Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Wonderful Day to All.

Living in the present moment, or in the now, ask yourself are you alright now, at this present moment. YES.
I hope everyone realize that your life is just this moment, it is not the past or in the future, live now, take a deep breath and be centered to this moment. All your problems and worries will drop off, it is all in your mind, be free from worries.

Meditation starts with just one breath, breathe in now, deep, then one more breath and one more, you will feel totally relax, when you are in this stage of relaxation, you can start affirming ' Today is a Good Day!' 'Thank You Very Much.' ' I Appreciate It.' 

A great way to start your day, fill yourself up with energy, by now you should have realize that everything is energy. Below are some beautiful quotes that I hope will inspire you to have a Wonderful Day!