict, a place of no crime, jails, laws, maybe even different government. A place where there is no reason not to trust, no greed, no deception, even no illness. Impossible? What would a matriarchal society look like to you? So you see in reality there is nothing to fear as we observe these ancient messages taking place. We have even been told that there will be different constellations in the night sky. How can that be? I know, I feel, from what has been studied by me and even being a monk it has shown me what is shared here with you. We are becoming more of a feeling society, one of more awareness; both of these are matriarchal, so maybe this all just may be correct? All of this being said there is something th! at is going to occur between September 15th – November 15th it is going to be very large I feel and what it is at this writing I am not certain other than it will be very obvious and sadly not necessary to all. They simply have not put the pieces together yet! Like global warming or now as it is termed climate change. All signs, for it is neither climate change nor global warming!
I am Steven and have been told that the gift of prophecy was given me, not so sure, ( humor); I work as an intuitive life coach guiding people especially when in turmoil. I also teach from a monk’s perspective on how to stay balanced in this time we are in. My suggestion is be aware of your inner conflict, the war of light and darkness, that is how I operate, by so doing conflict is not drawn to you. If you have questions, please contact me:
Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.www.hairfield.com

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Dowsing is a wonderful tool, it is also a wonderful method of spiritual practice, every time a person dowse, all 4 level of brain frequency is being used, it is like deep meditation yet fully awake. A person can develop a strong sixth or seventh sense after doing dowsing for a period of time, supplement with other methods, many ESP faculties can be attained. Dowsing is basically to get answers from our intuition, or as Raymon puts it ' Intuition with a readout device', but sometimes I am saddened that some people who have good dowsing experience seek out the services of so-called channels and not trust themselves.

There are many methods available in the market, some claim that they have the best way to reach enlightenment, or attain high spiritual energy. My own view is that you are your own best teacher, do not give away your power to someone who offer you enlightenment with a price tag, there is no price on enlightenment, it is process and not a destination or object for sale. As you go down your own spiritual path you will meet many interesting people, some will be helpful in guiding you along your path and some may not. No one is able transmit enlightenment into another person, if this is the case, the whole world would be filled with enlightened beings.

A Great master helps you see, the baggage you are carrying around all the time, for some this would be enough, they quickly let go, and become happy. For others, it may take some time, it is strange that happiness is not always the first choice, some choose to hang on to their baggage because they have become accustomed to it, and are reluctant to let go. There are others, who having learn a method and achieved a sense of relief take on a new burden, they become crusaders of the method they learned and worship the teacher or master like Gods, or they become elite and guardians of their method, condemning others as fools who are not believing what they believe.

We are here in this body for a very short time compared to some other species, our lifetime is very short, be happy, it is a choice you can make, and a choice you should take every second of your life. Do not get caught up with the illusion of life, we are all composed of energy, and you have the ability to change energy all the time, Just remember to DO IT!

'Please remove the veils of deception from me, and transform this energy into the most appropriate energy to raise my level of consciousness to the highest most appropriate level for me. Thank you.'

Thank you



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spiritual Path

If you have read yesterday's posting, you should be a very happy person or maybe a very confused one. What are your thoughts after you have read the article? How about sharing your views with me, write me or send me an email, I would love to hear from you.

I notice that people who are not doing some spiritual practice have a lower sense of awareness of what is happening around them, some are not even aware of their immediate surrounding and energy. However for people who have started doing some spiritual practice they will start developing a sense of awareness of the energy around them, they will start to worry about positive and negative energy, some may start by checking the feng shui of their home, some may take up meditation, some start doing yoga, reiki and other modalities. Any practice is better than no practice, they start becoming aware that there is another dimension that they have not taken notice of, exist side by side with them all the time.

If you have started on your own spiritual path, you should be congratulated, you have started an extraordinary journey for yourself, one that leads you deeper into your own soul. It is not easy path, you will be facing many of your inner fears, you may even have to give up being who you think you are. It is always good to start slow, do not rush things, do not be greedy by doing or learning many modalities at the same time. Every method works, just be patient, stick with one practice for a few years and if you feel that it is not suitable then look for another. You are not going anywhere, you are still a human being living out your life, so take your time enjoy yourself, learn to smell the roses. Everything has many dimension within, explore each carefully and patiently and discover for yourself of the many wonders you will find in everything.

Yesterday, I took someone out to the open field behind my school project and told him to look into the clouds, and he was surprised that he saw fairies on the clouds, then I told him to look into the sun, he managed to get closed but back off because he felt that it was too hot. Then I got him to stand behind a wall, got another guy to stand on the other side of the wall, I told him to project his energy through the wall and the other guy bounced off. We had a good time laughing over the whole episode, but this demonstrated that if you are open and accepting you can do so much with energy. Anyone can do it, no training is required, just a willingness to believe that you can and you will be able to do miracles in your life.

Thank you

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I just had to share this, it is just too good to pass, read for yourself and see if you agree with the article.
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There is Nobody to Blame for Anything
by: Jarett Sabirsh (11)
Let me start by stating a bold claim that you've probably never heard before. Upon first hearing this claim, you'll most likely think it to be ridiculous and absurd, but by the end of this article, you'll see the utterly obvious truth of it, and you'll never look at the world the same way again. Are you ready for it? Here it is...
There is no cause of anything.
That's right. Nothing "causes" anything else to happen... ever. Now let me explain why.
As an example, let's say that a man needs milk, and he walks several blocks to the corner store to buy it. After purchasing the milk he begins his walk home, but while crossing the street there's a drunk driver that doesn't notice the stop sign at the intersection where the man is crossing. At the very last second the drunk driver slams on his breaks, but it's too late, and he hits the man crossing the street.
Now, with our current mindset, the vast majority of people would automatically say that the drunk driver "caused" this to happen. Or did he?
If we just take a step back in the way we perceive things, we could just as easily say that the man was hit by that drunk driver because cars were invented. Or because the wheel was invented. Or because of the development of technology. Or because somebody figured out how to make pavement for driving on.
Maybe the man was hit because of his neediness for milk. Or because his wife sent him to the store. Or because of his wife's enjoyment of breakfast cereal. Maybe it's because people drink milk. Or perhaps it happened because cows exist.
Maybe it happened because the man chose to live in the exact location that he does. Or maybe it was because that was the only house on the market that he could afford, and he could only afford that house because of the job he has, and he has that job because he dropped out of high school.
Maybe he was hit by the drunk driver because of the precise speed in which the man walks, and the exact time he got there. Or because he had to stop to re-tie his shoe lace that had come undone. Or because he didn't tie them properly when he first left his house. Or because he chose to wear that specific pair of shoes to walk to the store. Or because he chose to buy those exact shoes. Or because he could only afford those shoes.
Maybe it's because the city chose to install a stop sign instead of traffic lights. Or because stop signs aren't twice as big. Or because they're not fluorescent yellow.
What if the whole incident happened because the man decided to walk to the store instead of driving? Or what if it was because the store was built at that location? Or because the owner of the store decided that was a good place to set up shop?
Perhaps it was because the drunk driver was born. Or because the man buying milk was born. Or because either of the men's parents had sex. Or because his parent's parents had sex. Or because any of these people ever met each other in the first place.
What if it was because the human species evolved in the manner that it did? Or because life came to be on the planet? Or maybe it was because of the "big bang" (if that's how it happened). Maybe it's because the physical universe exists.
It might have been because of the location of the bar that the drunk driver was drinking at. Or because the drunk driver had to be home at a certain time. Or because the drunk driver had to work in the morning. Or because his taste buds like the taste of alcohol. Or because he's not able to overcome his addiction despite all of his efforts. Or because nobody has taken him to an AA meeting.
The drunk driver may certainly be irresponsible, and maybe he lacks proper judgment, but that certainly isn't "the cause". It's only one tiny minute reason out of a literally infinite and unending number of factors within all of existence. There is no end to the amount of circumstances that come into play, and not a single one of them is the cause of anything else.
So let us repeat the lesson learned... There is no cause of anything... ever. There are only automatic effects and consequences. Everything is happening of its own, as a spontaneous result.
Most importantly of all, if there is no cause of anything, there is nothing and nobody to blame for anything, and if there is nothing to blame, then there is absolutely nothing to be angry about. Everything just is what it is, and we have no choice but to accept it. No matter what's happing in the universe, it's perfect, and it can't possibly be anything but. This understanding literally forces us to fully accept absolutely everything as it is. There is nothing to complain about and we have no choice but to forgive everybody for everything they have ever done, no matter what that might have been.
What a person does, and chooses, is determined by what a person is, and what they are is determined by what they are aware of. Everybody is exactly what they are currently aware of, and what they are currently aware of is based upon an infinite number of factors.
We might all be learning from "mistakes", but at least we can all be at peace (of mind) with each other as life unfolds. The whole concept of causation is an entirely false ingrained perception that is in everybody's best interest to let go of. If everybody had this understanding, we would have total world peace because nobody would be acting out of anger, blame, resentment, hate, or fear. Everybody would fully accept, forgive, respect, and love all of life for what it is. And we would no longer need lawyers.

Monday, 8 June 2015

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Together Together Together

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in satsang today
Ques: Can our basic nature be changed by sadhana?
‪#‎SriSri‬: It depends on what you consider your basic nature to be. If you say your basic nature to be anger, then I don’t agree with that. The basic nature of data, pitta and kapha, keep changing. Then there is creativity, happiness, joy, belongingness, these are all a part of your basic nature. Life is a combination of the changing and the non-changing. You cannot say everything changes and at the same time you cannot say that nothing changes. There are some things you can change and some things you cannot change in you, you have to accept both.. life is a balance between both. There are some things you cannot change and a lot of things that can change. And with sadhana what happens is that the non-changing things become stronger and there is a faster transformation in the things that can change.
Ques: What completes life?
#SriSri: It is in knowing life.
Ques: If life is a dream then that what is reality?
#SriSri: Who told you life is dream? Whatever has happened till this moment is just a memory and there is no difference between memory and a dream. If you look at it from that perspective then whatever has happened till now is like a dream. When you have this knowledge, then something shakes inside and you are awakened, that is becoming conscious. And this whole exercise is to become awakened and nothing else.
Ques: Why are we scared of being along? Why are we always looking for company?
#SriSri: Because you have not gone deep within. You have not met yourself. When you meet yourself, then that very moment all your fears in life will vanish. And how do you meet yourself? You keep aside all your roles in life and ask yourself ‘Who am I?’. When you keep asking yourself this question and go deep in meditation then you will know what truth. Then all your fears, hatred, animosity towards will vanish in that moment. So this is good exercise to do, keep asking yourself ‘Who am I?’ You do this for 5-7 minutes everyday, and then your mind starts settling, then automatically you start becoming happy.
Ques: How do move to non-doership?
#SriSri: Do not bring these differences into your mind as to what is doership and non-doership. Leave everything aside and do your work 100% and once you finish the work then you should rest also 100%. What we do is when we rest then we think about work and when we work we think about resting. So we are not able to rest or work properly.
Ques: I am not able to control my anger even after practicing meditation
#SriSri: Go deeper in meditation, do pranayama. It is impossible that even after practicing meditation your anger does not go. But if you still feel that it is there, look carefully and see that earlier when you would get angry, your anger would stay for longer. Now that you have started meditating, you get angry but it goes quickly within a few minutes. First acknowledge that, which is a huge step. While earlier your anger would last for months, sometimes a year, but now it last for a few minutes of an hour at the most. And why does it happen, because somewhere in the middle of your anger, you remember your breath, a flash of memory of your meditation comes and breaks your anger. Others may think that he is practicing meditation and still gets angry, but you know from inside that you have changed, that you have improved. Therefore whatever meditation you do will never go to waste.
Ques: Knowing that we will leave everything one day and go away, makes me very disturbed. How to come out of it?
#SriSri: The temporary nature of things around you should enable you to calm down, settle down. It’s good if it disturbs you, it wakes you up from slumber. But I tell you, hold on to it and you will see that another horizon opens up in front of you, where you feel invincible, where you feel that you are not a finite body but infinite consciousness.
Ques: I am very lazy in doing my practices, what should I do?
#SriSri: What is the the guarantee that if I give you some suggestion you won’t feel lazy to implement that. I better keep my mouth shut! You know you can overcome laziness only through three things. Either through love or fear or greed. Out of fear, or out of the greed of getting 10 lakhs or crores, you get over laziness. Or third is when you have fallen in love with something then you overcome laziness.
Ques: Are inter-caste or inter-religion marriages wrong according to dharma?
#SriSri: No. It is not the caste or religion, it is your compatibility. Don’t, in an upsurge go and say, I can’t live without you. Because when overcome with emotion you say I can’t live without you, soon you will say, I can’t live with you! It will flip over. That’s why take the advice of elders also.
Ques: How do I know if I really love someone or it’s just an attraction?
#SriSri: Time will tell you. Ask them to behave tough towards you, then you will know. If someone puts more demand on you, then you will know how much you really honour them.
Ques: How do I build an affinity towards knowledge?
#SriSri: This very question indicates you already have it, my dear! Why do you keep looking for it? You already have it that is why you are asking this question. You imagine that you don’t have affinity for knowledge and then you try to cultivate it, you know it’s never going to happen. Certain things you should assume and certain things you should know. You cannot assume everything and you cannot know everything. If someone says this is poison don’t have it, you cannot say no I will first taste and make sure, then you will not be there! So somethings you have to believe, some things you have to know and make everyone your own and move ahead (kuch maan ke chalo, kuch jaan ke chalo, sabko gale laga ke chalo). Many times people say that they will talk only to people that they know. That is stupidity, where is the benefit in that? There is benefit in talking to people who are not like you, your skills improve and your mind opens up. This tendency of sticking to one’s concepts in our country is sign of backwardness. Like communists run away from religious people and the religious people shy away from atheists. This is according to me is a sign of weakness.
Ques: What is the mystery behind your beauty and attractiveness?
#SriSri: There is a saying that beauty lies in eyes of the beholder! If you feel good inside then everyone else will also seem good. If you don't feel good inside then everyone looks like an enemy to you. It’s the way you look at people. Yes of course when you come here, the way you look at everyone changes. If it doesn’t then you are not you and I am not Me. This is what My job is! If spirituality was not attractive then why would people come on to this path? If there was no happiness here, then why would anyone bear being being on the path? There is some joy that people find on this path, that is why they are on it, right? Nature has made it this way.
Ques: If everything is destiny then what is our free will?
#SriSri: I have said already, your height is your destiny, your weight is your free will. If your weighing 100/200 kilos, don't say what can I do this is my destiny! Change your diet, we just keep eating at all odd ours like an elephant! Elephants sleep for only one hour and eat the rest of the 23 hours. But here even our elephants don’t eat for so long, they rest for 4-5 hours. So pay attention to what you eat. We keep stuffing ourselves with carbohydrates, rice, wheat, potatoes. And we boil the vegetables and throw away the water, throwing away all the essential vitamins and minerals.. We keep eating these non-nutritious foods. We should eat green vegetables and boil very little and not throw away the water. We have ayurvedic cooking classes, you should take these classes. We eat very salty and spicy food and then we get all sorts of diseases. We should learn to eat satvic meals, balanced diet. We have not given enough importance to dieticians in our country. In the name of vegetables too we eat only potatoes, brinjals and tomatoes which hardly have any nutrition in them.. We have to change the way we cook. Like we should not add salt while cooking but only after the food is cooked. We should make a CD and circulate, what is alkaline and acidic food etc. Our diet is very acidic, which leads our blood being acidic which causes lot of diseases. Our blood should be alkaline.
Ques: Parents put a lot of pressure on children for being first in class. Please advise.
#SriSri: That is a natural tendency, but don’t put too much pressure on the kids, this we must tell them. Whatever percentage comes, we must tell them not to worry. You should give some of the top examples of people, great people in the country and elsewhere in the world, who were very mediocre in school, they did not get top ranks, but still they have excelled. You need to kindle the talent in the child and not put blame and pressure on the kids.
Questions from students of ART Exel , YES! and YES!2 programs
Ques: Why is Guru important for us?
#SriSri: Why is this question important? You asked the question, you have become a student and if I answer I become a Guru!
Ques: Boys only look at beautiful girls. Are only looks important?
#SriSri: I don’t think so. You being is important enough. A person’s existence is good enough, their looks and intelligence do not matter. You don’t think about others you look at yourself. You focus on what talents are inside of you. Show other’s your brilliance.
Ques: Parents keep calling us. How long are we supposed to bear this injustice?
#SriSri: It is because of situation these days that they get worried. They call you only because they love you, why do you call it injustice? If you call it injustice, you will keep troubling yourself. Try and see from their perspective.
Ques: How can we be your masterpiece?
#SriSri: You are already one. You are a peace of the Master. Go and spread it.
Ques: Why has sex become an obsession among teenagers?
#SriSri: Yes, teenage is the time that you have to focus on your studies. If you are busy, your creativity will flow in the right direction, otherwise you will get addicted to sex. This is the time, this is the age that you have to be totally busy, be so busy that you hit the bed as soon as you come home. And then become busy as soon as you get up!
Ques: What is your favourite knowledge point?
#SriSri: Every knowledge that makes a point is a favourite.
Ques: Who is your favourite devotee?
#SriSri: Devotee and favourite they mean the same thing. It’s like saying H2O and water.
Ques: What is Your favourite song?
#SriSri: That which is unsung, unheard
Ques: Who is Your favourite God?
#SriSri: There is only One so there is no choice!
Ques: Who is your favourite teacher?
#SriSri: When teacher favour you, your job is done.
Ques: Which is your favourite flower?
@SriSri: Don't create competition among flowers. I love bouquets!
Ques: Which is your favourite tweet?
#SriSri: Every time I tweet, that is my favourite at that time, otherwise I never tweet.
Ques: Which is your favourite yogasana?
#SriSri: Sukhasana! If you say sukhasana is not my favourite then it is no more sukh-asana! It will lose it’s name.
Ques: Which is your favourite application on your phone?
#SriSri: Mediation. Let’s do it now!